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Phonak Audeo M90-r Hearing Aids

Page 1: Charging The Hearing Aids

How to Clean a Phonak Audeo Marvel & Paradise Hearing Aids | Cleaning Hearing Aids
  • Page 16 4.1 Using the Charger Case Combi or Mini Charger Case Please refer to chapter 3 for how to set up the charger. Insert the hearing aid into the charging inserts. Make sure the left and right hearing aid markings match the left , right indicators next to the charging inserts.
  • Page 18 The indicator light will show the charging state of the battery until the hearing aid is fully charged. When fully charged the indicator light will remain on, i.e. solid green light. The charging process will automatically stop when the batteries are fully charged, so the hearing aids can be safely left in the charger.
  • Page 20 Remove the hearing aids from the charging inserts by 1. pulling the hearing aids gently toward yourself and 2. lifting them out of the charger. The hearing aid switches on automatically when removed from the charger. The indicator light starts blinking. The solid green light indicates the hearing aid is ready.
  • Page 21 4.2 Using the optional Power Pack Note: The Power Pack is only compatible with the Charger Case Combi. Attach the Power Pack to the bottom of the Charger Case Combi and lock it. Plug in the micro-USB and connect to an external power supply.
  • Page 22 micro-USB connection to external power source Indicator light battery status: 0%-29% 30%-59% 60%-100% Battery check push button Power Pack lock and release To check the remaining battery capacity of the Power Pack, press the battery check push button. The indicator lights will show the status.
  • Page : Parts Of The Hearing Aid & Charger

  • Page 11 Charger Case Combi Cleaning tool Space for drying capsule Space for earpieces Hearing aid charging inserts with left/right indicators Space for drying capsule Drying capsule
  • Page 12 Charger Case Combi with optional Power Pack Charger Case Combi Indicator light for power micro-USB connection to external power supply Power Pack micro-USB connection to external power supply Battery check button Indicator light for battery status and external power Power Pack lock and release…
  • Page 13 Mini Charger Case Hearing aid charging inserts with left/right indicators USB-C connection to external power supply Indicator light for power…
  • Page 2: 1 Initial Pairing

  • Page 30 Select the hearing aid from the list to simultaneously pair both hearing aids. A beep confirms successful pairing. For more information about pairing instructions for Bluetooth wireless technology, specific to some of the most popular phone manufacturers, go to:…
  • Page 31 11.2 Connecting to the device After your hearing aids have been paired to your device, they will automatically connect again when switched on. The connection will be maintained as long as the device remains ON and within range. Your hearing aids can be paired to one device at a time.
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    Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 Rechargeable Ric Hearing Aid


    Introducing Phonak Marvel: Focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.

    Clear, rich sound: Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort and be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

    Connects to smartphones, TV and more: Connect directly to either your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Use them for hands-free calls, listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.

    AutoSense OS is designed with your everyday listening situations in mind, seamlessly adapting to sounds wherever you are. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way.

    SoundLife Hearing provides professional consultation and can help you to restore your hearing. While youre at it, grab this opportunity and get the 7 days Hearing Aid Home Trial Program. Better be quick, it is available for limited slots only. (T

    Pair your Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids with your smartphones, TV and more wireless accessory.

    • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices.
    • Roger microphones

    Easy To Set Up And Use

    Phonak Audeo M90 R

    Phonak have made the device really simple to set up, you pair the PartnerMic with the hearing aids by simply switch it on and holding it close to the hearing aids. That’s it, it’s paired. Once you have paired it, the device works automatically when you turn it on.

    Your partner simply wears it and it delivers their voice, direct to your hearing aids at the best signal to noise ratio possible. That means that you get the optimum chance to understand what is being said. The device gives you:

    • Up to 25-meter range between speaker and listener
    • 2 hours to recharge

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    Ready To Speak To An Expert

    Find an audiologist in your area

    Knowing you have a hearing loss is only half the battle, speaking with an expert can provide you with the best guidance on what is best for you. Our online search tool is easy to use and will connect with a Phonak expert in your local area. Donât wait until itâs too late, connect with an expert today.

    Rechargeable And Streams To Both Iphone And Android

    Phonak Audeo M Marvel Rechargeable hearing aids can be controlled by and stream calls into both ears from either iPhone or Android devices. Now you can have it all with world-renown Phonak quality, remote support and adjustments. Audeo M-R offers excellent speech clarity with some of the best-in-the-industry connectivity to your devices. The built-in Li-Ion battery technology is designed to last six years before requiring factory replacement.

    Looking for the disposable battery version? Check out the Phonak Audeo M.

    Phonak Audeo M Marvel Rechargeable Apps

    Audeo M Rechargeable has a number of excellent free Apps to improve your experience: 1) myPhonak, for real-time support and remote adjustment 2) MyCall-to-text, to convert phone calls instantaneously to a text message-like readout 3) Phonak Remote app, to serve as a remote control for your Phonak Audeo M hearing aids.

