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Hiv Self Test Kit Price

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HIV self testing kit to be available in pharmacies

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How does the test work?

  • The test detects specific antibodies in your blood sample, not actual HIV, and this is what produces the second line if positive.
  • When there is something harmful in your body, your immune system starts to produce antibodies, each of which is unique.
  • This self-test detects the unique antibodies produced by HIV.

What is included in the test kit?

  • Individually packed test cards
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How does the test work?

  • The test detects specific antibodies in your blood sample, not actual HIV, and this is what produces the second line if positive.
  • When there is something harmful in your body, your immune system starts to produce antibodies, each of which is unique.
  • This self-test detects the unique antibodies produced by HIV.

What is included in the test kit?

  • Individually packed test cards
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Who Should Get Tested

Everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 should get tested at least once in their life, according to the CDC .

Some people have a higher risk of contracting HIV, according to Even if youve had a past test, its recommended to get retested if you answer yes to any of the following questions since your last test:

  • Are you a man who has had sex with another man?
  • Have you had more than one sexual partner?
  • Have you injected drugs and shared needles or works with others?
  • Have you received a diagnosis of or treatment for another STI?
  • Have you received a diagnosis of or treatment for hepatitis or tuberculosis?
  • Have you had sex with someone who could answer yes to any of the above questions, or someone whose sexual history you dont know?

Can A Rapid Hiv Test Be Wrong

Yes. A rapid HIV test can sometimes produce positive results in people who dont have HIV. This is called a false positive.

These tests can also produce false-negative results, which happen when someone who has HIV tests negative. The accuracy depends on the specific test used.

More often than not, a positive test will require a follow-up assessment and blood test to make sure the result is accurate. At-home testing companies may recommend visiting a healthcare professional in-person for this.

Additionally, if you test negative but are at higher risk and suspect you may have contracted the virus, consult with a healthcare professional to see whats best for you and to get retested.

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Are Home Hiv Tests Accurate

Home tests are an accurate way to test for HIV. However, they may take longer to detect the virus after exposure than tests performed at a doctors office.

The vast majority of at-home HIV tests are antibody-only tests. These dont test for HIV antigen, which is typically included in a fourth-generation HIV test done at a hospital or doctors office. However, Everlywells at-home HIV test is also a fourth-generation test and does detect antigens, so it may be the most reliable at-home option.

Simply stated, most rapid HIV tests are less accurate than medical office tests because can detect an infection sooner. The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test may not detect HIV as quickly as a blood test.

Whats Next If The Test Is Positive

Buy BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit Online

If you receive a positive result, a qualified lab should retest the sample or a new sample to check the accuracy. Getting a positive result on a follow-up test means an HIV diagnosis.

If you test positive, its recommended to talk with a healthcare professional as soon as possible to discuss treatment options.

A healthcare professional can help start antiretroviral therapy right away. This is a medication that helps stop HIV from replicating and can help prevent transmission of HIV.

Its important to use condoms, dental dams, or other barrier methods with any and all sexual partners while waiting for test results or until the virus becomes undetectable. Its also always best to refrain from sharing needles.

Speaking with a therapist or joining a support group, whether in person or online, can help you cope with the emotions and health questions that come with an HIV diagnosis. Managing HIV can be stressful and difficult to discuss with close friends and family.

Speaking privately with a therapist or being part of a community of others with the same health condition can help you lead a healthy, active life after diagnosis.

Seeking additional help from healthcare professionals, such as social workers or counselors often associated with HIV clinics, can also help you cope with issues related to treatment. These professionals can help navigate scheduling, transportation, finances, and more.

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Mylab Boxhiv Home Test


This myLAB Box easy and convenient at-home HIV test allows you to screen from the comfort of home and receive your results within 2-5 days.

It helps you to know your status with just a prick on the finger, no awkward conversations, and no hassle.


  • This kit has over 99.9% accuracy and is as reliable as tests used by doctors and hospitals
  • You will receive two-way postage, and lab service fees are included
  • FSA and HSA payments are accepted
  • The company provides free telemedicine physician consultations if you test positive
  • You will receive your lab test results in 2 to 5 days after the lab has received your sample
  • Free shipping is provided with every order
  • This HIV self-testing kit uses a finger prick blood sample collection method
  • myLAB Box tests your sample via our CLIA certified laboratory partners
  • Various subscription packages are available
  • This mail-in test kit facilitates the detection of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2


You can access this at-home HIV test kit for $79.oo as a one-time purchase price. However, you can also to receive a kit either every three or six months.

My take

This at-home HIV testing kit is suitable for anyone wanting to check their HIV status, as the CDC recommends that screening for HIV should be performed routinely for all individuals aged 13-64.


This HIV self-test kit uses your sample to determine your HIV status.



