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Does Chris Brown Have Hiv

What Did Dababy Say During His Homophobic Speech At Rolling Loud Festival Miami

Oprah talks about the abuse rihanna took from chris brown

Other stars have also spoken out against what the rapper said.

Fans were shocked that Chris Brown appeared to weigh in on DaBaby‘s derogatory comments towards the LGBTQ+ community, as well as those with HIV and Aids.

The ‘Loyal’ singer took to his Instagram story, writing: “Shut the f*ck up. Do yo shows. Thank everybody”.

He ended the post, saying: “Then get the f*ck off stage”.

Fans on Twitter reacted to the star speaking out, saying: “You know how in the wrong you gotta be for Chris Brown to be making sense?”.

Another tweeter said: “no cause i hate dababy even more for making me agree with chris brown”.

Do you know how bad you have to mess up for Chris Brown of all people to be talking sense?


Chris Brown is not the only celebrity that has condemned DaBaby for what he said.

Singer Dua Lipa took to Instagram following the Rolling Loud controversy, saying: “Im surprised and horrified at DaBaby’s comments.”

She continued, mentioning the fact the collaborated on her song ‘Levitating’. Dua wrote: “I really don’t recognise this at the person I worked with”

The singer continued, saying “I stand 100% with the LGBTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS.

Elton John and Madonna have both also spoken about against what the ‘BOP’ rapper.

Epidemiology Of People Unaware Of Their Hiv Infection

In higher income countries, it is estimated that approximately 20â30% of people living with HIV infection are undiagnosed., In resource-limited settings, this proportion is estimated to exceed 60%. There is also considerable variability across different populations in the mean time to diagnosis and number of susceptible partners, and the frequency and type of unprotected sexual/injecting drug use acts.

In the United States, adolescents are more likely to be undiagnosed than other age groups , males more than females, and heterosexual males more than MSM. The proportion of undiagnosed cases is also higher for Asian/Pacific Islanders and American Indian/Alaskan natives, followed by black/African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and whites.

People who are undiagnosed are estimated to have a transmission rate three to seven times higher than those who are aware of their infection, depending on the number of at-risk sexual partners and the prevalence of linkage to care, retention, and viral suppression among diagnosed persons. As a result, 44â66% of all new infections in the United States may be attributable to people who are unaware of their status., This proportion will increase as more diagnosed persons are started on ART and viral suppression is successfully maintained.

Rihanna Gave Chris Brown Hiv And Then Chris Brown Beat Her In The Face

Chris brown was arrested in a car for a physical altercation with an unidentified woman.Later it was revealed the unidentified woman was Rihanna and the physical altercation was with his fists and she is in the hospital now.Later it was rumored that Chris Brown got so mad at Rihanna and punched her because Rihanna just told Chris Brown she had HIV and gave it to him.Great time to tell him that Rihanna, that you cheated on him, caught HIV, and gave it to Chris Brown 4 hours before you are supposed to perform with him on the grammies.Damn son, Chris Brown is done.My thoughts? They both got owned. Chris Brown got HIV and cheated on and Rihanna got clocked in the face hahahha

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Study Population And Sample

A qualitative approach was followed and a descriptive case study design employed to conduct the study. The target population comprised all adolescents whose parents had died of HIV and/or AIDS-related illnesses, who reside in a rural community in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This village represents at-risk rural communities in South Africa and is characterised by high levels of poverty, HIV and/or AIDS prevalence and vulnerable children some because of being orphaned and some as a result of parents not residing with their children. A sample of 16 children , aged 1124 years, were included in the study.

Hiv Cure Myths Debunked

Chris Brown Slams DaBaby

9 HIV Cure Myths Debunked

A few months ago, a man living with HIV reached out to the 2BeatHIV project to learn more about HIV and HIV cure research. The 2BeatHIV project is a research project at UNC Chapel Hill that uses crowdsourcing to identify new ideas from community members, organizations, and businesses about ways to engage the public about HIV cure research. He told us that he was scared to get on medication because of all of the myths he heard about what the medicine could do to him. Specifically, some people told him that a bee sting could cure HIV. Unfortunately for this young man and others like him, myths about HIV cure do more damage that the actual disease.

