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Resound Gn Hearing Aids Cost

Resound Frequently Asked Questions

ReSound ONE hearing aid review by zone1hearing #ReSound
  • How do I clean my hearing aids?

    To clean ReSound hearing aids, you should use an alcohol-free cleaning agent regularly. Your provider will show you how to change the wax filters on your hearing aids, and If you have an excessive buildup of wax, you should contact your hearing aid provider who might be able to assist with a more thorough cleaning.

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Resound Linx 2 Hearing Aids

This was one of the first models to feature direct connectivity to Apple devices without the need for a streamer. Sound is streamed to your hearing aid straight from your Apple device, which effectively turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones. The ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory can be used to connect to Android devices.

ReSound LiNX2 also offers wearers a natural listening experience with their proprietary Spatial Sense and Binaural Directionality II features. This goes a long way towards improving the sound quality of speech in noisy environments.

Special Features Of Resound Hearing Aids Uk

Resound hearing aids are all about offering the most natural listening experience for their customers. This means hearing aid users can spend more time engaged in conversations and less time worrying about understanding everything that is said.

The company is a firm believer in the idea of Smart Hearing. This is a concept based on four cornerstones of hearing: audiology, connectivity, smart apps, and design. The Smart Hearing technology from Resound provides fantastic sound quality, connects smoothly with other appliances, has a customized user interface, and uses durable designs to improve the quality of life of the wearer.

Here are some of the standout features that you might find in many Resound hearing aids:

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How To Purchase Resound Through Jabra Enhance

ReSound and Jabra share a parent company and sell the same technology. The big difference is that Jabra Enhance programs hearing aids remotely and ships them to your door, and the process offers significant savings.

You might consider this option if you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to purchase hearing aids with ReSound technology.

How it works:

Start with a hearing test on Jabras website or send in an up-to-date audiogram. With your test in hand, Jabra will program your hearing aids and ship them to you. If you need further adjustments, Jabras hearing team will tune your program remotely. Jabra offers 3 years of unlimited follow-up care with all purchases

Price: $1,195 for a pair of battery-powered, $1,595 for a pair of rechargeable, $1,995 for rechargeable with the most premium sound quality.

Features: Rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled, Behind The Ear Style

Resound Linx 3d 9 77 Bte

GN ReSound MA2T70


From £1700.00 to £2200.00in the UK. From 2400.00 to 3000.00in Ireland. From $2400.00 to $3200.00in the USA.

The LT77 is the mid size behind the ear hearing aids from Resound. It can be fit with either a thin tube or a traditional tube and mould. It has a telecoil onboard. The device is suitable for hearing losses from mild to severe.

The functional features of this model are as follows, it can have a push button, volume control, the devices all have smart start which gives you a couple of seconds to get it in your ear before it comes on. However, you will get the direct audio streaming, ear to ear communication, and wireless accessories. More importantly, you will get access to the Smart 3D app and all the benefits that it delivers to your experience. This device takes a size 13 battery.

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Resound Hearing Aid Price In India

The ReSound Hearing Aid Price in India in 2022 starts with INR 18990 and goes up to INR 3,20,999/-. The reason for this wide range is that its an electronic medical device and the price varies with the features and technology of the device. Now the hearing aid devices are coming with all the modern features like Rechargeability and connectivity, Bluetooth Connectivity, all access Directionality, Ultra Focus, Speech clarity in wind noise and much more.

Resound Hearing Aid Technologies

ReSound was the first to deliver Made-for-iPhone hearing aids. The wireless hearing aids hastened the transformation of hearing aids from devices used mainly for amplification to consumer electronic products used for phone calls, music streaming and other forms of connectivity, communication and entertainment. Prior to its iPhone hearing aids, ReSound was a pioneer in 2.4 GHz wireless technology streaming solutions. Among other things, ReSound wireless accessories were the first to eliminate cumbersome “neck loops” that had been required to transmit audio signals to hearing aids.

Its latest chip platform, released in 2020, powers the high-end sound processing software in ReSound’s premium One and Omnia hearing aid families. Compared with ReSound’s previous technology platform, the new C6 Chip Platform offers twice the memory and 50% more processing power. And with Omnia, ReSound promises a 150% improvement in speech understanding versus legacy products. The platform delivers beamforming directionality, which enables improved speech understanding in background noise.

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Resound Hearing Aids Accessories

Resound hearing aid accessories direct audio from your own phone and other audio devices straight to your hearing aids. There are a few options to choose from that will benefit your hearing loss – ensure that you ask your audiologist to go through all the hearing aid accessories that are compatible with your phone and hearing aid model.