My take

About The Results Is An At Home Hiv Test Accurate

While HIV self testing kits have high levels of accuracy, there are still a few things to keep in mind.

All forms of HIV testing come with a window period this is the time between getting HIV and it showing up on a test. HIV self testing kits have a 12 week window period. This means if youve come in to contact with HIV during the three months before taking the test, it might not show up in the results yet. A negative test result can be interpreted as being HIV negative as of three months ago.

As this is a screening test only, HIV self testing kits indicate a possible HIV positive result but cannot confirm an HIV diagnosis a reactive test result does not necessarily mean you have HIV. Although uncommon, HIV self testing kits can give false-positive results in some circumstances. If your test indicates a positive result, check in with a doctor for a blood test.

HIV self testing kits indicate a possible HIV positive result but cannot confirm an HIV diagnosis a reactive test result does not necessarily mean you have HIV.

Remember, HIV is a manageable condition with highly effective treatments available to keep people healthy and prevent onward transmission of the virus. An early HIV diagnosis means you can choose to start treatment quickly. The sooner you start HIV treatment, the better your health outcomes are in the long term. Nowadays, people living with HIV can live long and healthy lives.

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Are People Able To Understand Test Instructions And Use Self

A review identified 25 studies in which people used self-tests, with their results compared with those of a healthcare worker testing them at the same time. The original studies were done in a mix of North American, African, European and Asian countries. Fifteen studies used oral fluid-based tests, six used blood-based tests and four used both oral and blood specimens. Of note, several studies were evaluating professional assays that had not been adapted for use as self-tests performance could be better in commercially marketed tests.

Basic information on testing

The researchers found that most people could reliably and accurately use rapid tests. Using a statistical approach known as Cohens kappa in which 1 represents perfect agreement between the results of a self-tester and a trained health worker and less than 1 represents less than perfect agreement, results were highly concordant. The Cohens kappa was 0.98 in studies in which users first received a demonstration of how to do the self-test or to interpret its result. In studies in which this was not provided, it was 0.97. This means that in only a small minority of cases the self-tester and the healthcare worker got results that were different from each other.

Testing Outside Of The United States

Canada approves first HIV self-test kit

Rapid tests that have been approved for HIV home testing outside of the United States include:

  • Atomo HIV Self Test. This test is available in Australia and has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration , the countrys regulatory agency. It tests for HIV in 15 minutes.
  • autotest VIH. This test is only available in certain parts of Europe. It tests for HIV in 15 to 20 minutes. However, this service is temporarily unavailable, as the company has shifted focus to filling demand for COVID-19 testing.
  • INSTI HIV Self Test. This test launched in the Netherlands in 2017 and can be purchased everywhere except the United States. It promises results within 60 seconds.
  • Simplitude ByMe HIV Test. This test launched in July 2020 and is available in the United Kingdom. It tests for HIV in 15 minutes.

These particular tests all rely on a blood sample taken from the fingertip.

None of them have been FDA approved for use in the United States. However, the autotest VIH, INSTI, and Simplitude ByMe kits all have CE marking. This means a product complies with the safety, health, and environmental standards set forth by the European Economic Area .

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About Hiv & Hiv Self Test

What is HIV?4

HIV is a virus, that targets the immune system and weakens peoples defense against many infections and some types ofcancer. As the virus destroys and impairs the function of immune cells, infected individuals gradually become immunodeficient. Immune function is typically measured by CD4 cell count.

Immunodeficiency results in increased susceptibility to a wide range of infections, cancers and other diseases that people with healthy immune systems can fight off.

What is AIDS?4

The most advanced stage of HIV infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome , which can take many years to develop if not treated, depending on the individual. AIDS is defined by the development of certain cancers, infections or other severe long term clinical manifestations.

New Us$ 1 Price For Hiv Self

A new partnership announced today between the Clinton Health Access Initiative , MedAccess, and Wondfo Biotech Company will make an HIV self-test available for US$ 1 to the public sector in low- and middle-income countries, marking itas lowest ever priced WHO prequalified HIV self-test.

Despite the availability of affordable diagnostics and treatment, globally there are an estimated 5.9 million people with HIV who remain unaware of their status. Key populations and their partners account for the majority of new HIV infections, and adolescent girls and young womenare 3 times as likely to acquire HIV than their male peers. Many, including people from key populations and young people, find HIV self-testing to be a convenient and confidential option for HIV testing.

The announcement of the new pricing is an important step toward making HIV testing for diagnosis and prevention monitoring accessible worldwide, said Dr Meg Doherty, Director of WHO Global HIV, Hepatitis and STI Programmes. It willhelp programmes deliver HIV self-testing in public, community and private sector service delivery channels.

