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Vision Aids For Macular Degeneration

Vision Buddy Tv Low Vision Glasses

Living with Macular Degeneration | New Low Vision Technology Helped This Man Regain His Confidence

Vision Buddy Low Vision Glasses is a special wearable technology, a one-of-a-kind creation that empowers visually impaired people to perform their day-to-day functions and activities on their own.

Wirelessly display Your TV onto Vision Buddy allowing you to watch Your TV while laying in Your Bed looking at the ceiling and you can increase the magnification of Your TV 10x normal size.

Acrobat Hd Mini Ultra

Acrobat HD Mini Ultra is a simple to use portable CCTV portable magnifier with a 3-in-1 camera for seeing distance, up-close, and even self-viewing. Acrobat is easy to use because you do not need to adjust the camera. It is what you see is what you get , so that no matter what your technical ability, you can benefit from this device. It even saves camera settings for each view. Acrobat HD Mini Ultra comes with full high definition with vivid colors and contrast and a large field of view to reduce eye strain.

Acrobat HD Mini Ultra has a small footprint, built-in handle and lightweight design that provides true portability. Acrobat HD Mini Ultra is battery-operated with 6 hours of continuous usage. Acrobat HD Mini Ultra is easy to set up and ready to use, just take it out of its optional rolling case and you are ready to magnify in seconds.

Macular Degeneration Drugs To Avoid

An estimated 11 million Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration. The macula in the eye, which is important for aiding our ability to effectively see minute details, degenerates as a result of this condition. People with AMD may find it challenging to continue engaging in routine activities like reading and driving. AMD can occasionally cause irreversible vision loss and possibly blindness.

Macular Degeneration is a very common eye disease that damages the central part of the retina.

The region of the retina known as the macula is where the brain receives images for your central vision. Your center vision darkens or gets fuzzy when this region is affected. It could eventually be blurred out entirely. Although peripheral vision isnt affected by this disease, you dont see as much detail about it.

The leading cause of blindness in American adults aged 50 and older is age-related macular degeneration . AMD is more prevalent than glaucoma and cataracts . Macular degeneration is uncommon in children and young adults, but Stargardt macular degeneration is a genetic disorder that affects around 1 in every 8,000 to 10,000 people.

There are certain outside variables that can raise the likelihood of getting macular degeneration or cause the illness early in life, while genetics and age are the two factors that AMD is most strongly linked to. These include smoking cigarettes and using vasodilator blood pressure drugs .

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Warfarin Effects On Wet Amd

Luckily, very few prescription medications have any negative consequences that are known to exist for persons with AMD. One exception is the anticoagulant blood thinner warfarin . Doctors frequently prescribe this blood thinner to people who have specific cardiovascular diseases that might be fatal. According to studies, those who have wet AMD, which results in bleeding from irregular blood vessels in the macula, may experience more subretinal hemorrhages if they take warfarin. More severe visual loss may result from this. In people with dry AMD, warfarin does not raise the risk of visual loss.

Even if they have wet AMD, some people must take warfarin to safeguard their lives. Other blood thinners, such as aspirin, which has not been demonstrated to enhance the number of retinal hemorrhages, can be switched to by people with wet AMD. Your ophthalmologist and other medical professionals can create a treatment strategy that is ideal for you. Never modify your medicine without first consulting your doctor.

Types Of Low Vision Aid

Visual Aids for Macular Degeneration

There are many different types of low vision aid, including:

  • magnifiers low vision aids that use either lenses or cameras to make things look bigger
  • products that use colour or contrast to make them easier to see and use
  • products that are larger than standard, e.g. a larger wall clock
  • large-print products.

Many other items such as reading stands, anti-glare spectacles and task lights can help. Leisure products, like large-print playing cards, scrabble and dominoes are also available.

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Researching And Choosing Your Electronic Device

These can be expensive so consider what tasks you would like to use it for and try before. They tend to be useful for things like reading food packets and letters, looking at photographs and other short activities, not reading for long periods. Less expensive devices may be ideal for you.

Many local societies for the visually impaired have a small selection of electronic low vision aids for you to look at and may be able to lend you one for a short period. Another option is visiting a low vision exhibition where manufacturers display their products. Events like Sight Village, local society exhibitions and Macular Society Support Groups are good sources of information.

Some retailers will arrange a demonstration in your home. Consider whether they offer a trial period and what service and support options are available.

Low Vision Aids & Devices

People are described as having low vision when they have visual impairments that cannot be corrected by surgery, medication, or using traditional eye correction methods such as standard glasses or contact lenses. Among other causes, low vision can result from an eye injury, eye conditions like macular degeneration, or aging.

Patients with low vision can find it difficult to perform everyday activities like driving, reading, or recognizing faces. Sadly, many patients are told that there is nothing to be done, resulting in a loss of hope in addition to their loss of independence.

