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Free Hiv Testing Palm Beach County

The Community Health Center

Free drive-through coronavirus testing site opens in West Palm Beach


The Community Health Center has been helping people with or think that they might have HIV/AIDS for over twelve years. They are primarily a free clinic for residents. They are staffed by volunteers, some from the connected church.


Come in when the clinic is open. You can also schedule your visit. Rapid HIV testing is free for anyone with i.d that shows they live in the county.

Treatment Options

The free clinic does not treat HIV. They do have counseling services, along with programs that can assist with common living expenses.


The Community Health Center is a free HIV testing, support and referral clinic. They work mainly with residents in the county and there services are free. They will not turn away non-residents, they will just be charged a nominal fee for their visit.


Florida Department Of Health In Broward County

  • WIC

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County provides free confidential HIV testing directly through partner agencies. In addition, DOH-Broward provides presentations , trainings , technical assistance and monitoring of regisitered HIV testing sites througout Broward County. The HIV 500 and 501 courses are required, per FDOH: IOP 360-07-20 Minimum Standards for HIV Counselors, Trainers, and Early Intervention Consultants, to become a HIV counselor.

To find a testing site call 1-800-FLA-AIDS or visit GetPrEPBroward or FDOH HIV Testing, Counseling and Referral Sites

To request an HIV 101 Presentation email:

HIV Prevention Program Training Schedule and Course Registration Information:

Foundcare Hosts Free Hiv Testing

Mon, Jun 27, 2022 at 8:00 AMAdd to calendar
More info:

On Monday, June 27, FoundCare will be hosting free HIV testing for National HIV Testing Day. The organization will also be working with Greater than AIDS and Walgreens to conduct FREE Rapid HIV and HCV tests at three outside locations throughout Palm Beach County. Free condoms and other promotional items will be given out at the event. No appointment is needed.

Testing Events

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Your Journey To Good Health Starts Here

Get the care you need from HIV experts you can trust. Find an AHF Healthcare Center near you today.

AHF Healthcare Centers have provided quality primary care services for over thirty years. Our compassionate and experienced staff are on-site to answer your questions and guide you through your healthcare journey.

Free Std Testing Inwest Palm Beachflorida

FoundCare Inc. to Offer Free HIV Testing at Multiple Palm Beach County ...

Find free and low-cost STD testing clinics near you, compare testing options and see STD statistics in West Palm Beach, FL. Get tested for HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis and other STIs.

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

4368 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

4601 N Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

2051 45Th Street, Suite 107, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

1411 N Flagler Dr, Ste 9200, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

4700 N CONGRESS AVE, STE 303, WEST PALM BEACH, Florida 33407

Today’s best offer is: $10 off any order. Discount will be applied automatically.

8136A Okeechobee Blvd, Suite A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

  • Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • LGBT

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Get Tested: Free Hiv Testing

From the test to diagnosis Our team will help you navigate the entire treatment process.MSCC is doing HIV testing as an extension of the Florida Department of Health to better identify and treat those infected.

Know Your Status

The rapid HIV test is 99.7% accurate. The rapid Hepatitis C test is also very accurate and gives results in under 20 minutes.

What About Treatment?

While there is not yet a cure, there are treatments available today that help those who are reactive, or positive, live longer and healthier lives.

What is the cost?

At Midway Specialty Care Center, a 501 c-3 non-profit organization, we provide HIV treatment and clinical trials to give our patients access to cutting-edge advancements in healthcare. We will work to provide you with treatment through your insurance company, or if you qualify, for a free or reduced cost through grants and federal programs.

What about other STDs?

What if I get a reactive test or positive HIV test?

The first step is to confirm a reactive test with a FREE 2nd blood test. You will get these results in 7-15 days and begin treatment if the tests confirms you have contracted the virus.

MSCC patients in St Lucie and Martin Counties will gain access to current enrolling clinical trials to all patients receiving care who qualify. This gives them access to potentially free medicine. We have a full-time team dedicated to finding innovative care for local residents.

Better Sexual Health In Palm Beach Gardens Fl

Many people, young and old in the city look at HIV as simply a chronic disease that is nothing to fear. Because of that fact, sadly more promiscuity takes place. Dr. Alina Alonso, director of Palm Beach Countys Health Department added, So they are not getting HIV, but they are getting syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and all the other sexually transmitted diseases and they are spreading them.

There may not be a simple answer. However, Palm Beach County and the city of Palm Beach Gardens is trying to improve STD testing, offer free STD testing or free STD clinics, and get the public informed for safer sex practices.

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Prices And Payment Information

Please contact this health center for HIV services pricing information.

Payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements have previously been made.

Some HIV services may be covered by your insurance. If you want to use your insurance, please be sure to bring in your insurance information at the time of your visit.

