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Can Hiv Test Be Wrong

Where Can You Get The Hiv Rna Early Detection Test

Can a negative 4th generation HIV test be a false negative ?

The reason that everyone does not automatically choose the benefits of the HIV RNA test is that this test used to be hard to come by. Originally, it was only used in hospitals to test newborn babies of HIV patients because it was difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Modern technological refinements have made the test quicker and more budget friendly, but so far, only one company has managed to produce a consumer friendly version of the test.

There is only a single FDA approved HIV RNA test on the market right now, so you will need to find a healthcare organization that offers this test. Many local clinics do not provide this type of test, but makes it easy to access this quick and accurate HIV test. You can order the HIV RNA test through if you suspect that you have been exposed to HIV.

Disease Prevalence And Test Accuracy

How often false results occur doesn’t only depend on the sensitivity and specificity of a test. It also depends on how common a disease is, which is known as the disease prevalence.

Imagine, for example, that there is a rare disease that only affects only one in a million people. If the test is very good at detecting the disease, it will always find that one-in-a-million case. However, because there are so few people with the disease, the chances are great that there will be more false positives than true positives.

On the other hand, if a condition is common and a large part of the population has it, then the situation would be reversed. Even if the test has lower sensitivity, there would still be more true positives than false positives simply because there are more people who have the infection.

False Negatives After The Window Period

After the window period, in people who arent taking antiretrovirals, false negative results are extremely rare.

The accuracy of a single HIV test depends in part on characteristics known as sensitivity and specificity. Sensitivity is an indication of test performance when testing people who do have HIV, whereas specificity reflects test performance in relation to people who do not have HIV. Many modern HIV testing devices are extremely sensitive and extremely specific in relation to long-standing HIV infection. Theres more information on sensitivity and specificity on another page.

To some extent, the chances of having a false negative result also depend on how common HIV is in your community. When very few people among those testing actually have HIV, it is even more likely that a negative HIV test result is accurate. This is expressed by something known to healthcare workers as the negative predictive value.


The proportion of people who acquire an infection or develop a condition during a specified period of time. Incidence reflects newly acquired infections and conditions. See also prevalence.

For example, take a test with 99.5% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity. If this test is used in a setting where 0.2% of people have HIV , the probability of a negative result being correct is 99.998%.

If the same test is used in a setting with a much higher HIV prevalence of 25% , the probability of a negative result being correct is marginally lower, at 99.832%.

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The Reason You Get Early Results With Hiv Rna Testing

HIV RNA testing provides such early results because the HIV RNA is present in your body as soon as you get infected with HIV. As mentioned in the overview of other types of tests, most HIV tests wait around until the body starts reacting to HIV by producing certain antibodies and proteins. Since RNA is produced by HIV itself, it is there as soon as you are infected.

Though the HIV RNA is inside your body as soon as you get infected, you still have to wait a couple days before taking the HIV RNA test to ensure that there is a large enough amount of RNA present to appear in a sample. Otherwise, you run the risk of drawing a sample that just happens to not contain any HIV RNA in it. This is why you should not take the test until 9 to 14 days after exposure. Any sort of waiting period can be intimidating when you face the idea of having HIV, but the HIV RNA test lets you check a couple weeks before any other type of HIV test.

Wrong Diagnosis Can Be Stressful Costly Even Fatal

False negative results on HIV tests

The main causes of diagnostic errors are lack of a systems approach to ensure diagnostic safety and quality.

Diagnostic errors are common causes of wrong treatment, delayed treatment and poor health outcomes. But what are the issues surrounding diagnostic errors?

A laboratory diagnostic error is one where a wrong laboratory result is given to a patient. It can also be defined as a laboratory result that does not meet expectations in terms of accuracy, timeliness, interpretation, or does not reflect what is happening in the patient. A wrong result can be due to a mistake happening at the time of sample collection, during measurement of the sample, or when recording and communicating the patients result.

This can be life-threatening and applies to all diseases and conditions, not just Covid-19. As an example, about 30 percent of patients with TB are not diagnosed, contributing to the 1.5 million annual deaths globally. Treatment without a confirmed laboratory diagnosis can lead to unnecessary use of antibiotics and antimalarial medications.

There are also cases of people being wrongly diagnosed with HIV due to use of HIV test kits that have not been approved, or failure to follow recommended HIV testing protocols.In the absence of good laboratory diagnostics health-care providers rely on clinical judgement an approach especially common at the primary healthcare level.

