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Bee Hive Removal For Free

Bee Hive And Bee Swarm Removal

Eight foot long bee hive removal and relocation.

We remove bees too – for FREE!

If you see a wild bee swarm or bee hive on your property, we will remove it for FREE!

Depending on the location of the swarm or hive, we have the tools and equipment to safely and effectively remove it from your property without using dangerous chemicals or pesticides. We will safely re-home the hive in a place where the bees will flourish and not cause a nuisance. *

If you think you have a swarm or hive on your property, give us a text or call any time! Include a photo if you can.

Jason: 512-924-6427

If removal of the bees is unsafe for us or for your property, we may refuse removal, or use alternative methods for safe removal.

Questions To Ask Your Beekeeper

Not all beekeepers are the same. Much like finding any professional, make sure yours has the knowledge, tools and experience to deal with your infestation. Some places, like Florida, require beekeepers to have a pest removal license to deal with infestations.

  • Are you licensed for bee removal?

  • How much experience do you have in relocating hives?

  • Do you relocate them alive?

  • Do you remove the honeycomb and honey? .

  • Do you have references?

  • What professional associations do you belong to?

  • Related Projects Costs

    In May A Swarm Of Bees Is Worth A Bale Of Hay In June Theyre Worth A Silver Spoon Andin July Well Just Let Them Fly

    Theyre not worth very much to a beekeeper around July because the honey flow period is coming to an end. If theyre honeybees and youve got a swarm youre probably in luck to get them removed.

    If youve got any other type of bee or a colony of honeybees in a chimney or a wall, the beekeeper is probably not going to want to help out with that because of the risks involved from an insurance perspective.

    If you listen to the message on the phone line on the British Beekeepers Association and read their website, they say that their members are not insured to break the fabric of buildings to remove bees. There is a lot of risk involved and they usually dont want the hassle.

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    Africanized Honey Bees Or Killer Bees

    Costs to remove an Africanized Honey Bee hive, also known as the “killer bee”, vary greatly by location, though it will usually remain within the $100 to $1,000 range. They look the same as any other honey bee but display very aggressive behavior. In some places, like Arizona, this type is the only species left for mass pollination. This means relocation rather than termination when possible. In other places, state regulation may mandate termination.

    NOTE: Never try to remove Africanized honey bees by yourself. This type is highly aggressive with a larger territorial radius that they defend. They have been known to chase people up to a mile from their nest. If you suspect a nest, call a pest control and removal specialist immediately.

    Consult with a pro to identify the bees on your property

    Why Isnt Removing Honey Bees From House Walls Free

    Free Bee Hive/Swarm Removal Kangaroo Island

    Removing honey bees from inside your house walls, ceilings, under the siding, attic, etc. takes a lot of time and requires a lot of equipment and experience to do successfully. Beekeepers are not able to spend several hours removing the bee nest from the house walls and afford to do it for free. While the beekeepers do get to keep the bees from the removal process, the honey bees themselves do not provide enough value to make it worth it for the beekeeper to remove already established honey bee colonies for free. As we discussed above, we do remove honey bee swarms for free, but that is a much less involved process as the bees are on the exterior of buildings, usually hanging from a tree branch. Honey bee swarms are hanging their waiting until the bee scouts find a new home in the area, which could be inside the walls of your house, but they havent chosen the home yet if they are still hanging in a swarm.

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    Make Sure The Bees You See Are Honey Bees

    WE DO NOT REMOVE ANY OTHER TYPES OF BEES OTHER THAN HONEY BEES. Meaning we do not remove bumble bee nests, hornets, wasps, miner bees, mason bees, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, and many other native species of bees. We only remove honey bees.

    There are a lot of types of bees out there and we wish we could save them all, but the only kinds of bees we remove are honey bees. This is what honey bees look like . These are honey bees on a honey comb. The photo was taken from one of the wild bee swarms that we removed last year.

    Anything that is nesting in or on the ground you can assume it is not honey bees and we do not remove. Honey bees don’t nest or swarm on the ground in almost all circumstances.

    Do You Have A Swarm Of Honey Bees On Your Property

    We’ll remove the honey bee swarm for free! By swarm we mean something that looks like the below images. If they are already in your house or building and the colony has established a nest, that is not free due to the huge amount of effort to remove. Additional details below.

    Or this:

    If you are located in south east Michigan , Monroe, Lenawee, Livingston counties) and are within 60 miles of us we are happy to come and get the honey bee swarm are no cost to you. We get calls from cities including, but not limited to Ann Arbor, Canton, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Novi, Northville, Livonia, Belleville, Saline and other nearby cities. We are humane honey bee removers and never spray or harm the bees in anyway. Bees are one of the most important living creatures on the planet and we want to help preserve them.