    Phonak Audeo M Marvel Rechargeable Features

    Phonak considers the Audeo M-R technology platform a of engineering achievement. It features AutoSense 3.0 which automatically and quickly adapts to your listening environment. It simultaneously uses both hearing aids to produce truly binaural and lifelike sound. Best of all, Phonak Audeo M-R can stream any kind of media, whether it is phone calls, audio books, music, videos and more. Connect your new Phonak Audeo M-Rs to the optional Phonak TV Connector for great sound directly into your hearing aids.

    Phonak Audeo M Marvel Rechargeable Models

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    Virto Marvel 90 Hearing Aids

    Phonak have now introduced the full range of their new Virto M 90 in the ear products. The range will include a Marvel Titanium, two Marvel CIC devices, one with a size 10 battery and the other with a size 312, a Bluetooth enabled In The Canal/Half Shell model powered by a 312 battery and the Virto Black, basically the same as the 312 In The Canal/Half Shell model but with a black case.

    Only the Virto Black 90 and the Virto 312 90 In The Canal/Half Shell device will have the full Marvel functionality including the amazing connectivity. The other devices will not have connectivity. I think that raises a conundrum, at least for me. I don’t see any point in upgrading to a Marvel Virto from earlier Phonak Virto products unless I am getting the amazing connectivity.

    Obviously, that is a question for you rather than me, but if you are after one of the invisible versions, think about it carefully.

    We would expect the Audeo Marvel 90 range to be sold at prices from £1700.00 to £2200.00in the UK depending on the Practice and location. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from 2400.00 to 3000.00in Ireland. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from $2400.00 to $3200.00in the USA.

    Page 4: Service And Warranty

    Phonak Audeo M (Marvel) Bluetooth Hearing Aid Review | Made for Android & iPhone
  • Page 49 Warranty limitation This warranty does not cover damage from improper handling or care, exposure to chemicals or undue stress. Damage caused by third parties or non-authorized service centers renders the warranty null and void. This warranty does not include any services performed by a hearing care professional in their office.
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    Bolero Marvel 90 Range

    The Bolero Marvel 90 range is the latest premium level range of Behind The Ear hearing aids from Phonak. It consists of just two hearing aid models, The Bolero Marvel 90 M and the Bolero Marvel 90 PR. Both devices really only cover hearing losses up to moderate to severe. The Bolero Marvel 90 range shares all of the great features and technology that the Audeo Marvel 90 offers. The Bolero offers the Marvel 2.0 upgrade as well which allows direct connection to Roger Devices.

    Bolero Marvel Hearing Aid Prices

    We would expect the Bolero Marvel 90 range to be sold at prices from £1700.00 to £2200.00in the UK depending on the Practice and location. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from 2400.00 to 3000.00in Ireland. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from $2400.00 to $3200.00in the USA.

    Fully Featured Hearing Aids

    As I said, these hearing aids aren’t de-featured in any way. They include all of the latest Phonak features including their much-celebrated ear to ear features. They also have a brand new sound management system called Autosense 3.0 which recognises and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. Autosense 3.0 also classifies streamed signals and will adapt how it works to better help you to hear the way you should.

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    Audeo Marvel 90 Prices

    We would expect the Audeo Marvel 90 range to be sold at prices from £1700.00 to £2200.00in the UK depending on the Practice and location. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from 2400.00 to 3000.00in Ireland. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from $2400.00 to $3200.00in the USA. Just to be clear, we don’t set prices here and they differ from Practice to Practice across the World so our expectations aren’t binding, they are just a guess and some research. Always remember, we all like to shop around, but always be clear about what is being delivered. You will need care and support, make sure you will get it. You will also need your hearing aid validated or verified to get the best experience, paying a little more to ensure your experience is good, is not wasted money. That’s our price rant for the day over, let’s talk about the devices.

    A New System No Limits

    Phonak Audeo M90 R

    The new Marvel platform does not have any of those limitations. The Marvel will allow users to experience stereo streaming audio from any Bluetooth enabled device, that includes most mobile phones available, computers, even some modern TVs. Marvel users can have that audio streaming with the full benefits of Phonak’s ear to ear features . That all means an outstanding new hearing aid platform with no limitations.

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    Phonak Hearing Aid Pricing

    We carry all models of Phonak hearing aids. The prices for the newest devices are listed below. The cost includes a hearing aid fitting and orientation and one year of hearing aid follow-up visits.

    If you are interested in learning more about hearing aids, or are ready to purchase a pair of hearing aids, please contact us for an appointment. Our audiologists are happy to assist you in choosing the best hearing aids based on your specific type of hearing loss.

