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Reviews Of Audicus Hearing Aids

Audicus Wave Hearing Aid: Price Spec Design Features User Reviews

Audicus Aura Hearing Aid Review | Small Hearing Aids

The Audicus Wave RIC is a feature-packed hearing device with Bluetooth connectivity, and is designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

According to the brand, the Audicus Wave is its most advanced hearing device yet, offering Bluetooth connectivity, full app control , and the option of a rechargeable battery. Throw in a 45-day risk-free trial, a one-year warranty, plus unlimited reprogramming if you decide to keep the Audicus Wave, and this quickly becomes one of the best hearing aids money can buy.

The American-Speech-Language Association explains that a hearing aid should have a microphone to pick up sound, a built-in volume adjuster, and a receiver to then send the louder sounds directly to your ear. It should also have an on/off switch, and either a replaceable or rechargeable battery. Extra features, which can push up the cost, include a directional mic, and a telephone switch for speaking on the telephone.

Audicus was founded in 2012, and has quickly made a name for itself as a brand that makes getting a customized hearing device very straightforward indeed simply submit a hearing test , then it will create a suitable aid and deliver it straight to your door.

In other words, you get similar benefits as you would with a hearing care professional, but from the privacy of your home. And its this convenience, coupled with a high build quality and superb level of features and technology that makes the Audicus Wave such a big draw.

What Type Of Hearing Aid Is Best For Me

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles. To find your best option, youll need to consider features, size, visibility, and your degree of hearing loss. In general, hearing aids come in the following styles:

  • Mini behind-the-ear

In-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal aids are very small, so they may be more difficult to remove and adjust, but theyre the most discreet style.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are bulkier and more visible, but they are also easier to handle and more appropriate for profound hearing loss. Since hearing aids are a substantial expense, its important to research the different companies and styles to ensure youre getting the right one for your hearing loss.

Reading a variety of hearing aid reviews can help you better understand the different styles and how people choose the best hearing aids for their comfort level and needs.

Audicus Has Few Positive Reviews

I looked for positive Audicus reviews but came up empty-handed. While the product is excellent, customers may be dissatisfied with their service.

Because Audicus is a small company, you should not expect them to provide world-class service. It is preferable to purchase from a large marketplace such as Amazon if you want to ensure good after-sales service. There is much better customer protection there.

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Audicus Hearing Aid Cost

Audicus claims that, by cutting out intermediaries, its able to save you as much as 70%:

  • The Dia II starts at $499 per ear.
  • The Aura starts at $699 per ear.
  • The Clara starts at $749 per ear.
  • The Wave starts at $949 per ear.
  • The Spirit starts at $1,399 per ear.
  • The Omni starts at $1,699 per ear.

Audicus has partnered with Care Credit and Allegro to provide payment plans for six, 12 or 18 months. It also offers a membership plan with monthly costs ranging from $78 to $198 per ear, depending on the model you choose. Audicus provides a one-year warranty and free shipping in the United States.

What People Are Saying:

Meet The Oro

“Had the best experience with them. I have been an Audicus customer for over 5 years, their hearing aids work great. The customer service is fantastic.”

â Bruce G.

“Had some issues at first. New receiver wire was helpful. Still can’t find the right ends to make them fit in my ears right to prevent whistling.”

â Grace N

“Great experience here! The hearing aids are GREAT as is the service and attention to customer needs!”

â Cindy Hamilton

“Excellent product that is comparable to the high-end hearing aids I tried on in a local hearing office. The battery life is excellent.”

â Scott Smith

“So far, so good. This will be my 3rd pair of Audicus hearing aids. Each new pair is better than the last one.”

â Richard S.

“The process was easy! Had a good experience and when I put the hearing aids on, I couldn’t believe what I was missing.”

â Bobby Martin

“I’m very satisfied with the Clara aids, they are high quality and have improved my hearing. The customer service is excellent.”

â Jerry Sullivan

“I purchased the rechargeable battery unit and I would strongly recommend it to enhance the listening experience – a very satisfied customer!”

â Karen Coles

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What Are The Best Hearing Aids On The Market

There are many reputable hearing aid brands in the U.S. that have risen in popularity over recent years. Lively hearing aids give users the best customer experience and ReSound hearing aids offer customers the best telehealth integration, which is the use of digital information and communication technologies in hearing aids. Signia hearing aids are known for their high-end and sleek hearing aid designs and EarGo hearing aids are one of the most affordable hearing aids on the market in relation to their quality and durability.

Accessories For Audicus Hearing Aids

Audicus sells a variety of accessories and hearing aid supplies on its website. These items can be purchased separately and are not included in any of the membership programs.

The company also sells earwax guards, domes, and other Audicus accessories on its website.

In addition, Audicus offers an exchange service to help you save on your hearing aids. If you have an Audicus hearing aid that your friend or relative no longer uses, the company can reprogram them and fit them to your hearing test for a fee of $100.

