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Is Elton John Hiv Positive

The Union To Wonderful Crazy Night

Elton John Comments On Charlie Sheen’s HIV-Positive Announcement | Loose Women

John performed a piano duet with Lady Gaga at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, which consisted of two songs of Gaga’s, before culminating in “Your Song”. On 17 June, and 17 years to the day after his previous performance in Israel, he performed at the Ramat Gan Stadium this was significant because of other then-recent cancellations by other performers in the fallout surrounding an Israeli raid on Gaza Flotilla the month before. In his introduction to that concert, John said that he and other musicians should not “cherry-pick our conscience”, in reference to Elvis Costello, who was to have performed in Israel two weeks after John did but cancelled in the wake of the aforementioned raid, citing his conscience.

John released The Union on 19 October 2010. He has said the album, a collaboration with American singer, songwriter and sideman Leon Russell, marked a new chapter in his recording career, saying: “I don’t have to make pop records any more.” He began his new show The Million Dollar Piano at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, on 28 September 2011, and performed it there for the next three years. He performed his 3000th concert on 8 October 2011 at Caesars. Also in 2011, John performed vocals on “Snowed in at Wheeler Street” with Kate Bush for her album 50 Words for Snow. On 3 February 2012, he visited Costa Rica for the first time, performing at the recently built National Stadium.

Elton John Charity Gives $25m To Target Rising Hiv In Eastern Europe Central Asia

Legendary singer Elton John and his husband David Furnish on Thursday announced grants of $25 million to projects combatting HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – the only region where new infections are rising rapidly as rates plummet worldwide.

About 1.7 million people in the region are HIV positive – about 4 percent of the global total of 38 million – with most new infections among people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, sex workers and their clients, United Nations data shows.

The grants are the first to be announced under RADIAN, a partnership between the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the pharmaceutical company Gilead that was announced last year to address the rising incidence of HIV in the region.

“This region has seen a dramatic 72 percent increase in new HIV infections in the last decade when the global rate has decreased by 23 percent,” Furnish, chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which was founded in 1992, said in a statement.

“Considering we have the tools and treatment to prevent and treat HIV, this is shocking and we are committed to not leave anyone behind.”

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Over the next five years, the initiative will work to prevent new HIV infections and ensure good quality care for HIV positive people in the region – most of whom are in Russia where there is widespread stigma about HIV/AIDS and homophobia.

Elton John Launches Fund For Hiv/aids Work Amid Coronavirus

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Elton John, seen here on Feb. 9, 2020, said the AIDS Foundation would give cash to organisations for solutions to keep HIV and AIDS care up and running.The Canadian Press

Elton John has launched a $1 million emergency fund to help organisations working with people living with HIV or AIDS so they are not left behind during the coronavirus crisis.

With the coronavirus pandemic putting pressure on health systems globally, the British musician said the Elton John AIDS Foundation would give cash to organisations for solutions to keep HIV and AIDS care up and running.

Distributing medicines, testing and preventative treatment is not as simple as it was a few weeks ago, Elton John, 73, said in a video from his home in Los Angeles posted on Twitter to announce the initiative.

So our new COVID-19 emergency fund will help front line partners to prepare for and respond to the pandemic and its effects on HIV prevention and care for the most marginalized communities.

While the new coronavirus is not considered a threat to HIV-positive people who are on medication, it could pose a higher risk to those who have weakened immune systems or are unaware of their status, health experts and campaigners have warned.

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Elton John Opens Up About Sobriety

John had made the decision to have his prostate removed rather than treated after he was diagnosed with cancer.

“I said, ‘I don’t care, take it out,”’ he told Smith. “I’ve had enough sex to last me a lifetime. I have children. I want to see them. I want to grow up with them. It was a very easy decision to make.”

John also writes in his autobiography about his family, his cocaine addiction and his special friendships with luminaries like Princess Diana, John Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor.

John performed an emotional version of his song “Candle in the Wind” at Diana’s funeral in 1997 after she died in a car crash. He also has become close with her son, Prince Harry, who vacationed this summer at John’s home with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and their baby son, Archie.

John also knew a side of Diana that the public rarely glimpsed.

Billy Elliot The Musical And 60th Birthday

Grant Alert: The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF ...

By this time, John disliked appearing in his own music videos the video for “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore” featured Justin Timberlake portraying a young John, and the video for “I Want Love” featured Robert Downey, Jr. lip-syncing the song. At the 2001 Grammy Awards, John performed “Stan” with Eminem. One month after the 11 September attacks, John appeared at the Concert for New York City, performing “I Want Love” as well as “Your Song” as a duet with Billy Joel.

In August 2003, John’s fifth UK number one single, “Are You Ready for Love“, topped the charts. Returning to musical theatre, John composed music for a West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical in 2005 with playwright Lee Hall. Opening to strong reviews, the show won four Laurence Olivier Awards, including Best New Musical. The 11th-longest-running musical in West End history, the London production ran through April 2016, with 4,566 performances. As of December 2015, Billy Elliot has been seen by over 5.25 million people in London and nearly 11 million people worldwide , grossed over $800 million worldwide and won over 80 theatre awards internationally. John’s only theatrical project with Taupin is Lestat: The Musical, based on Anne Rice‘s vampire novels. It received negative reviews from critics and closed in May 2006 after 39 performances. John featured on rapper Tupac Shakur‘s posthumous single “Ghetto Gospel“, which topped the UK charts in July 2005.