Resound Gns Hearing Aid Apps

Place ReSound ONE hearing aids in the Premium Charger

ReSound Smart 3D and Smart Apps

With both the Smart 3D and Smart app, users can adjust their volume, mute their hearing aid, and use the sound enhancer to control tones, noise levels, speech focus, wind noise levels, and tinnitus settings. Consumers can also use either app to get in touch with their hearing care professional for help or to locate a lost hearing aid.

The Smart 3D app is compatible with the ReSound LiNX Quattro, LiNX 3D, and Enzo 3D hearing aids. The ReSound Smart app is compatible with the LiNX2 and Enzo2.

ReSound Relief

Tinnitus sufferers can use the ReSound Relief app to relieve tinnitus symptoms. Using the app, users are able to:

  • Create their soundscapes
  • Use a timer to play soothing sounds to help them fall asleep
  • Listen to exercises to train the brain to focus less on tinnitus
  • Manage sound therapy files
  • Track their app usage to learn which sounds work best for them.

The app will work with ReSounds wireless hearing aids and any Bluetooth-compatible or wired headphones, earbuds, or speakers.

ReSound Control

Hearing aid users who want to adjust their device discreetly can do so with the ReSound Control app. The app allows users to adjust volume levels for a variety of environments as well as for streaming devices. They will also be able to mute sound, change and rename programs, and activate streaming devices. For Android smartphone owners, the ReSound Phone Clip+ is required to use the Control app.

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An Affordable Alternative To Resound: Mdhearing

Before making the decision to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of ReSound hearing aids, wed like to encourage you to browse the high-quality, FDA-registered hearing aids from MDHearing. With prices ranging from $299.98 to $699.98 a pair, our hearing aids offer superb quality and high performance for thousands of dollars less than a conventional set of aids.

At MDHearing, we keep our costs down by designing and manufacturing our own hearing aids. This allows us to remove thousands of dollars in hearing manufacturer markups. Then, we sell our hearing aids directly to consumers over the internetwhich allows us to cut even more brick-and-mortar costs and overhead off the final price tag.

Everything we do is focused on achieving the best balance between price and performance while maintaining the highest standards of quality in both our products and our remote hearing care services. Our licensed hearing care professionals and audiology team can provide detailed advice, recommendations, and support along every step of your hearing loss journeyand were just a phone call or email away.

What You Should Know About Resound Gn Hearing Aids

  • Wide variety of hearing aid models and styles: ReSound offers a wide range of hearing aid devices ranging from rechargeable types to aids with small and discreet designs. The company also makes both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles, so youre sure to find one that best fits your needs.
  • Excellent smartphone compatibility: ReSound was one of the first companies to produce Made-for-iPhone hearing aids, turning your devices from mainly for amplification to bonafide electronic products that you can use for streaming, phone calls, etc.
  • Required audiologist appointment: Unlike direct-to-consumer brands, ReSound GN doesnt sell hearing aids directly to customers. Thus, youll have to find an audiologist or a hearing expert in your area. The company guides you every step of the way if you need hearing aids.
  • Top-notch telehealth support: ReSound GN offers a painless way to request assistance from your hearing care specialist through its various smartphone apps. For instance, you can use the ReSound Assist feature to ask for remote adjustments that are saved directly to your hearing aids.
  • Expensive products: ReSound GN hearing aids may not be for you if you have a tight budget. The average cost of ReSound devices ranges from $3,000 to $6,500 per pair. However, depending on the retailer or provider, you may receive options for financing.

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Is Resound One Good For Speech Understanding

Resoud Omnia is all about the background noise. The improved Ultra Focus feature gives you the access to focus in on who you are conversing with in more clarity than potentially other hearing aid brands in the industry. Along with the Resound app, you can gain full control of sound direction and use an array of settings to enhance your listening experience in restaurants or to adjust such things as music.

Omnia, gives you automatic focus on what you want to tune into or listen to. This means you have full control of how you want to hear and not your hearing aids. Resound One hearing aids did a pretty good job of making speech clear in noisy environments, but there could be times when loud sounds from behind or at the side would distort the soundscape.

Resound Linx 3d 9 Cic

New GN ReSound Match MA2T80


From £1700.00 to £2200.00in the UK. From 2400.00 to 3000.00in Ireland. From $2400.00 to $3200.00in the USA.

The LTCIC is a discrete cic device, because it is so small you will lose some of the benefits of the technology. However, that is always the trade off for discretion. The device is available with four levels of receiver power, LP, MP, HP and UP which means it can cover a lot of hearing loss, in fact from mild all the way to severe to profound. Again, the size of receiver available is based on the size of your ear canal. If your canal is too small, you won’t be able to avail of the higher power receivers.

The functional features of this model are as follows, it can have a push button, volume control, the devices all have smart start which gives you a couple of seconds to get it in your ear before it comes on. But you lose out on the direct audio streaming, no ear to ear communication, and no wireless accessories. The battery size on this aid is size 10.

