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Dog Has Hives On Belly

Avoid A Common Irritant

How to Treat a Dog With an Allergy Rash

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient found in most pet shampoos. It’s used frequently because it’s what makes shampoo foamy. It’s also a known irritant and allergen. Dr. Ritchie cautions owners to, “Use an organic shampoo bar, which is made from soothing vegetable and essential oils and contains nothing else.”

My Dog Has A Belly Rash What Should I Do

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Is your canine companion constantly itching, scratching, and or chewing at their stomach? Have you noticed signs of irritated skin or a rash on their belly? Your poor pup is probably pretty uncomfortable, and as their owner, a rash can be alarming and the relentless itching can be difficult to watch.

Skin issues, particularly belly rashes, are incredibly common for dogs and can happen for a variety of reasons. While a rash is not likely to be anything serious, its important to get to the bottom of it. Skin issues can be a huge source of stress for both you and your pet. And the longer your dog suffers through this discomfort without proper care and attention, the worse the skin irritation can become.

Can It Be Treated

Yes. Antihistamines and corticosteroids by injection usually bring about a dramatic improvement, sometimes in as little as a few minutes.

If your dog develops a rash that goes away without treatment, it is important to report this incident to your veterinarian so that it can be noted in your dog’s medical records. Dogs that have episodes of urticaria may have other allergic reactions or the episodes may worsen in the future.

“If your dog develops a rash that goes away without treatment, it is important to report this incident to your veterinarian so that it can be noted in your dog’s medical records.”

If the episode was related to a vaccination, your veterinarian will modify future vaccination protocols or may pre-treat your dog with antihistamines to minimize this reaction.

Contributors: Tammy Hunter, DVM Ernest Ward, DVM

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Causes Of Hives In Dogs

While hives can occasionally occur due to estrus, cold sensitivity, or intestinal parasites, they are typically caused by allergens that are are inhaled, ingested, or injected in some way. These allergens cause the body to release histamine. The histamine then causes the body to widen its blood vessels and fluid leaks out of these vessels. This results in swelling in the form of hives. Things that most commonly cause hives in dogs include:

Can My Dogs Hives Be Treated At Home

Rash On Dog Belly

Once the dogs exposure to the allergen has been removed or minimized, hives tend to resolve on their own. But it can usually take between 24-72 hours to clear up. To prevent excessive scratching which can make the skin raw, apply ice or a cold towel on your pets skin. The cold can help soothe and alleviate the itching.

Bathing your pet in cool water is also another way to soothe his skin and relieve the itching and inflammation. Irritants and allergens on your pets skin can also be washed off during bathing.

There are also natural remedies for skin itching that you can try at home. These include chamomile and herbal tea soaks, apple cider vinegar water spray, an oatmeal bath or paste, coconut oil, and plain yogurt.

You can also ask your vet about home remedies for your pet. These may include topical products or prescription medications depending on the cause and nature of your pets allergic reaction.

While most cases of hives can be treated at home, contacting your vet is recommended because of the possibility that it can lead to more serious reactions as the allergy spreads to other parts of the body.

If your pet has recently received a vaccine or medication and has developed hives, contact your vet immediately so you can be instructed on what to do.

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Is Your Dog Scratching Or Biting At Her Stomach Is It Red And Bumpy Heres What Might Be Causing This Uncomfortable Belly Rash

Youre on the couch gently scratching your dogs belly when suddenly you realize your pooch has a rash. It looks like red bumps or acne-type lesions. Uh-oh! What caused it and how can you treat it?

Most belly rashes in dogs are caused by:

  • Allergic or contact dermatitis
  • Parasites like fleas, mites or ticks
  • Heat rash

Any of these may cause excessive scratching, licking, biting, or other symptoms such as pain, tenderness, sneezing, watery eyes, hair loss, diarrhea or vomiting. Lets break down the possibilities to help you determine exactly whats going on.

What Causes Dog Rash On Belly

Not many people know this, but the skin is the biggest organ on the dogs body. It protects them from parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other things that can harm their internal organs and systems. We often think it is durable and tough, but the truth is, the skin is sensitive, and delicate skin health can easily get affected. The most common way skin shows how delicate it is, is through rashes. Some dog rash causes are

  • Infections
  • Genetic

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Dog Allergies: When Do They Need Emergency Care

Although it may be hard to imagine, dogs can suffer from allergies in the same way that humans do. There are many different factors that can cause your dog to experience this condition, and they tend to fall in one or more of these three categories: fleas, food and the environmental.

But how can you tell when your dog needs to see an emergency vet for their allergy symptoms? Below are some causes of dog allergies and when you should take your pet for immediate emergency care.

Vitamin E And Coconut Oils

My dog has a rash.

