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How Accurate Is Hiv Rna Test

When Can Each Test Be Used

HIV RNA Test – Cost, Accuracy, Window Period

Viral load can sometimes be detected within a week, p24 on average by day 16 and antibodies by day 25. However, these are average results a lot of people take longer.

A test that misses half of infections is not very useful.

So a 4th generation antigen/antibody test is recommend four weeks after exposure because it will detect 95% of infections.

Validating the timing of viral load , p24 and antibodies is difficult. Tests can only be checked against blood samples from the same people before and after infection. These are usually people who regularly donate blood .

Some of these people catch HIV without knowing it. When this picked up in blood screening, these samples are used for testing new HIV tests.

This is why it is impossible to give the percentage chance that a test will be accurate for each day. The tests have been checked on a limited number of samples. These sample reflect the large range of individual responses.

On average, viral load tests with a cut-off of 50 copies/mL detect infection about 7 days before a p24 antigen test and 12 days before an antibody test.

These relative times are only used when comparing new tests. They are not good at setting an absolute cut off at 14 days or 19 or 41 days etc.

Figure 13 shows the time ranges after an exposure. Very rarely an antibody response may take longer. Even more rarely an infection may not make antibodies. These people have positive viral RNA and DNA.

Screening Hiv Tests: When They Can Be Done With Accuracy

The table below summarizes the most common HIV used for screening in the United States.

The table explains

  • what each screening test is checking for,
  • how soon after exposure it can be done, and
  • when each test is most accurate.

*Pay attention to the fact that Ab tests , which check for your bodyâs response to infection, have to be done longer after exposure because the response takes longer to be detected than do different parts of the HIV virus .

Test name Earliest time the test can be done Ideal time for testing
50 days post exposure is 99% accurate
HIV fourth-generation 44 days post exposure is 99% accurate
  • 10â12 days post exposure
  • 90% accuracy
42 days after exposure is 99% accuracy
  • 9â10 days post exposure
  • 97% accuracy
42 days after exposure 99% accuracy
HIV P24 36 days after exposure 99% accuracy

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The test normally is not covered by health insurance. does not accept health insurance because this can reduce the privacy of a clients results. We believe that everyone should have access to the sexual healthcare that they need, so we offer pay later options if you cannot currently pay for a test. This lets you go ahead and get tested as soon as possible without needing to go ahead and find payment for the test. You just need to pay when you plan on accessing your HIV RNA results.

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What The Findings Tell Us

From the point of view of specificity, the figures confirmed that the incidence of false positives remains extremely low, even with the earlier generation tests.

The figure only worsened when retesting bloods from the acute stage infections. Of the 58 samples tested, the 3rd generation rapid tests achieved a sensitivity of only 5.2 percent to 25.9 percent, meaning that the majority of such infections would be missed using these rapid, antibody-based tests.

Even the 4th generationDetermine rapid antigen/antibody test was able to identify only half of the acute infections despite having an estimated sensitivity of 96.6 percent and specificity of 100 percent. According to the UCSF researchers, the Determine worked best during acute infection when the patient’s viral load was over 500,000.

Not surprisingly, the lab-based ARCHITECT combination antigen/antibody test performed best. With an estimated specificity of 99.1 percent and a specificity of 100 percent, the tests were able to identify nearly 90 percent of acute infections.

How Much Does The Test Cost

HIV RNA Test: HIV Early Detection Test

The cost of HIV viral load testing depends on where a patient has the test conducted and whether they have health insurance. Additionally, laboratory and other charges vary. Patients should discuss the costs of testing with their doctor, the laboratory, and/or their health insurance provider.

If paying for HIV testing and treatment is a concern, resources are available to help people with HIV gain access to medical care through the US Department of Health and Human Services: How to Find HIV Treatment Services.

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What Is Being Tested

Human immunodeficiency virus is the virus that can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome . HIV screening tests detect the HIV antigen and/or HIV antibodies produced by the body in response to an HIV infection in the blood. Some tests detect HIV antibodies in saliva.

An HIV infection may initially cause no symptoms or cause flu-like symptoms that resolve after a week or two. The only way to determine whether you have been infected is through HIV testing.

If left untreated, an HIV infection can progressively destroy the body’s ability to fight infections and certain cancers. HIV weakens the immune system by infecting lymphocytes , a type of white blood cell, that normally help the body fight infections.

During the first few weeks following infection with HIV, the virus infects T-cells, making numerous copies of itself and continuing to infect more T-cells. The amount of virus and the p24 antigen level in blood can be quite high. HIV tests that detect the p24 antigen can generally identify infections in the first weeks after infection, even before antibodies develop.

