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Can You Get Hiv From Precum

Be Aware Of Potential Symptoms

How do you get HIV?

If you have sex, knowing what symptoms could indicate an STI is a must.

See a healthcare professional if you notice any of the following:

  • unusual discharge from the anus, penis, or vagina
  • changes in urination, like pain or burning, frequency, or urgency
  • sores, warts, or blisters on or around your genitals or anus
  • unusual vaginal bleeding, like after sexual activity or between periods
  • genital itching

Are certain activities higher risk?

Penis-in-anus sex is the riskiest, especially for the receptive partner because the rectums lining is thin, making it easier for the virus to enter the bloodstream.

Penis-in-vagina sex, though not as risky, is also considered higher risk activity for both parties.

Transmission: Oral Sex & Hiv

It is possible to become infected with HIV through oral sex. However the risk of becoming infected in this way is lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sexual intercourse.

When giving oral sex to a man a person could become infected with HIV if infected semen or pre-cum gets into any cuts, sores or gums in the mouth.

Giving oral sex to a woman is considered low risk, but not zero risk. Transmission could take place if infected fluids from a woman get into the mouth of her partner. The likelihood of infection might be increased if there is menstrual blood involved or if the woman is infected with another STI, which causes breaks in the skin, therefore increasing exposure to blood.

Stay On Top Of Oral Hygiene

Having open sores, ulcers, or cuts in your mouth can let HIV into your bloodstream. Practice good oral hygiene and avoid vigorous brushing that can cause your gums to bleed.

If Ds on the menu, give your mouth a once-over before heading out, er, or down.

Skip oral or use a barrier if you have open sores or cuts.

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How To Properly Use A Condom

1. Open the package on the serrated side .

2. Check the roll direction . Press the reservoir well together so that there is no air in the condom .

3. Hold the tip together well and roll the condom all the way down over the stiff penis.

4. After ejaculation, hold the condom to the shaft otherwise it may slip off the penis when pulled out.

How Could You Get Hiv From Contact With Blood

is it possible to get HIV from a barber who cut himself ...

The risk of HIV transmission through blood comes when the person has a detectable viral load and their blood enters another persons body or comes into contact with a mucous membrane. These are parts of the body with wet, absorbent skin such as the:

  • eyes
  • inside of the anus
  • mouth.

Theres also a risk if blood from a person who has a detectable viral load comes into contact with a cut or broken skin, giving HIV a way through the skin and into someones bloodstream. If blood gets onto skin that isnt broken, there is no risk.

In a medical setting, its possible for HIV to be transmitted by someone accidentally cutting themselves with a blade or needle they have used to treat a person living with HIV.

This is called a needlestick injury. The risk of being infected in this way is very low. However, if someone thinks they have been exposed to HIV through a needlestick injury, post-exposure prophylaxis may be an option.

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If You Think You May Be Pregnant

An embryo takes 10 days to implant itself. If you think you may be pregnant from precum, take a test after that period of time.

If you continue having sex without protection and are concerned about precum and pregnancy, consider emergency contraception.

Forms of emergency contraception include the ParaGuard IUD, which can be implanted within five days of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

The morning-after pill, or Plan B, is emergency birth control that can be purchased at a local pharmacy without a prescription. It needs to be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

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In addition, our Q& A experts sometimes address questions about safer sex in our “Ask the Experts” forums. Here are some of those questions and our experts’ responses:

  • Can you get HIV if you had unprotected sex without any semen coming outMe and my friend were just fooling around and we had unprotected sex. No semen entered either of our bodies as we both ejaculated on the floor.

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You Took Pep Afterward

If you started it in the first 72 hours after the experience and continued to take it as directed, your chances of contracting HIV are slim.

How likely is this generally?

Even just the tip can expose you to HIV. It may not be as risky as, say, full-on anal or vaginal penetration with ejaculation, but its still risky.

Opt for oral for lower risk pleasure or use a condom.

Stay On Top Of Medications Including Art Prep And Pep

Megan Andelloux — Can you get HIV from kissing?

Weve come a long way in HIV treatment and prevention, and some drugs can help you reduce the risk of transmission if youre living with HIV or are having sex with someone who is.

Talk with a medical professional about:

  • ART: Antiretroviral therapy helps a person living with HIV stay healthy by lowering the viral load. Most people who take it as prescribed can lower their viral load to an undetectable level, so they cant transmit the virus to others.
  • PrEP: A person whos HIV-negative significantly reduces their risk of contracting HIV by taking PrEP consistently.
  • PEP: In the event of potential exposure to HIV, PEP is available for emergency use. It can help prevent HIV infection if started within 72 hours of exposure.

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How Can I Protect Myself Against Hiv Infection

Everyday social contact allowas no infection with HIV. During sexual intercourse, one can protect oneself and the partner by means of safer sex.