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Wave Audicus: User Reviews

As expected, there are plenty of favorable reviews on the Audicus website, including many that praise the customer service. One customer writes, I am so grateful for the Audicus membership program that makes hearing aids affordable for many of us who otherwise would not be able to purchase them. I work from home and have to attend many Zoom meetings, which involve my phone. With the Wave I can stream the meeting through my hearing aids and never miss a bit of what is being said.

Another customer, Christine, also opted for the Audicus membership for her Wave hearing aids. Her user review praised the, Excellent customer service and the aids are fantastic! I am able to stream music, phone calls and TV directly through the aids. Any questions I have are answered promptly. The aids themselves are comfortable and I hear very well with them.

Another Audicus Wave user review said, I am very satisfied…way more than I could have ever expected…I am very happy they are inconspicuous.

Otc Hearing Aids Vs Prescription Hearing Aids

Audicus Wave Hearing Aids Review | Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Both OTC and prescription hearing aids are regulated as medical devices by the FDA.8 But while OTC hearing aids can be purchased directly from the companies that make them, prescription hearing aids require hearing exams and usually cost more.

Mandatory hearing exams and fittings

As their name suggests, prescription hearing aids require both a medical exam and a prescription written by an audiologist or other hearing professional. You can learn about the features of certain prescription hearing aids on the manufacturers websites, but youll need to go to a hearing clinic for an exam and prescription to buy them.

Many prescription hearing aids also require fitting by a hearing professional. OTC hearing aids dont, so they usually come with a variety of domes and tips that you can switch out to find the ones that are the most comfortable and give you the best listening experience.

Higher prices

Prescription hearing aids tend to be more expensive than OTC hearing aids, since they are typically sold as part of a package that includes ongoing maintenance and adjustments by a hearing professional. Not everyone can afford to pay for those extra services.

In contrast, OTC hearing aids tend to be less expensive, since you dont need an in-person hearing exam and because the hearing aids themselves are sold as a standalone product .

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Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Youd be wise to clean the wax out of your ears so you can hear everything were about to tell you in this segment of our Audicus hearing aids review. We wont spoil it, but its all the juicy details youve been waiting for.

Looks like we just spoiled it. Oh well.

Heres something youll want spoiled though all of the items were about to cover can be customized to your liking. You can add enhanced clarity for $50, select which ear the product will be shaped for, and add the companys 2-Year Audicus Protection Plan for $12 a month.

Common Complaints About Nano Hearing Aids

The most common complaints listed by Nano Hearing Aid Consumers are:

  • Poor customer service. Customers find it difficult to contact representatives. Common complaints include speaking to unknowledgeable representatives and being hung up on after calling the companys phone line. Some consumers reported being accused of lying about devices arriving damaged.
  • Too much background noise. Though all the models claim to cancel ambient sounds, some reviewers are unhappy with the hearing aid and are displeased with the results.
  • Shipping delays and unfulfilled orders. Nanos website advertises shipping within 7-10 business days, but some reviewers say they waited a full month before getting their product.
  • Complicated return and warranty policies. Their policies are confusing to understand and generally end with the buyer receiving no returned funds.
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    Physical Characteristics & Processing Features

    The Audicus Spirit hearing aid physically looks nearly identical to its sister company Unitrons Moxi Blu hearing aid and, as you might expect, contains similar features. The Spirit has 14 bands/channels for frequency shaping and sound treatment. The hearing aid will come pre-programmed to default to an automatic program when power on. Within this program the hearing aid will align noise reduction and directional microphones according to your listening environment. However, there are also 4 distinct pre-programmed listening environments such as restaurant and conversation in quiet which are available via the push button. If you choose to download the Hearing Remote app you can choose from 10 different preset programs including outdoors, live music, Bluetooth® streaming, and several others.

    The push button or multi-function control on the hearing aid will control both volume and program changes and any change to one hearing aid will automatically align the opposite hearing aid. The push button can also be utilized to accept/reject a phone call as well as end a phone call. Keep in mind that you can also use your phone for all of those same controls or you can use the optional app.

    There are only 4 color choices available for Spirit and include beige, black, grey and silver. Other companies usually offer at least 6 color choices in order to better match skin and hair color.

    Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review


    Underlying research:

    • 96 models considered
    • 600-plus users surveyed

    Our experts have spent more than 2,500 hours conducting thorough research on hearing aids. Throughout this process, we did the following:

    • Deeply researched the hearing device category
    • Consulted with audiologists and hearing device experts
    • Mystery shopped 30 brands
    • Surveyed more than 600 hearing aid users
    • Read and reviewed the current studies published in this space
    • Read thousands of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot

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    How To Buy Hearing Aids From Audicus

    Before you can buy hearing aids online from Audicus, youll need to take the hearing test provided on its website. You can also send a recent hearing test to Audicus. Upload the audiograph by using the link on its website sending a fax or texting or emailing a photo of test results. All records are stored via a HIPAA-compliant process, so your information remains private and anonymous.

