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How To Know If Hiv Positive

How Do I Get My Results


Depending on the type of test you take, you will have to wait either a few minutes for your results , or anywhere between a couple of days or weeks . Your healthcare professional should explain how you will get your test results. If you are self-testing, there will be information on how to read your results with your test kit.

If your result is negative, the health centre will contact you to let you know that you tested negative. All positive and will have to be checked again, so you will be asked to come back for further testing.If you get a positive result after using a self-test kit you will need to go to a healthcare clinic.

When To Seek Medical Care

Early diagnosis is key. If you think youve been exposed to HIV or have an encounter that put you at risk for HIV, you should seek medical care right away with a primary care doctor, urgent or walk-in clinic, or, if those are not available to you, a local emergency room.

Doctors can give you a medication called post-exposure prophylaxis after exposure to reduce your chances of developing HIV. But this medication needs to be taken within 72 hours of exposure. Ideally, youd start taking it within the first 24 hours.

If you think you were exposed to HIV in the past for example, if a former sexual partner tells you they have HIV its critical to seek medical care as soon as possible. The sooner you find out you have HIV, the sooner you can start treatment.

How Do I Know If I Have Hiv Positive

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Verily, having or having HIV is the most distressing and humiliating circumstance that one can experience. Despite the fact that this disease has appeared in numerous media construction programs with respect to television and, in addition, on the web, there is a considerable number of people who are still unaware of HIV and their belongings to the body. In relation to this current, it is prescribed that sexually dynamic people should be tested for HIV. You can visit a specialist in a nearby facility or buy reliable test devices such as ELISA test packages.

Aside from this, we recommend visiting Melbourne-IVF Specialist, for those who are looking to extending their family members and are having some concerns.

HIV or human immunodeficiency infection is a disease that gradually crushes the insensitive system of the human being. You may believe that HIV and AIDS are just the same since all things are considered to be definitely not.

How do I know if I have HIV positive?

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Dating Someone Who’s Hiv Positive 7 Questions You Should Know The Answer To Explained

We at Bustle love giving you tips for how to tap into your sexual potential and troubleshoot when things arent going your way in the bedroom. But what about finding solutions to those stressful sexual health situations that inevitably crop up when youre getting down? Emma Kaywin, a Brooklyn-based sexual health writer and activist, is here to calm your nerves and answer your questions. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions remain anonymous. This weeks topic: dating an HIV positive person.

Q: Im freaking out. My partner of eight years and I just went to get tested together, and he came back positive for HIV and I came out negative. I dont even know how we could have different statuses because Im on the pill and we havent been using condoms in almost a year, but Im really relieved I dont have it. I love him so much, I dont even care right now that he cheated on me and got this lifelong disease. I dont want to leave him, but I dont know how to help him or protect myself. What can I do? Will I definitely get it?

While both your situations may seem dire, the good news is that thats not actually the case. There are a lot of ways to protect yourself against becoming infected with HIV, and your partner has many treatment options that can help him contend with his new chronic condition and protect you in the process.

Who Paediatric Clinical Staging For Hiv

5 Common HIV Symptoms in Men  Ladies, See How To Know If ...

In a child with diagnosed or highly suspected HIV infection, the clinical staging system helps to assess the degree of damage to the immune system, and to plan treatment and care options. The stages determine the likely prognosis of HIV and are a guide when to start, stop, or switch ARV therapy.

The clinical stages identify a progression sequence from least to most severe the higher clinical stage, the poorer the prognosis. For classification purposes, once a stage 3 clinical condition has occurred, the child’s prognosis will likely remain in stage 3 and will not improve to stage 2, even once the original condition is resolved, or a new stage 2 clinical condition appears. Antiretroviral treatment with good adherence dramatically improves prognosis.

The clinical staging events can also be used to identify the response to ARV treatment if there is no easy or affordable access to viral load or CD4 testing.

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How To Know If Your Partner Is Hiv Positive According To Doctors

Knowing that your partner is HIV positive can be scary, but you still need to know it for your health benefits. Many people who have HIV may not experience any symptoms, and some may experience slight symptoms in the early stages.

A person with HIV/AIDS may be looking beautiful or handsome and also participating in life activities. Its not possible to know if someone is battling HIV or AIDS by looking at him or her. Some people who are infected with this infection dont even know that they have been infected. Generally, HIV has no physical symptoms.

