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Who Makes Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Motion X Reviews

How to turn Pure Charge& Go AX on and off | Signia Hearing Aids

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one’s success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you’ll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome … Continue reading

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Who Manufactures Amplifon Hearing Aids

Amplifon Ibérica, a subsidiary of the Italian group Amplifon for Spain and Portugal, specializing in the distribution, adaptation and personalization of hearing systems, has launched its own brand of hearing aids in our country and has begun marketing them through its network of more than 700 centers, which serve a total

Signia Xperience: The Latest In Hearing Aid Technology

Thanks to the companyâs dedication to innovation, theyâre constantly producing devices that revolutionize the world of hearing aids, making it possible for you to have the best listening experience in any environment. Built off of the foundations of Siemensâ world-famous audiological devices, the Signa Xperience platform prides itself on its list of high-end features designed specifically for the wearer.The guiding premise of the Xperience platform is to âreplicate nature,â removing all of those ugly artificial sounds in your ears created by your old hearing aids and replacing them with the natural listening experience you know and love. Here are some of the top features of the Signia Xperience Platform:

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Signia Pure Ax Hearing Aids

Models, Reviews, Prices, and Videos


3.3 stars from 4 reviews


Angela Flores, AuD

Pure AX is Signias latest flagship product and the first product to be launched on the companys new Augmented Xperience platform. Launched in May 2021, Pure AX offers several advantages over its predecessor, Pure X.

Signia Pure Charge& go Ax

Signia Hearing Aids
  • Cost: Around $3,160 per pair. Prices vary depending on your provider and location.
  • Type of Hearing Aid: RIC
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to Profound
  • Rechargeable Battery: Yes
  • Bluetooth Streaming: Yes

The Signia Pure Charge& Go AX models are the first hearing aids to offer two processors that simultaneously process speech and environmental sounds. This Augmented Xperience platform could help improve spatial awareness. Hate to replace batteries? No problem, the Pure Charge& Go lets you recharge your hearing aid overnight for up to 36 hours of use on a single charge.

The Pure Charge& Go AX is best for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Motion sensors adapt to changes in sound, based on the listening environment of the wearer, for better hearing. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream phone calls, television shows, and music through the hearing aid. Its also available in a Telecoil option.

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Signia Hearing Aid Pros And Cons

Signia hearing aids come with a variety of advantages, including access to the MyHearing app that allows hearing health professionals remote access to your hearing aids to help customize settings. Signia hearing aids also come with tinnitus solutions, allowing you to play a range of white noise or ocean sounds at varying volumes.

The main disadvantage of Signia hearing aids is the price. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,299 to $2,300 per hearing aid, depending on model, style, and features.

Binaural Hearing: Two Ears Hear Better Than One

Nature gave us two ears for a reason: Binaural Hearing, or hearing with both ears, helps us localize sounds no matter where they come from. It also allows us to precisely focus on what we want to hear by letting us perceive certain sounds like speech louder and clearer while ignoring others. A few of the most important binaural processes include binaural redundancy, binaural squelch, and binaural directed listening.

Binaural redundancy

When we hear a sound in both ears, its like hearing the same sound twice. This helps our brain create a better perceptual image of the sound. With hearing loss, this effect is significantly reduced. Wearing two hearing instruments helps to bring back the benefit of binaural redundancy.

Binaural squelch

In situations where there is both noise and speech, hearing with both ears helps our brain to give speech sounds preference to noise. This makes speech seem louder than it really is. With hearing loss, this effect is significantly reduced. Wearing two hearing instruments helps to bring back the benefit of binaural squelch.

Binaural directed listening

In noisy situations with many different sounds coming from different places, hearing with both ears helps our brain pick out the one single sound source were interested in and focus on it. With hearing loss, this effect is significantly reduced. Wearing two hearing instruments helps to bring back the benefit of binaural directed listening.

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Can You Use Insurance

Most prescription hearing aids, like those from Signia, arent entirely covered by medical insurance.