    A hearing professional at Audicus reviews your hearing test, and then you receive recommendations for hearing aids. Audicus currently sells four FDA-approved hearing aid models for mild to severe hearing loss. Select the hearing aid, then add the options you want, depending on the model:

    • One-time payment or subscription
    • Make the hearing aid rechargeable
    • Enhanced clarity
    • Audicus Care automatic supply shipments
    • Audicus Protect plan with unlimited repairs and cleanings and a one-time replacement

    An audiologist will program your hearing aids. You can tweak the settings further when you receive them. Audicus gives you 45 days to decide whether to keep your hearing aids. Each hearing aid comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty, a Getting Started kit, unlimited support and free shipping.

    In addition to their online purchase options, Audicus has 5 clinic locations that offer hearing aid support and free hearing assessments: Denver, CO San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA Washington D.C.

    What Is Audicus Return Policy

    Youll have up to 45 days to return your Audicus hearing aids if youve been hearing unusual bumps in the night or if you havent been hearing your regular bumps in the night.

    We want to point out that members can return their items at any time. However, items returned more than 45 days after the initial purchase are ineligible for a refund.

    And for Petes sake, please clean your hearing aids before you return them. Nobody wants to open the Pandoras box of earwax.

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    How We Research And Review Hearing Aids

    Our Reviews Team tests the waterproof claims of various hearing aids

    We only recommend hearing devices that we think will have a positive impact for our readers, so we began our testing process by reviewing hearing aid research. We also consulted with audiologists and geriatric care experts to better understand the research, the needs of people with hearing loss, and the hearing aid brands and models on the market. We read thousands of reviews on trusted third-party sites such as Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot to understand customers experiences and where they think hearing aids are falling short. Next, we conducted a survey to discover what people love about their hearing aids, what features they use, and what their biggest challenges are. We focused on brands that:

    • Are widely available

    Purchase Through A Discount Network

    The Audicus Clara: Turning On Your Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    Another option is to purchase the same devices available at an audiologists office or hearing center from a discount network such as Zip Hearing for up to 35% less than retail price. When you purchase hearing aids through this network, youll be connected with an audiologist in your area for further care. If you are a veteran, check with your local Veteran Affairs medical center about meeting with an audiologist, getting a hearing test, and determining what hearing aid is right for you.

    Larger retailers stores, such as Walmart and Costco, may also sell hearing aids. The majority of the hearing aid users we surveyed used Kirkland hearing aids from Costco. The next most-popular brand in our survey was Eargo with 8%.

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    Cost Of Audicus Hearing Aids

    If youre looking for the best cheap hearing aids, you might already know that compared to other brands of hearing devices, Audicus models are affordable. For example, the behind-the-ear Dia model is $998 per pair. Hearing aids made by Eargo, on the other hand, cost $2,950 per pair a pair of Lively hearing aids are $1,450 and Starkey hearing aids are about $3,098 per pair.

    Customers can pay the whole cost upfront or choose a monthly payment plan. Additionally, Audicus partners with Affirm, a credit provider, so eligible customers can receive financing for their hearing aids. Most insurance policies do not cover the cost of hearing aids, so this option is helpful. Signing up for membership is another way to pay.

    Increased Access To Hearing Aids

    The FDAs final ruling on OTC hearing aids is meant to increase access to hearing aids by removing some of the barriers that often keep people from seeking treatment for hearing loss. The high price of hearing aids, the perceived stigma of wearing them, and the concern that hearing aids arent effective are all common reasons that people with hearing loss wait an average of 10 years before buying hearing aids.9

    Hadassah Kupfer, an audiologist in Brooklyn, New York, believes we should be celebrating the new FDA ruling as a success that will expand hearing aid access. As an audiologist, I know that adjusting and fitting hearing aids for specific use takes considerable time and understanding. OTC will not be for every type of hearing loss, but if it opens a door for those previously unwilling to seek professional help, I would consider that a success, says Kupfer.

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    Are Nano Hearing Aids Amplifiers

    Nano claims theyre registered under the FDAs Class I for hearing aids on their website.

    Since they sell amplifiers, theres some confusion here. If youre wondering why this is confusing, it can help to understand how amplifiers differ from true hearing aids can help.

    Amplifiers, also called personal sound amplification products , are different than hearing aids. The major difference relates to the severity of hearing loss.

    PSAPs are not able to reduce background noise or increase specific sound sources, which is helpful for facilitating a users understanding of speech. Instead of filtering noise with special algorithms, PSAPs amplify all sounds equally.

    Since the technology is not as complex as true hearing aids, they can be sold at a cheaper price point. Unfortunately, PSAPs have limited functionality which causes many users dissatisfaction with the product.

    Because of this, amplifiers are usually not the best solution for addressing hearing loss.

    The product can exhaust their brains which must work hard at all times to determine which of the amplified sounds, like human speech, are deserving of attention, and which sounds they should ignore, like doors opening and closing at a restaurant.

    Hearing aids cost more money because they have settings tailored to the specific wearers more moderate to severe hearing loss.

    Some reviewers list Nano as a PSAP because they dont require a prescription or audiogram.

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