Vitamin E oil is very soothing and healing. You can get it from the drug store in a bottle to massage into your dogs skin or break open the capsules. You can also put it in your dogs food and give it to them as a supplement for healing from the inside out. Coconut oil is also beneficial both topically as well as supplementally and can be mixed with their food as a regular part of their daily diet.

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What To Look For

Rashes on your dogs belly can present in different ways. If you notice they are excessively itching, biting, or licking their skin, a closer look may reveal bumps on their stomach. These bumps may be accompanied by red, inflamed skin and the area may be either dry or raw. These rashes can be itchy, tender, and even turn painful. Keep an eye out for anything abnormal on the skin around your dogs tummy, especially if that area seems to be bothering them and causing discomfort. Read on to learn why your dog may be experiencing skin issues on their belly and what you can do to support their skin and overall health.

Symptoms Of Canine Hives

The hives can be identified as bumps or raised areas of skin. The skin can also be red and irritated.

Skin itchiness is a symptom that indicates the dog is allergic to something in his environment. You can clearly detect itchy skin, as the dog will be scratching his stomach and other affected areas, even to thepoint of causing wounds and bleeding. Your dog will be happy to sit on cold pavement or bath tiles, as the cool objects can bring temporary relief to the itchy skin.

The symptoms will occur typically within 30 minutes after the dog is in contact with the culprit allergen, and the symptoms may persist a fewdays after or until the dog gets a proper treatment for hives. These symptoms can help you suspect hives, but you should get confirmation from your vet, who will perform a few tests to see if the dog is affected by urticaria and not a different skin condition.

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Does Your Dog Have A Rash On The Belly Here Are Costs

Does your dog have a rash on the belly? Then you may be wondering about associated costs of treating a skin rash on a dog’s belly. Costs for treating a rash on a dog’s belly may vary tremendously depending of the specific skin condition. You may be looking at between $75-1000 with initial visit, regular rechecks and/or referral to a veterinary dermatologist.

Symptoms Of Hives Due To Allergies In Dogs

My german shepherd has a circle rash on his stomach. We aren

Not every bump or inflammation on a dog can be considered hives. Hives generally develop within approximately twenty minutes after exposure to the allergen. They are cutaneous wheals, meaning that they are bumps that appear on the skin itself rather than the fatty layer under the skin. They are round, raised bumps that are between one to five centimeters in diameter, but severe hives can occasionally converge to create a larger mass.

  • Round raised bumps
  • Red patches


Hives are not the only type of bumps that can be indicative of an allergic reaction:

  • Angioedema – Swelling below the surface of the skin angioedema may occur with or without hives, and the itching and burning sensations can be intense
  • Atopy – Atopy is a chronic allergic reaction characterized by inflamed and itchy skin dogs with atopy may also develop papules, tiny raised bumps, which are usually under a centimeter in diameter

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Poison Ivy Poison Oak Or Exposure To Another Plant

Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac contain urushiol, an itch-inducing oily sap. Just a light brush against one of these plants can deposit the sap on a dog’s skin, most commonly on the belly, and cause a rash. Your individual dog may be allergic to certain plants as well, so it’s handy to know what’s growing where you most frequently go on walks or hikes so you can describe them to your vet.

And How You Can Identify Them

There are a few key characteristics that can help you identify when your pet has hives. One of the biggest indications is the emergence of circular bumps on your dog. These bumps can appear on a variety of places on your pet. This can include on their face and muzzle, their abdomen, their legs, and even arounds their eyes.

These bumps will often be red and painful for the dog. They can be quite sensitive. This is rather unfortunate because they can also be incredibly itchy for your dog. This means your dog is going to want to scratch, but every scratch is going to cause them some pain. Which is not what you want.

Outside of the red bumps and the sensitive skin, hives are also accompanied by swelling. This will usually appear around where the red bumps have formed. The skin around the bumps will also be irritated and swollen up. This can be particularly noticeable if the hive forms around the dogâs eyes or face. Because then their muzzle will swell up and they will look cartoonish and goofy. And while their swollen up muzzle might look adorable . It can really be quite painful for the dog.

You will want to treat this right away because if left untreated the irritated skin can become quite bothersome and painful for the dog and lead to serious tissue damage over a long period of time.

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What Does A Heat Rash On Dogs Look Like

Recognizing heat rash on dogs is important during the summer, so every dog owner should have a basic understanding of what heat rash looks like. Its easy to confuse heat rash with other types of rashes your dog may have, so its always best to get a diagnosis from a vet whos dealt with heat rash before.

Heat rash on dogs starts as a fairly normal rash, causing redness and itchiness in the affected area. As heat rash gets worse, it may eventually cause boils, pimples, and scabs in the area of the rash, and you may even notice a foul odor coming from your dogs skin.

Heat rash can also lead to a secondary infection as a result of your dog scratching their rash. If your dog has heat rash, make sure you get it diagnosed by a vet and take steps to stop scratching and other potentially harmful behavior.