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What Is A False Negative Test Result

A false negative test result occurs when the test shows negative and the person is really HIV positive.

This is very rare and usually occurs during the window period when people are newly infected but the test cant quite pick up the infection.

As with other types of tests, there is always be a small margin of error. With antibody-only tests only 0.3% of tests will be a false negative after 3 months.

With 4th generation tests this is even lower. In practice, a negative result after six weeks means you do not have HIV.

You do not need to test again unless you have new risks in the future.

How Does Rna Test Work

At its most basic level, the HIV RNA test is done simply by checking the blood for HIV RNA, but the precise mechanisms used to check the blood are a little more complicated. Getting into the exact scientific method behind this style of test could take pages and pages, so we will just provide a quick overview of how it works.

HIV RNA testing is done with a polymerase chain reaction. In this method, an automated device combines carefully measured amounts of various chemicals in a test tube with the patients sample. The polymerase chemicals copy any DNA and RNA from the sample to create easily readable genetic information from even small bits of RNA. Polymerase chain reaction is a very useful way to read accurate genetic information even from a minute sample, so it lets scientists identify whether or not there is any HIV RNA in a patients sample.

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What Happens After An Hiv Test And Getting The Results


  • If your result is negative, you can stop worrying but its good to keep testing regularly.
  • If your result is positive or , you will need to give a blood sample to have your results confirmed.
  • Remember that HIV is now a manageable illness if you do test positive you can start treatment which will keep you healthy.

is often the hardest step to take, but it is usually not as bad as you imagine.

Hiv And Health Insurance Among Black People

Can a negative 4th generation HIV test be a false negative

Despite increased access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, 1 of every 9 Black people is without insurance. Black trans people, especially Black trans women, often experience hostility in health settings. Black transmasculine people are often excluded from HIV discourse despite testing positive at higher rates in comparison to the general population.

Poor community access to health insurance, provider hostility, and lack of provider knowledge about trans communities may increase a person’s likelihood of testing HIV-positive. Among Black MSM, the lack of insurance increases the risk of HIV by 2.5 times compared to those who have insurance.

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How Accurate Is Hiv Rna Test

If you are worried about potentially getting HIV, then you need the most accurate test possible. Many types of drug tests are inaccurate at the early stages, but this is not true for the HIV RNA test accuracy. The HIV RNA test is actually more accurate than other types of HIV test even though it is done far earlier than other types of tests. Thanks to the polymerase chain reaction process used during testing, even damaged fragments of HIV RNA are not missed. When performed correctly, HIV RNA test accuracy is over 99.83% accurate.

When regulating STD tests, the FDA requires measurements on both the sensitivity and the specificity of the test. A tests sensitivity is its ability to actually identify a person with the disease. The HIV RNA test used by has a sensitivity rating of 100 percent which means it never mistakenly tells an HIV positive person that they are HIV free. Specificity is used to tell the accuracy of a test in identifying people who do not have HIV. The specificity rating of the HIV RNA test is at 99.83 percent which means that in very rare situations, a person might get a false negative.

Are Hiv Tests Accurate

Yes. Modern HIV tests are very accurate.

This accuracy has to be considered with the window period.

For example, 4th generation tests will pick up 99% of infections at six week.

Testing earlier, for example after four week, only detects 95% of infections. Testing earlier needs a confirmatory test three months after the risk.

A positive test result is routinely confirmed using a different type of test called western blot. The western blot test looks for immune responses to specific HIV proteins and is 100% accurate as a confirmatory test.

Can anything affect the result of my HIV test?

HIV antibody tests, confirmed by the second test, are not affected by other circumstances.

This includes infections, medications, most vaccinations, putting on weight, eating or drinking anything before the test, use of alcohol or recreational drugs, mouthwash or time of day.

Your test result is accurate even if you had flu or a cold or are using any medication.

You do not need to fast before your test. Food and drink do not affect the results.

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What Does A Positive Hiv Test Result Mean

If you have a positive HIV test result, a follow-up test will be conducted. If the follow-up test is also positive, it means you are HIV-positive.

If you had a rapid screening test, the testing site will arrange a follow-up test to make sure the screening test result was correct. If you used a self-testing kit at home, a positive HIV test result must always be confirmed by additional HIV testing performed in a health care setting. If your blood was tested in a lab, the lab will conduct a follow-up test on the same sample.