    When honey bees swarm they are looking for a new home and if you leave the cluster alone eventually they will leave and find a new home, but that new home could be in your home or business, so its best to have them humanly removed.

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    Carpenter Bee Extermination Costs

    Cost to remove carpenter bees ranges from $75 to $500 or more. Carpenter bees aren’t social, meaning they don’t live in a large hive. They burrow into untreated wood, causing damage to homes. Though the damage is small initially, the offspring create their own burrows nearby. Over time, you end up with dozens of wooden burrows damaging the structure of your home.

    They are docile and rarely sting, making this an excellent DIY project. Removing them is often a simple DIY job. Using either a residual insect spray or Drione dust and a duster, you or a professional should treat the burrows. When done correctly, the chemicals kill both the parent and the offspring when they hatch.

    Want to skip the chemicals? Try playing loud music. The theory, reported by many homeowners, states that continuous loud noise disturbs the bees who eventually find a quieter neighborhood to reside in. Clue your neighbors in on the plan to avoid any embarrassing noise complaints.

    Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal

    Honey bee removal and relocation

    It is swarm season, and we dont want your neighbors getting scared and destroying a swarm. Instead, heres some information from MCBAs FREE SWARM REMOVAL service.

    REMOVE BEE SWARMS: If a swarm of honey bees lands on your property, MCBA will rescue the bees for FREE. A swarm is a football sized cluster of bees you might see hanging from a tree, bush, wall, lamp post, etc. They are NOT aggressive. They are simply taking a pause on their way to a new home. Theyll move on in a few hours. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 5 swarms survives the winter in the wild. So, if you see a swarm, report it as soon as possible on MCBAs website under the REPORT SWARM tab, and MCBA will send a beekeeper to carefully collect them.

    FIND LOCAL HONEY: If you want to buy LOCAL honey, MCBAs website lists neighborhood beekeepers selling fresh honey. A link is on MCBAs homepage

    BEE FRIENDLY GARDEN: If you want to choose plants that help bees, MCBA has a fantastic chart of plants that grow well in our area. It includes pictures and info like sun/shade, etc.

    BEE LECTURES: If you are interested in bees, MCBA has free monthly presentations by bee experts. With Covid, the talks are on zoom, so even more convenient to attend. Upcoming topics and other details are on the associations homepage.

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    Cost Of Removal Vs Extermination

    With removal or extermination, youre hiring someone with very specialized skills. This typically comes with a price tag.

    Youll notice a wider range for removal because sometimes you can find a beekeeper who will relocate your pests for free, but it can cost a lot if you have bees in a difficult area.

    Removing a bee hive on your own can be a daunting and dangerous task. Nevertheless, some homeowners might opt for this method instead of springing for that exterminator.

    Here well cover some of the pros and cons.

    Pros: The best thing about doing anything yourself is that youre going to save money. Bee removal can be expensive, especially if your home needs repair afterward.

    Cons: There are a lot of drawbacks to trying to remove a bee hive yourself. The first is safety. Anyone with bee allergies should know to stay away from this project. However, even if a bee sting wont kill you, know that there is a high chance of getting stung.

    Also, bee hive removal can be difficult and require special skills.

    Finally, repairing and cleaning up afterward is going to be a chore that often requires carpentry knowledge and special equipment.

    How We Remove Honey Bee Swarms In Michigan

    When we come to humanely remove a swarm, we don’t bring sprays to kill them, rather we bring them a new home in the form of a small beehive that already has some honey combs ready to go for them. We usually take a white sheet with us and lay that on the ground under where the swarm is hanging, usually in a tree or bush. We then put the hive directly under the swarm we are trying to remove. We take the cover off their new home and give the branch a firm shake, this will dislodge the bees and cause them to fall to the ground. This won’t hurt them as they will buzz their wings when this happens and gently fall to the ground. Each swarm of honey bees has a queen bee in it. If the queen falls to the ground with the rest of the bees and falls into the new beehive, the rest of the honey bees will sense her and follow her into the beehive. If the queen didn’t make it into the hive, she may have flown up to the branch again, in which case we will wait for the honey bees to settle on the branch again and we will start the process over again. Once the queen is safely in the hive, most of the bees will follow her within a few minutes, with some stragglers taking a little longer. When they are all safely in their new home we will close off the entrance and take them to the car for the ride to their new home.

