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Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aids Reviews

Bose Hearing Aids Reviews

NEW Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Detailed Review | First FDA Cleared Online Hearing Aid!

If you or a loved one are struggling to hear, you’re not alone. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. And that number only continues to grow as we age. While there are a number of factors that can contribute to hearing loss, the good news is that there are also a number of solutions. One such solution is Bose hearing aids.

What Type Of Data Is Collected Through The Bose Hear App

When you connect your SoundControl Hearing Aids to the Bose Hear App, we automatically receive information about the product and how the product and the Bose Hear App are used. This information includes technical, diagnostic, environmental, and usage data as described in our Privacy Policy. Usage data includes your use of Bose Hear App features and the settings of the product, such as World Volume level and other product usage information. You can opt out of the collection of diagnostic and usage data by visiting the Settings menu in the Bose Hear App and restarting the App. For more information about data collected from connected Bose products, please see the Privacy Policy.

Bose Hearing Aid Commercial

Youve undoubtedly heard of the Bose Corporation if you appreciate great-sounding music. The Bose Corporation has been a leader in sound equipment for years and has recently entered the direct-to-consumer hearing market. Bose offers its SoundControl hearing aids directly to consumers through their website or by ordering them from big box electronic retailers.

The Bose SoundControl devices are programmable to a persons specific hearing health needs without visiting a hearing care professional. They offer one model, which currently costs $899 a pair.

The commercial for the Bose SoundControl is just a short clip explaining the benefits of being able to take control of your hearing.

Update 08/21/2022: Bose recently teamed up with Lexie Hearing and the Bose hearing aid is now the Lexie B1. This update allows the Bose hearing aid to be sold with the assurance of quality care from the hearing professionals at Lexie. You can see the new Bose hearing aid by visiting Lexie Hearing.

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How Does The Bose Sound Control Look And How Is It Used

The Bose Sound Control hearing aids feature standard up and down buttons, which you can use to make levels louder or softer based on your needs in any situation.

In my testing of the Bose Sound Control, I went through the patient experience of ordering these hearing aids and experimenting with them in-person and via the associated app. When I ordered these hearing aids, they did not ask for a hearing test, nor did they initially test my hearing in the app. These hearing aids are primarily user-adjusted and based on how you hear with them in your ears, as well as how much you adjust them through the app.

If, as a patient, I didnt know what I was doing and had the same hearing loss that I mentioned earlier, and I put these hearing aids in my ears, I would be hearing about 65-70% of what might be possible if I had similar hearing aids that fit perfectly to my prescription level. Thats a significant difference, so its important to ask yourself, Is the affordability of these hearing aids worth the potential risk of missing out on some speech?

Which Hearing Aid Should You Choose

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids

At the end of the day, we think your best choice is either the AIR or the VOLT from MDHearingAid.

In addition to the superb performance, quality, and durability of our devices, another reason we recommend MDHearingAid products is because of our amazing, phone-based customer support team. MDHearingAids audiologist-trained phone assistants are ready to help you set up your hearing aids quickly and easily, from the comfort of your home or office. Well walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you have about the product. And if youre new to hearing aids, or need to make a change, our in-house audiologists can look at your hearing test results and recommend the right hearing aid for your level of hearing loss.

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The Mdhearing Volt Max

For $150 less than the cost of the Bose SoundControl, the MDHearing VOLT sells for $699.98, and it offers even more impressive features than the VOLT. The rechargeable VOLT MAX includes the MDHearing app, which takes you through a hearing check and automatically adjusts the VOLT MAX sound and amplification settings according to the results. The VOLT MAX uses digital sound technology to analyze your listening environment and automatically adjust itself to clarify the voices and sounds around you. None of this technology is available with the Bose SoundControl device. The VOLT MAX also features advanced noise reduction technology for clearer listening in complex sound conditions.

Finally, if you have the results of a professional hearing test or audiogram, you can send your test results to the MDHearing team. After receiving them, MDHearing can adjust your VOLT MAX remotely via the internet based on your unique hearing loss profile. This technological feature is not available with the Bose SoundControl device. Like all other MDHearing products, customers who purchase the VOLT MAX have unlimited access to MDHearings licensed audiologists and hearing professionals by phone and email.

What Makes The Bose Sound Control Different From Its Competitors

Lets compare the Bose Sound Control hearing aids with some of the more modern, premium hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars, like the Phonak Paradise hearing aids. Phonak Paradise hearing aids are three to five times more expensive, as youre also paying for audiology clinic services to maximize your use of them. In contrast, the Bose Sound Control hearing aids are much more affordable, but are more do-it-yourself in terms of fit and function. Another comparison is that the Phonak Paradise hearing aids are rechargeable and Bluetooth compatible for streaming, whereas the Bose Sound Control hearing aids are not.

