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Can You Get Rid Of Hiv

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If you have a good immune system,then your body can naturally get rid of HIV. answers Barre-Sinoussi
  • Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be life changing. You may feel many emotionssadness, hopelessness, or anger.
  • Allied health care providers and social service providers can help you work through the early stages of your diagnosis. They are often available at your health care providers office.
  • Learn more about what a positive test result means.

Causes Of Hiv Infection

HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person. This includes semen, vaginal and anal fluids, blood and breast milk.

It’s a fragile virus and does not survive outside the body for long.

HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat, urine or saliva.

The most common way of getting HIV in the UK is through having anal or vaginal sex without a condom.

Other ways of getting HIV include:

  • sharing needles, syringes or other injecting equipment
  • transmission from mother to baby during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding

The chance of getting HIV through oral sex is very low and will be dependent on many things, such as whether you receive or give oral sex and the oral hygiene of the person giving the oral sex.

Treatment Helps Prevent Transmission To Others

  • If you have an undetectable viral load, you have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to an HIV-negative partner through sex.
  • Having an undetectable viral load may also help prevent transmission from injection drug use. We dont have data about whether having an undetectable viral load prevents transmission through sharing needles, syringes, or other injection equipment . It very likely reduces the risk, but we dont know by how much.
  • Having an undetectable viral load also helps prevent transmission from mother to baby. If a mother with HIV takes HIV medicine as prescribed throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery and gives HIV medicine to her baby for 4 to 6 weeks after birth, the risk of transmitting HIV to her baby can be 1% or less.
  • Having an undetectable viral load reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to the baby through breastfeeding, but doesnt eliminate the risk. The current recommendation in the United States is that mothers with HIV should not breastfeed their babies.

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How Do I Talk To My Partner About Their Risk Of Acquiring Hiv

People living with HIV can involve their partners in their treatment plans. Research shows that adhering to treatment often can improve with support from loving relationships and from the community.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis , in which an HIV-negative person takes antiretroviral medication to prevent infection, can be part of the conversation. Learn more about PrEP.

Can An Employer Change My Position Because Of Hiv

AIDS is Treatable and Preventable #WAD2012

There still exists a lot of ignorance when it comes to the transmission of the HIV virus. Your employer cannot change your position, or fire you from the position, just because they are afraid of people who have contracted the HIV virus. They also cannot change your job if they believe that other coworkers or customers will be afraid of someone who is HIV-positive. The only way that an employer can legally change your job is if your job can risk your health and safety and if there is a high chance that you will infect other people. There are not many jobs that have a high risk, but they do exist.

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How Do You Know You Have Hiv

You or your partner can have HIV and not know it. It can be months or years before you feel sick or have any serious signs, but you can still pass HIV to others. Though some people have no symptoms, signs of HIV may include: rapid weight loss, fever, diarrhea, night sweats, or feeling very tired. The only way to know for sure is to get tested.

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What Is The Treatment For People With Syphilis And Hiv

As with diagnosis, the treatment of syphilis in HIV-positive people is similar to that for HIV-negative people.

Treatment of the early stages of syphilis typically involves a single injection of the antibiotic penicillin. Later stages of syphilis can involve additional injections or a course of intravenous antibiotics.

Because having HIV is associated with the potential risk of ineffective syphilis treatment, careful follow-up is important. This typically involves repeat syphilis blood tests in the months after treatment to verify that treatment was effective.

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To Prevent Mother To Child Transmission Of Hiv

1.Take antiretroviral drugs during your pregnancy and childbirth.If youre HIV positive and pregnant, you can take antiretroviral drugs during your pregnancy and childbirth to avoid passing HIV to your baby.2.Caesarean section.Consider getting a Caesarean section, if youre HIV positive and pregnant. It decreases the chance that youll pass HIV on to your baby.3. If possible, avoid breastfeeding.When possible, the World Health Organization advocates HIV positive mothers to use breast milk replacement.However, if youre living in a place where safe drinking water isnt available, and youre unable to boil water daily, you may opt not to use breast milk replacement. The risk of catching a life threatening disease from unsafe drinking water may outweigh the risk of getting HIV infection from breast milk. These are things to consider with your health care provider. Consider getting a Caesarean section, if youre HIV-positive and pregnant. It decreases the chance that youll pass HIV on to your baby.

These are things to consider with your health care provider.

Strategies To Cure Hiv

Natural Cure For HIV AIDS How to Get Rid of HIV Aids Naturally
  • Blog Post
  • 5 Strategies to Cure HIV
  • Whilst a person living with HIV can suppress the virus with antiretrovirals, there is no cure. A cure for HIV would be the total eradication of the virus from the body. However, this is not the only option that scientists are looking into. Here are some of the strategies scientists are looking into for an HIV cure.

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    /5can Hiv Be Cured Without Drug Use And Transplants

    HIV is a virus that affects the body’s immune system and interferes with the its ability to fight deadly pathogens. If left undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to AIDS , which is a life-long, fatal condition.

