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Can You Get Hiv From Getting Fingered

Safety Tips And How To Have Safer Sex

can you get hiv if your partner is on medication ?

There are many ways people can have sex with a decreased risk of contracting STIs.

People should wash their genitals, hands, and anything else that comes into contact with their partner before and after sexual activities. They should also avoid contact with sores, scratches, or open wounds.

The most effective way of minimizing or avoiding the transmission of STIs is by using a barrier method, such as condoms and dental dams.

Its Easy To Tell The Symptoms Of Hiv

The symptoms of HIV can differ from person-to-person and some people may not get any symptoms at all. Without treatment, the virus will get worse over time and damage your immune system over time. There are three stages of HIV infection with different possible effects.

Also, you also cant tell by looking at someone whether they have HIV or not. Many people don’t show signs of any symptoms. And, for people living with HIV who are on effective treatment, they are just as likely to be as healthy as everyone else.

Hiv Prevention : : Precum On Fresh Cut Of Nail Scratch

Yesterday I meet a guy…There was lots of precum on his penis…I was down with my face down side and he was on top of me..he did not inserted inside my ***. He was humping his dick between my testicals and thighs…there was lot of precum…after some time precum got dry..and it made me itching…I scratched it..this made small cuts and lil blood…again after 3 min my partner placed his penis at the same place with all precum touching the fresh cut…1 ) Is there a risk of HIV as fresh precum touched fresh cut.2) As this dry precum made me itching for 5 hr…are there any chances I have got STD

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How To Protect Yourself

Since there is still a chance that you could get infected with HIV through oral sex, you should always take precautions. Here is what you can do to lower your risk:

Do not let a male partner ejaculate in your mouth. You can do this if you remove your mouth from their penis before they ejaculate, or if you use a condom.

Use a condom or dental dam. A dental dam is a thin square piece of latex or silicone that you place over the vagina or anal area during oral sex. You can also cut a latex condom lengthwise and use it the same way.

Both of these barriers also lower the risk of infection from other STDs such as gonorrhea of the throat or hepatitis. Use a new one every time you have oral sex. Check the expiration date on the package, and make sure there are no tears or defects.

Don’t use oil-based products like baby oil, lotion, petroleum jelly, or cooking oil on condoms or dental dams because that can cause them to break. If you need lubrication, use a water-based or silicone-based product instead. Always use a condom or dental dam during your period since the virus can be present in menstrual blood.

Don’t brush your teeth just before oral sex. If you do, your mouth or gums may bleed, which raises chances of infection.

Skip oral sex during risky times. This includes a time when you have sores around your mouth, genitals, or anus , gum damage, a throat infection, or after dental work.

How Is Hiv/aids Treated

Can I get HIV from rectal fingering if I bite my cuticles?

Right now, there is no cure for HIV infection or AIDS. It is a chronic illness and the virus stays in your body for your lifetime. The virus has been treated with a combination of different drugs which, when taken together at the same time every day without missing doses, work to keep the virus quiet so the immune system can stay strong. Following your doctors treatment plan is extremely important. Your health care provider may also tell you to eat healthy foods, exercise, and lower any stress in your life. All these factors work together to keep you healthy and feeling good.

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Isnt Hiv Only A Risk For Certain Groups Of People

Like most illnesses, HIV doesnt discriminate between types of people and the infection can be passed on to anyone via one of the ways mentioned above.

Some people are more vulnerable to HIV infection if they engage regularly in certain activities that are more likely to transmit the virus. However, its a common misunderstanding that HIV only affects certain groups.

While not everyone has the same level of HIV risk, everyone can reduce their risk of infection.

How Can I Prevent Hiv Transmission And Stds During Oral Sex

Although oral sex presents less of a risk for HIV and some STDs than vaginal or anal sex, the risk still exists. Herpes is commonly passed between genitals and the mouth, and you can get a bacterial infection in your mouth or throat from an STD. The risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is low, but people have been infected this way. Oral sex can be made safer by using a latex barrier. For oral sex performed on a man, a non-lubricated condom is recommended. For oral sex performed on a woman, a dental dam , a non-lubricated condom that is cut open or a plastic wrap can be used to cover the vagina. Oral-anal sex is a high-risk activity that may be made safer by using a dental dam.

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Can I Get Any Sort Of Diseases From My Boyfriend Fingering Me

By | May 10, 2011, 7:40 p.m.


Can I get any sort of diseases form my boy friend fingering me??

Its possible, but not likely. Fingering is low-risk safer sex. Heres a breakdown of the different kinds of risks.

No-risk safer sex includes

  • No infections can be passed with these kinds of sex.