    If you are looking for an older model of Phonak hearing aids that is not listed below, please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

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    Phonak Made For Any Phone

    The Audeo Marvel 90 is their latest range of Receiver In Canal Made For Any Phone hearing aids. The devices have been exceptionally successful since their release. Phonak rolled out an upgrade to the devices during the summer of 2019 which they called Marvel 2.0. It increased the functionality of the devices and delivered a direct connection to Roger devices.


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    Boost Your Hearing Aids Performance In Challenging Listening Situations

    With todayâs technology, hearing aids have made speech understanding in most situations enjoyable. But sometimes, hearing aids are simply not enough. Therefore Phonak has developed a wide range of wireless accessories to boost the performance of your hearing aids and keep you connected. Whether listening in a noisy environment, at a distance or watching TV, Phonak offers hearing solutions for your everyday needs. Read more about our Roger⢠portfolio and other hearing aid accessories.

    Page 5: Information And Description Of Symbols

    How to attach the retention on a Phonak Audèo M hearing aid
  • Page 59 This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to read and take into account the relevant information in these user guides. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to pay attention to the relevant warning notices in these user guides. Important information for handling and product safety.
  • Page 60 Japanese mark for certified radio equipment. Indicates the manufacturers serial number so that a specific medical device can be identified. Indicates the manufacturers catalogue number so that the medical device can be identified. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to read and take into account the relevant information in this user guide.
  • Page 61 Humidity during storage: 0% to 70%, if not in use. See instruction in chapter 21.2 regarding drying the hearing aid after use. Atmospheric pressure during transportation and storage: 200 hPA to 1500 hPa During transportation keep dry. The symbol with the crossed-out garbage bin is to make you aware that this hearing aid as well as chargers and Power Pack may not be thrown away as normal household waste.
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    Phonak Marvel Audeo M90

    Phonak Audeo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound. The new Marvel platform expresses our boundless commitment to improving hearing without limitations. Offering excellent hearing performance, speech understanding, and sound quality regardless of the listening environment.

    Connects To Smartphones Tv And More

    Phonak Audéo Marvel can connect directly to iOS, Android or other Bluetooth® enabled phones and with a simple plug and play solution, called Phonak TV Connector they are set up for watching TV. Use Marvel hearing aids just like wireless headphones for listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and more. Always in top rated sound quality when streaming.

    • Connectivity to a variety of everyday electronics

    • Hearing aids used as wireless stereo headphones

    • Extra-long streaming time thanks to AirStream technology

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    A Marvellous Week With The New Phonak Marvel

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set of the new Phonak Audeo M90-R hearing aids at the start of November, when the official launch wasnt until November 28, 2018. Intrigued by the bold claims and new found functionality afforded by Phonaks Made for All platform, I was eager to test them out in different environments and to see just how well these hearing aids would stream.

    Hearing Aid Setup:

    As I dont have any hearing loss, my sample hearing aids were programmed for a very mild hearing loss. Although the sound quality was always comfortable, I will be the first to admit that this blog post is not a review on how the new Marvel hearing aids function in terms of amplifying environmental sounds, but more so how they connect with other devices and the quality of the streaming. I had the new 2M receivers and open domes for the week. I was a little worried about the sound quality that I would get with the open domes, but as you will read soon, those worries were largely unjustified.

    Made for All:

    Streaming Music:

    Streaming PodCasts and AudioBooks:

    Phone Calls:

    Overall, it was an incredibly comfortable and effective way to talk on the phone. Although the other patrons of the grocery store might have thought I was talking to myself as I went through our grocery list while talking to my wife who was at home. The whole time I had two hands free to pick things off the shelves and placed them in my basket.

    Domes Matter:



    Page 3: Care And Maintenance

    Phonak Marvel Audeo M90
  • Page 40 General information Before using hair spray or applying cosmetics, you should remove your hearing aid from your ear, because these products may damage it. Your hearing aids are resistant to water, sweat and dust under the following conditions: After exposure to water, sweat or dust, the hearing aid is cleaned and dried.
  • Page 41 Daily Hearing aid: Inspect the earpiece for earwax and moisture deposits. Clean the surfaces with a lint-free cloth or use the small brush provided in the Charger Case Combi. Never use cleaning agents such as household detergents, soap, etc. for cleaning your hearing aid. It is not recommended to rinse with water.
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    Phonak Marvel: The Ultimate Combination Of Exceptional Sound Quality And Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

    • Clear, rich sound in any environment thanks to Autosense OS 3.0 developed with artificial intelligence
    • Stream any audio content, including music, ebooks and more to both ears from any Bluetooth device
    • Built in microphones allow completely hands-free conversation from both iPhone and Android devices while the conversation is heard in both ears
    • Lithium-ion rechargeable for a full day of hearing including streaming on a single charge
    • Smart apps enable fine-tuning and live voice-to-text phone transcriptions

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