    As per the World Health Organization reports, HIV is a global public health issue that has claimed around 36.3 million lives so far. While it is considered to be an incurable disease, recent findings suggest that a woman positive for HIV has been cured of the virus “naturally” i.e. without any drug use or treatment.

    Although it is extremely positive news on the medical front, scientists continue to study why and how it happened and whether it will help them find a cure for the general population suffering with the condition.

    Dr Luc Montagnier On Getting Rid Of Hiv Naturally

    Dr. Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for discovering HIV, describes patients ability to get rid of HIV naturally if the immune system is supported, and points to the profit motive that stands in the way of this remedy and research.

    Dr. Luc Montagnier: âWe can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system.â

    Interviewer : If you have a good immune system, then your body can naturally get rid of HIV?

    Dr. Luc Montagnier: Yes.

    Interviewer: If you take a poor African, whos been infected and you build up their immune system, is it possible for them to also naturally get rid of it?

    Dr. Luc Montagnier: I would think so.

    Interviewer: Thats an importantâ¦

    Dr. Luc Montagnier: Its important knowledge which is completely neglected. People always think of drugs and vaccine.

    Interviewer: There is no money in nutrition, right?

    Dr. Luc Montagnier: There is no profit, yes.

    From House of Numbers, the award-winning film, currently on the festival circuit. Visit for review, biographies, and more video.

    of clip . Right Click and Save as or Left Click to play.

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    What Should I Do Until Theres A Cure For Hiv

    For now, the best thing to do for your health is to test regularly for HIV. Testing is the only way to know for sure if you have the virus.

    If youve already tested and your result is positive, youll be advised to start antiretroviral treatment as soon as possible. Treatment is the only way to manage HIV and prevent it from damaging your immune system. It also reduces the risk of passing HIV on to your sexual partners. With treatment, people living with HIV can have long and healthy lives.

    What Are The Types Of Hiv/aids Medicines

    What Are HIV and AIDS?

    There are several different types of HIV/AIDS medicines. Some work by blocking or changing enzymes that HIV needs to make copies of itself. This prevents HIV from copying itself, which reduces the amount of HIV in the body. Several medicines do this:

    • Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors block an enzyme called reverse transcriptase
    • Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors bind to and later change reverse transcriptase
    • Integrase inhibitors block an enzyme called integrase
    • Protease inhibitors block an enzyme called protease

    Some HIV/AIDS medicines interfere with HIV’s ability to infect CD4 immune system cells:

    • Fusion inhibitors block HIV from entering the cells
    • CCR5 antagonists and post-attachment inhibitors block different molecules on the CD4 cells. To infect a cell, HIV has to bind to two types of molecules on the cell’s surface. Blocking either of these molecules prevents HIV from entering the cells.
    • Attachment inhibitors bind to a specific protein on the outer surface of HIV. This prevents HIV from entering the cell.

    In some cases, people take more than one medicine:

    • Pharmacokinetic enhancers boost the effectiveness of certain HIV/AIDS medicines. A pharmacokinetic enhancer slows the breakdown of the other medicine. This allows that medicine to stay in the body longer at a higher concentration.
    • Multidrug combinations include a combination of two or more different HIV/AIDS medicines

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    How Do I Know If I Have Hiv

    The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to get tested. Testing is relatively simple. You can ask your health care provider for an HIV test. Many medical clinics, substance abuse programs, community health centers, and hospitals offer them too. You can also buy a home testing kit at a pharmacy or online.

    To find an HIV testing location near you, use the HIV Services Locator.

    HIV self-testing is also an option. Self-testing allows people to take an HIV test and find out their result in their own home or other private location. You can buy a self-test kit at a pharmacy or online. Some health departments or community-based organizations also provide self-test kits for free.

    Read the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations fact sheet on the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test, the only FDA-approved in-home HIV test.

    The coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult for some people to access traditional places where HIV testing is provided. Self-testing allows people to get tested for HIV while still following stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices. Ask your local health department or HIV service organization if they offer self-testing kits.


    What Is Viral Suppression

    Antiretroviral therapy keeps HIV from making copies of itself. When a person living with HIV begins an antiretroviral treatment regimen, their viral load drops. For almost everyone who starts taking their HIV medication daily as prescribed, viral load will drop to an undetectable level in six months or less. Continuing to take HIV medications as directed is imperative to stay undetectable.

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    Lock And Block Technique

    The Lock and Block technique takes the opposite approach to Shock and Kill. This method aims to trap HIV in its reservoir cell so that it can never be reactivated. Whilst the virus is still present in the body, it is trapped away so that it cannot escape its host cell and cannot replicated.This technique is being looked into as an alternative to Shock and Kill. Scientists are currently testing drugs abilities to effectively trap HIV in a host cell without disrupting the genetic material of uninfected cells. Ideally, a drug would lock HIV away then deplete the reservoir so there was no possibility of the virus returning. Current issues that are being researched are drugs not locking away HIV tightly enough. Due to the non-inducible property of the deep viral reservoir, the permanent silencing approach could be considered as a suitable cure strategy. Unlike shock and kill strategies, this approach focuses on silencing or locking the HIV-1 proviruses in cells.