Myths about HIV cure are fairly common around the world, including the United States. Indeed, there is a belief among some African Americans living with HIV that the government is purposefully withholding an HIV vaccine or cure from the public. Some PLWH also believe that dietary supplements and alternative medicine will cure HIV. Given the pervasive nature of HIV cure myths, it is important to know the facts about the current state of HIV cure research and try to address some of the most common myths.

Here are the 9 most common questions and myths we have encountered through our work and in US popular culture.

UNC Science Short: Can kick and kill cure HIV?

Check this article to learn more:HIV-Positive and Undetectable: What Does It Really Mean?

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Potential Gender Differences In Disclosure

He was my guy we used to have sex and I told him that we should test ourselves as I had testing kits and he accepted. I tested him and it reacted as two lines appeared, and I told him, âYou must be positive though I am not very sure so tomorrow let’s go to the hospital and confirmâ. I took him, they tested him, and it was true that he was sick and he started on the medicine. From that day I have never missed because I realized that most of are HIV-positive.

There were two lines on that stick he passed through his mouth. After that I said that âI am now finished, he has infected meâ. I lost hope and felt so scared. I did not tell him what the results were. I told him that it got spoilt and I threw it away. Let me tell you the truth, I cannot tell someone that you are infected with HIV. I had to keep quiet for my safety because men are not easy he may say that it is me who has infected him with HIV, and he beats me up.

Dababy Meets With Black Hiv Organizations Following Homophobic Rant

The meeting comes after a call to action for the rapper to learn more of the facts about HIV/AIDS in the wake of his comments at a Rolling Loud performance

Weeks after making controversial and homophobic comments about HIV/AIDS, DaBaby met with several HIV organizations to become educated on the facts of the virus and the community it impacts. He also delivered an apology, the third one thus far.

Nine HIV awareness organizations in the country met with the rapper to share personal stories of those living with HIV/AIDS, TMZ reports. The organizations sent out a call to action via a letter sent out in August.

The letter was in response to DaBabys comments made at the Rolling Loud festival.

During the festival in July, he encouraged fans to put their phones up if they didnt show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs thatll make you die in 2-3 weeks and if they didnt suck a n d- in the parking lot, theGrioreported.

An apology didnt immediately follow. The media outlet reshared a video he shared online of him defending his comments, stating his friends who identify as LGBTQ+ do not have HIV/AIDS because they arent nasty gay n- or junkies.

DaBaby soon released another apology to his Instagram.

As a man who has had to make his own way from very difficult circumstances, having people I know publicly working against me knowing that what I needed was education on these topics and guidance has been challenging, he wrote in a post that has since been deleted.

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Traces Of Virus In Man Cured Of Hiv Trigger Scientific Debate

Timothy Ray Brown, widely known in research circles as the Berlin patient, was cured of his HIV infection by bone marrow transplants. Now scientists are trying to make sense of the traces of HIV they’ve found in some cells of his body. Richard Knox/NPRhide caption

toggle caption

Top AIDS scientists are scratching their heads about new data from the most famous HIV patient in the world at least to people in the AIDS community.

Timothy Ray Brown, known as the Berlin patient, is thought to be the first patient ever to be cured of HIV infection.

Brown, 45, had two bone marrow transplants in Berlin in 2007 and 2008 to treat leukemia that is apparently unrelated to his HIV infection. The blood cells for the transplants came from a donor with a genetic mutation that makes his cells immune to HIV they lack receptors the virus needs to gain entry to cells. Details about his case were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The transplants appear to have snuffed out Brown’s HIV infection. After an initial spike, the stubborn virus disappeared from his system even though he is no longer taking anti-HIV drugs.

But new data presented last week in Spain raise a question about whether there are minute traces of HIV in some tissues not whole virus capable of replicating, but pieces of viral genes.

