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Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus 2020

Which Hearing Aid Is Best For Me

Hearing Aids: The BEST Solution for Tinnitus Relief. Our TOP picks in 2022

Finding the best hearing aid to fit your needs often requires the help of an expert who can conduct a hearing test and ask questions related to your hearing loss. You also need to consider the nature and degree of your hearing loss, lifestyle habits, occupation, environments you frequent, and what you want out of a hearing aid.

After working with a doctor or a hearing expert like an audiologist, you should have a better idea of your needs. Then, its time to identify a list of hearing aids that match your degree of hearing loss and your budget. And dont forget about the fit and feel of a hearing aid. Most experts say the best hearing aid is one you will wear regularly.

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Types Of Hearing Aids

There are many different types and styles of hearing aids available to best suit the wearer, their level of hearing loss, their fit preferences and their physical abilities . Some hearing aid devices sit outside the ear, others nestle completely in the ear, and several types have both inner and outer ear elements.

Four basic types of hearing aids include behind-the-ear hearing aids, receiver-in-canal hearing aids, in-the-ear hearing aids and completely-in-canal hearing aids.

Starkey Livio Ai Edge

The Livio AI hearing aids come from Starkey, a company known for having good sound therapy inside of their devices. They get four stars for their sound therapy, and also four stars for their smartphone connectivity and app. The Starkey Thrive app offers the ability to make basic adjustments to the hearing aids, similar to other apps.

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Ok So Lets Talk About The Best Tinnitus Maskers

When it comes to tinnitus masking solutions, you have a few options. You can experiment with DIY noise-masking at home, purchase a sound machine, or get hearing aids. Ill talk about all three below.

Option #1: DIY Tinnitus Masker Options

A quickly growing number of households now have smart speakers throughout their home. If you have a smart speaker in your house, try playing ambient brown or white noise. Of course, you can try music, podcasts as well. If you are tech curious, you might even want to play with this tinnitus focused Alexa skill that plays custom frequencies based on the tinnitus sound you hear.

Another easy DIY option is to purchase a pair of wireless headphones like Airpods and tune into a tinnitus app . The ReSound iPhone app works with standard headphones in addition to working with their hearing aids. Use of personal headphones is especially helpful if you are considering hearing aids in the future and want to test out the ReSound system.

Finally, dont forget that a strong fan or humidifier could be a low tech mask for your tinnitus. This might sound too good to be true but even a small amount of noise, especially at night, can make a difference.

Option #2: Tinnitus Masking Sound Machines

LectroFan Sound Masking Device – $45

This tinnitus friendly sound machine gets rave reviews on Amazon for its simplicity and range of settings. It has over 20 different sounds to reach different tinnitus frequencies. Check out this video for a full unboxing review.

What To Look For In A Hearing Aid For Tinnitus

2020 Tinnitus Mask 8 Channel Digital Hearing Aid Audifonos Sound ...

There are a number of factors worth considering when shopping for hearing aids for tinnitus, including size, shape, Bluetooth compatibility, streaming capabilities and built-in sound enrichment technology.

Size and shape: These aspects of a hearing aid often dictate how comfortable the hearing aid wearer finds their devices. After completing a hearing health assessment with a hearing health professional, try on a number of hearing aid models from a variety of manufacturers to determine which fit feels most comfortable in your ears.

Bluetooth compatibility and streaming capabilities: A number of hearing aids designed for tinnitus relief feature sound enrichment options that require both Bluetooth compatibility and streaming capabilities. Its also important to note whether the hearing aids youre considering are compatible with both iOS and Android devices or only one of the two operating systems.

Built-in sound enrichment technology: For those who dont have a smartphone or dont want to have to stream sound enrichment to their hearing aids, there are some models available that feature built-in sound enrichment technology.

Hearing aids for tinnitus are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration , and most require a prescription and fitting from a hearing health professional, such as an audiologist. During this appointment, the expert can help you determine which hearing aids best suit your ear shape, physical needs, lifestyle and budget.

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How To Choose The Best Invisible Hearing Aids For You

If youre shopping for an invisible hearing aid, you already know you want something discreet. What else should you consider? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size tradeoff: The smaller the hearing aid, the more likely itll be challenging to fit in a rechargeable battery. If a rechargeable battery is a must-have for you, you may have to opt for a slightly larger model. The same goes for features like Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Custom-fitted: While some hearing aids are available direct to consumers, you may prefer to buy a model from an audiologist because they can custom fit the device. But prescription hearing aids do tend to be pricier.
  • Degree of hearing loss: It helps to see a hearing professional to find out the type and degree of hearing loss you have. They can recommend a device that specifically suits your needs. Not all devices are suitable for all degrees of hearing loss. For example, some cannot help with severe or profound hearing loss.

If invisible hearing aids arent appropriate for your needs or youd like more pricing options, there are other types of hearing aids that can be hard to detect:

Buying A Hearing Aid Online

The ability to buy hearing aids online eliminates some of the barriers that can prevent people from seeking care for their hearing loss. But its important to know that buying online isnt for everyone.