If your follow-up test result confirms you are infected with HIV, the next thing is to take steps to protect your health and prevent transmission to others. Begin by talking to your health care provider about antiretroviral therapy . ART is the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection. People on ART take a combination of HIV medicines every day. ART can keep you healthy for many years and greatly reduces your chance of transmitting HIV to your sex partner if taken the right way, every day. Your health care provider will help you decide what HIV medicines to take.

If you have health insurance, your insurer is required to cover some medicines used to treat HIV. If you dont have health insurance, or you need help because your insurance doesnt pay for the treatment you need, there are Federal resources that may help you.

To lower your risk of transmitting HIV,

What Does A Negative Hiv Test Result Mean

How To Live Longer After Getting A False Positive HIV Test

A negative result doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have HIV. That’s because of the window periodthe time between when a person gets HIV and when a test can accurately detect it. The window period varies from person to person and is also different depending upon the type of HIV test.

Ask your health care provider about the window period for the kind of test youre taking. If youre using a home test, you can get that information from the materials included in the tests package. If you get an HIV test after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again after the window period for the test youre using to be sure. To learn more about the window period and when a person should get retested, see CDCs How soon after an exposure to HIV can an HIV test if I am infected?. If you get an HIV test within 3 months after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again in 3 more months to be sure.

If you learned you were HIV-negative the last time you were tested, you can only be sure youre still negative if you havent had a potential HIV exposure since your last test. If youre sexually active, continue to take actions to prevent HIV, like using condoms the right way every time you have sex and taking medicines to prevent HIV if youre at high risk.

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Other Ways To Get Tested

If youve read this and think that home-testing is not for you, remember there are lots of places where you can get a confidential HIV test, with people on hand to provide help and support.

There is also lots of information available on about testing, living with HIV, starting treatment and much more.

And remember, its always better to know your HIV status. Whether your result is negative or positive, it will mean you can move on with your life, and start treatment if you need to. It will ultimately help protect your health and the health of the people around you.

Study Finds Risk For False

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Rapid screening tests may not reliably diagnose HIV in natural HIV controllers, leading to false-negative test results in some patients, according to recently published study findings.

This study was prompted by frequent questions from clinicians asking if patients who naturally control infection could have false-negative diagnosis of HIV infection, and so if the diagnosis could be missed in such patients,VéroniqueAvettand-Fenoel,PharmD, PhD, from the clinical microbiology laboratory at Necker Hospital in Paris, told Infectious Disease News.

Avettand-Fenoel and colleagues tested blood samples from 85 HIV controllers who enrolled in a cohort with the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis CO21 between 2009 and 2017.

Aventtand-Fenoel summarized the results of the study, explaining that among well-characterized and selected patients controlling HIV without ART over several years, 6% had a negative rapid screening test. These tests are increasingly being used, including by patients themselves in settings outside of the laboratory, the researchers wrote in the study.

Additionally, the authors said that low antibody response made results difficult to interpret in 25% of cases, especially in a nonlaboratory setting.

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What Is A Window Period

All HIV tests have a window period. This is the period of time between when a person has been exposed to the virus and when a test can detect its presence in their body. If a person with HIV is tested before the window period has passed, it can produce false-negative results.

HIV tests are more accurate if theyre taken after the window period has passed. Some types of tests have shorter window periods than others. They can detect HIV sooner after exposure to the virus.

My Test Result Is Reactive Whats The Chance That This Is A False Positive

HIV false positives terminate Aussie COVID-19 vaccine

If you tested in a healthcare facility, the staff there should make sure you have the necessary follow-up tests. This sequence of confirmatory tests is carefully planned to prevent inaccurate results from being given. Healthcare professionals call it a testing algorithm. If you have been tested in this way, with a sequence of confirmatory tests, and you have been told that you are HIV positive, you can be confident of the result. The rest of the information on this page does not apply to you.

“An HIV diagnosis is never made on the basis of a single test result.”

On the other hand, you might have been tested with a rapid, point-of-care test at a location where the staff could not do the confirmatory tests immediately. If your initial result was reactive, the staff may have asked you to come back on another day or to go to another healthcare facility for the follow-up testing. Or you might have taken the test yourself, using a device for self-testing or home testing.

If that is the case, the confirmatory testing is essential. There is a possibility that your reactive result is in fact a false positive. The only way to know is to go and have it checked by a qualified healthcare professional.


A protein substance produced by the immune system in response to a foreign organism. Many diagnostic tests for HIV detect the presence of antibodies to HIV in blood.

To put this in individual terms:

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