At the starting point of HIV infection, a person may be experiencing the following symptoms:

1. Fever

6. Swollen lymph nodes

Thereafter, these symptoms may not show up for many years.

According to researches, some Singaporeans who have HIV or AIDS find out that they are suffering from HIV at the late stages of infections when they are extremely sick.

AIDS is the end stage of HIV infection. The following are the symptoms that a person who has AIDS may be experiencing.

1. Weight loss

6. Tuberculosis

7. Lymphoma.

HIV infection usually weakens the human bodys defense mechanisms. And when these mechanisms have been weakened, the next thing is for AIDS to develop.

Hiv Transmission In Australia

In Australia, HIV is commonly transmitted through:

HIV is not transmitted by:

  • kissing, hugging, massaging, mutual masturbation and other body contact
  • social interaction
  • sharing food, dishes, utensils, drinking glasses
  • air, breath, or being coughed or sneezed on
  • mosquito, insect or animal bites
  • use of communal facilities .

It is perfectly safe to consume food and drinks prepared by someone who is HIV-positive even if theyre not receiving treatment.

People with HIV who are on treatment and achieve and maintain an undetectable HIV viral load cannot transmit HIV sexually.

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Protecting Your Baby During Childbirth

If you take your treatment correctly, it will lower the amount of HIV in your body. In some people, the amount of HIV in their body can be reduced to such low levels that it is said to be undetectable .

This means that you can plan to have a vaginal delivery because the risk of passing on HIV to your baby during childbirth will be extremely small.

If you dont have an undetectable viral load, you may be offered a caesarean section, as this carries a smaller risk of passing HIV to your baby than a vaginal delivery.

If your HIV test result comes back positive, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of passing HIV to your baby.

I was diagnosed with HIV. After a few years I entered a relationship and we decided to have children. My HIV consultant assured me that it was fine since my viral load was undetectable. I had my twins through C-section, which was planned.

Is There A Period When The Virus Isnt Transmittable

How I Discovered I was HIV Positive

HIV is transmittable soon after its introduced into the body. During this phase, the bloodstream contains higher levels of HIV, which makes it easy to transmit it to others.

Since not everyone has early symptoms of HIV, getting tested is the only way to know if the virus has been contracted. An early diagnosis also allows an HIV-positive person to begin treatment. Proper treatment can eliminate their risk of transmitting the virus to their sexual partners.

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What Happens After An Hiv Test And Getting The Results


  • If your result is negative, you can stop worrying but its good to keep testing regularly.
  • If your result is positive or , you will need to give a blood sample to have your results confirmed.
  • Remember that HIV is now a manageable illness if you do test positive you can start treatment which will keep you healthy.

is often the hardest step to take, but it is usually not as bad as you imagine.

Repeated And Rare Infections

The human immunodeficiency virus targets T-lymphocytes, a type of immune cell. It is mainly the CD4+ T-cells that are destroyed by the virus. The bodys ability to protect itself is gradually diminished. For this reason you CD4+ count is assessed and monitored as part of HIV diagnosis and management. This weakening of the immune system means that the body is prone to infections.

Some of these infections are common and minor. But in a person with HIV/AIDS, it takes longer to resolve. Other infections are much more serious. Infections that are rarely seen in immunocompetent individuals are more likely to arise in an HIV/AIDS patient. These infections are termed opportunistic as it only affects a person who is immmunocopromised like people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Hiv Is Detected With A Blood Test

Blood tests are the most common and reliable tests for HIV. The virus is detected by taking a sample of your blood either with a conventional blood test or a rapid test .There is a short period of time between exposure to HIV and the ability for tests to detect HIV or its antibodies. This is often referred to as the ‘window period’ between 2 and 12 weeks.

Most tests used in Australia can detect HIV as early as 2 to 4 weeks after infection.

If your blood test shows that HIV or its antibodies are present, you are HIV-positive.

If you have no antibodies in your blood you are HIV-negative. Sometimes negative results might also mean you are in the window period, so you might need a follow-up blood test to make sure.

Reducing Hiv Risks From Chemsex And Drug Use

All You Need to Know About HIV Testing

Some people use drugs such as ice , GHB, ecstasy , ketamine and cocaine) to enhance their sexual experiences . Chemsex can make you lose your inhibitions and be risky if you:

  • Inject drugs.
  • Forget to take your HIV medications.
  • Are taking PreP it can be less effective if it is mixed with other drugs.

