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Bluetooth Transmitter For Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Faq

Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids of 2022 | 3 Top Rated Devices with Bluetooth

Prices range from $1,399 to more than $6,000 per pair, depending on the specific model. Bluetooth connectivity has quickly become a standard must-have feature, and is now widely availableeven in lower-tier models.

The majority of hearing aid manufacturers offer products that are iOS and Android compatible with select smartphone models. To connect to other Bluetooth devices, youll need to purchase a Bluetooth streamer accessory or look at newer products from Phonak and Unitron, which offer direct streaming from any Bluetooth audio device.

MFi hearing aids are natively compatible with most iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads. Most MFi hearing aids may achieve Bluetooth connectivity with a broader range of devices using an intermediary accessory. In some cases they may also be natively compatible with Android devices, but this varies by manufacturer and Android device.

All of the major hearing aid manufacturers offer at least one product with Android compatibility. Among the popular models include Phonak Paradise, Oticon More, Oticon Zircon, Starkey Evolv AI, ReSound One, Beltone Imagine, Widex Moment, and Signia AX.

Best Affordable Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you are looking for an alternative and a lower price, you might consider Lively or Costco.

Lively – Bluetooth Hearing Aids Prescribed Online

Lively is one of the most impressive all-around hearing aid offerings on the market. The recently acquired brand is flipping the traditional model with audiology care offered entirely online. To get Lively hearing aids, you will need to submit or take an online hearing test that their on-staff audiologists will use to program your hearing aids and ship them to you. I’ve personally been wearing Lively hearing aids for the last few months and love the quality and simplicity of the product.

Lively three available price levels for their Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. You can opt for either battery-powered or rechargeable and select the level of sound quality you want. Regardless of the option you choose, Lively offers a 30%-50% lower price than traditional, local audiologists.

The Reason Lively Makes This List: Lively has full Bluetooth capabilities and allows customers to shop entirely online. Lively is a good fit for those who are looking to save or can’t easily get to an audiologist. Style: Behind the EarBluetooth Capabilities: Connect to iPhone and Android devices, stream music, listen to phone calls , adjust volume and programs through the Lively app.Price: $1,195 for a pair of battery-powered, $1,595 for a pair of rechargeable, $1,995 for rechargeable with the most premium sound quality

Kirkland Signature 100t Premium Digital Rechargeable Hearing Instruments

Price: $1,399.99 per pair

These hearing aids are equipped to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device. These over-the-ear devices come in five different colors, and the storage case doubles as a recharging station. Theyre more affordable than almost any other Bluetooth hearing aids available, and theyre backed by the trusted Kirkland name.

If you have a Costco membership, its convenient to shop for your hearing aids while picking up household essentials. Note that you need a Costco membership to buy Kirkland or other hearing aids from Costco.

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What If My Hearing Aids Can’t Connect

A streamer links your mobile phone to your hearing aids.

If your hearing aid doesn’t include a feature for direct streaming from your smartphone to your hearing aids, don’t worry. Manufacturers of wireless hearing aids long ago created a clever solution for accessing this prevalent wireless standard. Wireless hearing aids can use compatible assistive listening devices, often called streamers, to provide a communication link between the wireless technology in the hearing aids and any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The wireless hearing aids can be paired with the streamer, and then the streamer can be paired with external devices. When its all set up, the streamer will pick up the Bluetooth signal from your phone, for example, and send it to your hearing aid via an FM signal or electromagnetic field, depending on the manufacturers design. Usually, the streamer is worn around the neck or placed in a pocket for hands-free operation. Speak to your hearing care provider about the best streamer option for you.

The Best Bluetooth Products For People With Hearing Loss

Echo® Bluetooth Microphone and Audio Transmitter (2 in 1)

Do you struggle to hear people on the phone? Or have your family or neighbours noticed how loud you have the TV volume? If so you could benefit from hearing assistance products with Bluetooth technology.

Electronic devices for people with hearing loss have improved dramatically in recent years. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to other Bluetooth devices such as your phone, radio, or TV to allow you to watch programmes and films, speak to people on the phone, and listen to music. Our Bluetooth hearing products can be adjusted to create the ultimate listening experience and can be used with or without hearing aids.

You can adjust the volume and even the tone control. Furthermore, if you need to connect to a device that doesnt have Bluetooth, then you can use a Bluetooth receiver.

All of our Bluetooth products have a low latency feature, ensuring that sound is transmitted quickly and stays in sync with visual media such as your TV. User experience is at the heart of everything we do, helping you with day-to-day activities.

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The 10 Best Bluetooth Transmitters For Tvs Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether it is wireless speakers, a wireless soundbar, or a pair of wireless headphones, you need to have Bluetooth connectivity in your TV to use them together.