  • Vaginal intercourse : always use a condom

    Make sure that the condom was placed correctly before the first contact with the partner.

  • Oral intercourse : no seminal fluid or blood inside the mouth

    If vaginal fluid from an infected woman enters the mouth of the partner there is no risk, unless it contains menstrual blood!

  • Anal intercourse : always use a condom and sufficient amount of lubricant

    Lubricants prevent the condom from bursting due to friction. Never use greasy creams or oils. These make condoms fragile!

  • Is There Anything You Can Do To Prevent Other Forms Of Transmission

    For sure!

    Blood-to-blood contact between people sharing drug equipment like needles and syringes is the most common nonsexual form of HIV transmission.

    If youre injecting drugs recreational or medical always use clean equipment. Dispose of needles and other paraphernalia properly to avoid accidental needle sticks and exposure.

    Though the risk is low, its possible to contract HIV from contaminated tattooing and piercing equipment. Avoid home tattoos and piercings and stick with a reputable studio that follows proper sterilization practices.

    Potential exposure to HIV can be stressful for all involved. Finding someone to talk with about your concerns and getting support can help.

    Talk with your doctor or another healthcare professional if you or your partner needs help with:

    • HIV and other STI testing
    • treatment and prevention drugs

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    The Daily Dose Can I Get Hiv From Pre

    The Daily Dose Happy Tuesday to ya!More than 30 years after isolating the HIV virus and determining that it is responsible for AIDS, there is still so much contradicting information about HIV and AIDS.If you dig deep into YouTube wasteland, youll actually find people still talking about contracting HIV from kissing. Yup, I kid you not. Ugh But its for reasons like that why I do Ask The NP!!So lets get one HIV transmission rumor out of the way. Todays LGBT Tuesday question: Can I get HIV from pre-cum? A somewhat confusing topic, but give me 3 minutes and Ill make it crystal clear for you family! Though even some of what I learned in school has changed since I learned it just 7 years ago. Just like the HIV virus changes and evolves in the body, so does our knowledge of how it mutates, transmits, kills and in some very rare cases even disappears. Check out the vlog above and as always, I LOVE hearing from the family about this and all those questions you might be too scared to ask your doctor! HIV Transmission and Risks

    Can Hiv Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex

    HIV is NOT transmitted by air or water  saliva, sweat ...

    Yes, but the risk is relatively low.

    HIV is transmitted through seminal and vaginal fluids, including menstrual fluids. The virus can enter the body through the bloodstream or by passing through delicate mucous membranes, such as inside the vagina, rectum or urethra.

    If a person gives fellatio and has bleeding gums, a cut, or an ulcer inside their mouth, HIV could enter their bloodstream through infected fluid. This could also happen if infected fluid from a woman gets into the mouth of her partner during oral sex.

    Using a condom during sex, including oral and anal sex, is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted infections , including HIV. Avoid using an oil-based lubricant, such as Vaseline or baby oil, because they can weaken the condom and increase the risk of it splitting.

    You can use a dental dam to cover the anus or female genitals during oral sex. A dental dam is a latex or polyurethane square, measuring about 15cm by 15cm. It acts as a barrier to help stop STIs passing from one person to another.

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    Whats The Risk For Types Of Oral Sex

    Oral sex ranks very low on the list of ways HIV can be transmitted. Its more likely to transmit HIV through anal or vaginal sex. Its also possible to transmit the virus by sharing needles or syringes used for injecting drugs or tattooing.

    However, the risk of contracting HIV through oral sex is not zero. The truth is, you can in theory still contract HIV this way. Theres just been from years of research to show that it has happened.

    Why is it hard to get data?

    Its difficult to know the absolute risk of transmitting HIV during oral sex acts. Thats because many sex partners who engage in oral sex of any type also engage in vaginal or anal sex. It may be difficult to know where the transmission occurred.

    Fellatio carries some risk, but its low.

    • If youre giving a blowjob. Receptive oral sex with a male partner who has HIV is considered exceptionally low-risk. In fact, a 2002 study found that the risk for HIV transmission through receptive oral sex was statistically zero.
    • If youre receiving a blowjob. Insertive oral sex is an unlikely method of transmission, too. Enzymes in the saliva neutralize many viral particles. This may be true even if the saliva contains blood.

    There are no documented cases of HIV being transmitted between partners through cunnilingus .

    Anilingus , or rimming, has some risk, but it is negligible. Its especially low for receptive partners. In fact, the lifetime risk of transmitting HIV during rimming is

    Hiv In Preseminal Fluid

    HIV is passed in body fluids such as blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal fluids, and anal secretions. During anal or vaginal sex, a person with HIV can infect their partner by ejaculating into the rectum or vagina.

    Transmission can also occur in the opposite directionfrom the receptive partner to the insertive partnerbut this is less common since not as much body fluid is exchanged.