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Bose Hearing Aid Reviews: Pros/Cons, Prices,…

Introduction: What Are Bose Hearing Aids

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid – USER REVIEW!!

Bose hearing aids are a type of hearing aid that uses proprietary technology to provide clear sound quality. Bose hearing aids are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit different needs and preferences.

Bose hearing aids use advanced digital signal processing to reduce background noise and optimize sound clarity. Bose hearing aids also feature directional microphones that amplify sounds coming from the front, while reducing sounds from the sides and back.

Bose hearing aids are available in both behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles. BTE hearing aids are larger in size but offer more features and better sound quality. ITE hearing aids are smaller and less visible, but may not offer as many features or as clear of sound quality.

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What Is The Focus Feature

The Focus feature allows you to hear the direction you want to hear. There are 2 settings available for the Focus feature: Front and Everywhere. In Front mode, the microphones in the hearing aids focus on sounds in front of you. This setting can help you hear better in occasions like group conversations at a table in a restaurant. In the Everywhere setting, the microphones are not just focused on sounds in front of you, but all around you as well. This setting is ideal for occasions like walking on a busy street or at a park.

What Are Some Bose Hearing Aid Alternatives

Were excited to see that Bose has joined the effort to provide quality, affordable hearing care to those who need it most and there is a lot to like about the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid. Nevertheless, Bose is not the only option for direct-to-consumer hearing aids. Other manufacturers, such as MDHearing, are selling medical-grade, affordable, FDA-registered hearing aids with features, prices, and audiological care that rival the Bose SoundControl device.

MDHearing products include:

Aside from its technology and affordable prices, compared to other self-fitting hearing aid manufacturers, MDHearing offers the highest level of support service and audiological care. All MDHearing customers can consult for free with an on-staff licensed audiologist or hearing aid specialist as much as they need for hearing care and hearing aid recommendations. In contrast, Bose does not offer this level of care.

Lets take a quick look at the MDHearing devices:

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Bose Vs Other Competitors

The market for online, direct-to-consumer hearing aids is not new. Four companies stand out as reputable brands in this area: Lively, Audicus, Eargo, and MDHearingAid. All four sell hearing aids with more features and arguably better technology than Bose, plus they offer better warranties and service.

How Is This Different From A Typical Hearing Aid

Bose Launches First FDA

The Bose device is only appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss. In addition, it’s only FDA cleared as a Class II medical device, not FDA approved like many hearing aids sold by audiologists or hearing centers. FDA approval is a more rigorous process than FDA clearance. Since Bose hearing aids are sold directly to the consumer, the user is responsible for setup, tuning, adjustments, and ongoing care.

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Best Overall Hearing Aid



Crisp sound, clear and comprehensive speech without the horrible pickups of high pitch noises from cutlery or other disturbances in your environment.


Control the volume with an intuitive dial on each earpiece so you get a custom setup for each ear.


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The Truth Behind As Seen On Tv Hearing Aids

You are sitting at home, watching TV, when suddenly, a commercial advertisement flashes through your screen. The product is a hearing device that works as an amplifier by making sounds around you louder. Since you have hearing loss, you think to yourself, this is exactly what I need! The aid seems legit, it has a lot positive customer reviews, and the price is cheap! It even includes free shipping. Finally, a contact number appears and you quickly reach for your phone to call and place your order. But should you really do it? Is this just another one of those TV scams?

A sound amplifier will certainly make things louder, but it will not improve your hearing the same way hearing aids do. This is because hearing loss is a medical condition that requires the help of a licensed professional. For example, when you cant see well from far, a pair of non-prescription glasses from your local drug store is not going to correct your vision. Similarly, a sound amplifier may be helpful, but it will not make your hearing better. Below you will learn more about those as seen on TV hearing aids and why you should think twice before considering them.

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What Does The Future Hold

In August 2017, President Trump signed the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act, which authorizes direct sales of hearing aids without a medical referral or prescription. However, OTC hearing aids still technically dont exist yet, and its unclear if the new class of hearing will be substantially different from the self-fitting class established by Bose.

In the meantime, its an all-out wild west situation when it comes to online hearing aid sales, and there is a lot that consumers need to be aware of. I provided an overview of the entire market in a recent talk I did for Knowles Electronics. Check it out here.

We independently reviewed this product. When you buy through our links or using our discount codes, we may earn a commission.