Dog Armpit Rash Treatment

How Do I Treat My Dog’s Grass Rash? | This Morning

A skin rash can be painful and itchy. A reason for skin rashes in dogs is allergies to the environment. Flea bites on a dog are due to allergy hence the itching and scratching.

Some breeds are prone to develop food and airborne allergies, like the Maltese, German Shepherd. The parasites cause skin rashes and rob nutrients from the dog.

Another cause is fleas, mites, and ticks that can bring about anemia. A veterinarian should see dogs that have a skin rash on the armpit. The vet will perform a diagnose to know the underlying reason for the skin rash.

The vet may recommend a veterinary allergy specialist. The allergist may recommend blood allergy testing and intradermal allergy testing to narrow down the environmental allergens. In some cases, daily allergy shots can eliminate the reaction.

Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream can be used in treating the rash. Dogs with hot spots may be prescribed antibiotics and a short course of corticosteroids. The hair around hot spots should be clipped away, and topical medications will be prescribed. Dogs with skin rashes may be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.

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How Do I Help My Dogs Rash

There are several ways you can treat your dogs belly rash. From home remedies, over-the-counter treatments, prescription medications, and lifestyle changes, each treatment is unique to the specific cause of your dogs skin rashes. But before you go about treating your dogs belly rash, you should seek veterinary advice to determine the correct course of treatment.

Here are some of the many ways you can treat your dogs skin rash:

  • Antibacterial medications: Prescribed by a veterinarian if a bacterial infection, such as a Staph infection, is the cause of the belly rash.
  • Antifungal medications: If a fungal infection, like a yeast infection, is responsible for your dogs belly rash, your veterinarian will prescribe antifungal medications or medicated shampoos to help get rid of the rash.
  • Antihistamines: Check with your vet if antihistamines such as Benadryl can help relieve allergies that result in belly rash.
  • Skin balms: A soothing skin balm can help relieve rash discomfort on your dogs belly and prevent them from scratching and gnawing at it and making it worse.
  • CBD dog products: These all-natural dog products can help your pup maintain overall wellness while treating their rash. CBD is a great addition to your dogs everyday skincare regimen and helps lessen the chances of belly rash by improving skin and coat health, decreasing irritation, reducing tenderness, lowering swelling, and easing stress.

Hives In Dogs: Treatment

The treatment of hives in dogs is important to distinguish whether it is acute or chronic. If acute, it will be easier to find the cause which triggered the reaction, thereby controlling it. If chronic, however, determining the cause will prove slightly more difficult.

A veterinarian will be the one to diagnose and treat this reaction correctly. If, for example, the reaction is due to a food allergy, a vet may administer an elimination diet, modifying the dogs diet according to the organisms response to food.

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Treatment Of Hives Due To Allergies In Dogs

If your dog has developed hives due to allergy, your veterinarian will give you instructions on how to ease the itching and swelling. Quite often urticaria disappears spontaneously, but in cases where it persists, antihistamines like Benadryl or Zyrtec are often the first line of defense when it comes to treatments given to combat allergic reactions if medication is required. However, many natural remedies may ease the itching of urticaria. Colloidal oatmeal is a safe and inexpensive treatment which can be found in many pantries, and essential oils like lavender and chamomile can help relieve the itching and pain associated with hives.

Your dogs doctor should also be consulted before using any over-the-counter medications, as the dosage for canines is quite a bit different than the dosage for humans, and it can vary based not only on your dogs weight, but also based on their physical condition and other medications they may be taking. Antihistamines are only effectual in around 20% – 30% of dogs who are allergic. In severe or chronic episodes, corticosteroids may be required.

Worried about the cost of Hives Due To Allergies treatment?

Pet Insurance covers the cost of many common pet health conditions. Prepare for the unexpected by getting a quote from top pet insurance providers.

Dog Belly Rash Causes

Dog Heat Rash (on Belly): Causes, Pictures &  Treatment

A rash can occur anywhere on your dogs body, but most pet parents see a dog rash on the belly. In most cases, the rash is seen on the skin or where the hair or fur can be trimmed, shaved, or parted.

A rash on a dog is very subjective. What appears to be a simple reaction to something in the environment or food can actually be a life-threatening emergency, which is something my dog encountered.

Here are some of the common causes of belly rashes in dogs:

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Allergic Or Contact Dermatitis

Your dog may have eaten or inhaled something such as mold or pollen, or come into contact with poison ivy, fertilizer, road salt, hay or other irritants. If allergies are the cause, then the simplest solution is to avoid the allergen. Stay away from these irritants while walking your dog in your neighborhood or playing with her in your yard. You can also take regular preventative measures such as vacuuming frequently, changing her diet or regularly bathing her with a hypoallergenic medicated shampoo.

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