However, Signia does provide hearing aids through the Department of Veterans Affairs for people who are eligible.

Signia sells adult hearing aids made with Siemens technology. The company offers a few types of models, including:

  • Suitable for: mild to moderate hearing loss

This rechargeable RIC hearing aid is also Bluetooth enabled and comes with a convenient charging case.

Amazing Innovation Fine Tuning Of Hearing Aids Remotely

primax Wireless CROS/BiCROS – Listening Demo | Signia Hearing Aids

Sivantos have proved themselves to be as innovative as any other manufacturer, they have recently introduced two major new innovations. Their rechargeable hearing aids will now use Lithium-ion technology which will give professionals the confidence to recommend them. Secondly, they have introduced an app that will allow deeper collaboration between users and professionals. The app is quite amazing and has a lot to offer. One of the biggest things is remote fine-tuning of hearing aids or telehealth. This is truly a groundbreaking innovation and we believe that all of the manufacturers can be expected to follow. It will mean that users will no longer have to physically attend the office for changes to their hearing instruments, something that many will be thankful for. So without any further babble, let’s take a look at their stuff.

Signia has launched a brand new platform that they are calling the Nx. The platform has several new features which many are excited about already. I myself have tried the Signia Pure 312 Nx and I was very impressed with the devices and their new Own Voice Processing feature. Let’s take a look at both the devices and the features on offer.

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Final Thoughts On Signia Hearing Aids

Offered at prices across the spectrum, Signia provides high-quality hearing aids priced about the same as competing hearing aids offered by Unitron, Costco, and others. If you plan to purchase your hearing aids from an audiologist or hearing aid clinic, Signia is an excellent choice.

There is an emerging market of affordable, high-quality, direct-to-consumer and over-the-counter hearing aids. These options cost a fraction of what a leading brand like Signia costs, but you sacrifice the option of getting in-person care. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best decision for your own situation.

About the author

Jeremy Hillpot is a freelance writer. Fascinated by emerging technologies and advancements in hearing loss solutions, Jeremys background in representing retirees and investors in consumer fraud litigation offers a unique perspective on a range of topics. Jeremy writes about hearing aid technology, medical tech, agrotechnology, blockchain, big data analytics, cryptocurrencies, financial topics, and the law.

Signia Pure Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids

The Signia Pure line of hearing aids sacrifices the slim and sleek design of the Styletto lineup, but its a powerful hearing loss solution for patients with mild, moderate, severe, and even profound hearing losses. These receiver-in-canal hearing aids rest behind the ear, but they have a slightly bulkier appearance than Styletto, although are still quite small in size, especially compared to older RIC style hearing aids.

Making up for this loss of design elegance, Pure offers some exciting tech features depending upon the level of technology . The hearing aids can be found online, or in-person, in a wide range of prices from under $1000 per ear, to over $3000 per ear.

Features included in the Pure Charge& Go X, Pure Charge& Go Nx, Pure 312 X, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 10 Nx, and Pure 13 Nx arent that different from each other. Aside from subtle differences in housing, the Charg& Gos recharging capabilities, and that Nx models have slightly older tech than X models youll generally find technology like:

  • Rechargeable with Travel Charger
  • Ultra HD e2e Sound Technology
  • Acoustic Motion Sensor Tech
  • Rocker Switch to Make Program and Volume Adjustments
  • Exchangeable Housing
  • StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV Compatible

In spring of 2021, Signia launched their new AX platform of hearing aids, which included a new lineup of Pure RIC hearing aids.

  • Pure Charge& Go AX

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Signia Hearing Aid Features

A significant feature of Signia hearing aids is the companys proprietary Own Voice Processing. People often have difficulty adjusting to how their own voices sound when heard through hearing aids. This distortion can interfere with how readily the wearer adopts and uses hearing aids. Own Voice Processing makes the hearing aid wearers voice sound more natural while reproducing other peoples voices clearly.

