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Senior Aids For Daily Living

Writing And Reading Aids

Five Best Adaptive Daily Living Aids for the Elderly

Our head pointers and mouth sticks are very user-friendly and useful if you are looking for products to help you write and read. The telescopic mouth sticks are suitable for children starting from the age of five and can be used as a page-turner, keyboard, or screen typing device. These are devised for individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, neurological disorders or upper extremity disabilities. Check out the Levo book holders and page-turners and our Norco, Dr. Grip, and Touch Test writing aids.

Aids For Dining And Drinking

The dining and drinking assistive devices are useful for those with limited grasp and range of neck, head, and arms movement. Divided plates with suction pad, spill-proof cups, feeding cups, sure grip tumblers, feeders, and partitioned scoop dishes are available at great discounts. Also choose from easy-grip utensils, adjustable extensions utensils or grip curved utensils, foam padding utensils, bendable forks with large handles as well as angled cutlery and plastic handle swivel spoons.

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Daily Living Aids For Hearing

Hearing loss can be devastating, but there are more products than ever before to help your loved one stay in touch with others. Here are a few daily living aids to help seniors who struggle with hearing loss.

Digital Hearing Aids

Unlike analog aids, digital hearing aids accurately adapt sounds based on your loved ones preferences and situation, such as talking to somebody outside, on the phone, or in a quiet place like home. Plus, there are many digital hearing aids to choose from depending on your loved ones circumstances.

Doorbell Alarms

For people with a hearing impairment, its not uncommon to miss a knock at the door or even the doorbell. However, many devices are available that can help. For example, many wireless doorbell systems feature extra loud alerts, lights, or vibrations to let your loved one know when someone is at the door.

TV Ears

If your loved one is hard of hearing, finding the right TV volume can be a battle. You want your loved one to enjoy the show, but a loud TV might drown out conversations and cause discomfort to others.

TV Ears give you and your loved one the best of both worlds. The headset connects to your television and lets seniors adjust the volume to their comfort level.

Therapy Devises For Use At Home

Sock and Stocking Aid

Many people with illnesses and injuries benefit from continued therapies when they are recovering at home. If your doctor has recommended that you use hot or cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain following a surgery or injury, you can purchase many different types of devices and products to follow your physician’s orders. Patches, wraps, pads and packs can be purchased to warm or cool specific parts of the body for hot and cold therapy. For some conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder, doctors may recommend the use of light therapy devices. You can find a number of lamps and lights to expose the body to light at home. Be sure to use hot and cold therapy and light therapy products as directed by your physician for best results.

Poor circulation can be caused by many different conditions from congestive heart failure to diabetes. If you or someone for whom you care is dealing with side effects of poor circulation, there are personal care aids that could be of assistance. Compression stockings and hosiery can help to reduce swelling of the feet and ankles and lessen the likelihood of blood clots. For those who suffer from slow healing due to reduced circulation or another health care concern, there are wound care products available. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice before using any of these home health care products.

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Daily Living Aids At Walgreens

Being able to perform daily living tasks like eating, getting dressed, bathing and using the toilet independently or with minimal assistance has a profound impact upon the emotional well-being of people who are injured, elderly or disabled. If you or someone for whom you care has difficulty performing daily living tasks due to a medical condition or disability, there are a variety of products on the market to assist them and help them enjoy greater independence and improved well-being.

Daily Living Aids To Help The Elderly

As you age, your bones, joints and muscles begin to weaken and may not be as strong as they once were. Some tasks require more effort while others may seem close to impossible. But, getting older does not have to mean that life gets harder. There are many daily living aids that are here to help with all tasks, great and small. Daily living aids help with all types of daily activities such as sitting in a chair, going to the toilet, having a shower, preparing food, eating and taking medication. These aids can provide the necessary addition to make that hard to do task a lot easier and lead to day to day improvements, efficiency and productivity.

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Independent Aids And Activities Of Daily Living Examples List

  • Assists with pulling on a sock without bending down or reaching for the sock
  • Helps to grab commonly used objects
  • Long bath sponge
  • Assists with scrubbing hard to reach places, like the middle of the back, when shoulder mobility is compromised
  • Can make sliding a shoe on by the heal easier with minimal upper body movement

Daily Living Aids For The Bathroom

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For older adults, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your home because there is a higher chance of a fall. However, there are easy solutions to lower this risk and improve accessibility.

Comfort aids for seniors that you can fold and stow away when not in use work great for times when multiple people will share the bathroom.

Shower Chairs & Bath Seats

A shower chair or bath seat can make washing more convenient for seniors with poor balance or who tire quickly. You can find several styles for your space and budgetary needs, such as a simple stool, a chair with a back and arms, or a seat that attaches to the baths edge and allows seniors to pivot in and out of the tub, eliminating the need to step over the tub.

