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Who To Contact To Remove Bee Hives

How To Remove A Bee Hive

Eight foot long bee hive removal and relocation.

Once you find a beehive on your property, youre left with three options: leave it be, contact a pest professional, or remove it yourself. Bee stings are a major consideration, so the first two options are the most advisable. If the bee hive was built near a porch, door, or another high-traffic area you might be more inclined to want to get rid of it. Read on for some tips on how to safely, humanely remove a bee hive yourself.

If You Are Attacked By Honey Bees

If you are attacked, get into a building or car and closing the door is the best defense. Never attempt to approach bees if you are allergic to their stings. When a bee stings, it leaves a detectable scent marker that attracts more bees to sting. Once bees start stinging, they can get aggressive and the attack could quickly escalate.

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What To Do If You See A Swarm Of Bees Near Your Home

If you see a swarm of bees near your home, you might be wondering how to kill a beehive. But before you take action against these buzzing insects, you should know that bees are beneficial pollinators. In fact, a large percentage of the fruits and vegetables you eat are made possible by these insects, specifically honey bees. Outright killing bees is frowned upon by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations working to stop a global decline in honey bee numbers.So what should you do if you see beehives in or around your home? Here are six steps to take:

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What To Do And How

Bee swarm removal is not something for the unequipped to try themselves, but that does not mean you have to call in a pest control company. Its possible to have bees removed humanely and sometimes even free of charge – some beekeepers do not charge for this service.

So, before calling in some-one to remove and destroy the swarm, please read the following free information and advice – you may save the bees, remove them, and save your money too!

A bee swarm is a fascinating sight, although it may unnerve some people. A dense cloud of bees whirling into the air – even on a warm sunny day, can cause panic. However, the first point to note is that a bee swarm is not looking to attack you. The bees are merely seeking a new place to make a home. In doing so, a honey bee swarm may rest in a hanging clump or mass, whilst scout bees go off to find a suitable place to make a permanent nest.

Although the bees are not looking to sting you, they can become aggressive if they feel under threat. Keep your distance and you should not be bothered by the bees.

If the swarm is not in an inconvenient place and you are able to sit it out then do so. Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything. Simply leave the bees alone, and give them a wide berth. Your main job then is to relax and keep calm – if you can, enjoy the opportunity to observe nature at work – you can learn more about swarming bees on this link.

How To Get Rid Of Bees

Beehive Removal Baltimore

This article was co-authored by Steve Downs. Steve Downs is a Live Honey Bee Removal Specialist, Honey bee Preservationist, and the Owner of Beecasso Live Bee Removal Inc, a licensed bee removal and relocation business based in the Los Angeles, California metro area. Steve has over 20 years of humane bee capturing and bee removal experience for both commercial and residential locations. Working with beekeepers, agriculturalists, and bee hobbyists, Steve sets up bee hives throughout the Los Angeles area and promotes the survival of bees. He has a passion for honeybee preservation and has created his own Beecasso sanctuary where rescued bee hives are relocated and preserved. This article has been viewed 1,671,347 times.

Dealing with a single bee is a rather easy task, but removing a whole colony can be a very complicated and potentially dangerous process. For this reason, you should arrange for a professional to deal with the problem. Before you do, though, you can use some clues about the bees appearance and nesting to help identify the species. With this information, you can then anticipate what will need to be done to remove them, which can help you compare costs when obtaining quotes from professionals. Finally, you can then take preventative measures to reduce the chance of having to deal with this problem again.

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Rodent Control Nuisance Small Animal Trapping

Opossum, squirrels, armadillos, raccoons and other related wildlife can be a problem to your home or business. J & J Exterminating can inspect for entry points and offer exclusion methods. We can also humanely trap and remove these nuisance animals to be relocated far away from your location.Only Available at certain locations! Please inquire for specifics.

Faq About Bee Hive Removal

1. Will the bees come back after bee hive removal?

Bees may certainly try to return to the spot of their former nest. This is why its important to fully scrape off the remains of the hive and clean the surface thoroughly. Bees will return by sense of smell.

2. What are the risks of using pesticides to remove bees?

Repeated exposure to pesticides has been linked to cancer, Alzheimers disease, and birth defects. It is poison. Make sure you understand the risks of using an insecticide, especially if the bee hive is near your home, or if you have children or pets.

3. Why is there such a wide range of prices for bee hive removal?

Its difficult to predict the exact cost of bee hive removal because the most expensive part will be repairing damage to your home. This depends on how much damage the infestation caused, and the price of repairs can vary widely.