    In fact, among couples who engage in vaginal sex, the risk of becoming infected with HIV is twice as high for the female partner compared to the male partner.

    Given these facts, it may seem reasonable to assume that pulling out reduces the risk of HIV and that less semen = less risk. But it’s not quite as simple as that.

    This is because semen is not only composed of sperm but also fluids that transport sperm. When these fluids leak out before ejaculation, they are referred to as preseminal fluid .

    In people with HIV, preseminal fluid is just as potentially infectious as semen. Although the volume of fluid may differ, ounce for ounce they contain roughly the same concentration of HIV. Even if the insertive partner pulls out before ejaculation, the receptive partner can still be exposed to HIV through preseminal fluids.

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    Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Precum can carry bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms that produce sexually transmitted infections .

    Its always best to use a condom for any sexual contact with another person and to get tested regularly to ensure you are safe and healthy.

    If you are experiencing a discharge that is green or yellow, painful, or itching, see a doctor to determine whether it is an STI.

    Confused About Hiv Transmission Statistics

    Can precum be responsible for pregnancy? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

    Hi Alice,

    I have searched through your extensive HIV database , but I still have some questions.

    1. In one of the answers, you say: “A study published in 1994 in The New England Journal of Medicine looked at 256 heterosexual mixed status couples. Of the 124 couples that consistently used condoms, none of the HIV-negative partners were infected. Among the 121 couples that did not consistently use condoms, 12 of the HIV-negative partners became infected. Additional studies found similar results.” How is it possible that only 10 percent of the unprotected sexual activity between + and – people resulted in transmission?

    2. Similarly in Sex with prostitute â HIV?, you say: “With HIV, a single act of unprotected vaginal or rectal intercourse MAY be sufficient for transmission. But, it is believed that in the vast majority of cases, repeated exposure to the virus through multiple acts of intercourse is necessary for transmission to take place.” How does the “repetition” affect the likelihood? I mean, doesn’t the virus kind of “jump” to the other side whenever it has a chance?

    And my third question is: does pre-cum have significant concentrations of HIV?

    Thanks for your help,Concerned

    Dear Concerned,

    For more information about HIV/AIDS, visit the STI’s section in the Go Ask Alice!Sexual & Reproductive Health archive or check out the related questions.

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    If You Took Pep Afterward


    Post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, is highly effective at reducing the risk of contracting HIV from sexual activity if started within 72 hours of the possible exposure and taken consistently until finished.

    How likely is this generally?

    Theres no number to quantify the risk of swallowing seminal fluid.Though swallowing does increase the risk of HIV some, fellatio is considered a lower risk activity overall.

    How You Become Infected

    There is HIV virus in body fluids like vaginal secretions and semen. If those fluids are present, they can enter the bloodstream of someone who doesn’t have HIV through an opening such as a mouth sore or a genital ulcer.

    Your chances are higher of getting HIV if you:

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    ‘can I Get Hiv From Oral Sex Is A Question Weve Been Asked Frequently Through Our Website So Today Weve Put Together Your All You Need To Know About Oral Sex Risk Guide

    This article is also available in Simplified Chinese and Thai.

    Oral sex is one of the more popular sexual acts encountered in the bedroom with the Australian Study of Health and Relationships revealing that 88% of men in Australia have experienced oral sex. So that perhaps explains the reason why we get asked this sensible question so often: does oral sex put me at risk of getting HIV?

    Lets look a little closer

    Can Precum Make You Pregnant

    Can girls get pregnant from precum.

    Sperm, what fertilizes an egg, are produced in the testes. Although precum is produced in the Cowpers glands, it still may contain trace amounts of live sperm.

    Researchers have found that if a person has had a very recent sexual encounter and then has another, precum can mix with sperm that is still left in the urethra. This is called cross-contamination.

    The chances of pregnancy due to precum entering the female body are low, but they still exist. If precum comes in contact with the outsideof the vulva, the chances of pregnancy are very unlikely. However, it may still be possible.

    In one study, 41% of men had precum that contained sperm that was moving. This means the sperm could reach a female’s Fallopian tubes and possibly fertilize an egg.

    This is why withdrawal is not suggested when trying to avoid pregnancy. A 2017 study found that there was a 20% failure rate with the withdrawal method compared to 13% for condoms and 6% for hormonal birth control.

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    Do Condoms Stop Hiv Being Passed On

    Yes.Using a condom correctly prevents contact with semen or vaginal secretions , stopping HIV from being passed on. The virus cannot pass through the latex of the condom.

    Condoms should only be used with a water-based lubricant as oil-based lube weakens them.

    People with HIV who are on effective treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot pass on HIV through any of their body fluids.

    Its also important to remember that if you have sex without a condom other sexually transmitted infections can be passed on.

    Sex without a condom can also result in pregnancy if other contraception is not being used.

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