Fortunately, our low vision eye doctor, Dr. John Pino, offers a wide range of low vision aids and glasses to help you regain your independence and increase your quality of life.

Visit us at Low Vision of Tennessee or give us a call at 855-405-8420 to find out more.

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New Vision Products For Seniors:

If you have aged-related macular degeneration or any one of several sight-impairing diseases and once simple tasks, such as reading the newspaper, or signing a check, become frustratingly difficult, Enhanced Vision products can help. Since 1996, Enhanced Vision has been working with cutting-edge technology to manufacture affordable, high quality electronic magnifiers that can be adjusted to a users unique specifications. Adjustability is the key factor that sets Enhanced Visions electronic magnifiers apart and its what allows individuals to continue reading books, mail, or fine print anywhere, anytime. Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Magnification Aids

For a powerful and affordable digital magnifier that is simple to use- Look no further than Max. Use this lightweight, hand-held portable device on any straight or curved surface to magnify images and text. Connects quickly to any TV or monitor and is ideal for use at work, school or even on vacation. Depending on your needs any of these life changing magnifiers will help you regain your visual independence! Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Magnification Aids

Low Vision Aids And Glasses For Macular Degeneration

User Story: Ronald Sand, 82, Uses Low Vision Aids for Macular Degeneration

Dont let low vision get you down! Kirkland low vision eye doctorLow Vision Center At Optical Images

We can help improve your vision and reduce the progression of macular degeneration by recommending various low vision aids and glasses, as well as the best nutritional supplements, for your eyes and vision.

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How Expensive Are They

Since there is such a range of different types of low vision glasses for macular degeneration. There is also a large range of costs. The Cocoons run about $35.00. The prismatics can be a couple hundred, and the telescopes can start at about $1500.00 and go up from there. They tend to be relative to the severity of your condition and the many different needs you may have. A pair of telescope glasses can serve multiple purposes with multiple reading caps, the more caps the more money.

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How Can I See My Phone Better If I Have Macular Degeneration

Like other activities which require light, patients with macular degeneration may find it difficult to operate their phone. You may have to move your mobile devices very close to your eyes. You can also magnify your fonts to operate the phone. When you visit our low vision center, we will recommend low vision glasses that will help enhance your vision while improving light transmission and reducing glare.

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Telescopes And Microscope Glasses

Telescopic lenses can be mounted in a spectacle frame for long-distance viewing. These are like miniature binoculars. They can either be purchased in a full diameter style which takes up the whole lens or in a bioptic in which the telescope is mounted in the upper portion of the lens and is used just for spotting. These are used for people with macular degeneration to still be able to drive in many cases. Microscope glasses are similar but are used just for near work. Both of these come in a variety of magnification power. Microscope glasses help the visually impaired read in a more natural way, letting their hands be free to hold the reading material and scan normally. They do however require holding things closer.

Telescope and microscope glasses can be made with your prescription in them and this will require your low vision optometrist to fit and prescribe them for you.

As your macular degeneration progresses youll need more robust and stronger magnifiers to do your tasks. Seeing your eye doctor regularly to get advice on the best devices is probably a good idea.

The type of magnifier you require is determined by the following factors:

  • your visual acuity
  • the tasks magnitude the tasks nature

whether youre looking at close or far items and for how long youre doing the task.

Reading Tips For Those With Macular Degeneration


The most serious symptom of macular degeneration is the loss of central vision, with those in the more advanced stages of AMD experiencing a smudge or black spot in the center of their vision. This makes it difficult to read and causes many people to give up on reading.

It doesnt have to be this way.

Below you will find a list of low vision devices and strategies that can help people with AMD read more easily and comfortably.

Members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts in determining which low vision devices will work best for you for reading.

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Magnifiers Optical Low Vision Aids

These magnifiers increase the image size of an object using a lens. They are available either as a single lens, such as a handheld magnifier, or a multiple lens, such as a telescopic monocular. Request a referral for a low vision assessment as soon as you experience difficulty with tasks like reading that cannot be rectified with ordinary spectacles and good lighting. It is easier to learn to use magnifiers with relatively low powers, so the sooner you start the better.

In general it is recommended to use the lowest level of magnification to carry out the task comfortably. Then you will have a larger lens, longer working distance and a wider field of view.

Treatment For Macular Degeneration

Unfortunately, there is no cure and no procedure to replace the damaged macula. The goal of treatment is to stop the breakage and prevent the macula from deteriorating even more. IALVS Low Vision skilled and caring doctors use their years of experience and state of the art optics and technology to manage your condition so that you can continue doing the things you love.

There is evidence suggesting that a number of nutritional supplements which include omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, and zeaxanthin may help prevent the progression of AMD and may also reduce the chance of dry AMD changing to the wet form.

The medical community and scientific researchers continue to study Macular Degeneration and run clinical trials, so there is hope for the future. Let the IALVS team of experienced low vision eye doctors help you get back to doing the things you enjoy and continue to live independently.