In some cases, hearing loss may be caused by a medical problem such as diabetes, osteoporosis, or meningitis, and that can only be detected in a consultation with a medical doctor and an audiologist. Buying hearing aids without that intervention may let an underlying medical problem persist.

Its also important to keep in mind that getting the right hearing aid for your needs depends on your specific type and severity of hearing loss. Hearing aids bought through an audiologist are programmed individually for each person according to the results of their audiogram . Many online hearing aid companies have an audiologist who will interpret audiograms and program hearing aids, but others dont.

Some of the less expensive devices may not have the detailed programming options necessary for many types of hearing loss. These devices are considered personal sound amplification products , not a true hearing aid. That means they make everything louder, but the devices arent able to target the specific frequencies where hearing loss has occurred or filter out background noise.

If you arent sure what type of hearing aid you need, speak with an audiologist or hearing aid specialist who can provide guidance.

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What Are The Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

Ultimately, the best hearing aid for older adults is the one that fits their degree of hearing loss, user preferences, lifestyle and budget. Purchasing a hearing aid is a highly individualized choice, which is why its so important to work with a hearing health professional to determine the most appropriate device for you.

Resound Tinitus Relief App

Best Hearing Aids in 2020 | Receiver-in-Canal Style (RIC)

ReSound offers the Relief app as a part of tinnitus management. The combination of sound therapy and relaxing exercises works to distract people from focusing on their tinnitus symptoms. Streamed directly to your ReSound hearing aids, the Relief app provides soundscapes and audio exercises that balance between your right and left ears, as well as a timer for falling asleep to soothing sounds. The Relief app allows you to create your own soundscape by layering up to five sounds, as well as customizing the color of the sound. This ultimate personalization for tinnitus is available in a number of ReSound hearing aids, notably the LiNX2 Made for iPhone hearing aid.

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When To See A Doctor

Its a good idea to see a doctor or hearing professional if you notice youre having trouble hearing things or finding it difficult to follow conversations. If people around you tell you they often have to repeat themselves for you to hear, thats another sign that you may be experiencing difficulties with your hearing.

Why is it important to see a doctor for potential hearing loss? Some causes of hearing loss are due to an underlying medical condition that may require medical treatment.

What Is The Best Tinnitus Treatment As Of 2020

Tackling tinnitus for good with the latest treatments in 2020.


Characterized by audio disturbances, tinnitus can be a frustrating and distressing symptom of hearing loss. Sufferers typically hear whooshing, ringing, buzzing, roaring, hissing, humming, or clicking sounds, despite there being no external source of this noise.Tinnitus can affect one or both ears and may be present intermittently or constantly. Many people report that tinnitus makes it difficult to converse with people, as well as having a negative impact on their concentration, ability to sleep, and even their memory.Fortunately, new treatments are giving sufferers the opportunity to live an almost tinnitus-free life. With the ability to minimize and eradicate the classic sounds tinnitus sufferers hear tinnitus treatment can revolutionize your life.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hearing Aids

Only one in five people who would benefit from a hearing aid uses one, according to the Hearing Loss Association of AmericaHearing Loss Facts and Statistics. Hearing Loss Association of America. Accessed 4/27/2022. . Cost, confusion about and access to hearing care, and gradual hearing loss going unrecognized are all reasons for this underutilization. Vanity also plays a role, though hearing aids continue to become smaller and sleeker.

Having hearing loss is like youre backing out 10 feet from a conversation, says John Coverstone, an audiologist in New Brighton, Minnesota, and host of the AudiologyTalk podcast. People feel more isolated, he says.

Studies link trouble hearing with serious health consequences. Untreated hearing loss increases your risk of anxiety, depression, social isolation, falls and cognitive decline, research shows.

Proper hearing aids can greatly improve hearing and, consequently, health, studies find. For example, wearing hearing aids appears to reduce the excess risk of dementia from hearing loss, according to a 2020 report in The LancetLivingston G, Huntley J, Sommerlad A, et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet. 2020 396:413-346. .

Hearing Aids May Help Reduce Stress

Top 10 Best Rated Hearing Aids 2020

Stress can make tinnitus worse, Ramachandran says. There are so many things that can cause stress: our work, money, relationships, and so on. Not being able to hear and communicate with people around you is a stresser, too.

Spenglers hearing loss affected her ability to hear high frequency soundsthat means she could tell people were talking, but couldnt distinguish what exactly they were saying, she recalls.

I was in a lost world of my own because I didn’t understand anybody…. I went around saying What? What? Spengler says.

Wearing hearing aids can help to alleviate stress that accompanies hearing loss, Ramachandran says. You don’t have to put as much effort into doing things because you’re hearing better, she sayssimple tasks, like ordering breakfast at a diner or purchasing stamps at the post office no longer feel like a minefield of questions to navigate.

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Top Rated Tinnitus Hearing Aids

The lively hearing aids are considered one of the best as a result of the many features they have. The hearing aid is connected to a lively mobile application which means that you need to have a smartphone.