About 2-8 weeks after exposure to the virus, the immune system responds by producing antibodies directed against the virus that can be detected in the blood. As the initial infection resolves and the level of HIV antibody increases, both virus and p24 antigen levels decrease in the blood. HIV tests that detect HIV antibodies can identify HIV infections about 2 to 8 weeks after infection.

Where Can People Find Free Hiv Testing Locations

The CDC maintains a list of HIV testing locations for people who want to find out whether they have contracted the virus. This National HIV and STD Testing Resource can be accessed at . This site includes the ability to search for free testing locations as well as locations that provide rapid tests. Some clinics only provide HIV testing. However, sexually transmitted diseases clinics routinely provide HIV testing along with testing for diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes.

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Who Is At Risk Of Hiv

Anyone who is indulging in risky behaviour is at risk of acquiring an HIV infection. Risky behaviour include having sex with multiple partner, having sex with someone whos status is unknown, sharing drug injection needles or equipment.

HIV can happen to anyone who practices risky behaviour. Getting tested is the only way to know your status.

Someone should take an HIV test even if he/she is not experiencing any symptoms.

Window Period When Should You Get The Hiv Rna Test

what is hiv RNA test ?

The HIV RNA test is called the early detection test because its window period is far shorter than other types of HIV tests. After a person is exposed to a possible HIV infection, they cannot take a test until they reach the window period for the test. This phrase is used to describe the time after which the test can actually start to work.

If you take a test too soon, it may not bring up any results even though you are infected with HIV. Unlike other tests, HIV RNA testing can be done just 9 to 11 days after you are exposed to HIV. Results are almost always reliable at 9 days following exposure, but you can wait until 11 days if you want to be on the safe side.

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Is Pcr Rna Test Enough To Confirm Hiv

Polymerase chain reaction tests are used to detect HIVs genetic material, called RNA. These tests can be used to screen the donated blood supply and to detect very early infections before antibodies have been developed. This test may be performed just days or weeks after exposure to HIV. Although these tests are the most accurate, they are not performed as often as the other HIV tests because they are expensive and also time- and labor-intensive.

Early Detection Hiv Testing

Here weâll go over HIV testing at the earliest possible time. Weâll address the accuracy of the tests, timing, and test interpretation.

Early HIV testing accuracy and timing

The best tests for early detection of HIV are the HIV Ag/Ab or HIV viral load .

Viral load tests Earliest time the test can be done Ideal time for testing
13 days post exposure 50% accurate 44 days post exposure 99% accuracy
HIV RNA Can detect as few as 50 virus copies 10â15 days 90% accurate 42 days post exposure 99% accurate
HIV RNA Can detect as few as 10 virus copies 5 days post exposure 90% accurate 42 days post exposure 99% accurate

Early HIV testing interpretation: positive versus negative

It is ideal if both early detection HIV tests, fourth-generation HIV and HIV RNA, are done at the same time.

Person considered negative

Both tests are done at the ideal time after exposure , and they are both negative

Repeat test is necessary

If both tests are negative, but clinical suspicion is high or it was a high-risk contact, repeat the test in 2 weeks

Person considered positive

  • If both the HIV Ag/Ab test and RNA PCR test are positive, this confirms an HIV infection of unknown duration.
  • HIV Ab test is necessary to start the treatment
  • If HIV Ag/Ab is negative but RNA PCR is positive, this is highly suggestive of early HIV infection. A repeat HIV Ag/Ab test to confirm is necessary in a few weeks.
  • Summary of early HIV test interpretation

    It should help you understand the following:

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    How Soon Can Hiv Be Detected By A Blood Test

    It depends on the test. Combination tests that use a blood sample drawn from a vein and detect HIV antigen and HIV antibodies can detect HIV infections in most people 2 to 6 weeks after infection. Combination tests that use fingerstick blood samples detect HIV infections about 2 to 12 weeks after infection. Blood tests that detect HIV antibody alone can detect infections in most people about 3 to 12 weeks after infection.

    Making An Informed Choice

    HIV RNA / DNA PCR Test

    In terms of testing selection and performance, the following conclusions can be reasonably drawn:

    • Commercial, over-the-counter HIV tests perform least well overall, not only in terms of detecting acute infection but in returning a false negative rate of 7 percent.
    • Combination HIV antigen/antibody tests are far more accurate than traditional antibody-based assays, particularly during the acute stage of infection. Lab-based tests still outperform at-site, point-of-care HIV tests, most especially in cases of recent HIV exposure.

    With that being said, high levels of sensitivity are only part of the reason why certain tests are preferred over others.

    For example, a significant number of people fail to return for their results after testing. The ability to return a result within 20- to 30 minutes makes rapid testing the ideal choice for most people .

    Similarly, people with confidentiality concerns or fears about HIV stigma may be better served by taking an in-home rapid test. While there remains little data as to the number of people linked to care following a positive result, it is presumed that the tests will at least provide an entry point for those who might otherwise avoid testing clinics.

