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Free Hiv Testing New Orleans

What Are The Symptoms Of Stds

New Orleans clinics, drug stores help educate importance HIV testing

Many STDs do not cause symptoms, which is why regular testing is so important. When symptoms do occur, they can vary depending on the STD. For example, chlamydia and gonorrhea often cause no symptoms, while syphilis may cause a rash or sores. HIV may cause flu-like symptoms, while hepatitis C often causes no symptoms until it has caused serious damage to the liver.

If you think you have been exposed to an STD, it is important to get tested as soon as possible. Some STDs, such as HIV, can take weeks or even months to show up on a test. Other STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be detected more quickly.

How Much Will Std Testing Cost In New Orleans Louisiana

The cost of an STD test will vary by location and test type. Some clinics, usually community or nonprofit clinics, offer free or low-cost testing. Labs, clinics, and at-home testing companies may accept insurance to cover or lower your cost of testing.

Lab testing fees range from $8 to $150. At-home tests cost between $35 and $175 per test.

Tulane University Drop In Center


Tulane University’s Health Center also runs a Drop In Clinic for teens and adults under 23. Their goal is to provide the city’s youth with a safe place to go and find the health care they need to succeed in life.

Counselors are usually only available at the drop in clinic. They are certified and experienced. They are the ones that will perform the test and will notify you as soon as they know your status.


The clinic is only for teens and young adults, between the ages of 14 and 23. You do not need an appointment or source of income. Just come in for your free test. If you want to help pay for your test, the clinic is always looking for volunteers. A few minutes of your time, helping out, can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Treatment Options

Staffed mainly by volunteer counselors and health professionals, the center can treat infectious likely contracted by sexual contact, but they can only provide support and counseling if you are diagnosed with HIV.

They will help you find the care you need and ensure that you are not turned away from the specialist simply because you cannot pay.


The city has long had a problem with teens that are homeless or simply do not have access to healthcare. The Tulane University’s drop-in shelter is trying to change this.

You can find them on N. Rampart. It’s not too far from the Quarter or the 5th ward. For most it is within walkin distance, though you can also take one of the buses that run down the street.

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Planned Parenthood New Orleans


You know the name. Planned Parenthood has been providing exceptional sexual health care for over 10 decades. They are leaders in research and care.

Physicians are there and will talk to you before testing, if you ask. Once the tests are finished, you will find out if you need treatment in a week or so.


They do suggest appointments but walk-ins are also accepted. They will try to accommodate each walk-in visit and if they are not able to, you will receive priority scheduling the next day.

No one will be turned away because they can’t afford to pay for testing. Planned Parenthood has plans that can help.

Treatment Options

The one thing Planned Parenthood can’t do is treat HIV or Hepatitis C. These viruses require more care than the antibiotics they normally prescribed for infections transmitted sexually.

A counselor will help you find a specialist. You will not be alone. The center will even send your records to your new care giver.


Planned Parenthood is one of the most recognized names in sexual health care. Their clinic is open to anyone and you don’t necessarily need an appointment for a test.

They do have parking for patients. You can also choose to walk or take the bus if you live in the area.


No/aids Task Force New Orleans Offers Free Hiv Testing

Health providers warn of diminished HIV testing during pandemic
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New Orleans has one of the highest HIV rates in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the southern region of the United States is disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS, with nearly half of all new HIV diagnoses and 46 percent of new AIDS cases each year.

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Std Testing And Sexual Health Education In New Orleans La

Some people living outside New Orleans might be surprised to learn that the âBig Easyâ does not have sex ed programs in its schools. While the city might be relaxed about drinking, sexual preferences, and almost anything else, it does not support teaching students about the dangers and risks associated with engaging in unprotected sex.

For some city leaders this simply does not make sense, especially considering the growing number of 15 to 19 year olds who are testing positive for sexually transmitted diseases. While others point out that the schools do push for students to sign abstinence contracts the number of teen pregnancies seems to indicate that this approach might not be effective.

Additional problems include lack of funding for the public schools, along with the large number of residents who send their children to Catholic schools. While city leaders are not asking church officials to start handing out condoms, they are hopeful that some will be available to help counsel students who admit to being sexually active.

Along with preventing teen pregnancies, sexual education programs can help stress the importance of regular testing. Some STDs can be spread without engaging in intercourse, and others may not show any symptoms until you have already infected others so itâs important to have regular HIV testing in New Orleans.

Regular Herpes testing in New Orleans is something else you need to follow.

New Orleans Hiv Testing

More than a million people in the United States are HIV-positive. It is possible to have HIV without being aware of it. In reality, about a third of HIV-positive people have no idea they’re infected. You run the risk of infecting others if you have HIV and are ignorant of it. If you test positive, you’ll be able to take steps to prevent the disease from spreading further. Certain groups of people are more affected by HIV than others, such as racial minorities and gay men. Furthermore, HIV is more common in the South.