Std Testing And Sexual Health Education In West Palm Beach Fl

Two new free COVID-19 testing sites open in Palm Beach County

As several other states start requiring their public school districts to include current and medically accurate information in the sex education programs, the state of Florida still does not have any set guidelines for educators to use. This means students in West Palm Beach still are not getting the information they need to really understand the dangers associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

The city does require its public schools to provide students with medically accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS, and abstinence is promoted as an effective method of preventing pregnancy and STDs, the fact that the disease rate is still rising indicates that this approach is not working.

Not only are Chlamydia and Gonorrhea rates up in teens and young adults, the number of students that test positive for Herpes and HPV have also increased. While Herpes has been a common problem in high schools for years, the sudden increase in HPV incidents is relatively new. While some law makers are trying to make it mandatory for all public schools to provide comprehensive sexual education classes the fact remains that in the meantime STD rates continue to rise.

Without these classes many students do not realize that regular Herpes testing in West Palm Beach is the best way to stop the spread of this virus. This is also true regarding AIDS and regular HIV testing in West Palm Beach is still the only reliable method to determine if you are infected.

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Better Sexual Health In West Palm Beach Fl

You can still enjoy yourself in West Palm Beach and take care of your sexual health, simply by taking the time to get tested for STDs on a regular basis. We understand that you would rather spend your time in the sun or shopping at one of the cityâs fabulous boutiques, but it can be hard to enjoy yourself if you are worried about your sexual health. You can skip the long lines at the clinic simply by calling to schedule confidential STD testing, and you will only have to spend a few minutes at the lab. This way you can relax knowing that you are taking responsibility for your sexual health, and enjoy the rest of your day in the city.


Planned Parenthood Offering Free Hiv Tests In West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. As part of National HIV Testing Day, Planned Parenthood is offering free HIV tests.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. There is no cure for HIV, which weakens peoples immune systems. HIV is most commonly transmitted through sex or through syringes.

The disease has claimed the lives of about 700,000 Americans since 1981.

In the past 20 years, infections and deaths have fallen dramatically thanks to awareness and new treatments.

However, new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Florida now leads the nation in the number of new HIV cases.

Planned Parenthood says over the last year many health care providers saw a decrease in the number of patients getting testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections due to COVID-19.

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Positive Health Alliance West Palm Beach Clinic

Testing Services
  • Medication Adherence Education and Counseling
  • Hepatitis C Treatment
  • Drug Purchasing Assistance, including AIDS Drug Purchasing Assistance
  • Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • LGBT
  • Interpretation Services Available for Non-English Languages
  • Haitian Creole
  • Medication Adherence Education and Counseling
  • Hepatitis B Treatment
  • Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • LGBT
  • 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

If A Test Is Positive

Free HIV testing available Tuesday in Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast
  • Your counselor will discuss options with you. He/she will help you get medical treatment and care by providing eligibility determination information.
  • Your counselor will inform you of eligibility determination services for HIV infected individuals, like Ryan White and ADAP and a case manager will be assigned to you if you are eligible.

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Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care


Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care provides convenient walk-in care for patients with minor injuries and illnesses. The clinic offers treatment services for illnesses, including STD/HIV, bladder and ear infections, respiratory illnesses, mild fevers, and rashes. Additionally, wellness and prevention programs, including adult, sports physicals, and flu shots as well as immunization and travel vaccination services are available.


New clients are required to fill out a patients form and arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Every patient is eligible for STD testing services regardless of their origin, gender, or ability to pay, and the clinic welcomes both self-pay and insured patients.

Treatment Options

Counseling services may be offered by the physicians to STD positive patients, and medication may also be given to patients with STDs. The facility offers urgent care services on a walk-in basis without an appointment.


Patients who test positive for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis may receive antibacterial medication while those with HIV and Hepatitis are offered antiviral drugs. Drug and Alcohol screening services are offered to employers to minimize on-the-job accidents and create a safer environment for all employees.


Families First Of Palm Beach County

The goal of Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act , is to eliminate perinatal transmission of HIV. TOPWA is an outreach program for pregnant women at risk of HIV, HIV positive and/or pregnant substance abusing women.

Testing Services
  • Drug Purchasing Assistance, including AIDS Drug Purchasing Assistance
  • Interpretation Services Available for Non-English Languages

3333 Forest Hill Blvd, 2nd Fl, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

  • Medication Adherence Education and Counseling
  • Hepatitis C Treatment
  • Drug Purchasing Assistance, including AIDS Drug Purchasing Assistance
  • Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • LGBT

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Std Testing Options In West Palm Beach Florida

Choose the STD testing option youre most comfortable with:

  • Private clinic: Your primary care physician or OB-GYN can order STD tests.
  • Local lab: Some labs offer direct testing without a doctors orders.
  • Community clinic: A community clinic, such as city or county clinics, or nonprofit organizations may offer STD testing. Some offer STD tests for free or low cost.
  • At home: You can test for STDs at home using a kit and send your sample to a lab for analysis.