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    How To Get The Hiv Rna Test Through Std Check

    If you are interested in getting the HIV RNA test through, you can enjoy a convenient and private HIV testing experience. partners with thousands of clinics across the nation to help you find out your STD status. The process used to identify your HIV status with is very simple and easy.

    You start by visiting the website and selecting the STD tests you are interested in taking. You can get just the HIV RNA test or add on other options as well. Once you select your test, you pay for it and create an account with Creating an account lets you discreetly plan for your test and check your results later. After you have your account with, you can use our handy location finder to find one of the affiliated clinics near you. There are over 4,000 clinics, so you can easily find one right near your location

    Once you have decided on a clinic for your test, all you need to do is walk in and provide your sample. You do not need to call the clinic and make any appointments, and there is no wait time after ordering the test. Once you order the test online, you can go straight to the most convenient clinic near your location. Several of our clinics are open on the weekends or after 5 PM, so even those who work traditional hours can visit.

    Hiv Rna Test Compared To Other Tests

    The HIV RNA test is a type of nucleic acid test . NATs are blood tests used to detect the genetic material of viruses and bacteria in your blood. Theyre sometimes used to screen blood donations for HIV and other conditions, such as hepatitis B.

    The HIV RNA test is also called the HIV viral load test, since it can identify the viral load, or how much genetic material from HIV is in your blood. This sets it apart from other HIV tests.

    According to the , there are two other types of HIV tests:

    • HIV antibody tests. These tests look for antibodies created by your body in response to HIV.
    • HIV antigen/antibody tests. These tests look for antibodies, but they also look for antibodies and an HIV protein called p24.

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    The Cost Is The Hiv Rna Test Affordable

    For a long time, one of the main reasons that people did not select the HIV RNA test was the high costs associated with the tests. As DNA and RNA sequencing technologies have advanced, this type of test has become far more budget friendly. The exact cost will vary depending on whether you select the plain HIV RNA test or choose to get other tests alongside the HIV RNA tests. The cost can be a little lower when you get the HIV RNA test as part of a bundle, but in general, it is under $180.

    Is Less Than 100% Accuracy Of A Test Important

    Qualitative HIV RNA test Vs Quantitative HIV RNA test

    Nothing in science is 100% absolute. That is why there are multiple testing methods and confirmatory tests available. However, the most important part of tests are the interpretation of the results by trained Physicians.

    Our laboratory results are reviewed by Physicians for clinical relevance.

    If a test needs to be repeated or re-tested by a different modality, it will by suggested by our Physicians to ensure you get the best possible results.

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    What Is An Hiv Rna Test

    RNA refers to Ribonucleic Acid. RNA is a genetic material present in each and every cell in the bloodstream. The primary function of RNA, Ribonucleic Acid is to carry instructions. The RNA genome is essential for various biological formulations like coding, decoding, and the expression of certain genes.

    There are two types of HIV infection, HIV-1 & HIV-2. HIV-2 type is not commonly seen in other countries except the African continent. HIV-1 is the most commonly reported type among the US public. The HIV RNA detects the presence of HIV-1 genetic material in the given blood specimen. HIV RNA test is also referred to as the Viral Load Test.

    A standard HIV test is done to detect the antibodies your body produces to fight against the invader HIV virus. On the other hand, the HIV RNA test detects whether the virus is present by looking for the genetic material of the virus itself.

    Usually, for the HIV infection, it takes quite a long time for the antibodies to develop at a detectable amount. The HIV RNA test helps in detecting and diagnosing by reducing the time between infection and detection than a regular HIV test. Regular Antigen/Antibody Tests can take anywhere from 18 90 days to turn positive. Whereas, HIV RNA produces accurate results in just 9 11 days since the exposure.

    Timing Of Serological Testing In Infants

    The most recent advances in EIA technology have produced combination assays, which allow for the simultaneous detection of p24 HIV antigen and HIV antibodies. This approach has further shortened the window period, i.e. the interval between HIV infection and detectable HIV antigen/antibodies. Rapid tests appear to offer similar performance characteristics but they detect antibody 28 days later than third-generation EIAs.

    All children born to HIV-infected mothers carry detectable maternal HIV antibody and this declines slowly over the first year of life. The rate of decay of maternal antibody has been ascertained largely by analysis of studies to detect HIV antibody in children who have not been breastfed. The mean and/or median age at the time of seroreversion ranges between 9 and 16 months of age in studies from both developed and developing countries . These data indicate that maternal antibody may remain detectable through the first 6 months of life but significant decay occurs by 912 months of age. Most HIV-uninfected children do not have detectable antibody at 12 months of age .

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