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How Much Is Hearing Aids

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost And What’s Included

How Much Do Hearing Aids REALLY Cost?

When you buy a hearing aid, you pay for much more than the device itself. Along with the device, the hearing aid cost usually covers a hearing test, a consultation, your initial fitting session, multiple follow-up adjustments, and in some instances, the hearing aid cost covers routine cleanings along with a warranty.

As far as the warranty goes, many hearing aids come with up to two to three years of warranty coverage. The warranties often cover all types of repair expenses, and some even come with a one-time replacement policy, which is of immense advantage if you lose a hearing aid.

If you prefer, you may be able to take advantage of an unbundle pricing scheme when buying a hearing aid. This type of pricing allows you to pick and choose which device and services you want. This way, you’re not paying for services that you know you will never use. Let’s say you don’t want to pay for a loss and damage’ warranty. When you opt for an unbundle hearing aid deal, you don’t have to pay for a warranty if you don’t want one.

Loss And Damage Policy And Service Warranty*

  • There is no replacement coverage for loss or damage for adults. For children 18 and younger, if a hearing aid is lost or damaged within three years of receipt from the Foundation, a notarized letter detailing the situation must be presented to the Foundation to replace the hearing aid. The Miracle-Ear Foundation will not replace a hearing aid due to loss more than once in lifetime.
  • Repair of hearing aids for adult applicants within three years will be covered by the Miracle-Ear Foundation beyond three years, normal repair fees apply. Individuals may be able to purchase a service plan through their local Miracle-Ear store.
  • Repair of hearing aids dispensed for children will be based on the specific warranty of the hearing aid.
  • Provided proper care and maintenance of the earmold and hearing aid have been taken as instructed, the Foundation will provide new earmold for children only based on their changing need. Adult recipients are responsible for any future revisions to their earmolds.

If you have questions or concerns about our loss and damage policy and service warranty, please reach out to your nearest Miracle-Ear center.

Whats Included In The Price

The price you see listed under a hearing aid device might not be the final amount you pay before walking out the door. In general, the overall cost of a hearing aid can include services like fitting and dispensing fees, aftercare, adjustments, warranties, customization, and ongoing care such as future appointments.

These fees are in addition to the hearing aid device and are typically associated with a hearing center or audiologist. But if you purchase hearing aids online through a direct-to-consumer site, the price may include only the hearing aid device. Some people choose to add a warranty or accessories that increase the final price.

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Current Hearing Aid Prices

Here is a curated collection of popular models from the top hearing aid manufacturers. Theres quite a range of prices represented below, so keep reading to the end of this page to understand why prices vary so widely. Prices below show the price per device. In general you will save 10% per device when you buy a pair.

Survey Background

Back in February, I received an email from hearing loss advocate Katherine Bouton looking for some information on the current hearing aid market:

Hi Abram, I’m updating my book Living Better With Hearing Loss, and trying to get a sense of the current hearing aid market, and the status of insurance reimbursement for hearing aids.

Katherine Bouton

I responded almost immediately, saying that I wasnt aware of any good data. I also suggested that we should survey our respective followers to try to investigate and find some answers ourselves. Katherine agreed, and we began working on a survey. At some point, we also reached out to our friends over at the Hearing Loss Association of America, who agreed to survey their followers as well.

Design And Ergonomics Of The Eargo Neo Hifi

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Each black Neo HiFi bud is around three-quarters of an inch long, a smidge less than an eighth of an inch thick, and barely weighs anything worth mentioning. The buds are stored in a circular black charging case, three inches in diameter and 7/8 of an inch thin, so eminently pocketable. You charge the case and the buds via an included USB-C cable no need to buy batteries! The buds will operate for around 16 hours, and the charging case stores a week’s worth of power. Thirty minutes of quick charging provides a couple of hours of hearing boost.

Inside the box are some accessories. These include:

  • three pairs of additional “flexis” flange skirts that determine how much external sound enters your ear
  • 16 replaceable wax guard rings with a replacement tool
  • a brush to daily clean ear wax off the speaker grills, the flexis and the battery contacts
  • a USB charging cable and AC transformer

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What Affects The Price Of A Hearing Aid

Multiple factors can affect the price of a hearing aid, including its:

  • Configuration: There are many styles of hearing aids, ranging from budget options to high-end devices designed for severe hearing loss.
  • Features: In addition to helping users hear better, many hearing aids now come with features like Bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging. The more features that are packed into a device, the more expensive it will usually be.
  • Brand: There’s a limited number of companies that sell hearing aids, and the lack of competition can lead to higher prices for individuals. A recent executive order in the U.S. is aimed to help more people access affordable hearing devices, though.
  • Warranty: Not all companies include a warranty, and those that do may charge extra as a result.
  • Bundled benefits: Many companies bundle additional services into the cost of a hearing aid. These benefits may include a hearing test, a consultation with a professional , fittings, adjustments and cleanings. Companies that include these services in the cost will likely charge more per device.