Scientists hoped Brown had a so-called sterilizing cure that is, the HIV has been completely eradicated from every cell in his body.

Know Your Status: 12 Celebrities Who Have Been Diagnosed With Hiv/aids

AHF remembers L.A.’s first AIDS hospice

Posted on

A post shared by Earvin “Magic” Johnson on Sep 4, 2016 at 12:47pm PDT

Today, Hollywood star and #winning spokesman Charlie Sheen revealed to the world that he was living with HIV. Human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV, is the virus that causes AIDS. Many famous people have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS throughout the years.

Know your status and check out the list of 12 celebs who have been diagnosed with the disease next

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What Did Dababy Say

While performing in Miami on Sunday, July 25, 2021, DaBaby made regarding HIV.

He said: If you didnt show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two, three weeks, then put your cellphone light up.

“Ladies, if your p***y smell like water, put a cellphone light them up.

“Fellas, if you aint sucking d**k in the parking lot put your cellphone light up. Keep it real.”

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Does Chris Brown Have Hiv Hats

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Plies Explains Difference Between Hiv And Covid

The star chimed in on conversations about the NBAs treatment of Magic Johnson vs. Kyrie Irving.

Plies is addressing baseless takes about the NBAs stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. On Wednesday , the rapper took to social media to help clarify the difference between the basketball organizations treatment of Magic Johnson after his HIV diagnosis and Kyrie Irving, whos been banned from playing home games at the Barclays Center following his decision to remain unvaccinated.

People Say The NBA Let Magic Play With HIV. U Cant Contract HIV From Shaking Hands, Hugging, Coughing, & Running Up & Down The Court, he tweeted. COVID U CAN. HIV Is Transmitted Thru , Birth & Unprotected Sex. If Players Were Havin Babies, Sex Or Sharing, U Had A Point!

He later elaborated on his points via a video which captures him offering alternate options for those upset with mandates surrounding the Coronavirus.

If you want to make the rules, then get your own stuff, said the Bust It Baby emcee. Stop trying to tell these people to do with their stuffIf you tired of the mandates in your city or your state, then go run for office to change the mandates.

In a follow-up tweet, Plies cautioned his followers against politicians who attempt to empathize with individuals concerns about the vaccine.

THE REAL HERO!!!! he penned on Instagram. I stand with my brother. WHOEVER DONT LIKE IT . Go live your damn life.. ITS HIS CHOICE AND A DAMN GOOD ONE. ALWAYS IN MY BROTHERS CORNER.

After 40 Years Of Aids Progress Has Been Made But Major Problems Remain

Four decades ago this past week, the first ever cases of the HIV/AIDS epidemic were publicly noted, and hardly noticed. But soon after, cases exploded around the world. It’s estimated that roughly 35 million people have died from AIDS in the years since. William Brangham reports and speaks with two people deeply immersed in the issue for a look back at the epidemic and the best way forward.

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Disclosure Of Parents Hiv And/or Aids Status

As part of the study, it was investigated whether participants had knowledge on the HIV status of their parents and how they came to learn about it. Participants expressed different views on this, with some of them merely becoming aware that their parents were sick:

My mother got sick but I did not know with what, her feet were swollen.

No, I did not know, he just said to me he was having chest pains.

Unsurprisingly, some of the parents reportedly did not want their children to know about their HIV status, with the participants only realising this after their parents had passed away. The following examples apply:

She was hiding her status from me but her boyfriend told me after the funeral.

No, I only knew after my father died.

Some of the participating adolescents indicated that they read their parents medical cards and then realised their HIV and/or AIDS status. One participant reported:

I knew because I saw my fathers clinic card and he developed a rash and sores. I had a picture of him sick in hospital.

In some other cases, grandparents informed the participants, for example:

Yes my grandmother told me about my mothers status.

I knew that she was HIV-positive. My grandmother told me when she was seriously ill.

In some cases, however, participants reported that they did not have any knowledge of their parents HIV and/or AIDS status. The following excerpts provide examples:

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