    Low-risk safer sex includes

fondling manual stimulation, including fingering, of one another

body-to-body rubbing frottage, grinding, or dry humping

oral sex

playing with sex toys alone or with a partner

vaginal intercourse with a latex or internal condom

anal intercourse with a latex or internal condom

  • These behaviors are low risk for infections like herpes and human papilloma virus . Unprotected oral sex is also low risk for gonorrhea and syphilis. All these behaviors are very low risk for HIV/AIDS.

    The highest risk kinds of sex are

unprotected vaginal intercourse

unprotected anal intercourse

  • These behaviors are high risk for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, herpes, HPV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis.

    You can get pubic lice crabs or scabies from body to body contact with or without intercourse.

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Hiv Risk : : Hand Job From A Stripper

Can You Get HIV From A Massage

I live in US. 6 weeks back on I went to strip club. There the dancer gave me a unprotected hand job , I have also put my finger inside her vagina for 2-3 minutes. I was not having any open cut on the fingers. No other activity were involvedNow can you tell me what is my risk of getting infected by HIV ?I am so anxious as usual and I took a combo teston 28th Day post the incident. The test result came “negative”& “non-reactive”.

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Human Papillomavirus : : Hand To Genital Contact Genital Warts Risk

I was with a women who clearly had genital warts. When she pulled her underwear down they were visible and she then covered them with her hand. I told her I couldn’t have sex with her and she became angry and grabbed my penis with the same hand she had just touched her warts with. I washed myself with soap and hot water afterwards.

Hiv Through Precum While Masturbating Each Other

I have sex with another guy last time.But i didn’t have real anal sex and oral sex because he didn’t have condom so i decide to just play body and help masturbate each other.The problem is… he leaks so easily. I touch his and he has precum on my hand already so i fear that he might had some precum on his hand and i fear that he might “paste” precum indirectly on my genital. Will it has a chance that i will get infected that way?

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Stds : : Unprotected Sex With A Stripper

48 Hours ago I had vaginal and oral sex with a stripper. I asked her if she had any std’s and predictably she said no. I did “inspect” her first for anything visible. When we went to the room oral was unprotected, we started sex with a condom, however it broke sometime during the session. Within 12 hours I went to a doctor and got a shot of Rocefilin and 2 horse pills of Azithromycin. The doctor said there wasn’t a significant risk for syphillis , so no amoxicillin. 1) The doctor told me to wait for two days before having sex again, and there would be no risk for Gonhorrhea and Chlamydia. Is this correct?2) Without anything visible, what is my risk for Herpes and Syphillis ?3) Any other STD’s I should worry about

Can You Get Chlamydia From Being Fingered If You Take Precautions

Do not point fingers. Anyone can get AIDS. Even you

Taking precautions can prevent you from getting Chlamydia. Many people consider fingering a safe form of sexual activity. The risk levels are indeed much lower than vaginal, oral, or anal sex. But, since it is possible to transmit an STD infection like Chlamydia, taking safety precautions is the best option. Using female condoms and gloves are some steps that you can take. If your significant other does not have any history of STD infection, then you can proceed with fingering.

The name of the bacteria responsible for Chlamydia is Chlamydia trachomatis. The troublesome trait of a Chlamydia infection is that it doesn’t show symptoms in the early stages. Usually, it takes up to two to three weeks for the symptoms to appear. Hence, without being aware of it, the infected person may transmit the infection to their loved ones. Some of the common symptoms of the STD are:

  • Pus-like abnormal discharge from the penis in men.
  • Greenish thick vaginal discharge in women.
  • Rectal infections can lead to pain in the anal region and even bleeding.
  • Swelling or pain of the testicles in men.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse in women.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding after sex and between periods in women.
  • Sore throat in case of throat or mouth infections.

You can also directly choose to get an STD test from our partner’s STD lab without any recommendation. Usually, STD tests are easy and take only about 10 minutes to complete.

Top three reasons to consider testing yoursef for and STI

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Low/no Risk Sexual Practices

There are a number of sexual practices that present no or low risk for HIV transmission that you and a partners can enjoy. These include the following:


Massage and rubbing bodies against each other presents no risk of passing on HIV.

RimmingYou cannot acquire or pass on HIV by rimming . However, hepatitis A and gut infections such as shigella are easily passed on this way.

KissingSaliva does not transmit HIV meaning kissing is completely safe.

WatersportsThe terms watersports and piss-play refer to sexual acts involving urine. HIV is not present in urine so watersports carry no risk of HIV transmission.


Oral sexOral sex carries a very small risk for HIV transmission. For more detailed information, check out our Oral Sex page.