4. Does homeowners insurance cover bee removal?

Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not cover bee hive removal. Damage caused by bees is considered damage over time rather than sudden damage, and will be excluded from most policies.

5. Are there laws against killing bees?

Many cities and states throughout the U.S. have enacted laws banning the sale and use of certain pesticides designed to kill bees. If youre planning on DIY extermination, check local rules before you proceed.

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Bee Extermination Vs Relocation Costs

Extermination always comes with a fee, anywhere from $150 to $500 or more. Relocation is sometimes free when a hive is healthy and done by a Beekeeper. However, you can still expect to pay a removal specialist between $100 and $1,000. It all depends on hive accessibility, type and your location.

Always relocate a healthy hive rather than exterminate it. Hive numbers are on the decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Their impact on agriculture and ecosystem means keeping these creatures alive is a top priority.

Most large extermination companies recommend calling a local beekeeper and work alongside them to facilitate live relocation when possible. But live removal isn’t always an option. Only a licensed professional expert or an experienced beekeeper can determine if live removal is possible or if extermination is warranted.

Create A Smoke Screen

How A Professional Beekeeper Removes Hives From Homes

If you can safely do so, start a small fire under where the bees are residing. It doesnt need to burn fiercely as long as it creates a lot of smoke. Smoke blocks the bees ability to smell. They rely on this sense to detect predators Or people trying to remove their nest

Bees also have a sort of alarm system when they feel threatened. They will release pheromones which gets the other bees in fight mode Smoke blocks the message from getting around.

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Live Honey Bee Removal

In some cases, depending on the size, location and temperament of an established colony, a registered Florida beekeeper can remove an established colony and all of its components and relocate them safely to an apiary. Swarms, given their transient state and docile nature, usually can be removed easily and relocated to an apiary. Beekeepers hired to conduct live removal of honey bees are required to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services but need not be licensed under Chapter 482, Florida Statutes .

Registered beekeepers can remove and relocate nuisance swarms or established colonies in accordance with Rule 5E-14.151, F.A.C., and can request to be on the Bee Removal or Eradication List. Beekeepers should use Best Management Practices for Live Bee Removals in Florida: A Beekeepers Guide as a reference for performing live bee removal services in Florida.

Key Points To Remember About Beehive Removal

If the bees have accessed a structure and been in the area for more than 48 to 72 hours, there is honeycomb in the structure. Bees become territorial when honeycomb is present. Being around the hive area is dangerous to residents and pets. Bees will NOT leave on their own once the honeycomb is built.

Honeycomb can attract rats, mice, roaches, ants, etc. It will also act as a lure for new bee colonies, which can include the Africanized bee. Honeycomb inside structures must be removed by a professional to prevent further damage. APA BEE REMOVAL specializes in beehive removal and takes pride in removing all honeycomb completely and efficiently.

When were performing a bee hive removal, we not only remove the actual bees,we remove the honey-comb that theyve made as well. Honeycomb is made of a waxy hexagonal structure that holds liquid honey and bee larvae called brood.

Bees start to make honey-comb a day or two after arriving at a hive location. After just a week, bees can make more than a pound of honey-comb. When bees have been working on a hive for a few months it is typical for the hive to weigh 10 to 20 pounds, and if a bee hive has been around for a year or more it is not uncommon for it to weigh hundreds of pounds.

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Find A Bee Rescuer In Your County

The list of beekeepers and beekeeping groups below can be used as a reference to find a Bee Rescuers near you. We strive to update this information and keep it as current as possible. If for some reason a contact is no longer active, please call the local beekeeping organization in your county or Agricultural Commissioner. Thanks for looking out for the bees.

Using Bee Repellent Plants

Bee Hives Removal in Southern California

If bees and wasps are always swarming your outdoor barbecues, you should take a look at your landscaping. Planting sweet-scented flowers and plants may attract bees, so think twice about where and what you put in your garden.

Growing bee-repelling plants around your home is an effective method to keep bees away from your property without having to harm or remove them.

The most common and efficient bee repellents include neem, mint, citronella, eucalyptus, and cloves. Theyre simple to cultivate in your garden and dont require much maintenance. Marigold and germanium repellents can also be quite good in keeping bees at bay.

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Bee Safe Bee Removal Has Your Familys Safety In Mind

If you are a Dallas-Fort Worth, or Houston homeowner that is suffering from a bee hive problem on your property, let Bee Safe Bee Removal be the only team you look to for help. Our bee hive removal methods have been proven to be efficient, eco-friendly, and safe.

Since we are a team of professional beekeepers you can be certain that our process is not going to involve dangerous chemicals or the angering of the hive on your property. Give us a for more information on our services.