Hand-held Showerheads

A hand-held showerhead gives your loved one more control over the water flow while sitting in a shower chair.

Elevated Toilet Seats

As we age, some movements become more complicated and sometimes dangerous as our mobility declines.

Bending is one of the first changes that aging adults experience, making basic activities like using the restroom uncomfortable. However, an elevated toilet seat is one comfort aid for seniors that can make this task much more convenient. Like shower chairs, you can find a range of raised toilet seats according to your budget and loved ones needs.

Hygiene Assistive Devices

Safety Frames

Grab Bars

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Products For The Eyes And Ears

For those who have difficulty performing daily tasks due to poor vision or hearing, there is a variety of hearing assistance products that can be used to make life easier. You can purchase special telephones that make conversations easier when you’re talking on the phone. Sound amplifiers make it easier to detect quiet sounds. Hearing aids that are fitted by a professional can benefit those with hearing loss, and you can find all of the batteries and accessories needed to care for them at Walgreens. Individuals who have difficulty reading fine print and seeing up close can purchase magnifiers or reading glasses to correct their vision and simplify many tasks.

Hearing And Listening Aids

The hearing and listening support section have useful devices to provide assistance to those with communication issues. We have assistive listening devices, amplified speaker phones, telecommunication, and signaling devices, answering machines with slow speech, vibrating cell phone signaller, and much more. Choose from an alarm clock with your preferred choice of alert ranging from lamp/light/strobe vibration sound or T3/T4 type. Health Products For You offers an assortment of hearing and listening aids from top manufacturers like Sonic Alert, Serene Innovations, Silent Call Communications, Clearsounds communications, Future Call Picture Phone, Bellman & Symfon, and many more.

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What Are Daily Living Aids

Aging in place supports seniors quality of life, physical health, and emotional wellbeing. With these advantages in mind, its no wonder 90% of seniors are choosing to age in place rather than move to a long-term care facility. However, aging in place also requires careful planning to ensure your loved ones safety, comfort, and continued independence as they grow older.

Fortunately, daily living aids, or assistive devices, can help your loved one age in place safely while giving you peace of mind. Daily living aids include a wide variety of products designed to help seniors complete activities of daily living with safety, ease, and independence.

Absorber Bag Commode Liners

Daily Living Aids for seniors

Commodes are a handy product for elderly people who have difficulty with mobility. They can provide a portable toilet, a transfer seat between chairs, toilets and showers as well as providing an over toilet aid. Pots and pails are attached to commodes when using it as a portable toilet. Cleaning these pots can be a messy and tedious job. Absorber bag disposable commode liners provide a sanitary, easy to use and clean system for commode pots. Theyll make cleaning a commode as easy as 1, 2, 3. These absorber bags will absorb any unwanted odours and ensure the entire process is as efficient, user friendly and sanitary as possible.

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Sitting And Standing Aids

Those who suffer from some kind of disability or are elderly and fragile will find our sitting and standing section quite attractive with their stand aid hoist. We have a pivot stand turn device, security poles for bariatric and non-bariatric persons, super bars, seat assistive devices, and curved grab bars.

The Perfect Home Fall Prevention Kit

The Home Modification Kit is a comprehensive fall-prevention and mobility solution to stay safe and mobile in your home. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on home renovation, this combination package includes 5 products to prevent falls in high-risk areas of your home:

Tension Mounted Grab Bar to help them stand from the toilet and transfer in-and-out of the shower

The Chair Handle & Swivel Tray to stand from the couch

The Extendable Bedrail to stand from bed and prevent nighttime falls

The Auto Grab Bar to stand from the car

The Standing Handle to make standing and transferring easy.

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Senior And Disabled Aids For Daily Living

Daily living aids are medical supplies that help a person with limited mobility accomplish everyday tasks around the home or workplace. Some examples of these include shower chairs, two handled cups, transfer boards, and more. Express Medical Supply carries a variety of tools to help people safely increase their independence.

Bathroom aids make it easier to shower and use the toilet independently. Products like Magic Bullet suppositories and Fleet enemas help produce healthy bowel movements. We also have bowel stimulators to relieve constipation. Shower chairs make it easier to bathe without risking falls. Some shower chairs have commode openings for people with incontinence. Shower chairs are available with and without backs depending on your needs. Commodes are equipped with removable buckets and commode opening seats so they can be used bedside if transferring to a toilet is difficult. You will need to measure your bathroom shower to make sure the shower chair or commode will fit in the area it will be used.

Eating and drinking aids help increase independence at meal time. Products like two handled mugs provide more control for people with dexterity problems. Weighted utensils help people with hand tremors eat without help by helping them balance their spoon or fork. Therafin makes weighted utensil sets as well as hardcoated spoons to help stop damage to teeth from biting down or hitting teeth.