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El Artista Ha Recibido Dos Homenajes Esta Semana En Ee Uu Por Su Lucha Contra Esta Enfermedad A Travs De Su Fundacin Que Cre Tras Dejar Las Drogas

Elton John lleva 25 años, de sus 70 años de vida, luchando con el sida. Por ello el martes por la noche, el cantante y compositor fue reconocido por sus “incansables esfuerzos humanitarios” con una fiesta llena de estrellas en su honor celebrada en Nueva York. “Comenzamos en Atlanta con solo dos personas”, recordó John junto a su esposo David Furnish. “Tuvimos grandes apoyos cuando comenzamos, así que hemos sido muy afortunados”. La fuerza del artista quedó clara en la gala anual en la que recaudó más de 4,3 millones que se sumaron a los 385 millones que la fundación ha logrado a lo largo de su historia.

Entre los invitados llamados a homenajear al músico estaban la actriz Glenn Close y los diseñadores Donna Karan y Valentino: “Elton es un gran amigo”, dijo Valentino recién llegado a Nueva York. También se sumaron a la cita Billy Joel, Billie Jean King, Clive Davis, Joseph Abboud, Lynn Wyatt, Sandra Brant, Sting y Neil Patrick Harris, quien pasa las vacaciones de verano con John y Furnish en el sur de Francia.

“Cuando llegué a la sobriedad nunca pensé que tendría alguien con quien mantendría una relación de 24 años, con quien me casaría y tendría dos hijos pequeños “, dijo John en un discurso emocionado. “¿Ves cómo cambia el mundo?”

Programs Funded By Ejaf

EJAF provides grants to about 150 organizations per year. EJAF-funded programs range across all aspects of the disease and all needs of People With Aids , including prevention, treatment, palliative care, education and global health initiatives. However, part of EJAF’s strategy to effectively support people affected by HIV is to fund a broader scope of projects their grants are not exclusively held by initiatives that are specifically HIV-focused. They also fund programs dedicated to supporting specific HIV risk groups or under-attended regions with high prevalences of HIV. This strategy has been praised and shared as a model for non-profits dedicated to similar epidemics.

Initiatives funded by EFAJ include:

  • A ten-year partnership program for AIDS research between the governments of Swaziland and the UK. The program focused on research and treatment strategies in Swaziland.
  • A pilot program for the care of pregnant women in the Bobete village of Lesotho, a small African country with an HIV prevalence of 23.8%.
  • The International Observatory on End of Life Care at Lancaster University, which reviews and draws attention to hospice and palliative care across the globe .

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Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Award Party

Every year, the foundation throws a viewing party for the Academy Awards. It is an invitation-only event that has grown to become one of the most desired invitations in the entertainment industry, as well as one of EJAF’s most fruitful fundraising efforts. The tradition has been going since the foundation was created in 1992. For the first few years, the party was a dinner held at the Maple Drive restaurant in Beverly Hills. The inaugural dinner was arranged by Patrick Lippet, another activist in Hollywood who was best known for his work with the Rock the Vote campaign. Lippet died from AIDS only three months after helping Elton John put together the first EJAF Oscar night party.

In 1998, the party moved to Spago, another upscale restaurant in Beverly Hills known for its celebrity clientele. It has moved multiple times since then with the West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles serving as the venue in 2018 and 2019.

The event features dinner, a live broadcast of the Academy Awards Ceremony, and a post-broadcast after-party with live music. John tends to pick upcoming bands. The 2018 party featured the band Greta Van Fleet as the headliner.

Elton John: My Biggest Regret Is Taking Drugs

Elton John & David Furnish Discuss The Elton John AIDS Foundation | YouTube Pride 2021

“I had complications as a result of that, which is very unlucky, and I was in great pain,” he said. “I came back to England and straight into the hospital because I was shaking with fever, and I picked up a really strong virus down there, which nearly killed me.”

John spent 11 days in a London hospital being treated for the infection.

“I didn’t really know how close to death I was. I was ill because I kept saying, ‘Please let me get well. I want to see my kids.’ But I had tubes coming out of every part of my body, and it took me seven weeks to recover from that when I went home.”

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Elton John At Aids Conference: ‘i Should Be Dead I Nearly Died’

Sir Elton John should now be dead from Aids like his friends Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson, he said on Monday. For years he was addicted to drugs and drink and put himself at high risk of contracting HIV by his behaviour.

Telling the story of his descent into cocaine-fuelled chaos to the International Aids Conference in Washington DC, he said: “This young man hit absolute rock bottom. His life was a mess, he was spiralling out of control. He should have died. To be honest, he nearly did.”