FingeringPlaying with someones arse or vagina with your fingers is a low risk activity for passing on HIV. However, trimmed fingernails and thorough hand washing is a good idea to help prevent damage to the wall of the anus or vagina and to lessen the risk of passing or acquiring a sexually transmitted infection .

FistingFisting means inserting your fist in someones arse or vagina. Fists can create serious cuts in the lining of the arse or vagina, which can allow HIV to be passed on if the person being fisted is then fucked without a condom. The person doing the fisting could also get HIV if they have any cuts or scratches. Latex gloves are important for protecting both participants. Surgical gloves are best.

What Does A False Negative Test Result Mean

If you are tested too soon after being exposed to HIV, it is possible that you can get a false negative. This is because it can take between 2 and 12 weeks after infection for the HIV test to become positive, depending on the type of test used. It is usually recommended that you have the test repeated after 3 months to make sure that you are truly negative.

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Do Sex Partners Who Both Have Hiv Need To Use Condoms

Yes. People who have HIV still need protection from STDs and may want to prevent pregnancy. Condoms also protect against exposure to different types, or strains, of HIV. Re-infection or superinfection with a new strain of HIV may make the disease progress more quickly and may require the use of medicines different from the ones used to treat the original strain.

Penis : : No Precum At All

HIV FAQ: Can you be infected with HIV via oral sex?

I’m 27 years old and I do not have precum. I’ve mastubated and had sex tons of times and honestly, I’m dry as a bone until I come. I have looked up lots of information and can’t find anything about guys not having any. My girlfriend wife complains that with her only other sex partners had a lot of it and it helped to lubricate her. She gets wet a bit but we usually use some store bought lube. I am circumcised. I feel like I’m missing out on something special and I’ve also read about how important it is in helping to acidify the vagina and help in fertilization. Any of you out there like this? Any comments would be appreciated.P.S I can ejaculate just fine and have great orgasms. Just nothing wet before the big eruption.

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Is There Anything You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk Of Contracting It

If youve potentially already been exposed, then taking PEP is the only way to reduce your risk from that exposure.

PEP or post-exposure prophylaxis is an emergency prescription for people who are HIV-negative who may have been exposed to HIV.

Its a 28-day course of anti-HIV medication that can reduce the risk of contracting HIV by as much as when started within 72 hours of possible exposure and taken as directed.

You can get the medication at your nearest clinic or emergency department.

Yes, but keep in mind that not everyone shows symptoms in the early stages of an HIV infection. The only way to know for sure if you contracted HIV is to get tested.

In the first two to four weeks after infection, two-thirds of people experience flu-like symptoms.

See your doctor if you experience any of the following after a possible exposure:

  • fever

If theres a chance youve been exposed to HIV, a convo with your other current or potential partners is a must until you get your results.

To help make the talk a little easier:

  • Pick a time and place that you can talk freely without interruptions.
  • Keep it simple and to the point.
  • Be prepared with information and resources that can help answer their questions about their risk level and options for prevention.
  • Be ready for the possibility that they may not take it well, and try not to take their reaction personally.

Theres a lot you and your partner can do to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Hiv Risk Assessment : : Handjob At Asian Massage Parlor

Got a handjob at asian massage parlor week ago. Concerned specifically about hiv as well as other stds.My worries lie on possibility of masseuse having a cut on her hand, vaginal fluids or semen from a past customer coming into contact/crossing with my urethra as she performed the handjob. My confusion is that i read that urethra is one of the modes of transmission but when this question has been asked on dr. And hiv forums they say no risk, no need for testing and very low risk of stds. What is the difference between unprotected vaginal/anal and hanjob where the urethra is concerned or any small cuts, nicks, etc. On either participant? Thank you so much for you help in this matter as i eagerly await your expertise. Again specifically if fresh blood from a cut on hand made direct contact with the urethra is there a risk and why? Or why not?

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Is There A Risk Of Hiv With A Hand Job

The likelihood of getting HIV through a hand job is extremely low. However, it may be possible if your infected partner had a cut on her finger or used her vaginal secretions to stimulate your genitals. To contract HIV, either the mucous membrane of the tip of the penis or micro lesions of the skin must be exposed to blood or infected vaginal fluids.12, 13 HIV cannot be contracted through towels, saliva, tears, or sweats because it doesnât survive in the air.13

Whats The Short Answer

Can I get HIV from rectal fingering if I bite my cuticles?

Yes, its possible to get HIV from putting the tip in. And that can be from putting the tip of a penis into the butt, vagina, or mouth.

The risk of getting HIV from the tip varies between the body parts and other factors, like whether youre the one giving or receiving said tip, if one or both parties are taking HIV meds, and more.

Lets break down some common scenarios to help you gauge your risk.

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