Average Cost Of Bee Treatment By Type

Different types come with special considerations. While it costs anywhere from $75 to $2,000 for a typical honey bee hive, other types may require less work, and some are even suitable for DIY projects. If you have an allergy to stings or suspect you might, do not attempt removal yourself.

The first step in determining how to deal with any type of infestation is identification. A local beekeeper or bee removal specialist is the best equipped to do this.

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Cost Of Removal Vs Extermination

With removal or extermination, youre hiring someone with very specialized skills. This typically comes with a price tag.

Youll notice a wider range for removal because sometimes you can find a beekeeper who will relocate your pests for free, but it can cost a lot if you have bees in a difficult area.

Removing a bee hive on your own can be a daunting and dangerous task. Nevertheless, some homeowners might opt for this method instead of springing for that exterminator.

Here well cover some of the pros and cons.

Pros: The best thing about doing anything yourself is that youre going to save money. Bee removal can be expensive, especially if your home needs repair afterward.

Cons: There are a lot of drawbacks to trying to remove a bee hive yourself. The first is safety. Anyone with bee allergies should know to stay away from this project. However, even if a bee sting wont kill you, know that there is a high chance of getting stung.

Also, bee hive removal can be difficult and require special skills.

Finally, repairing and cleaning up afterward is going to be a chore that often requires carpentry knowledge and special equipment.

Process Of Removing A Beehive

Bee Removal Video That Went Viral!

First step to get rid of a bee hive is making certain where the hive actually is before cutting anything open. In most cases this will take a trained profession who is experienced with building structures and where the voids actually are inside making is a perfect place for the bees to build their hive. If youre not a carpenter, beekeeper, or youre allergic to bees, we do not advise you moving any further than here. You should call Florida bee removal Companies that can help you right away.

If youre experienced in construction then the first thing after being absolutely sure where the hive is, is to get all of your beekeeping gear on, suit, gloves, hat if needed. Get all tools and material ready. Open the structure up. Once youre inside youll simpley remove each plate by hand ever so gently placing them in the bee box. Clean your void area out and repair.

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Safety Measures For Bee Hive Removal

Removing a bee hive by yourself can be dangerous. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to lessen the danger.

Know whether youre allergic to bee stings

Being aware of your allergy status can mean the difference between life and death. Talk to your doctor before attempting bee removal. Also, know whether you have experienced any of the following symptoms when stung in the past:

  • Swelling
  • Light-headedness or fainting

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

If you have a full bee suit lying around, that would be ideal. Otherwise wear clothing that covers your entire body, including safety glasses and a mask. Also, make sure to tuck your pants into your shoes or boots to keep the bees out.

Factors That Influence The Price Of Bee Hive Removal

The ultimate cost of your bee nest removal will come down to several key factors. The biggest cost is usually not for exterminating bees but for repairing the parts of your home the bees have damaged.

Here well list these pricing factors for you and discuss how they impact your cost of bee hive removal so your bill wont have any surprises.

Types of Bees

The type of bee can change how much youre charged for hive removal. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some bees are more dangerous and harbor a greater risk. Also, some bees are more environmentally important and thus better to relocate than exterminate.

There are also some bees that tend to do more damage to a home.

Heres a look at different bee types and their removal costs:


Where the bee hive is located can affect how much youll be charged for removal. Why? Some areas of your home or property are going to be easier to get to than others for bee hive removal, and some areas will require more repair once the bees are gone.

Honeybees typically nest in trees while mason bees and sweat bees nest in the ground. Carpenter bees are the ones you really have to watch out for. Theyre building nests in your walls.

Size of Infestation

The size of your infestation can determine the difficulty in removing it. Nests can grow up to 4 feet in length and can include over 80,000 individual bees.

Repairs After Bee Hive Removal

Roof repair

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What If You Have Exhausted The Possibility Of Finding A Beekeeper

An alternative route is to phone your local authority and enquire about bee swarm removal. If you are in the USA, there are some regulations in certain counties regarding Africanized honey bees. Always ask about their fees and procedures, and how long it will take for assistance to arrive.

Many local authorities will charge for the removal of swarms , and in the event that the bees should leave of their own accord just before a person arrives to remove them, they may charge you a call out fee. Find out, and keep people informed.

Also, check what methods they use, and whether the bees would be harmed, and whether they use pesticides. If it’s a swarm, there shouldn’t be any reason for the local authority to use pesticides.

Just a thought.Have you ever considered becoming a beekeeper? Do you frequently see swarms of bees? If so, take a look at the resources on this site.

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