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Hearing Aids At Sam’s Club

Pros And Cons Of Buying Hearing Aids At Sams Club

Sam’s Club Hearing Centers Closed | What Should You Do Next?

Ultimately, Sams Club can be a great place to buy hearing aids. Members have access to average prices plus a variety of services and exclusive devices. Of course, a membership is required to take advantage of these perks.

Based on my research, here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind when it comes to buying hearing aids from Sams Club.

Do You Accept Insurance

No. Most insurance companies dont cover hearing aids. This is the exact reason Nano was founded to provide affordable hearing aids to hard-working Americans that deserve better pricing. Fortunately, Nano’s prices are so affordable that anyone can afford to buy Nano. And if cash is tight, continue reading…

What Sizes Of Personal Sound Amplification Products Can I Choose

PSAPs are OTC products that don’t come in personalized sizes. Over the ear headphones are usually larger, but adjustable most sizes of adult heads, but may not effectively fit around all head sizes or hairstyles. In-ear sound amplifiers usually come in one size, with multiple sizes of rubber cushion in each pack to fit different sizes of the ear canal.

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Over The Counter Hearing Aids Are Programmed To Support Mild To Moderate Losses

Over-the-counter or OTC hearing aids are a new category of hearing aids designed to help people with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss and approved for sale by the Food & Drug Administration . Consumers can purchase OTC hearing aids without an exam by an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist/dispenser, and without a prescription.

Receive support in person at your nearest hearing center or from home with phone and video support with a licensed specialist.

Lucid Hearing Otc 10078 Enrich Pro In


Item prices may vary between online and in club.

Item prices do not include fees for pickup, shipping or delivery unless noted in the item description.

  • Intended for adults 18+ with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss
  • In-the-canal design
  • 8 channel digital processor with crystal clear sound

The Lucid Hearing OTC 10078 Enrich Pro In-The-Canal Hearing Aid Pair utilize the newest Powered by Lucid patented technology to deliver clear, comfortable, and natural sound quality. Two listening modes can be adjusted to accommodate conversation and crowd environments.

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How Much Do Sams Club Hearing Aids Cost

The cost of Sams Club hearing aids can range widely, depending on the model and features. As of writing, here are the most up-to-date prices of Sams Club hearing aids, available on the company website:

  • Liberty SIE 24: $624.99

However, note the following caveats:

  • The prices given here are per device, not per pair.
  • These prices do not account for any extra cost of Sams Club hearing aids, such as taxes or shipping.
  • Some products may be out of stock or no longer offered by Sams Club.

Which One Should You Choose

Worried about costco vs sams club hearing aids and dont know which one to choose? If you are new to using hearing aids, then Sams club hearing aids might be just for you. You will not have to invest thousands of dollars just yet. They provide inexpensive products for your hearing problems.

They provide the cheapest products in the hearing aids business. It would cost you only a few hundred dollars. They also offer repair services to anyone buying from their warehouse.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more advanced hearing aid with high-tech features, you should choose Costco.

They have a wide range of products to choose from. Their professionals are there to help you along the way. They also have attractive services. But you need to have a membership to enjoy their low prices.

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What To Consider When Buying Personal Sound Amplification Products

What type of sound amplification you prefer

If you’re only looking to amplify the sound coming from media devices, focus on a device with versatile connectivity. However, if you’re looking to enhance conversations in noisy environments, a PSAP with good directional microphones and background noise cancellation should be a priority.

Personal fit

The size of the device should fit your everyday needs. If you don’t mind a large over-ear design while you work, that’s excellent. But you may need something in-ear for discretion or if you need to wear a hardhat.

Battery life

Most PSAPs are rechargeable, but not all, so consider the battery life for each charge, or for disposable batteries. Also, if a device is rechargeable, consider the total battery life, because you may need to replace the entire product when that duration has run its course.

Insurance coverage

Generally, PSAPs are not covered by health care insurance plans. But these devices are also much less expensive than hearing aids.


A personal sound amplification product is available from Sam’s Club at members-only prices from $80 – $400.

Sams Club Hearing Aid Reviews

Sam’s Club Hearing Aids

So far, weve talked about how to buy hearing aids at Sams Club and the various Sams Club hearing aid products. But what do real users have to say in Sams Club hearing aid reviews?

The product review website contains reviews of Sams Club Liberty Hearing Aids. These devices currently have 60 user reviews and an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. For example, reviewer Anthony in Pennsylvania gives his Sam’s Club hearing aids a five-star review. He praises the companys affordability and excellent customer support:

After a few years of nudging by my wife, I finally stopped in at Sam’s in Tarentum, PA to get a hearing test. I left with the top-of-the-line hearing aids and have worn them ever since. Paul, the specialist there, sets up regular visits for cleaning and adjustments to make sure I’m 100% satisfied. Service has been great. Many of my buddies who also have hearing aids scoff at where I bought them. But I ended up with better hearing aids at a lower price than they paid with better customer service.