Despite the fact that HIV has no cure, it can be managed with medication that inhibits the virus’s growth in the body. The medicine must be utilized in order to be effective. If left untreated, HIV can have catastrophic implications, so it’s vital to get tested and treated if you suspect you’re at risk. HIV weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to other infections and potentially fatal diseases including cancer.

You should get tested for HIV if you have had unprotected intercourse with a new partner, had multiple sexual partners, had sexual contact with an infected partner, or used intravenous drugs. One of the most prevalent ways to catch HIV is by sharing needles with an HIV-positive person. While the CDC recommends that everyone who is sexually active get tested for HIV at least once, not everyone who is sexually active does.

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services .
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    Free Std Testing Inorleansmassachusetts

    Find free and low-cost STD testing clinics near you, compare testing options and see STD statistics in Orleans, MA. Get tested for HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis and other STIs.

    Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

    229 Cranberry Hwy, Orleans, Massachusetts 02653

    How Does it Work?

    What Is Included In A Full Panel Std Test

    Tulane offering free testing, treatment for New Orleans first responders

    A full panel STD test will generally include tests for the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. Some tests may also check for other STDs, such as hepatitis C or trichomoniasis. Depending on your risk factors, your doctor may recommend additional tests for other STDs.

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    How Often Should I Get Tested For Stds

    The frequency of STD testing depends on many factors, including your age, sexual activity, number of sexual partners, and whether you use condoms consistently. If you are sexually active, it is important to get tested regularly at least once a year. If you have multiple sexual partners or do not use condoms consistently, you should be tested more frequently.

    Std Testing In New Orleans Louisiana

    There are many options for getting safe and confidential STD testing and treatment in New Orleans. Clinics offer a range of STD testing, treatment and prevention services, with services available whether you have insurance or not.

    Louisiana has among the highest rates of chlamyida and gonnorhea cases per capita in the nation and ranks in the top 10 for reported cases of syphilis. The good new is there are many clinics offering confidential STD testing in New Orleans.

    STD testing is available at several clinics in New Orleans. The Womens New Life clinic provides services for women specifically, but anyone can get STD tests or treatment at many of the other local clinics. Testing is often provided on a sliding scale so the cost is affordable regardless of income. If you dont have insurance, CrescentCare will help you find the right insurance provider for you.

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    We Are Better Than A Free Clinic

    At each one of our New Orleans testing centers, we go out of our way to create a comfortable environment for our patients. You wont have to wait in long lines or get stuck in overcrowded waiting rooms. We dont use invasive or inaccurate testing procedures. And well never do anything to jeopardize your trust in our services. Our goal is to keep your tests and results completely confidential and off of your permanent medical record which is why we will never report anything to your healthcare provider. Free STD testing services cannot offer the same level of discretion, speed, or accuracy, which is what sets our service apart from the rest.

    When Should I Get Tested For Stds

    NO/AIDS Task Force New Orleans offers free HIV testing

    If you think you might have an STD, its best to get tested. STDs dont go away if you ignore them theyll just get worse and could grow into more serious health consequences. If left untreated, some STDs can lead to issues like infertility and more serious infections. You can also spread STDs to sexual partners if you have an untreated infection.

    Ask your health care provider for STD testing recommendations or follow CDC recommendations for STD testing.

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    Std Testing And Sexual Education In New Orleans

    No sexual education is required in classrooms by Louisiana state law. If any curriculum is administered, it must adhere to the guidelines of abstinence only in reference to marriage and as a preventive measure for sexually transmitted disease.4 The high rankings of STD infection in New Orleans prompted members of the Louisiana legislature to draft a bill in support of comprehensive sexual education in the Orleans parish area. As of 2015, the bill was reviewed but failed to pass a vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives and has been tabled for further review as of May 2015.5 This lack of further education is a hindrance to the lowering of STD rates, as one of the highest affected demographics affected are young people age 15-24.

    An inability to open the dialogue about prevention and testing stands to perpetuate the problem of rising STD rates. Access to proper preventive care and regular testing are proven methods to decrease the amount of STDs reported in a given area. For young people who are looking for a convenient option, offers a solution that is discreet and private . Ordering a test when at risk of having been recently exposed to an STD can make all of the difference in getting treated or even cured before any more pressing medical issues arise. Dont be ashamed of taking action for your health. Get tested.

    Can You Check For A Sexually Transmitted Disease At Home

    Yes you can otherwise this overview would not exist. Among the best advancements over the past years has been the development of screening capabilities that enable better accessibility to crucial health and wellness tests, such as those for STDs. We now have the capacity to examine reliably for STDs in the house or in a laboratory. Not just are these screening choices easier than in the past, yet theyre additionally very very discreet as well as exact.

    The at-home as well as in-lab examinations rely upon highly concerned techniques and also results are processed in the exact same certified laboratories. Outcomes regardless will certainly be exact, as long as you or the laboratory technology adhere to proper procedure while carrying out the examinations.

    The treatments to carry out the screening are straightforward. And also our advised testing providers in this overview all offer very discreet tests, totally respecting your privacy in any way stages of the procedure.