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    Start Treatment As Soon As Possible After Diagnosis

    HIV Doesn’t Have to Kill YOU!
    • HIV medicine is recommended for all people with HIV, regardless of how long theyve had the virus or how healthy they are.
    • Talk to your health care provider about any medical conditions you may have or any other medicines you are taking.
    • Let your health care provider know if you or your partner is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. They will determine the right type of HIV medicine that can help prevent transmitting HIV to your baby.

    What if I delay treatment?

    • HIV will continue to harm your immune system.
    • This will put you at higher risk for developing AIDS. Learn more about AIDS and opportunistic infections.
    • This will put you at higher risk for transmitting HIV to your sexual and injection partners.

    What are the benefits of taking my HIV medicine every day as prescribed?

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    Antiretroviral Therapy As A Cure

    It has been shown that treating the virus within the first 48 hours of exposure can significantly reduce the size of the HIV reservoir hidden in the body. This method is suitable for certain people , but will not work for everyone. In infants born to HIV-positive mothers, those who started ARTs within 6 to 12 months of birth had reduced mortality rates and a smaller HIV reservoir.However, many people do not get access to HIV treatment early enough and many people do not realise they have HIV until months after they are first exposed. This is another reason why it is important to go for an HIV test regularly so that you always know your status and can act quickly if you do become infected.Overall, researchers feel that ARTs alone will not make a cure strategy. Instead, ARTs might make up part of a cure package. The complexity of HIV infectionwhich establishes difficult-to-eliminate viral reservoirs very earlymeans that prompt ART alone may not be sufficient as an HIV cure strategy.

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    The Foods Listed Below Are Very Important To Help Strengthen Your Body In This Fight

    Eat raw nuts and seedssuch as:ChiaHemp seedsOmega 3Hemp Seeds1 to 1 ratioOmega 3Omega 6 ratio!4.2Omega 6Omega 3Omega 61.0notnotomega 3’s.30 to 1 Omega 6Omega 3 fatty acidsYou do not neednotmeatgrass fednotbut notWild salmonNever eatwildraw fruits and vegetablesnotThis means organicwheat grass, lemon, cilantro, kale, organic apples and even an organic pear. Switch off from Kale and use spinach a few times per week. organic oranges, guava, pineapple, carrots and wheat grass are good one to drink as well. raw organic tomatoand consistent basis,onenotIf the body can detox this will help to get rid of this virus even faster, when you use olive leaf extract, for example.Olive leaf extract with 20% oleuropein is very powerful on it’s owncombineraw juicetogetherYou only need to take 1 pill of olive leaf extract everyday or every other day. There is no magic pill drug, or vaccine! When you combine a proper dietwith specific fruits and vegetables with oregano oil or olive leaf extractnot several monthsyear

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    What Else Do I Need To Know About Taking Hiv/aids Medicines

    It’s important to take your medicines every day, according to the instructions from your health care provider. If you miss doses or don’t follow a regular schedule, your treatment may not work, and the HIV virus may become resistant to the medicines.

    HIV medicines can cause side effects. Most of these side effects are manageable, but a few can be serious. Tell your health care provider about any side effects that you are having. Don’t stop taking your medicine without first talking to your provider. He or she may give you tips on how to deal with the side effects. In some cases, your provider may decide to change your medicines.

    How Does Being Durably Undetectable Affect My Risk Of Transmitting Hiv To A Sexual Partner


    People living with HIV who take antiretroviral medications daily as prescribed and who achieve and then maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner.

    Three large multinational research studies involving couples in which one partner was living with HIV and the other was notHPTN 052, PARTNER and Opposites Attractobserved no HIV transmission to the HIV-negative partner while the partner with HIV had a durably undetectable viral load. These studies followed approximately 3,000 male-female and male-male couples over many years while they did not use condoms. Over the course of the PARTNER and Opposites Attract studies, couples reported engaging in more than 74,000 condomless episodes of vaginal or anal intercourse.

    Learn more about HIV treatment as prevention.

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    How Is Hiv Treated

    HIV is treated with HIV medications . These medications have to be taken as prescribed by your doctor. They cannot get rid of HIV but they can keep it under control.

    If you are diagnosed with HIV, the sooner you start treatment, the better it is for your health.

    Taking HIV treatment exactly as prescribed and maintaining a suppressed viral load also prevents HIV transmission.

    Without HIV treatment, your immune system can become too weak to fight off serious illnesses, and you can eventually become sick with life-threatening infections and cancers. This is called AIDS . But thanks to effective HIV treatment, these days most people with HIV never get AIDS.

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