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How To Operate The Hearing Aid By Using The Button And App

Most of the hearing aid faceplate is taken up by a single button that serves as a soft key and can be programmed to do various things.

Custom by ReSound.

Starting out, the button turns the hearing aid on and off when you press it for at least 4 seconds. When the hearing aid is turned on, a steady green LED lights up on the faceplate for 2 seconds when turned off, the LED flashes 3 times.

The hearing aid is designed to be completely automatic, with a self-adjusting volume that changes in response to your listening needs and environment. However, you can also manually adjust the volume using the ReSound Smart 3D app on your smartphone or by using the ReSound remote control which is an optional accessory. If you have two hearing aids, there is a Synchronized Volume Control function that, when enabled, allows simultaneous adjustments in both ears.

Because youll want to hear in different environments, there are up to six listening programs that can be applied by your hearing care professionalAll around, Music, Acoustic phone, Outdoor, Restaurant, and Ultra Focuswith the latter two providing progressively more front-facing focus for noisier places that pose more listening challenges. You can change these programs in the Smart 3D app or by briefly pressing the button on the hearing aid. When you do this, youll hear a number of beeps that corresponds to the number of the program youve selected.

New Resound Key Provides A Premium Hearing Aid Experience At An Affordable Price

Too many people neglect their health by not treating their hearing loss. Today, only one in five of those who could benefit from hearing aids are using them, leaving many people missing out on lifes sounds, communicating with family and socializing with friends. Cost is often cited as a reason for not treating hearing loss.

In February, GN Hearing, the global leader in hearing aid innovation, unveiled the ReSound Key portfolio, a full collection of hearing aids offering proven technology and advanced features and services normally only available in premium-priced hearing devices.

At GN Hearing, we believe that everyone deserves great hearing, explains GN Hearing CEO and President, Gitte Aabo. Treating hearing loss can radically transform lives, helping people to thrive and grow. ReSound Key gives more people access to the best care and professional guidance, which helps them feel more confident and stay in touch with others to participate fully in life.


ReSound Key is available in 10 models, including the popular rechargeable Receiver-in-Ear design, custom hearing aids, and Behind-the-Ear options even including high power and super power models for profound hearing loss.


If you like the latest gadgets or struggle changing batteries, rechargeability is a modern must-have.


Control volume and background noise, as well as speech and sound programs

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Best For A Custom Fit: Resound Customs

  • Type: ITC, ITE full shell, ITE half shell, completely-in-canal
  • Who it is best for: those who want a custom fit
  • Pros: comfortable and discreet
  • Cons: users must charge them every day

The ReSound Customs range includes ITC and CIC options. A person can choose between full- and half-shell ITE options.

These hearing aids are designed to fit a persons ear size, shape, and structure. This can create a better hearing experience for the user, and according to ReSound, 48% of users prefer a custom fit option after a hearing loss diagnosis.

Features of the Custom hearing aids include:

  • a range of sizes and colors
  • discreet design
  • do not interfere with glasses or masks
  • superior sound quality

The company also offers hearing accessories and smartphone apps. For example:

  • The ReSound TV Streamer 2 turns hearing aids into wireless headphones.
  • The ReSound Phone Clip+ streams music and calls from a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone directly to a hearing aid.
  • The ReSound Remote Control enables a person to adjust volume and change the settings of their aids with the touch of a button.
  • The ReSound Multi-Mic delivers sound from up to 80 feet away.

What Resound Technology Level Should I Pick 9 Or 7 Or 5

ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aids: Review and Price 2023

Choosing Ressound One or Omnia technology level is a choice of lifestyle and budget. If you don’t have a constrained budget then go with the higher level of technology that your budget allows, level 9. Keep in mind that hearing aids are a special type of consumer good. They have relatively long lifetimes hence you need to look at your purchase as an investment. You may not have many constraints on your budget, but you may not have a very busy life either i.e you rarely find yourself in a conversation in the presence of background noise or competing speech such as in pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and so on. In that case, Resound Omnia 5 might be just enouogh for you. For a better understanding of your options, we suggest consulting with your audiologist. Book an online consultation here.

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Twin Microphones And Speech

The new Resound custom hearing aids boast twin microphones, which are necessary to get the most out of your ears in terms of hearing and background noise. You won’t find dual microphones in hearing aids smaller than these, as they need to be placed some distance apart to be effective.

The dual microphones have a replaceable filter ring, which can be easily serviced at regular intervals by your hearing care professional . The product also has a recessed vent that contributes to its sleek look while also helping reduce the echoic, hollow own-voice sound that results from closing off the ear canal.

Customs by ReSound is reported to provide 15-30% better speech understanding in noise depending on the hearing loss when compared to ReSound’s previous technology. Additionally, Customs’ All Access Directionality is designed to work in sync with the in-ear microphones for better speech intelligibility while also allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings.

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