While modern smart TVs include inbuilt Bluetooth, the same is not included in older ones. In that case, you can use something like the best Bluetooth transmitter for TVs present in this listicle with your TV thanks to these features:

  • Bluetooth Version: Similar to any other Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth version used by your TV transmitter can affect its performance quite a lot. Fortunately, most of them use Bluetooth 5.0 for the best range and audio quality. You can even find AptX is a few options for much better audio latency.
  • Functions: While the primary function of a transmitter is to transmit audio signals over Bluetooth, most Bluetooth transmitters for TVs also support receiver function making them highly versatile.
  • Input Connectivity: To use a Bluetooth transmitter with your TV, it needs to be connected to your TV over a wired connection. Even though most of them use a 3.5 mm aux cable for the same, some Bluetooth transmitters for TVs also include RCA connectivity option for your ease of use.

You Might Be Asking Why Arent All Hearing Aids Bluetooth Enabled

Within a few years, non-Bluetooth hearing aids may phase out of the market, but today there are two big reasons that hearing aids wouldnt offer Bluetooth.

Reason #1 – Excluding Bluetooth cuts down on size

The smallest options from leading brands like Starkey, Phonak and Widex prioritize size above all else and dont currently offer Bluetooth streaming. Each year new records are set for the smallest Bluetooth device. As of July 2022, Starkeys completely-in-canal hearing aid is the smallest Bluetooth device on the market.

Reason #2 – Removing Bluetooth features reduces costs

Products like MDHearing and Lexie provide a customized hearing aid for under $700. One of the ways they reduce the price is by removing extra features like Bluetooth. If you are looking for affordable options that offer streaming capabilities, don’t worry some great middle-ground options are included below.

It’s worth noting that both Lexie and MDHearing allow volume and program control through an app. They use a lower-quality Bluetooth signal to allow those controls but do not allow streaming of phone calls and music at this time.

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Resound Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Resound introduced their Unite wireless hearing aid accessories back in 2008 I think, with the Alera, which was their very first wireless hearing aid. Resound then introduced the Verso, which was an upgrade of the Alera and finally in 2014, they introduced the LiNX, which was the first ever MFI hearing aid. The Unite accessories were compatible with all of the mentioned hearing aids and have been updated since their introduction. Let’s take a quick look at the devices available from Resound.


Bluetooth Opening A New World Of Audio

How to Connect your Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Devices?

However, acknowledging the above, Bluetooth systems like Auracast will continue to evolve in important ways that may significantly improve communication in a vast range of settings and situations. Its also a safe bet that most or all hearing devices in the futurenoting that the definition of future is up for debatewill implement streaming technology. Thats why Auracast really is a big deal it may open a new world of audio versatility for hearing devices, earbuds, and speakers.

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Bluetooth Is Today’s Cutting Edge Technology

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has greatly elevated the hearing aid wearing experience and enable hearing aids to double as highly-personalized, custom audio devices. Its an example of using todays wireless hearing aid technology in a smart way that truly provides convenience for hearing aid wearers.

To use your hearing aids to stay connected to your network of friends and family and all of your latest audio devices, talk to your hearing care professional about wireless hearing aids, Bluetooth streaming and Made for iPhone hearing aids. Want to upgrade? Use our directory to find hearing aids near you.

Bernafon Direct Connection Bluetooth Hearing Aid Accessories

Bernafon introduced their own Made For iPhone hearing aid range called the Zerena. As the Zerena offered direct connection, they also introduced a new range of wireless accessories to work with the platform. Both of the accessories are direct connection and you don’t need to wear any intermediate streamer. Like a few of the other brands we will mention here, their remote mic is a multi-functional device that has a whole lot to offer the user. Let’s take a quick look at them.


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Q: Can Bluetooth Transmitters Send Signals Through Walls

A: Yes, but it will severely limit the distance that you can move around and the sound quality may suffer. Most transmitters are designed to work at around 30 ft of unobstructed distance. If you add a disrupter such as a wall and/or a person, the signal quality can be weakened and youll lose connection. If you need to move around from room-to-room, consider a stronger Bluetooth transmitter that can work at 100 ft+. We have a few transmitters that will do this on our list.

Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Phonak iCom &  TV Link 1 Bluetooth Hearing Aid Transmitters North ...

As with any hearing aid, Bluetooth-compatible devices have some benefits and downsides. One benefit is that using wireless technology allows you to obtain a better sound quality when using your hearing aids with your favorite electronic devices. Think of them as a wireless pair of headphones: they are convenient and cordless for high-quality sound.

Wireless connectivity makes it easier for hearing aid users to utilize the various technologies in their everyday lives. Making phone calls, using a tablet or computer, listening to music and even watching TV at home can be an enjoyable experience for the tech-savvy user. Bluetooth allows for more custom control when it comes to volumes of different technologies and can be adjusted through hearing aids or an app.

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Get Bluetooth Sound On Your Tv With This Affordable Wireless Transmitter

The HearLink PLUS is an easy way to get wireless sound from a TV for up to two pairs of headphones.