Unfortunately, not all users have had such a positive experience. Customer William in Florida left a one-star Sams Club hearing aid review on ConsumerAffairs, writing:

Many reviewers compliment the excellent support theyve received from Sams Club hearing aid specialists, as well as the lower price tag. Others, however, complain about problems with the products fit and quality.

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Hearlink 9030 With Directional Microphone

The Philips HearLink 9030 with directional microphone is one of many behind-the-ear hearing aids available at Sams Club. Designed for people with mild to profound hearing loss, this device features three levels of technology, each with its own price range. SoundMap 2 technology uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce background noise, multi-channel amplification, and feedback cancellation. It also includes additional sound processing, including directional microphones.

How To Buy Sams Club Hearing Aids

You can browse the full range online or visit your nearest club to discuss the options available. The companies also announced that Sams Club Hearing Centers offers a subscription service that allows patients to pay as little as $46 per month for a pair of 24-channel Liberty hearing aids through Allegro credit. The four programs included are for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Hearing aids are adjusted before use, involving the user in this process, which reduces the time spent on the fitting process while at the same time providing optimal fitting and listening comfort for the user. Liberty SIE 64 BTE hearing aids also offer a 2-second power-on delay that delays hearing aids while the wearer inserts them into their ears. In addition, liberty SIE 64 has an adaptation protocol that combines many factors to provide a personalized hearing experience.

Hence, we review one of Libertys most popular hearing aids known as the Liberty SIE 64 BTE hearing aids. Many reviewers praise the excellent support received from Sams Club Hearing Professionals and the lower price. However, other negative reviews of Sams Club hearing aids mention various customer service issues.

Ridiculous districts and district managers ranging from mediocre to borderline incompetent . I dont know if all employees feel this way or just that.

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Sam’s Club Hearing Aid Center

At Sam’s Club, our hearing aid specialists use a computer-controlled audiometer to complete a screening and state-of-the-art testing equipment to do a thorough examination of the external ear, ear canal and ear drum. Hearing tests can be done on Members 18 and older annual follow-up screenings are free.

Based on the screening results, the hearing aid specialist will recommend the device that will best suit the Member’s needs. This could mean a hearing aid or personal sound amplification products . The hearing aid specialist also refers Members to a physician if their

indicates a potential medical problem.

Hearing aid specialists can provide education on the proper use and care of products as well as offering free programming of, and adjustments to, hearing aids. While Members are shopping, specialists can even provide quick cleanings and adjustments to help extend the life of hearing aids.

Customized And Advanced Clarity


The 64-Channel Speaker In The Ear Wireless Hearing Aid brings advanced clarity to any listening experience. With Powered by Lucid sound processing technology and our Lucid 64 processor, it offers customers unmatched comfort, control and customization. Available in five colors , the 64-Channel Speaker In The Ear Wireless Hearing Aid features a dynamic directional microphone and Bluetooth capability compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems.

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Disadvantages Of Sams Hearing Aids:

  • One brand Liberty is your only offering, with just 2 different options for models. That doesnt leave you much room for customization.
  • Less advanced technology Some users comment about the noisiness of Liberty hearing aids. Negative reviewers point out that the technology included in the hearing aids may not be up to snuff for more advanced hearing loss.
  • Variety in customer service Your experience is completely dependent on the hearing aid specialists in your local Sams Club. You may luck out and have a wonderful representative, but that is not a guarantee since every club is different.
  • In-person only appointments If your hearing aids need servicing or adjustments, you will have to schedule another appointment at Sams Club. These appointments can be difficult to secure and are sometimes booked out for several weeks.

What Different Types Of Hearing Aids Are There

We’ve briefly mentioned each main type of hearing aid, but let’s take an extra second to discuss them.

In-ear hearing aids

In-the-ear hearing aids are less visible than behind the ear hearing aids. However many models come in a fully manufactured shape so they are not available for a custom earmold receiver. These hearing aids come in three main styles:

  • Completely-in-the-Canal means the entire microphone, amplifier, speaker and battery are in a device that sits hidden in your ear canal. In the canal hearing aids are the least visible type of hearing aid, but the small size means it only has a general microphone instead of a directional microphone. Also, some may have issues with discomfort and earwax Sam’s Club carries no-wax options like the GHI Simply Slim.
  • In-the-Canal devices usually have the microphone, amplifier and battery portion of the electronic device resting accessible in the bowl of the outer ear, with a small protrusion extending the speaker/receiver snuggly into the ear canal.
  • In-the-Ear devices have all of the microphone, amplifier, receiver and battery in a unit that does not extend down and into the ear canal. With nothing in the canal, your ear feels less pressurized. The larger design also allows for better directional microphones and telecoils which can detect a secondary speaker near the ear, such as cell phones.

Behind the ear hearing aids

Analog vs. Digital

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Join A Team That’s Dedicatedto Helping People

Our company was founded in Dorado, Puerto Rico, where it is proudly based today.

Our growing team of researchers, designers, analysts, and writers, have joined from near and far. Some of our team hail from Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York, Boston, and moreall forging a special connection to Puerto Rico. Many of us have had a bond with the island our entire lives, have families here, or are starting our own. For all of us, Puerto Rico has a rich history and vibrant culture, that are a joy to be a part of.