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    Find A Bee Rescuer In Your County

    The list of beekeepers and beekeeping groups below can be used as a reference to find a Bee Rescuers near you. We strive to update this information and keep it as current as possible. If for some reason a contact is no longer active, please call the local beekeeping organization in your county or Agricultural Commissioner. Thanks for looking out for the bees.

    What To Do If You Find Bees In Your House

  • Stay a safe distance from the hive. Bees in your home, especially in an enclosed space, are likely to attack.
  • Determine the color and type of bee if possible. The local bee removal expert will need that information.
  • Secure the area around the hive. Close off the room and place something under the door to prevent bees from spreading to other parts of the house.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the secured area. Declare that part of the house off limits until the emergency bee removal is completed.
  • Leave the expert to work alone. A pro who knows how to manage a bee hive removal can work faster without anyone getting too close. If the bee extermination service expert needs assistance, he or she will let you know.
  • Do not enter the space until the local bee removal is completed. The exterminator will let you know when its safe to come back into the room.
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    Where To Find Help

    Ontario Bee RescueOntario Bee Rescue is a not for profit organization dedicated to saving the honey bees and the humane removal and relocation of honey bee swarms and established honeybee colonies within Ontario, Canada.

    Our goal is to have registered beekeepers remove swarms or honey bee colonies from homes, sheds, decks, and other man-made structures. We also collect swarms of honey bees from tree branches, fences, vehicles etc. The collected honeybees will then be relocated to an established licensed apiary where they are able to thrive as beneficial pollinators to the local environment.

    Always get a quote! Beekeepers may collect readily accessible swarms for free. Those requiring deconstruction/reconstruction need specialised services and there will likely be a fee.

    Some LBAs will distribute a swarm or colony removal request to their members, who, if interested and available, may be able to follow up.

    Q Do You Offer Free Bee Hive Removal

    Short Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot provide free bee hive removal. No sustainable business can.

    Real Answer: Why do we charge to come look at where your bees are and to remove them arent we benefiting from getting the bees and/or their honey?

    Basically, we have to cover our hard costs to provide a sustainable bee hive removal service and stay in business, included but not limited to:

    These are just a few of the reasons we do not offer free removal.

    Lastly, we can also produce more a lot of bees in a lot less time, by simply raising our own bees at the farm without ever leaving the property and without the risk involved going up and down a ladder many times to remove bees

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    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bee Removal How Expensive

    Most home owners insurance companies do not cover the cost of removing bees if they are in your house. If they are hanging in a swarm we are happy to remove them for free, but most beekeepers have to charge for removing honey bees from homes and other buildings. Since damage by bees is damage over time, rather than sudden loss, insurance companies don’t cover the cost to the best of our knowledge, but you might try contacting your insurance company.

    What To Do If You Really Need A Free Bee Removal:

    Extreme Honey Bee Hive Removal | SO MUCH HONEY | Honey Bees in the Ceiling!

    So this is a second option, many people dont know about. You should open google, and search for bee keepers association and your county and state. There youll find bee keepers near you directly. Some bee keepers will go out and get the bees and re-queen them for you. But remember! Most bee keepers wont get any bees out of your walls for free, and if they do they wont be able to give you a warranty on the wall of your house. So only call them if you have easily accessible swarm of bees. Anything in or under a structure you gonna need someone like us, who does open, clean, close bee removal and relocation with a warranty.

    So I hope this was comprehensive enough and you could learn something important! You can call us during the day, whenever you want for a free consultation, were going to ask you questions and go through everything that youll need. In the end of the call were going to give you a free estimate too, so you can decide if its worth it for you. Hope all of you will have a great bee-safe day!

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    A Swarm Is One Of The Most Dramatic And Amazing Shows Of Nature That Anyone Beekeeper Or Not Can Witness

    Bee Swarms are not dangerous by nature! when bees swarm, they load up on honey before leaving the hive, so much so that they actually find it hard to use their stingers. Becuase they are in moving house mode, they also have nothing to protect so are a lot more docile.Because there is such a shortage of bees, swarms are in hot demand all over New Zealand, thats why we built this system to help connect the people with the swarm to the people wanting a swarm.

    Natural Bee Nest Removal Methods

    Honey bees are harmless and exciting insects to watch, but if they are left alone, you will be amazed to find over a thousand bees swarming in your backyard.

    Apart from the fact that their constant buzzing can be disturbing, a swarm of bees can be a nuisance. The fact that they decide what threatens them and when they get threatened exposes you and your entire household to the dreadful stings of mummy bees.

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