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Cities With Highest Rates Of Hiv

Connecticut State Department Of Public Health

Georgia health officials report some of the highest HIV rates in the country

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Comparison Of Hiv Rates By State

Six cities had an HIV diagnosis rate higher than 20. Miami, Florida had the highest rate at 53.9. The rate dropped significantly between the first and second city, with San Francisco in California holding a rate of 37.9. The third city was Detroit, Michigan that had a rate of 35.6 followed by Boston, Massachusetts which featured a rate of 29. Denver, Colorado was ranked as the fifth city with a rate of 26.2. Minneapolis, Minnesota was the sixth city on the list with a rate of 20.6. The remaining cities all experienced rates between 10 and 20. Fort Worth, Texas ended the list with the only rate under 10, coming in at a rate of 9.1.

Key Points: Hiv Diagnoses

Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men b are the population most affected by HIV in the U.S.:

  • In 2019, MSM accounted for 69% of new HIV diagnoses in the United States.c
  • From 2015 through 2019 in the United States and 6 dependent areas, Black/African American MSM accounted for more than 36% and White MSM accounted for more than 30% of HIV diagnoses among MSM annually.
  • In 2019, Black/African American MSM accounted for 26% of new HIV diagnoses and 37.9% of diagnoses among all MSM.
  • In 2019, Hispanic/Latinod MSM made up 22% of new HIV diagnoses and 32.5% of diagnosis among all MSM.

The number of HIV diagnoses decreased among MSM overall, but trends varied by race/ethnicity. From 2015 through 2019:

  • Among MSM aged 1324 years, HIV diagnoses decreased or were stable among all racial/ethnic groups.
  • HIV diagnoses increased among American Indian/Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander MSM, ages 24 and older.

Transgender people accounted for approximately 2% of new HIV diagnoses in 2019.

  • From 2015 through 2019 in the United States and 6 dependent areas, the number of diagnoses of HIV infection for transgender adults and adolescents increased.
  • In 2019, among transgender adults and adolescents, the largest percentage of diagnoses of HIV infections was for transgender male-to-female people.

Blacks/African Americans and Hispanics/Latinx continue to be severely and disproportionately affected by HIV:

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Columbia South Carolina 256

South Carolinas Channel 10 WISTV.com reports that poverty, rural geography, lack of affordable healthcare and social stigma all contribute to the prevalence of HIV in the South. Researchers say being a part of the Bible Belt adds to the stigma, meaning that in some cases, a diagnosed person might not seek treatment due to

3 Reasons Black Women Are At Higher Risk For Developing STIs

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Top 15 Cities With the Most STDs

HIV Facts Every Black Person Needs To Know

Stay Protected Even If Its Undetected

Countries With The Highest Rates Of Hiv/aids

New Map Reveals HIV Risk Greatest in Southern Cities for Gay, Bisexual ...

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that weakens the human immune system, sometimes leading to AIDS. If detected early, HIV can be managed to prevent it from progressing to the final stage of AIDS. HIV attacks CD4 cells exposing the infected person to opportunistic infections. Proper diagnosis, treatment, and medical care are essential factors to effective management and control of AIDS which has no permanent cure. While HIV is majorly a sexually transmitted disease, the virus can be transmitted through blood transfusion and during birth or breastfeeding, as well as through a few other means.

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New Map Reveals Hiv Risk Greatest In Southern Cities For Gay Bisexual Men

A new map shows the highest rates of HIV for gay, bisexual men.

& #151 — A map documenting HIV rates for gay and bisexual men has revealed they are most at risk for becoming infected in multiple southern cities, according to a report being presented today by Emory University researchers.

The cities with the highest rates included Columbia, South Carolina, El Paso, Texas, and Jackson, Mississippi. In these cities, more than 25 percent of men who have sex with men had been diagnosed with HIV.

This is really the first time weve been able to examine the HIV infection burden … at such fine levels of geography, Eli Rosenberg, assistant professor of epidemiology at Emorys Rollins School of Public Health, said during a news conference today.

According to the report, the South is home to 21 of the 25 metropolitan areas with the highest HIV prevalence among MSM. The analysis provides new evidence of a growing disparity between the HIV epidemic in the South relative to the rest of the U.S. — but it is unclear whether this says more about rising transmission rates in the South, or public health successes in other regions.

Overall, gay and bisexual men are more than 57 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than other men in the U.S., the study authors said.

Where HIV is most a problem are places that are failing gay men, said George Ayala, executive director of the Global Forum on MSM and HIV, a leading advocacy group that was not involved in the report.

We Are Reaching Teens Who Are Not Yet Sexually Active To Try To Get Them To Adopt Good Habitssays Patrick Sullivan Rollins Professor Of Epidemiology

Overcoming stigma

Getting high-risk men to go in for testing has long been a high hurdle. Some just dont realize HIV is still such a threat. Others may be in denial. And many do not want to be linked to homosexuality or bisexuality, IV drug use, or an HIV diagnosis.