Center For Marital And Sexual Health Of South Florida

New COVID-19 testing, vaccination site opens in Palm Beach County


The Center for Marital and Sexual Health is a little different from other clinics. They do have testing for some STDs, but they mainly focus on sexual and relationship problems.

The clinic does not have a lab, your tests will be sent outside of the clinic. This does increase wait times by a few days.


There are fees for the services offered here. You can find out how much you will be charged when you call to set up your visit. This is a clinic for married couples, teens should look elsewhere if all they need is testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment Options

This is mainly a counseling center for married couples. They do participate in research and clinical trials, but these only deal with sexual problems commonly faced by men and women.


The Center for Marital and Sexual Heath works with couples to build a strong, happy and sexually healthy relationship. The founding physician provides counseling and actively works with clinical trials and research that address sexual dsyfunction.

They do have some testing for sexually transmitted diseases but does not treat them.


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When To Get Tested For Stds

If you think you might have an STD, its best to get a complete STD panel. STDs dont go away if you ignore them theyll just get worse and could grow into more serious health consequences. If left untreated, some STDs can lead to issues like infertility and more serious infections. You can also spread STDs to sexual partners if you have an untreated infection.

Ask your health care provider for STD testing recommendations or follow CDC recommendations for STD testing.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Demographics In West Palm Beach Fl

West Palm Beach is a thriving cosmopolitan city with an active nightlife and beautiful beaches that draws tourists in. While this is beneficial for the cityâs economy, the influx of visitors each year also makes it easier for residents to contract a sexually transmitted disease.

While tourists are contributing to the problem, there are other demographical factors as well that are causing the cityâs STD rates to rise close to state levels. One of the main causes is the lack of education, especially regarding how sexually transmitted diseases are spread. If residents do not even realize that they are at risk, it is impossible for them to protect themselves.

A sudden increase in the popularity of dating apps is also being blamed for the steady rise in STD rates, especially among older residents. These apps can make it easier for adults to meet, and many simply do not think about their chances of contracting a STI. Similar apps are also being used by teens and young adults just looking to âhook-upâ, and in most cases they are not using protection.

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Free Clinics In Palm Beach County Florida

Community Health Clinics provides free quality medical care services in Palm Beach County, Florida to low income families who do not have insurance.

If you can’t afford any health insurance and dont qualify for coverage through Medicaid and the Childrens Health Insurance Program , you can get low-cost health care at a nearby community health center.

Most of the free clinics near you in Palm Beach County, Florida are community based charitable clinics funded by grants and private donations.

Foundcare Offers Free Hiv Hepatitis C Testing

Free HIV testing available Tuesday in Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast

By Betsy Jimenez | on June 13, 2019

FoundCare Inc., a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center, is offering free HIV and hepatitis C testing June 23-29 at locations throughout Palm Beach County to coincide with National HIV Testing Day, which is observed annually on June 27.

During the week of June 23, Found- Cares expanded testing sites across the county will offer free and confidential testing to anyone age 13 or older. Trained staff members will offer saliva tests and finger-stick blood tests, both of which show results in 20 minutes. Testing services do not require an appointment however, appointments are available. Free, walk-in testing will be provided at the following locations:

Monday, June 24 St. Anns Place, 2107 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. 9 a.m. to noon

Tuesday, June 25 St. Georges Episcopal Church, 21 W 22nd St., Riviera Beach. 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Metropolitan Community Church of The Palm Beaches, 4857 Northlake Blvd.,

Palm Beach Gardens. Noon to 2 p.m.

Thursday, June 27 National HIV Testing Day FoundCares Boynton Beach Office, 1901 S. Congress Ave., Suite 100, Boynton Beach. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. FoundCares West Palm Beach Office, 2330 S. Congress Ave., Palm Springs. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. True Fast Outreach Ministries, 638 6th St., West Palm Beach. 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. New Bethel Missionary Baptist, 911 9th St., West Palm Beach. 9 a.m. to noon Walgreens, 105 E Ocean Ave., Lantana. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Florida Department Of Health In Palm Beach County


The county health department is working to improve and protect the health of all residents. Since they perform many medical services, the clinic is fully staffed with medical personnel.

When you come in for STD testing you will see a clinician. Trained and licensed by the state, you can relax knowing that your test will be performed properly.


You will definitely want to get an appointment. Otherwise, you could be sitting there for hours. You will be charged a fee, unless you have made prior arrangements.

Treatment Options

The health department does have the capability to treat sexually transmitted infections. Viruses will require you to see one of their partner clinics that specialize in HIV or Hepatitis. If you are diagnosed with advanced Syphilis, you might also need to transfer to another clinic.


The clinic is not far from the county’s Department of Juvenile Justice, in the downtown area. Along with a parking lot for patients, there are also city bus routes going close by.

You should expect a bill for testing, unless you qualify for one of the state or county’s assistance programs.


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