Wear & Hear

Hearing loss is an incredibly common problem with as many as one in seven of us having a problem, and double that figure for those aged more than 65. As time passes, we all experience some decrease in our ability to hear sound clearly and to appreciate a full range of frequencies. By the age of 40, many people notice the upper end of the frequency range begin to tail off, making their hearing feel a little muddy and slightly less clear.

However, its not just older people who are suffering from hearing problems. Younger people are also increasingly affected, possibly due to large numbers that may listen to music with headphones at volume levels set far too high. Fortunately, not all of us feel that our hearing is so impaired that we need to seek medical intervention in the form of a hearing aid. However, sometimes it would be nice to have a little more clarity when listening to music or watching TV.

The HearLink PLUS is an easy way to add Bluetooth transmit or receive functions to a TV or audio … device.

Wear & Hear

The HearLink PLUS device can be used with the BeHEar Access headset for seamless audio transmission … from a TV or audio device. The headset also works to aid in hearing using a smartphone app.

Wear & HearWear & Hear

Proven 300ft Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

You can also consider Proven and its wireless Bluetooth products if you want something high end and do not have any kinds of budget restrictions.

With the Proven Bluetooth transmitter for TVs, you will be glad to know that it offers an excellent range for your wireless audio devices. To be precise, you can use this at up to 300 feet away which is quite high for most users. While it does include aptX support, it uses the older Bluetooth 4.2 version which is not as good as Bluetooth 5.0 in terms of the audio quality.

Just like the previous 1Mii and its premium Bluetooth transmitter, this one from Proven also offers both RCA and 3.5 mm aux ports on the back. The warranty of this transmitter and receiver Bluetooth adapter is also fairly decent which is rated at 2 years long.

Best Features:

  • Uses the Bluetooth 4.2 version for connectivity
  • Supports both transmitter and receiver functions
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 year


  • Low audio latency thanks to aptX
  • Excellent connectivity range of up to 300 feet
  • Includes both RCA and 3.5 mm aux ports


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What We Dont Like

We didnt like that they didnt include a magnetic base like the Priva III. While this isnt a deal breaker, it does make us look at the Priva III a little harder. Something else we didnt like was the fact that this is more of a home/office solution instead of an all-in-one solution. If they would have included a 12v-to-USB adapter, this could have been used almost anywhere.

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid connects directly with Bluetooth – Signia Pure 312 7Nx

All of the hearing aid brands have introduced wireless hearing aid accessories in the last ten years. In general, both professionals and consumers have been slow to the realisation of the benefits these devices offer. Each brand offers different accessories for different situations, such as TV streamers to help people hear the TV better, or remote microphones to give people a better ability to hear in noise. Generally, they work very well for the purpose they have been designed for, but in general, they have been slow to be picked up.

Many hearing aid users have real problems with wearing streamers around their necks, they are very resistant to the idea. One hearing aid user explained it to me thus, I have problems enough without advertising I am deaf with a yoke hanging around my neck! There isn’t much you can say to that really, except, if you choose your brand of hearing aid right, you may not need an intermediary streamer.

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Resound Tv Streamer 2

The TV Streamer allows you to watch TV comfortably with the sound streamed directly to their hearing aids. So while your family is free to set their own volume, you can adjust the volume using your hearing aids or the accompanying app on your phone to listen at a level that works best for you. You can expect to pay around £ 249. for the device

The TV Streamer 2 streams audio direct to your hearing aids, so you don’t need any intermediate streamer hanging around your neck.

Different Types Of Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technologies

Bluetooth classic is the type of Bluetooth found in wireless headphones, wireless speakers etc. It is by far the best sounding and most flexible type of Bluetooth for wireless audio, but it has one big issue – Battery Drain.

Hearing aids and battery drain do not mix well. If you tried to use an off the shelf Bluetooth classic chip and run that off a hearing aid battery, you might be lucky to get 20 minutes of streaming, from what I’ve heard.

The solution to this problem was delivered by Apple in the form of the Made for iPhone Hearing Aid standard. This is a low power solution that can stream audio and data. The caveat is that it streams lower quality audio compared to Bluetooth Classic and only works on post 2014 iPhones and iPads.

Google has working with GN Resound to bring to light their low energy solution called ASHA . This is available now and will only work on the latest Android phones, before it slowly rolls out to the rest of the brands and models.

Sonova, who makes Phonak as well as Unitron has released Bluetooth enabled hearing aids that use true Bluetooth Classic, but at much lower power. They are now on their third generation of Bluetooth capable hearing aids with the further improving on it. There wireless hearing aids can stream audio in stereo, not only phone calls, but any audio from any Bluetooth 4.2 or higher source. This means these hearing aids work with iPhone, Android, older flip phones, most smart phones, laptops, computers etc.

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