There is tremendous stigma in many black communities around being gay or bisexual or having HIV, says Patrick Sullivan, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Epidemiology at Rollins and director of the schools Programs, Research, and Innovation in Sexual Minority Health . Some of this is wrapped up in religion and in concepts of masculinity. We did a study about perceptions of stigma around being gay, and white men reported feeling less stigma associated with their sexuality than black men.

One of Armstrongs patients had moved out of his mothers house to keep her from finding out about his HIV status. Hes been staying in transient housing, dealing with bedbugs and fleas. He said if he were to tell his mom of his diagnosis, hes afraid it would kill her, she says.

To overcome obstacles to getting tested, Emory and its partners have been working to make HIV testing routine and free in a variety of sites. Grady Memorial Hospital began opt-out HIV testing in its emergency roomyou check a box if you dont want to be tested. This testing often results in one to two new diagnoses a day and has since been expanded to 13 sites, including primary care and neighborhood clinics.

Streamlining the process

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Cities Show Movement In Our Rankings

Numerous cities worsened significantly in our rankings, including:

  • Washington, DC rose 12 spots from 17 5
  • Knoxville, TN rose 17 spots from 26 9
  • New Orleans, LA rose 13 spots from 24 11
  • Jacksonville, FL rose 15 spots from 38 23
  • Albany, NY rose 15 spots from 68 53

It wasnt all bad news some cities bucked the national trend with improved STD rates. For instance, Milwaukee, WI and Indianapolis, IN both moved out of the Top 10, though they remain among the Top 25 cities.

Other cities rankings also improved dramatically, such as:

  • Shreveport, LA improved 12 spots from 9 21
  • Denver, CO improved 13 spots from 19 32
  • Richmond, VA improved 12 spots from 32 44
  • Portland, OR improved 15 spots from 73 88
  • Omaha, NE improved 13 spots from 79 92

Us Cities With Highest Rates Of New Hiv Diagnoses

Officials concerned about Kabarole’s HIV infection rate

More than 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV, and one in eight of them are not aware they have the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . In 2014, more than 44,000 people were estimated to have contracted HIV in the U.S., and gay and bisexual men accounted for an estimated 67 percent of these diagnoses.

Leading up to World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, Get Tested used the latest CDC data to map out the U.S. cities with the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses. Nearly all of the cities on the list are in the South. Baton Rouge topped the list with 44.7 new diagnoses per 100,000 people in 2014.

When broken down by geographical region as a whole, the South had the highest rate of new diagnoses , followed by the Northeast , the West and the Midwest .

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Impact On Communities Of Color

  • Racial and ethnic minorities have been disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic, and represent the majority of new HIV diagnoses, people living with HIV disease, and deaths among people with HIV.37,38
  • Black and Latino people account for a disproportionate share of new HIV diagnoses, relative to their size in the U.S. population .39,40 Black people also account for more people living with HIV than any other racial group â an estimated 479,300 of the 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S. are black.41
  • Black people also have the highest rate of new HIV diagnoses, followed by Latino people â in 2019, the rate of new HIV diagnoses per 100,000 for Black people was about 8 times that of white people Latino people had a rate 4 times that of white people.42
  • Black people accounted for close to half of deaths among people with an HIV diagnosis in 2019.43,44
  • Survival after an AIDS diagnosis is lower for Black people than for most other racial/ethnic groups, and Black people have had the highest age-adjusted death rate due to HIV disease throughout most of the epidemic.45 HIV ranks higher as a cause of death for Black and Latino people, compared with White people.46 Further, HIV was the 6th leading cause of death for Black people ages 25-34 in 2019.47

San Antonio One Of The Top Cities In Us With Growing Rate Of People With Hiv

SAN ANTONIO San Antonio is one of the top 10 cities in the nation with the highest growing number of people with HIV, which is why the federal government chose the city to receive a $200,000 grant to address the issue.

The HIV threat is primarily a problem among young Hispanic men.

When I first got diagnosed, the news hit me like a ton of bricks, said Mario Ojeda, an HIV advocate. You know, nobody expects that.

Ojeda was diagnosed with HIV when he was 23. He hadn’t come out as a gay man to his family at the time.

Now 28, he has been able to turn his experience into a positive one, marching in the annual AIDS walk in the city.

Ojeda is part of the growing number of young Hispanic men with HIV in San Antonio. He believes this problem is because the disease and its risks are not talked about enough in the Hispanic culture.

I definitely think it’s a stigma, Ojeda said. Being Hispanic, it was tough for me. It was embarrassing. I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I don’t want to embarrass my family.