Bose Hearing Aids Pros And Cons

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Review and Why they Aren’t Going to Change Current Audiology Provision
Bose Hearing Aids Pros
  • Affordable price: At $849.99 for a pair, Bose SoundControl hearing aids cost far less than traditional medical-grade hearing aids. Even when compared to other over-the-counter hearing aids, theyre still pretty affordable.
  • Easy setup: The hearing aids are set up by the user in the Bose SoundControl app. After initial setup, the app can be used for volume control and settings.
  • Remote support available: Support for setting up and using the hearing aids is available from Bose via video call, online chat, or phone call.
  • Invisible design: Eargo hearing aids fit inside your ear, making them one of the most discreet models weve seen.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: You can try out the hearing aids and return them anytime in the first 90 days for a full refund.
Bose Hearing Aid Cons
  • No audio streaming: Although the Bose hearing aids feature Bluetooth capabilities, neither music nor phone calls can be streamed although the aids. This can be frustrating if you often use Bluetooth headphones for hands-free talking and listening.
  • No rechargeable battery option: Bose SoundControl Hearing aids use traditional Zinc-air batteries, which means they will need to be changed at least once a week, as opposed to rechargeable hearing aids which can last years before requiring replacements.
  • Only one color and style available: Traditional hearing aids usually have multiple styles and colors to choose from, but Bose SoundControl only comes in a gray, behind-the-ear style.

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Price And Payment Options

At $850, the Bose SoundCloud price is comparable to other direct-to-consumer devices. You can only buy this device through Bose.

Bose hearing aids are eligible for Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account reimbursement. The company offers financing through Klarna, which provides a line of credit. If you’re approved, you’d pay $70.75 per month for 12 months.

Customization Options And Special Features

Bose SoundControl hearing aids are designed to fine-tune mumbled sounds, clarify consonant sounds and enhance softer voices. They are ready to use when you receive themyou dont need a hearing test or professional assistance to set them up.

Bose SoundControl hearing aids are behind-the-ear devices, meaning they hold components like the battery compartment and microphone in a case that sits behind the ear. These particular hearing aids dont need to be custom-fittedyou can buy them online without an appointment or prescription.

When purchasing Bose SoundControl hearing aids, you receive six different silicone ear tips to provide options for proper fit and comfort. Theres a selection of open tips that allow more low frequencies out and closed tips designed to hold frequencies in.

Open domes are often reported as more comfortable because the sound is less boomy, but closed domes hold in the sounds for someone who needs them, says Forbes Health Advisory Board member and audiologist Lindsey Jorgensen. Closed domes may also be good for other uses, such as hearing music. With closed domes, you can use more of the features of the aid because it holds sound in.

Meanwhile, people looking for a variety of color and style options may be disappointed with these hearing aids, as they are only available in gray.

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Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aids: Pricing And Features

Bose has made a name for themselves with high-quality, out-of-the-box sound products like audio sunglasses, home theater equipment, and even earbuds designed for sleep. Talk about high-tech! Not surprisingly, the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids build on this reputation, offering consumers customizable sound support with innovative features and durable equipment at an affordable price.

Things To Consider When Buying Bose Hearing Aids

SoundControl Hearing Aids


Boses $849 price tag is far more affordable than the competition, even undercutting the best cheap hearing aids on the market today.

Boses one-year hearing aid warranty covers the replacement of hearing aids in situations that cannot be resolved through troubleshooting.


Boses one-year hearing aid warranty covers the replacement of hearing aids in situations that cannot be resolved through troubleshooting.

Battery Life

Boses SoundControl hearing aids come with replaceable size 312 zinc-air batteries, offering up to 56 hours of runtime. Continuous use extends up to four days if you spend every waking hour wearing the hearing aids.

Replacement batteries can be purchased online through the Bose website or in pharmacies and elsewhere. When purchased through Bose, a replacement battery pack costs $8.


Besides the standard size 312 batteries, Boses accessories are exclusive to its SoundControl hearing aid model.

The package comes with a carrying case, a hearing aid brush, a cable sizing tool, eight size 312 batteries, and three pairs of open-ear tips and three pairs of closed-ear tips .

Bose also offers the following replacement accessories:

  • Replacement Receiver Cable: $50
  • Hearing Aid Eartip Kit: $10
  • Wax Guard Replacement Kit: $10

Over-The-Counter Vs. Traditional Buying Experience

Independent Hearing Aid Reviews

Here is the collective customer consensus on Bose and its hearing aid products based on actual reviews and ratings from the following sites:

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How Do I Purchase Bose Devices

Bose SoundControl hearing aids can be purchased online without a prescription. They are available in all US states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Theres no need to visit an audiologist before purchase.

Simply navigate to the Bose website, add hearing aids to your cart, and work through the checkout process. Both standard and express delivery options are available.

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