    So how should you choose between testing at home or testing in a lab? Partly the selection has to do with individual preference as well as convenience, though there are scenarios in which we advise an in-lab screening experience. Below is a handy graph to aid you determine. Free Hiv Std Testing New Orleans

    You are examining because a current companion evaluated favorable for a STD.

    You actually want your outcomes within a pair days from currently, rather than a number of days later.

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    When Is Sti Testing Appropriate

    • If youre sexually active, its important to get tested on a regular basis, especially if you have more than one partner. Ask your Health Center provider to help you determine an appropriate testing frequency.
    • If youve had unprotected sex, have a new partner, or for any reason are worried you have been exposed to an STI
    • If you have symptoms such as rash, sores, bumps, itching, burning, pain, odor, discharge, and/or bleeding in your genital region
    • If you had an experience of sexual assault/sexual violence since your last STI screening**

    ** If you have experienced sexual assault/sexual violence, Get Help Now.

    Access Health Louisiana Primary Care At The Pythian

    The Aliveness Project and Walgreens offering free testing on National HIV Testing Day

    HIV Self-Tests can be requested by completing a form at the following URL: Alternatively, you may email or call to speak to a navigator at 504-226-2976….

    Testing Services
    • Medication Adherence Education and Counseling
    • Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine
    • Drug Purchasing Assistance, including AIDS Drug Purchasing Assistance
    • Ryan White Services
    • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS/HOPWA
    • Men Who Have Sex with Men
    • LGBT

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    Access Health Louisiana South Broad Community Health Center

    South Broad Community Health Center offers free HIV/HCV/HBV testing for uninsured and underinsured clients, STD testing on a sliding fee scale. The AHL Pharmacy offers medication delivery. AHL has several 340Best pharmacies located in New Orleans, LA. Free HIV home-self test kit available.

    Testing Services
    • Medication Adherence Education and Counseling
    • Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine
    • Drug Purchasing Assistance, including AIDS Drug Purchasing Assistance
    • Ryan White Services
    • Men Who Have Sex with Men
    • LGBT

    Is One Type Of Test Much More Exact Than The Others

    In general, traditional in-office examinations and also home-to-lab tests are more precise than online-only tests.

    Test precision differs a whole lot relying on the sort of example accumulated and the examination detection approach.

    A lot of examinations call for an urine or blood example, or a genital, anal, or dental swab.

    With both traditional in-office examinations as well as home-to-lab examinations, a trained medical care professional collects the sample.

    With online-only examinations, you collect your very own example. Because of this, you may have a higher opportunity of an imprecise result.

    Nevertheless, they likewise reported that particular types of self-collected samples are more likely to result in accurate examination results than others.

    In chlamydia screening, for example, self-collected genital swabs led to an appropriate favorable result 92 percent of the moment as well as an appropriate unfavorable result 98 percent of the moment. Free Hiv Std Testing New Orleans

    Pee examinations for chlamydia were only somewhat much less effective, determining a proper favorable outcome 87 percent of the moment and also an appropriate negative result 99 percent of the time.

    Penile urine tests for gonorrhea also created very precise outcomes, identifying a correct positive result 92 percent of the moment and also a right unfavorable result 99 percent of the moment.

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    Getting Tested In New Orleans

    Every test we offer is FDA-approved and administered in CLIA certified laboratories by trained professionals. We can proudly say that our tests produce nothing but conclusive results for our patients.

    And we dont sacrifice speed for thoroughness. Quick and non-invasive, our laboratory tests only take a few minutes. Most patients are in and out of our facilities in under 30 minutes. Patients samples are shipped via rush order to our labs for processing and results are compiled and delivered in as little as one business day.

    In terms of finding an STD testing option in New Orleans, you wont find a better option than one of our convenient testing centers. Simply order your test online and stop by the location most convenient to you during normal business hours.

    Access Health Introduces Free Hiv Home Testing Kits & Counseling For Southeast La Residents

    Free HIV Testing from Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS

    June 11, 2021 By Community Contributor

    No insurance or copay required testing encouraged regularly for all adults 18-64

    NEW ORLEANS, LA Access Health Louisiana is pleased to announce its home-based testing program, GetCheckedAHL, which provides free HIV testing and counseling services to residents across southeast Louisiana. Participants will receive a home-based kit and be scheduled for a real-time virtual testing appointment with a trained healthcare professional. During this appointment, the testing navigator will walk individuals through the steps of testing, offer counseling and support, as well as talking through the results and advise on any next steps.

    GetCheckedAHL uses the OraQuick rapid HIV test the first FDA-approved oral swab in-home test for HIV-1 and HIV-2. An oral swab test does not require blood and produces results within 20 minutes. When used as directed, the OraQuick oral fluid test can detect 91.7 percent of people who are infected with HIV and 99.9 percent of people who are not infected with HIV.

    The testing kit which will arrive packaged in plain materials and discreetly labeled also includes informational resources on sexual health and other AHL services.

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