In 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that would help expand access to affordable hearing aids by allowing over-the-counter sales. This is an extension of a 2017 executive order that directed the FDA to develop regulations for OTC hearing aids, but theres still no definitive timeline for results at the time of publishing.

Just The Hearing Aids

Some customers want just the hearing aids, with very little maintenance or follow-up care.

Treating hearing loss using best practices involves many other costs. However, some people prefer to do everything themselves, which may mean that they opt to maintain their devices on their own and only come back to the audiologist when they determine that they need assistance.

This is called âunbundlingâ the hearing aid price from the services, meaning that the majority of the service costs associated with the hearing loss treatment are separated from the hearing aid cost and the patient pays for these services as they go.

We don’t typically recommend the âunbundledâ approach, even if you’re an experienced hearing aid user. We strongly believe that one of the most important factors to long-term hearing aid success is that the devices are professionally cleaned and maintained, and that your hearing is re-tested annually so that your devices can be reprogrammed if your hearing has changed.

In our practice, we generally start our recommendations by including a comprehensive lifetime care plan, however some of our patients opt to go with decreased service for various reasons.

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Veterans Affairs Hearing Aid Care

If youre eligible for VA health care, you might also qualify for its hearing aid care. Members can schedule an appointment to have their hearing evaluated. If the audiologist recommends a hearing aid, the VA will cover the hearing aid and all associated costs.

Unfortunately, not everyone with hearing loss automatically qualifies for coverage under the VA. The VHA Directive 1034, which governs the prescription and provision of hearing aids to veterans, refers to 38 CFR 17.149 in regard to which veterans are eligible for hearing aids.

How To Save Money On Hearing Aids

What Types of Hearing Aids Does Veterans Affairs Provide for Veterans? | Audiology | theSITREP

Hearing aids are expensive. However, there are some very basic things that you can do to save money on hearing aids. These are the 6 things you can do to save money on your next hearing aid purchase.

1. Call your insurance company.

More and more insurance companies are adding coverage for hearing treatment and/or hearing aids and many insurance companies are using managed care companies to provide hearing aid discounts to their members. Just be careful with managed care you may be able to negotiate a better price directly with a local clinic if you forego your managed care benefit.

2. Dont upgrade your hearing aids. Get them re-calibrated.

If you think the newest hearing aids will provide you a substantially better hearing outcome, think again. People generally only notice small improvements with each new technology that hits the market. Unless there is a major feature change that would benefit you directly, changing every 1-2 years is a waste of money. Instead, focus on finding a provider that can maximize the programming of your current hearing aids as your hearing changes. This includes re-checking your hearing and re-running Real Ear Measurements . For more on this, see When to replace your hearing aids.

3. Buy lower level technology.
4. Finance your hearing aids and spread your payments over time.
5. Buy your hearing aids online and get them programmed by an audiologist.
6. Go to a clinic that unbundles the cost of devices from their professional services.

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Online Vs Physical Retailer

Regarding purchasing hearing aids, there are two main options: online retailers and physical stores. Both have their own set of pros and cons, so its essential to consider which option is best for you.

Physical stores typically have a larger selection of products and trained staff who can help you choose the right product. Online retailers often have lower prices, but it can be challenging to find the right product without in-person assistance.

Additional Ways To Pay For Hearing Aids

Most hearing aid providers offer smart financing options, where you can pay for hearing aids via budget-friendly monthly installments, but there are other resources that may be available to you.

Private health insurance

Hearing aid coverage for adults is not mandated in every state. Some private health insurance companies cover the costs of hearing tests, a hearing aid evaluation and even partial or full coverage of a hearing aid. Others provide none at all. Check your individual plan coverage by calling the member services phone number on your insurance card.

Flexible medical spending plans

Some employers sponsor Flexible Medical Spending Plans, which allow you to set aside a portion of your earnings on a pre-tax basis. The money can be used throughout the year to pay for medical expenses not covered by your insurance provider. Using pre-tax flexible spending dollars is an excellent way to offset hearing aid expenses.

Health savings plans

Health savings plans are tax-advantaged medical savings accounts available to taxpayers who are enrolled in high-deductible health plans. The money contributed to health savings plans is not taxed at time of deposit and accumulates year over year, with interest, if it is not spent. Health savings plans can be used for medical and healthcare-related purchases not covered by insurance, including hearing aids.



Most state Medicaid programs cover partial or complete costs for hearing aids.