Signia hearing aids also feature options such as StreamLive TV, a service that can stream to multiple hearing aid wearers at once, while allowing users to control audio volume through the companys MyControl app. A related feature, StreamLine Mic, makes it possible to stream sound from speakers as far away as 65 feet, as well as connecting hearing aids to smartphones, tablets, and computers through Bluetooth.

Siemens hearing aids were among the first devices to use binaural processing, streaming information between paired hearing aids to improve sound quality. Signia hearing aids continue to use the Ultra HD e2e binaural processing system pioneered by Siemens.

Signia Hearing Aids Complaints

2PC Brand New Siemens Signia Pure 13 7Nx Hearing Aid 48 Channel Silver ...

Signia hearing aids have mixed reviews. ZipHearing gives the brand 5 out of 5 stars, with positive reviews for technological options, hearing quality and customer service. ConsumerAffairs readers rate the company 2.5 out of 5 stars with mixed reviews, some regarding the old Seimens brand and not Signia. ConsumersAdvocate ranks the brand 3.5 out of 5 stars but notes that it is difficult to provide a full evaluation because the brand is new.

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Which Is Better Phonak Or Signia

Phonak’s current Marvel line allows for direct streaming to both iOS and select Android devices. Signia can stream directly to iOS devices but requires an intermediary device to link up to Bluetooth. If you’re looking for Bluetooth compatibility that doesn’t require an extra device, Phonak will be the better bet…. see more

Speech Clarity With Augmented Focus

With AX, Signia has launched a brand new speech enhancement technology, , that the company claims makes it easier to follow conversations in background noise. In a true industry first, the AX platform incorporates two independent speech processors to handle sound coming from the front independently from sound coming from the back.

Both processors independently analyze their own sound stream with a resolution of 48 channels. Through this analysis, Augmented Focus determines if the signal contains information the wearer wants to focus on, relevant information in the background that helps the wearer stay attuned to the surroundings, or distracting background sounds the wearer wants to suppress

Outline of all relevant processing units in Augmented Focus: Analysis stage Processing Unit Mixing Unit.

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The Latest Signia Hearing Aids

Signia releases a new product line every few years. Each new line has more features and more intelligent tech. Let’s start with the Signia flagship.

Signia Pure Charge& Go AX – Most Popular

Signia Pure Charge& Go AX was released in May 2021 and has since become one of the most popular hearing aids in the world. The Signia Pure Charge& Go AX allows for hands-free calling via iPhone and audio streaming via Android.

Pure Charge& Go AX is the smallest behind-the-ear devices on the market and hold the longest-lasting battery at nearly 40 hours per charge.

The underlying technology inside the Pure Charge& Go AX is most known for limiting background noise by using motion detection to gather information about your surroundings as you move from one space to the next. The hearing aids automatically sense when you start walking or sit down and make intelligent decisions about where to focus.

Signia also offers CROS functionality for people with single-sided deafness. CROS quickly passes sound from one side of your head to your ear with better hearing.

Other Innovative Form Factors

Signia doesn’t stop with a standard behind-the-ear hearing aid design. The company also offers four uniquely designed form factors that have won the brand several design awards globally.

Signia Insio Charge& Go AX – In The Ear With Bluetooth and Rechargeable Batteries

Signia Styletto X – A Hearing Aid Inspired By Fashion

Signia Silk X – Invisible Hearing Aids Without a Custom Mold

Should You Buy Signia Hearing Aids

Getting Started with OVP 2.0 | Signia Hearing Aids

It depends. Its hard to say if a Signia hearing aid is right for you without first gathering more information.

Your best bet is to visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist to determine whether your hearing loss is related to a medical issue.

After ruling out any underlying health issues, the next step is to visit an audiologist or hearing specialist to get a hearing test. They can recommend a device to help treat hearing loss.