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What Does Hiv Self Testing Involve

The HIV self testing kit is a small cartridge containing a test strip which reacts to give a test result. The kit only needs a small amount of blood and provides a result in just 15 minutes. Everything you need to perform the test and get a result is included.

Once you have one of these kits using it is straightforward. The video below provides an overview and theres a more detailed instructional video at the manufacturers website. Instructions for use are available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

HIV self test kits are for single use only, so its best to familiarise yourself with the whole process before you begin.

The worlds first integrated HIV Self Test

Will I Have To Pay For The Test Out Of Pocket

Insti HIV Self Test Kit

Most insurance companies pay for HIV tests, as do most plans under the Affordable Care Act. Some pharmacies or community health centers offer free testing too.

You can pay for some at-home tests with an HSA or FSA. But directly purchased tests may not be covered by private health insurance or Medicaid. Check with your insurance provider or your doctor about reimbursement before buying one.

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What Is The Price Of An Hiv Test Kit In India

The accessibility of HIV home tests in India is very high. You can get them online, or you can get them from the nearest pharmacy as well.

The one-step home HIV tests in India start from INR 400. It will vary depending on the brand of the test, where you are getting it from, and even the accessibility of the test in the city/state you live in.

Hiv Can Be Transmitted Through5


Behaviours and conditions that put individuals at greater risk of contracting HIV include:

  • having another sexually transmitted infection such as syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and bacterial vaginosis
  • sharing contaminated needles, syringes and other injecting equipment and drug solutions when injecting drugs
  • receiving unsafe injections, blood transfusions, tissue transplantation, medical procedures that involve unsterile cutting or piercing
  • experiencing accidental needle stick injuries, including among health workers
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    What Do The Test Results Mean

    There are three possible test results:

    1) Negative . The test did not find any evidence of HIV infection. You probably dont have HIV .

    2) Reactive . The test assay has reacted to a substance in your blood. This does not necessarily mean that you are HIV positive. It means you need to take more tests to confirm the result. These extra tests are best done at a healthcare facility where they have access to the most accurate HIV testing technologies.

    3) Indeterminate, equivocal or invalid. The test result is unclear. Another test needs to be done.

    Should I Share My Result With Others

    HIV self-test kit launching clinical trial, could be on sale in 2020

    Yes. Its very important to share your status with your sexual partners. You may disclose your status to others if you wish, but youre under no obligation.

    While insurance companies must have your permission to view your health record, you may be charged higher prices with a chronic condition.

    Federal law now prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to people who have HIV or AIDS. And there may be a waiting period before insurance covers a chronic condition.

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    When To Talk With A Doctor

    If you test positive on a home test, talk with a doctor as soon as possible to discuss your test results and treatment and to get a blood-based test.

    Starting treatment early can prevent the development of AIDS, and it can also decrease the time it takes for HIV to become undetectable, which can help reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to others.

    What Are The Benefits Of Home Hiv Tests

    HIV can be much easier to manage and treat if identified early and treatment is started quickly.

    Home HIV tests allow people to receive results almost immediately sometimes within minutes without having to wait for an appointment with a healthcare professional or to take time out of their schedule to visit a lab.

    Early identification is essential for successful long-term treatment with HIV.

    Home tests empower people to learn whether they have the virus earlier than any other testing methods. Early detection can help people seek treatment quickly and also prevent people from unknowingly transmitting the virus.

    Early treatment can suppress the virus to undetectable levels, which makes HIV

    During the early stages, which is known as primary infection or acute HIV infection, HIV is much easier to transmit to others because levels of virus in the blood are very high.

    A person should consider taking an HIV test if they experience these symptoms after the following activities:

    • having sex without a condom or another barrier method
    • using injection drugs

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    Are There Other Ways I Can Test For Hiv

    There are various other HIV testing options available to you. You can find HIV testing services, including rapid testing and peer-based services, nearby and across Australia using our interactive map.

    Cost, convenience and length of window period may vary between different testing options. The important thing to know is that using any method to test frequently for HIV is better than not testing frequently or even at all. In Australia, all HIV test results are private between you and your doctor doctors are legally required to notify health authorities of an HIV positive diagnosis, but in a way that does not personally identify individuals.

    For all guys who have sex with other guys, its recommended to test at least once every three months. Guys who arent sexually active or are in monogamous relationships can test less frequently, but at least once a year.

    Regular testing for HIV is an important part of looking after your sexual health and wellbeing, but its important to test for other STIs too.

    Rapid HIV testing is available in some cities with results in under 20 minutes while you wait. Rapid testing is often free and sometimes peer-based, meaning the tests are facilitated by specially trained members of the LGBTI community. Getting a rapid test involves a small finger prick similar to using the HIV self testing kits. Discover more in A quick prick does the trick all about rapid HIV testing.

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