The most recent data from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District states 6,000 people in San Antonio have HIV. Bexar County had 360 new HIV diagnoses in 2016. Thats the highest number in recent years and the highest number in Texas.

Cynthia Nelson, with the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, said Hispanic men ages 18 to 24 were the biggest part of the growing number of HIV diagnoses.

About the Authors:

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These 10 Cities Have The Highest Rates Of Hiv In America

In advance of World AIDS Day, Get Tested has released information on the cities with the highest rates of HIV infection.

Miami tops the list, with more than 52,000 people living with HIV, a reported spike of 23% from past reports. While it and several other cities on the list, are known as gay meccas, others are not.

Below, view the full list.

1. Miami

9. New York

10. Jacksonville, FL

Get Tested also examined which cities have the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses. Baton Rouge topped the list with 44.7 new cases of the virus per 100,000 people, per the CDC.

Most of the cities on both lists are in the South, where the average rate of infection is 18.5 per 100,000. That’s in comparison to the Northeast , Midwest and West Coast .

In all, more than 44,000 people contracted HIV last year, and men who have sex with men accounting for 67%. Rates of new infections are going down across the board, except among young gay/bi men, where they continue to spike.


Some cities have made major inroads in addressing HIV: In San Fransisco, education and increased access to PrEP has seen infection rates go down by a third.

Effects Of Hiv/aids On Society

Top 10 Cities With The Highest HIV Rates

HIV/AIDS has far-reaching adverse effects on the economic, cultural, and social spheres of society. The epidemic drains the economy of the country as funds need to be diverted to treat the infected patients. It is also a great economic burden on individual families with HIV/AIDS as a significant portion of the income needs to be spent on treatment procedures. High prevalence of HIV/AIDS cripples the entire society and reduced the nation’s productivity.

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The 15 Us Cities With The Highest Rates Of New Hiv Diagnoses

A lot has changed since we last reported on the top 25 U.S. cities with the highest rates of HIV infection in 2013.

At the beginning of 2015, it was reported that 952,604 people in United States were living with HIV. According to the 2015 HIV Surveillance report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those living with the highest rates of HIV were African-Americans, who made up 44.3 percent of all cases, followed by Latinx Americans who represent 16.4 percent of those living with HIV, Asian-Americans at 5.5 percent, then Whites at 5.3 percent.

The highest age rate was for people between 25 and 29 . People between 20 and 24 were at 31.2 percent, and those over 65 made up 18 percent .

Men accounted for 81 percent of all HIV cases in 2015 722,244 males compared to 230,360 women. For men, 70 percent of transmissions were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact, 11 percent to injection drug use, 10 percent to heterosexual contact, and 7 percent to male-to-male sex and injection drug use. For women, 74 percent of cases were attributed to heterosexual sexual contact, 23 percent to injection drug use, and 2 percent to perinatal transmission.

Thanks to data collected by the CDC from city and state health records, we have learned the majority of the cities that have the highest HIV rates are in southerns states. In fact, the South attributed 13 out of the top 15 cities on our list. The state of Florida has the highest HIV rates across the country.

The 10 Cities With The Highest Hiv Rates

If you live in the U.S., you have a one in 99 chance of becoming infected with HIV . And your risk could be even higher, depending on where you live. However, 2016 saw some major breakthroughs for combating the virus, such as the discovery of an antibody that neutralizes 98 percent of strains. GetTested.com, an at-home STD-testing startup, recently released Americas Riskiest Places for HIV, a map of 10 cities where people have the highest risk of contracting the infection. Their list includes cities that have a population of 50,000 or more, and the rates provided are out of every 100,000 people. Read on to learn whether you or someone you love is at a heightened risk for contracting HIV.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

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List Of Countries By Hiv/aids Adult Prevalence Rate

This article needs to be . Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The human immunodeficiency virus , which causes AIDS, varies in prevalence from nation to nation. Listed here are the prevalence rates among adults in various countries, based on data from various sources, largely the CIA World Factbook.

As of 2018, 38 million people are estimated infected with HIV globally.

The HIV pandemic is most severe in Southern Africa. Over 10% of all people infected with HIV/AIDS reside within the region. Adult HIV prevalence exceeds 15% in Eswatini, Botswana, and Lesotho, while an additional six countries report adult HIV prevalence of at least 10%. Outside Africa, the highest prevalence rate is found in the Bahamas .

In absolute numbers, South Africa , followed by Mozambique , India and Nigeria had the highest HIV/AIDS number of cases by the end of 2022. While South Africa’s large population of HIV-positive people is attributable to its high disease prevalence , Nigeria’s is lower at 1.3%, with India’s prevalence rate at 0.2%. However, countries such as Nigeria with high HIV rates above 1% are classified as having Generalized HIV Epidemics by UNAIDS, while India’s prevalence is well below this threshold, with a prevalence lower than the US’s and about the same as Spain.

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