John, who started his own foundation to help people with HIV 20 years ago and has written a book about it , was speaking for the first time at the conference, which takes place every two years. In a passionate speech that was greeted with huge enthusiasm and a standing ovation, he said he was rescued from the depths of his addiction by those who cared for him and has now been sober for 22 years.

“By all rights I shouldn’t be here today,” he said. “I should be dead six foot under in a wooden box. I should have contracted HIV in the 1980s and died in the 1990s, just like Freddie Mercury, just like Rock Hudson. Every day I wonder, how did I survive?”

Drug user and prostitutes were condemned and stigmatised for leading immoral lives. Aids orphans were abandoned in the streets and children were raped and abused. “It makes me feel sick to think of this indifference and hate,” John said.

The Rocket Record Company To 21 At 33

John formed his own label, The Rocket Record Company , and signed acts to itnotably Neil Sedaka ” rel=”nofollow”> Bad Blood”) and Kiki Dee, in whom he took a personal interest. Instead of releasing his own records on Rocket, he signed an $8 million contract with MCA. When the contract was signed in 1974, MCA reportedly took out a $25 million insurance policy on John’s life. In 1974, MCA released Elton John’s Greatest Hits, a UK and US number one that is certified Diamond by the RIAA for US sales of 17 million copies.

Pete Townshend of the Who asked John to play the “Local Lad” in the 1975 film adaptation of the rock operaTommy, and to perform the song “Pinball Wizard“. Drawing on power chords, John’s version was recorded and used in the movie. The song charted at number 7 in the UK.

Captain Fantastic

The rock-oriented Rock of the Westies entered the US albums chart at number 1, as had Captain Fantastic, a previously unattained feat. John’s stage wardrobe now included ostrich feathers, $5,000 spectacles that spelled his name in lights, and costumes such as the Statue of Liberty, Donald Duck, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 1975, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The album features his fifth US number one single, “Island Girl“.

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Debut Album To Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

On the advice of music publisher Steve Brown, John and Taupin began writing more complex songs for John to record for DJM. The first was the single “I’ve Been Loving You” , produced by Caleb Quaye, Bluesology’s former guitarist. In 1969, with Quaye, drummer Roger Pope, and bassist Tony Murray, John recorded another single, “Lady Samantha“, and an album, Empty Sky. For their follow-up album, Elton John, John and Taupin enlisted Gus Dudgeon as producer and Paul Buckmaster as musical arranger. Elton John was released in April 1970 on DJM Records/Pye Records in the UK and Uni Records in the US, and established the formula for subsequent albums: gospel-chorded rockers and poignant ballads. The album’s first single, “Border Song“, peaked at 92 on theBillboard Hot 100. The second, “Your Song“, reached number seven in the UK Singles Chart and number eight in the US, becoming John’s first hit single as a singer. The album soon became his first hit album, reaching number four on the US Billboard 200 and number five on the UK Albums Chart.

Elton John Aids Foundation

Prince Harry reunites with Sir Elton John to highlight ...
1992 30 years ago United States

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is a nonprofit organization, established by rock musician Sir Elton John in 1992 in the United States and 1993 in the United Kingdom to support innovative HIV prevention, education programs, direct care and support services to people living with HIV.

It has raised over $600 million to support HIV related programs in fifty-five countries.

The organization supports its work through proceeds from special events, cause-related marketing projects, and voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. The foundation’s U.S. and U.K. branches work separately. Each focuses on different regions of the world as a result, the organization is able to reach a broader scope of the world. The U.S. branch works in the Americas and the Caribbean, while the U.K. branch focuses on Europe, Asia and Africa.

The organization has been well-known in Hollywood since 1993, when it began hosting the annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party.

EJAF is chaired by David Furnish, a producer of theater and music. He has been in a relationship with Elton John since 1993 they entered a civil partnership in 2005 and married in 2014.

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Elton John Condemns Rapper Dababy For Comments ‘fuelling’ Hiv Stigma

LONDON – Singer Elton John has condemned American rapper DaBaby for comments he made at a concert about people living with HIV, saying such statements fuel “stigma and discrimination”.

DaBaby has drawn widespread criticism for telling the audience at a weekend gig in Miami to “put your cell phone light up” except for those who were HIV-positive, ” any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases thatll make you die in two or three weeks,” or gay men who performed sex acts in car parks.

The rapper has since apologised.

“We’ve been shocked to read about the HIV misinformation and homophobic statements made at a recent DaBaby show. This fuels stigma and discrimination and is the opposite of what our world needs to fight the AIDS epidemic,” John, who has his own AIDS charitable foundation, said on Twitter late on Wednesday.

“Homophobic and HIV mistruths have no place in our society and industry and as musicians, we must spread compassion and love for the most marginalised people in our communities. A musicians job is to bring people together.”

John, a longtime campaigner in the fight against HIV/AIDS, also posted several factual tweets, saying those who are HIV-positive can lead long and healthy lives thanks to treatment.

Singer Dua Lipa has also criticised DaBaby, who features on her song “Levitating”, saying she was “surprised and horrified” by his comments. Label boohooMan said it would no longer work with him.

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