From easy access to the worlds most beautiful beaches and landscapes, to the communities where we live and work and volunteer our time, to the people we meet and work with every dayPuerto Rico is one of the best places on earth to call home.

What Hearing Aids Are Available At Sams Club

Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids ~ What????

Sams Club carriesLiberty Hearing Aids, a brand available exclusively at the warehouse store. Liberty carries a variety of hearing aids including behind-the-ear, in-the-canal and custom devices.

While you wont be able to purchase Liberty hearing aids online for delivery, you cansee the available selection on the Sams Club website and even order a specific model for in-store pickup. However, I recommend just going to your nearest Sams Club Hearing Aid Center so that you can ask questions and get the model thats best for you.

In September 2022, I found 16 different models available.

In addition to hearing devices, Sams Club also carries hearing aid batteries and accessories.

You can check out the full selection online or visit your nearest club with a Hearing Aid Center to discuss available options.

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Backed By Licensed Hearing Professionals

The best hearing technology at the best price is only the tip of the iceberg with MDHearing. Our team of dedicated licensed hearing professionals will make sure you get the most out of your hearing aids.You won’t find better support anywhere else. Plus, every NEO is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee and a 45-day, risk-free trial.

Fast Facts About Sam’s Club Hearing Aids

Let’s start with a few quick facts about Sam’s Club hearing aids and hearing centers.

  • Sams Club hearing aids are only available to members, but you can take a free hearing test before signing up for a membership.

  • Sams Club sells only one brand of hearing aids made and dispensed by Lucid Hearing.

  • Lucid Hearing staffs Sam’s Club hearing centers with hearing professionals who take your hearing test and customize your hearing aid to your prescription.

  • Hearing aids at Sam’s Club cost between $1,200 – $4,400 for a pair . The national average for a pair of prescription hearing aids is $4,500.

  • If you prefer to purchase over-the-counter you can order Lucid hearing aids directly here. As a perk, Lucid lets you upgrade your same devices at a local Sams Club if you decide you need hands-on help.

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What Different Types Of Personal Sound Amplification Products Are There

Over the ear headphones

This classic style of headphones includes two cushioned sound receivers/speakers, that are connected by a curved arc of plastic and metal that goes over the top of the head. This design can be wired or wirelessly connected to a smartphone or other media source. Over-the-ear PSAP headphones will often also include integrated directional microphones that amplify nearby sounds or conversations that aren’t being streamed by a connected media device.

In-ear sound amplifiers

This more discreet style of headphones, sometimes called earbuds, involve placing small speakers into the ear, usually resting in the opening of the ear canal. In-ear sound amplifiers may be standalone devices for the left ear and right ear separately. Or they can be wired to a base device that rests around a wearers neck and connects to each ear.

Wireless headphones

Most PSAPs are wireless devices because they need to channel sound not just from media devices, but also from attached microphones to improve the volume of nearby conversations.

My World Of Sound Returned

Liberty Hearing Aids Sam

I was so excited when my Audien Atom Pro hearing aids arrived. After inspecting everything in the box and making sure they had a charge, I put them in my ear. I was on my lanai, a very quiet place, but I kept hearing a roar. I thought there was something wrong with my hearing aid. My granddaughter and I were leaving to go to the grocery store, so I turned off the window air conditioner on my lanai and the roar went away. I had been completely unaware of the noise. As I emerged from my silent world I became aware of so many everyday little sounds. I cannot believe I waited so long before making the leap to purchase my Atom Pro. Thank you so much for making my quality of life so much better. My friends and family thank you as I no longer constantly say what, I didnt hear you.

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What A Bluetooth Hearing Aid Does For You

It helps with conversation, taking phone calls, watching TV and more!
  • Connect to your phone, TV, tablet or laptop via universal wireless Bluetooth connection. Works with an iphone, an Android, or any other devices with Bluetooth.
  • Automatically switches to Bluetooth mode when taking a phone call or the device is playing sound.
  • Enjoy the digital streaming sound without any background noise.
  • Automatically switches back to hearing aid mode when no sound is being played from other devices.
  • All-in-one solution for your everyday hearing needs.

Founded In Puerto Rico

In early 2016, Greg Powel and Sam Niccolls founded the company in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Greg brought his experience from working at Google, while Sam contributed expertise honed at Moz. These two young entrepreneurs decided to establish their business in Puerto Rico because of the island’s well-educated talent pool and its warm climate. Puerto Rico was fertile ground for a tech startup and presented an opportunity to do things differently from the way they’re done in Silicon Valley. is deeply dedicated to its employees. The company participates in the local community and proudly supports the island economy. In 2017, the firm not only survived Hurricanes María and Irma, but also raised $200,000 to fund local disaster relief. With the encouragement of the company’s management, many of its employees contributed their labor to the recovery effort.

We have created a profitable and sustainable business that’s focused on the values of community, showing up for one another, being scrappy, and doing the right thing for consumers and the company.

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