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Are Siemens And Signia The Same Brand

In 2016, Sivantos, the company that acquired Siemens Hearing Instruments, introduced a brand-new hearing aid line called Signia. Newly developed hearing devices from Sivantos are branded under the Signia name.

Despite the new branding, Signia hearing devices use technology previously developed by Siemens. But when you buy the hearing aids, youre purchasing them from Signia.

Heres a breakdown of the pros and cons of Signia hearing aids.

Signia Active Pro& Active X

The Signia Active Pro offers ideally tailored sound for your personal hearing needs. Whether you are on a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever theres a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Signia Active Pro tackles these challenges expertly with true-to-life sound.

The Signia Active X is a fresh, modern twist on traditional hearing aids. This latest innovation offers superior sound in a convenient and stylish earbud design, and is equipped with a variety of features that set it apart from the rest:

  • One-of-a-kind form factor: Developed to break the stigma of hearing aids being large, clunky, and inconvenient, Active X is sleek and small with a modern earbud-like design.
  • Comfort and convenience: Patients can easily pop Active X hearing aids in when they need a hearing boost, or wear them all day long for non-stop hearing performance and comfort.
  • The full package: Built on the Signia Xperience platform, this rechargeable, instant-fit device offers Bluetooth streaming, exceptional hearing in noise, personalized sound, and tinnitus therapy.

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What Is The Best Hearing Aid For Severe To Profound Hearing Loss

In our experience, we recommend the Xceed BTE hearing aids from Oticon as the best hearing aids for profound hearing loss. They provide the most amplification available in a hearing aid at this time, which is important when looking for the best hearing aids for profound hearing loss…. see details

Signia Hearing Aids Pros And Cons

New Siemens Signia Lotus FUN SP Digital Hearing Aid BTE: Severe to ...


  • Signia offers a unique app that connects customers directly to their hearing specialist for assistance. It also allows customers to adjust hearing aid settings with their smartphone and find support through an AI-powered Signia Assistant.

  • The brand uses long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion technology, making it a good option for those with decreased hand dexterity who dont want to replace small hearing aid batteries frequently.

  • Innovative contactless and on-the-go charging options.

  • Consumers say that despite their small size, Signia hearing aids boast excellent sound quality.

  • Signia hearing aids come in a range of models, colors, sizes, and various types including: in-the-canal , receiver-in-canal , completely-in-canal , behind-the-ears , in-the-ear .

  • Signia hearing aids offer built-in Notch Therapy, which can help eliminate the sounds of tinnitus , allowing you to hear important sounds and conversations. They also feature a tinnitus noisier function that you can use for ocean wave and static noise therapy.


  • Certain models connect to a smartphone app, a potential issue for those who dont own a smartphone or arent tech savvy.

  • There are mixed reviews on Signias customer service support and some users found the app difficult to use.

  • Signia hearing aids are not available online. To purchase a Signia hearing aid, you must go through an audiologist or other hearing professional.

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Take Control With The Mycontrol App

You shouldnât have to wait for your next appointment to adjust your hearing aids. With Signiaâs MyControl app, you donât have to. Thanks to this app, you can control the settings of your hearing aids at any time, to fine-tune your devices to best meet the needs of your environment. Whatâs not to love?

Test Driving Signia Hearing Aids

Before getting into Signia’s full line of hearing aids, let’s talk about fit and durability. Signia sent me some replicas to play around with, including the Syletto and Charge& Go Nx .

Despite their small size, the build quality is quite good. I expect them to hold up as well as the other Signia receiver-in-canal models I have dispensed in my clinical practice. They are very light and fit quite well behind my ears, even with my glasses on. As an experiment, I left them in and took a short ride on my motorcycle. I wear a half helmet with straps that cover my ears tightly below my chin. The Syletto was comfortable even after the 10-minute ride to the store. For the return trip, I switched to the Charge& Go Nx replicas . They weren’t bad at all, but the Styletto certainly felt better longer. Signia’s domes and wires for their RIC devices have always held up.

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