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When To Contact A Doctor

Anyone who is showing symptoms of HIV should contact a doctor as soon as possible. This is especially important if the individual has recently had sexual contact with someone else or shared a needle with someone else.

HIV can remain asymptomatic for a long time. For this reason, anyone who has recently had unprotected sex and is concerned about exposure to HIV should contact a doctor as soon as they can, even if they do not have any symptoms. The same goes for anyone who has recently shared a needle.

It can be difficult to discuss the possibility of having HIV. However, without proper treatment, HIV can be life threatening. In these situations, it is very important for people to put their long-term health first and to discuss the matter with a doctor.

Does Hiv Always Show Up On Testing

No, if someone was recently infected, it might not show up with testing. How quickly HIV shows up on testing depends on the type of test done:

  • Testing that looks for the virus itself can find HIV 728 days after infection.
  • Testing that looks for HIV antibodies can find HIV antibodies 312 weeks after infection.

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Hiv Testing And Reporting In Ontario

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Being infected with HIV is often called living with HIV or being HIV-positive.

In Ontario, there are two ways to get tested for HIV infection: nominal testing and anonymous testing.

The information on this webpage is about HIV testing and reporting in Ontario from June 2016 onward, and includes important changes to HIV testing and reporting in Ontario. For information about changes to HIV testing and reporting in Ontario, please see our:

For more information about Public Health Law in Ontario, please see our Public Health Law page: .

For more information about the reporting of HIV to Public Health, please see below.

If You’re Feeling Depressed

Advice If You Are Newly Diagnosed With HIV

It’s normal to feel as though you’re not coping at times, to stop enjoying being with friends and family, or to feel sad or have trouble sleeping.

But if these feelings last a long time or you continue to feel overwhelmed by them, you may have depression.

Get help as soon as possible as you may need treatment.

Your HIV clinic, local mental health services or GP can all help you.

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How Do I Know If I Have It

You cant tell if someone has HIV just by looking at them. In fact, some people dont know they are infected with the virus for years, because they havent noticed any symptoms. To know your status, you have to get tested.

However, some people experience symptoms in the first two to four weeks after theyve been infected. These are usually described as an extremely bad flu fever, a sore throat, headache, achy muscles and joints, and rash. This is called primary HIV infection, and whats happening here is that your body is trying to fight off the HIV infecting it.

Hiv Lymph Node Swelling

During the asymptomatic stage which lasts for years or even more than a decade, a person has no signs or symptoms of HIV infection. Therefore it is called the asymptomatic stage. However, this is not entirely accurate. There are some symptoms that may arise similar to the flu-like symptoms of the acute HIV infection stage. It may be just as vague and can disappear and reappear again.

The one important clinical sign during these years is persistent lymph node swelling. It affects lymph nodes at two or more sites and tends to last for 3 months or more. The node is large, measuring greater than 1 centimeter in diameter. Persistent lymph node swelling which is larger than 1 centimeter in diameter is not only seen in HIV infection. Therefore it is important to see a doctor for further diagnostic investigations.

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How Long Does It Take To Show Symptoms Of Hiv

Some people notice flu-like symptoms 1-4 weeks after they’re first infected. They often only last a week or two. This stage is called acute or primary HIV infection.

Then, you may go for 10 years or more without further symptoms. This is called asymptomatic HIV infection. Even though you feel fine, the virus is still active in your body. And you can still give it to someone else.

Once HIV has seriously harmed your immune system, you’re at risk for diseases that a healthy body could fight off. In this stage, symptomatic HIV infection, you start to notice problems caused by those “opportunistic” infections.

What Does A Negative Hiv Test Result Mean

Symptoms of HIV

A negative result doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have HIV. That’s because of the window periodthe time between when a person gets HIV and when a test can accurately detect it. The window period varies from person to person and is also different depending upon the type of HIV test.

Ask your health care provider about the window period for the kind of test youre taking. If youre using a home test, you can get that information from the materials included in the tests package. If you get an HIV test after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again after the window period for the test youre using to be sure. To learn more about the window period and when a person should get retested, see CDCs How soon after an exposure to HIV can an HIV test if I am infected?. If you get an HIV test within 3 months after a potential HIV exposure and the result is negative, get tested again in 3 more months to be sure.

If you learned you were HIV-negative the last time you were tested, you can only be sure youre still negative if you havent had a potential HIV exposure since your last test. If youre sexually active, continue to take actions to prevent HIV, like using condoms the right way every time you have sex and taking medicines to prevent HIV if youre at high risk.

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