Once you have bought this type of hearing aid, you can go ahead and make settings that will allow for the right volume, frequency, and sounds.

These settings are there to make sure you as a person with tinnitus get to have specialized settings that will bring you relief. You get to enjoy optimal relief by using this hearing aid.

The Pros:

Do Hearing Aids Help High Frequency Tinnitus

High frequency tinnitus, or tinnitus that leads to a steady and continuous high-pitched ringing in the ears, is the most common type of tinnitus and can result from loud noise exposure, medication side effects and hearing loss. Hearing aids can help ease high frequency tinnitus symptoms by improving the quality of sound in ones external environment and masking ringing sounds with the help of various white noise settings.

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids

Medicare and most private insurance plans dont cover hearing aids. However, some insurance plans, including Medicare Advantage, pay for some costs.

The Veterans Administration covers hearing aids in many cases, and many federal workers, including retirees, may have hearing aid benefits through the Federal Employees Health Benefits program.

Signia Ax Hearing Aid Tinnitus App

Sonic Captivate Hearing Aid | Best Hearing Aids 2020

It manages your tinnitus inaudibly and unobtrusively, unlike the static noise and ocean wave methods that form part of most tinnitus management packages. All you need to do is wear your hearing aids as normal and your symptoms could improve in just a matter of weeks.

Notch Therapy provides the ability to limit your perception of your tinnitus sounds until they are no longer irritating. By consigning the sounds completely into the background over a lengthy period of time, over-stimulation is lowered and your brain gets better at ignoring the sounds, which reduces annoyance.

Research by Signia found that the use of Notch Therapy revealed a marked improvement in tinnitus symptoms in 65% of users.

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Why Is The Signia Pure Charge& go Ax The Best Set Of Hearing Aids With Tinnitus Masking

The Signia Pure Charge& Go is a receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid with superior sound processing and Bluetooth LE support.

Many hearing aids use artificial intelligence to automatically adapt audio processing to the listeners surroundings. What sets the Signia Pure Charge& Go AX apart from other hearing aids is its dual-processor setup. One processor is dedicated to speech-specific frequencies, while the other handles environmental sounds. By separately processing two audio streams, Signias Augmented Xperience platform produces better speech clarity and contrast to background noise. This is crucial for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.

The Signia Pure Charge& Go AX optionally comes with a portable charger, similar to true wireless earbuds charging cases. The hearing aids rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 28 hours. A 30-minute quick charge adds around six hours of battery life, and a full charge takes four hours. These battery life estimates include five hours of streaming. You can stream to Android and iOS using Bluetooth Low Energy . If you opt for the slightly larger Telecoil version, the Signia Pure Charge& Go T AX, youll get up to 36 hours of battery life.

Learn more about the Signia Pure Charge& Go AX.

Tinnitus Hearing Aid Devices Will They Help My Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any external stimuli. It is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide and can be caused by a variety of factors, including hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, and certain medications.

But, can you get tinnitus relief by using hearing aids or “tinnitus maskers”? Here, we talk about how effective hearing aids are as a treatment and management system for tinnitus and how they can help reduce the negative impact it can have on your life.

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Widex Moment Sheer Hearing Aid Tinnitus App

Manage your tinnitus symptoms using Widex Zen Therapy Tones. This is a Widex-owned proprietary function that helps to reduce tinnitus symptoms alongside a wider programme of tinnitus therapies.

These fractal tones are produced by the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid to help you relax and unwind, and are used in conjunction with counselling and relaxation techniques to offer relief as part of a management program for tinnitus sufferers.

How Do Hearing Aids Work

Oorsuizen, Hoortoestel verlichting

A hearing aid typically contains a microphone, amplifier and speaker. The microphone picks up acoustic sound waves and converts them into electrical signals, which are then processed and enhanced by the amplifier. Those signals are then sent to the speaker, which converts them back into sound waves, providing a louder and clearer sound for the wearer. This method of sound amplification can help improve a persons hearing and make speech from others easier to understand.

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Electrical And Magnetic Stimulation Of The Ear

A June 2022 study used electrical stimulation of the ear and showed a 79% improvement rate in tinnitus symptoms. There were no negative side effects. The treatment was non-invasive, meaning no surgery was required.

The team at the Polish university used a prototype device that gave both electrical and magnetic stimulation. It was non-invasive, with the electrode being placed in the external ear canal. While studies have been done on electrical stimulation of the ear for tinnitus since the 1970s, this treatment had changes that appear to work well.

The study followed 100 patients who had tinnitus. They got 5-minute stimulations with the device 10 times a day for five days a week. While each patient had persistent tinnitus pre-treatment, only 50 people had persistent tinnitus after the treatment. Some who had persistent tinnitus changed to only periodic tinnitus while 34 people had no tinnitus at all after the treatment. These numbers remained the same or better a whole 3 months after treatment concluded. Needless to say, this could be a great help to tinnitus sufferers if the results work in further studies.

Treble Health Rating: Three Stars. Too early to tell.

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