Veteran benefits

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Meet Our Genius 50 Technology

GENIUS 5.0 provides the most natural listening experience with an innovative approach to sound transmission, sound detection, feedback cancellation and speech clarity. Our cutting-edge technology changes how you hear speech in busy environments so you can hear what matters most to you.

Enjoy a personalized hearing experience with features designed with you in mind. Our binaural hearing system works seamlessly with the our 360° microphone to ensure you can clearly hear speech and easily determine where it came from. Our intuitive sound processing adjusts to find the optimal balance between sounds in front of and all around you. Our GENIUS 5.0 technology simultaneously cancels feedback between the ears and removes background noise for a more natual listening experience. It responds to your movements and changes in your environment to deliver natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation.

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive

Phonak Hearing Aids, Models and Prices

A standard medical-model hearing aid will set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars, up to four thousand dollars per device. Our own price survey showed that the average price for one hearing aid was $2,560.

When you purchase a hearing aid, the first thing youre paying for is the hardwarewhich is expensive on its own. Audiologists order hearing aids through wholesale accounts and often pay over one-to-two thousand per device, depending on the technology level. Hearing aid manufacturers claim that the prices are so high due to the amount of research and development that goes into creating the products.

Sonova’s Real Life Lab at their headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland.

The next thing youre paying for is the professional services required to fit your hearing aid, which may include up to five free years follow-up care. While most hearing aids come bundled with services, it is possible to find providers who will sell you follow-up services as an add on when you purchase your hearing aids, and some others offer follow-up care on a pay-per-appointment basis.

Real-ear measurements is a test that many audiologists perform to validate appropriate hearing aid amplification.

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Hearing Loss Is As Unique As A Thumbprint

Hearing loss is unique and is not something that can be easily or accurately treated by purchasing hearing aids over the counter, online, or in big warehouse stores where you are just another number.

Happy Ears Hearing Center firmly believes, to have the highest chance of success with hearing aids, hearing loss must be treated by hearing health professionals with extensive backgrounds and doctorate level education in hearing loss. This is why Happy Ears Hearing Center only employs Doctors of Audiology.

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How Do Nhs Hearing Aids Compare

The NHS buys the same digital hearing aids you buy privately from the same manufacturers. Itâs probable that they wonât be the very latest models, but the technology will be up to date and the hearing aids will work well.

Youâre likely to be offered behind-the-ear and possibly receiver-in-the-ear aids although the NHS does now buy less visible in-the-ear ones too see hearing aid types for more advice on the different styles.

Itâs likely that they would be mid-range, ie equivalent to our category-three models, but this will of course depend on your individual needs. Itâs unlikely youâd be offered aids for category four or five unless there was a very specialist reason why you needed one from these ranges.

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There’s A Range For A Reason

Like many things you buy from televisions to cell phones to glasses there is a good-better-best hierarchy that applies to hearing aids. Theyre available in a variety of styles, with a range of high-tech features which means youll typically pay less for hearing aids that are big and basic than you will for hearing aids that are discreet and state-of-the-art.

Factors that affect the price of hearing aids include:

  • Features Features that cancel noise, modulate volume, enable direct connectivity to smartphones and TV, or track and measure physical and mental activity, greatly improve performance and enhance everyday life, but also increase costs.
  • Professional Services Like many other medical devices, the proper selection and fitting of a hearing aid require the skill of educated and trained healthcare professionals. Professional services associated with the selection, fitting, adjustments and overall maintenance of hearing aids are often included as part of the cost of the hearing aid.

Buying devices fit and serviced by professionals will cost more than ones bought off the internet or from a retail store, but theyre also going to fit better, work harder, last longer and deliver more significant benefits.

Occupation And Cosmetic Concerns

Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much? | Miracle-Ear

Individuals who work in professions that require them to use their hearing extensively are more likely to experience hearing loss and thus may be willing to pay more for hearing aids.

Additionally, people who are concerned about their appearance may also be willing to pay more for less visible hearing aids. This is especially true for those who work in occupations where appearance is important . Thus, occupation and cosmetic concerns are two critical factors that can influence hearing aid prices.

The Horizon mini hearing aid is an excellent example of a small and stylish hearing device.

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Purchase Through A Discount Network

Another option is to purchase the same devices available at an audiologists office or hearing center from a discount network such as Zip Hearing for up to 35% less than retail price. When you purchase hearing aids through this network, youll be connected with an audiologist in your area for further care. If you are a veteran, check with your local Veteran Affairs medical center about meeting with an audiologist, getting a hearing test, and determining what hearing aid is right for you.

Larger retailers stores, such as Walmart and Costco, may also sell hearing aids. The majority of the hearing aid users we surveyed used Kirkland hearing aids from Costco. The next most-popular brand in our survey was Eargo with 8%.

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