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Other Medications That Are Toxic To The Macula

Many medications can be toxic to the retina. Several of them may be categorized by anatomical location or kind of toxicity, but several of these drugs also have distinct effects when taken alone. We will just highlight the ones that affect the macula. Some are reversible and some arent. Most of them dont actually cause macular degeneration however they can cause macular damage or add to an already strained macular health condition.

What Causes Low Vision

User Clip: Lou Tompkins Uses Low Vision Aids for Macular Degeneration

There may be one or more causes of low vision. These are usually the result of disorders or injuries affecting the eye or a disorder such as diabetes that affects the entire body. Some of the most common causes of low vision include age-related macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma. Low vision may also result from cancer of the eye, albinism, brain injury or inherited disorders of the eye including retinitis pigmentosa. If you have these disorders or are at risk for them, you are also at greater risk for low vision.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Macular Degeneration

An eye exam that includes a dilated pupil test can usually detect Macular Degeneration before symptoms are apparent. The following could be signs of the disease:

  • Straight lines appear distorted or wavy
  • Reading and seeing detail becomes difficult in low light
  • Increased sensitivity to glare

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Is Macular Degeneration Genetic

One does not inherit age-related Macular Degeneration however, people with a family history of the disease should make sure to get frequent eye examinations. There are some forms of Macular Degeneration that derive from a genetic disorder. Examples are Stargardts disease and Best disease. These affect younger patients and are also referred to as juvenile Macular Degeneration.

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What To Know About Low Vision Aids For Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is among the leading causes of low vision for Americans over the age of 60. Effecting the macula , light sensitive tissues, responsible for sending impulse/nerve signals to the brain are damaged, resulting in blurred vision and over time, loss of central vision.

As macular degeneration advances the severity of the vision loss increases often requiring specialized low vision aids for macular degeneration. These vision aids are designed with the purpose to combine research, technology, and daily application for providing visual assistance to individuals living with macular degeneration.

Understanding the effects that AMD has on vision helps determine what features are preferred when finding the optimal low vision aids for macular degeneration.

Cme And Pars Planitis

Visual Aids for Macular Degeneration

The most common and significant side effects of pars planitis are macular edema and subsequent vision loss . Chronic macular alterations, with a permanent impairment of central vision, result from persistent macular edema for greater than 6 to 9 months the severity of the changes is reflected in the degree of the impairment. Though not always, the presence of the pars plana exudates or membrane is more frequently linked to CME and more severe vitreous inflammation .

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A Retinal Vein Blockage

Another typical retinal vascular cause of CME is retinal vein blockages. CME is a significant contributor to vision loss in individuals with central retinal vein occlusion or a tributary branch blockage affecting the macula. If the edema is severe or long-lasting , the visual components intercellular connections are disrupted, which results in irreversible eyesight loss . Compared to perfused CME, ischemic CME with branch retinal vein blockage is frequently transitory and has a better prognosis for visual acuity.

Visual Aids For Macular Degeneration

Visual aids for macular degeneration help maintain your independence and help you to maximize your useable vision.

These aids for low vision include many more products than just magnifiers. There are specialized glasses and large number, large print, or talking aids to assist you in maintainingyour independence and to help you continue to do the things they enjoy.

It is important that you find ways to adjust and adapt as your maculardegeneration progresses. Identify first the activity you want to do and then find the appropriate aid to help – such as telling time. Possible solutions are a large number wall clock or a talking wrist watch.

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Optical Aids For Low Vision

Optical aids for low vision directly enhance vision through the use of lenses. Lenses are placed between the eye and the object to be viewed to enhance vision. Lenses work by using magnification to enlarge the object in the field of vision. Optical aids include low vision magnifiers, such as stand and hand-held magnifiers, telescopes, low vision glasses, and glare-control devices with tinted lenses. Low-vision optical aids differ from regular glasses or magnifiers due to enhanced magnification power and higher prescription strength.

Tips For Choosing A Low Vision Aid For Macular Degeneration

MVRF-Living with Low Vision and Low Vision Aids

How do you know which low vision aid is right for you or your loved one? Here are 3 tips to help you choose wisely.

  • It is important to consult with your eye doctor, low vision specialist, and/or rehabilitation therapist to determine which tools can help you best meet your goals. A low vision technology specialist can also help you narrow down the options and find the right solution for your needs and budget.
  • When analyzing low vision aids for macular degeneration, make quality a priority. While there are many lower-cost devices available to consumers, not all are created equally. Look for reputable brands like the ones mentioned in this article, and check reviews and manufacturer warranties.
  • Lastly, seek out a qualified, well-established technology vendor. You may want to check how long the vendor has been in business and whats included with your purchase. Does the company offer training, service, and/or repairs? With the purchase of new technology, you are making a significant investment of your time and finances, and its important that the company you work with is aligned in helping you reach your goals.
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