Reaching & Gripping Aids

Daily Living Aids for Seniors/Old People – Walking Aids for the Elderly

For anyone living with arthritis, limited dexterity or low mobility, whether post-operative or due to an ongoing condition, everyday tasks such as reaching a shelf, bending down and gripping can be difficult and time-consuming.

With our complete range of long-handled daily living aids such as window pulls and litter pickers, closing/opening windows, picking up items off the floor or from high reach places has never been easier. Reachers and Gripping aids are also useful as dressing aids.

You can choose from a variety of mobility aids with VAT relief for whichever suits your needs. Our gripping aids for daily tasks consist of handy gadgets such as plug tugs, safety grip scissors and turners for taps, keys and door handles which help provide extra strength and a firm grasp.

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Daily Living Aids For The Bedroom

These daily living aids for the bedroom can help your loved one enjoy a better nights rest and more safety getting in and out of bed.

Bed Rails

Sometimes, elderly adults require assistance moving in and out of bed. A bed rail can go a long way to improve mobility and independence. Some models include adjustable legs and arms, allowing seniors to walk further from the bed after getting out of it.

Mattress Cushions

Older adults should have a mattress that evenly disperses their body weight to reduce pressure on their joints and their bodies. But if your loved ones current mattress is anything but comfortable, dont worry! Instead of replacing it, consider purchasing a mattress topper that provides enough support for your loved one.

Not only is a cover more affordable than a new mattress, but you can also find a wide variety to fit your loved ones preferences.

Mattress Covers

Protect your mattress with a vinyl mattress cover. Look for one made out of hospital-grade materials for quick and easy cleanup. Similarly, waterproof pads can protect against spills or incontinence and reduce the amount of laundry you have to do if it covers a bottom sheet.

Foam Pillows & Wedges

Just like proper mattress support, older adults also need a supportive pillow that ensures comfort when sitting up and sleeping. Use a foam wedge to cradle the neck and head and make breathing easier. Wedges are versatile: seniors can use them for laying down and sitting upright.

Safety Frames

Grab Bars

Assisted Living Vs Independent Living

Assisted living facilities and independent living communities are different in that independent living communities offer little to no assistance with daily living activities. If you require around the clock help with eating, dressing, or require regular medical assistance, then an assisted living facility would be the place for you.

Listed below are four Richmond Hill, ON assisted living facilities. You can call them directly, or you may call Carewatchers. Our service is free. Thank you for searching our online assisted living facility placement and referral agency service directory for a referral or placement.

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Providing Solutions In Home Health Care For 25 + Years

Welcome to MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution, your community partner in home health care, assisted living, retirement, and long-term care. When you need a wheelchair, a barrier-free bathtub, or even physiotherapy equipment, you want assurance that your needs will be met by knowledgeable experts who care about your independence and dignity. Thats where we come in! MED+ Home Health Care has worked in your community for twenty five years to ensure that all community members maintain as much mobility and independence as possible. So whether you choose to remain at home or move to one of Ontarios excellent long term care homes, you can buy or rent any custom medical equipment and personal supplies that meet your needs.

We provide personal service, working with you and your caregivers through the entire process from ordering, overnight delivery, through to custom fitting or training in the use of the products. Need advice or help renovating your home to be wheelchair accessible or to ensure fall prevention? Want to browse at your leisure through a store that displays the products you need? Or how about getting help with that physiotherapy? MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution is here to help with all these situations and more!

Daily Living Aids For Clothing

Daily Living Aids For The Elderly or Limited Mobility ~ Rachel Bustin

Arthritis, joint, or muscle pain can make routine tasks like getting dressed challenging for many older adults. However, daily living aids for getting dressed can go a long way to help your loved one get ready for the day with less pain and hassle.

Long-handled Shoehorns

Long-handled shoehorns help older adults put on their shoes without bending over. Most models feature lightweight, durable materials that will last a long time. In addition, some types of shoehorns can assist your loved one with removing their socks.

Sock Aids

Sock aids are small, convenient products that help your loved one put on their socks and shoes with minimal movement or effort. To use one, your loved one places a sock over the frame, sets it on the floor, and slips their foot into the sock.

Dressing Stick

If your loved one has limited mobility or back and shoulder pain, a dressing stick is a versatile device that helps them put on underwear, pants, shirts, or jackets.

Leg Lifters

A leg lifter is a daily living aid that helps your loved one raise and lower weak or immobile legs in a controlled manner, making it ideal for seniors with weakened hip flexors or after hip surgery.

Button Hooks

Button hooks assist with button fastening, which is particularly beneficial if your loved one has arthritis or struggles with dexterity.

Bra Angel

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