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My Dog Has Hives And Is Shaking

When To Visit A Vet

My dog has a rash.

If your dog is still in discomfort despite their ears being clean, call your vet as soon as possible. Dog ear infections can worsen quickly, and in the worst cases can lead to loss of hearing. Your vet will give your dogs ears a thorough cleaning, and remove excess fur. They can also prescribe antibiotics to help reduce the infection.

For ongoing treatment, they may give you an antibiotic wash for your dogs ears. While the vet is dealing with your dogs ear infection, it may be a good idea to ask them to conduct an allergy test on your dog.

How To Prevent Shaking In Dogs

Again, the specific prevention will depend on the cause of your dog’s shivering. Keeping your dog warm, relaxed, up-to-date on preventive care, well-exercised, and away from toxic “snacks” can all help keep her from shaking. That said, certain breeds or individuals might be more prone to the mysterious “Generalized Tremor Syndrome,” which has no known way to prevent it.

Its important to get help if your dogs shaking is accompanied by behavior changes, other symptoms, or started after eating something new. While shivering may be as simple as cold or anxiety, it can also be a symptom of serious diseases or toxin exposure.

Possible Condition: Worms And Parasites


  • Scooting on the bottom
  • Poor appearance

A number of worms are capable of causing serious problems for dogs. Among them are hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms and heartworms. These nasty parasites are transmitted through mosquito bites, food, soil or even mothers milk.

Roundworms are the most common worms that infect dogs. While seldom fatal, they can severely weaken puppies. Adult dogs are essentially immune, but larvae of dormant worms can be transmitted to puppies in the womb. Dams should be dewormed before breeding to prevent transmission.

Hookworms thrive in hot, humid conditions. They feast directly on dogs blood, and can severely weaken infected animals. Like roundworms, hookworms can be transmitted through the placenta during gestation, or after birth, through mothers milk. They can even burrow directly through the skin of the paws. Your family veterinarian can detect the eggs of these parasites in your dogs stool.

Whipworms lay fewer eggs than other worms, making detection more difficult. But once in the soil, eggs remain ineffective for up to five years. They can cause acute, chronic or intermittent diarrhea in dogs.

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Licking Frequently Or Skin Chewing

If your dog chews or licks his skinespecially his feetfrequently or seemingly nonstop, this is a sign hes dealing with some form of allergies.

The problem could come from exposure to irritants in the backyard or on walks, but it may also be a symptom of food allergies in your dog. Although the problem isnt an emergency, youll need to go to the vet in the coming weeks to determine how to treat it and what the underlying cause might be.

What Are Dog Hives

Veterinary Practice: Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking Her Head

Hives are areas of the skin that appear reddened and raised. Just as with humans, hives can be very itchy for your dog. Theyre a sign that an allergy is causing the immune system to overreact.

Hives can appear very quicklyand disappear just as quickly. The raised red area of the skin is referred to as a wheal, and it can appear anywhere from a few minutes to hours after exposure to an allergen. Wheals can appear anywhere on your dogs body, but theyre usually found on the head, neck, back, stomach, and legs.

In mild cases, the hives will generally disappear within 12-48 hours after contact with the allergen. However, because of the risk that the reaction can worsen to dangerous swelling of your dogs airways or a serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, you should seek out treatment any time you see hives on your dog. This is especially true for hives that occur on the face or around the throat, which can lead to dangerous swelling and possible blockage of the airways.

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What Is Vomiting In Dogs

Dog vomiting is not an illness but a symptom indicating an underlying issue. It starts with nausea, followed by dry heaves and retching before finally throwing up.

The common signs that your dog is in the nausea stage are drooling and excessive swallowing. Retching enables your dog to forcefully eject gastric and intestinal content with food, fluid, and debris out of the mouth. Vomiting may result in electrolyte depletion, acid-base imbalance, and possibly pneumonia.

Dont mistake vomiting with regurgitation. Regurgitation refers to the elimination of materials from the oesophagus. You can tell that it is regurgitation when the material expelled from the mouth are identifiable as undigested food covered in mucus.

Dogs regurgitate without nausea or retching. It occurs when they eat too much food, or they have consumed too much water.

Tip: An easy way to distinguish vomiting from regurgitation is by looking at the content that was thrown up.

Treatment Of Heat Rash

Most heat rashes can be treated with exclusively at-home remedies. The first thing you want to do when you suspect that your dog has heat rash is to cool your dog down. You can bring him inside near a fan or air conditioning and also apply a cool towel on his back. Once youve regulated your dogs temperature, you want to begin to try to eliminate the discomfort that comes with heat rash.

There are three different types of topical treatments that have been shown to respond well to heat rash. Calamine lotion is a great way to relieve the itching your dog is experiencing, which will in turn bring down their red rash. Another option is 1% hydrocortisone, which helps eliminate the itching and inflammation caused by the rash.

In addition, it helps reduce the rashes red appearance. But it should not be used for longer than three days because after this point it can have adverse effects. Lastly, aloe vera is frequently recommended to treat heat rash because it is incredibly natural and non-invasive. You can use freshly squeezed aloe vera directly from the plant the same as if you were treating sunburn on your own skin.

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Diagnosing Your Pets Allergies

If your pet is showing signs of a possible allergic reaction, . To diagnose your pets condition and determine the specific allergen, well conduct a thorough exam, including any appropriate blood or skin tests.

If we suspect your pet is allergic to a food ingredient, well recommend an elimination diet to determine the specific ingredient he should avoid.

Some pets with severe allergies may be referred to a veterinary dermatologist for more in-depth allergy skin testing and treatment.

Why Is My Dog Shaking Their Head

Itchy Dog Yeast Infection (5 ESSENTIAL Steps to Stop It)
  • Caring for a Dog

Just like a human would instinctively scratch at an itch, dogs will instinctively shake their heads to relieve the discomfort. While head shaking can be normal for your dog occasionally, frequent head shaking is a sign of an underlying issue, typically in your dogs ears. If your dog is shaking his head, here are a few potential causes, treatment options, and ways to prevent issues in the future.

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Treatment For Dog Hives

Dogs with hives usually respond quickly to treatment, which may include:

  • Antihistamine and a steroid

  • Injectable medications and intravenous fluids

At-home treatments may include:

  • Cold compresses over the hives or swollen areas to give relief from itching

  • Antihistamines, but only under the supervision of your vet

Your Dog Keeps Sneezing

Sometimes allergies can cause sneezing in dogs and other respiratory issues, although its more common in cats than in dogs. If your dog has been sneezing chronically, or exhibits nasal discharge, or nasal discharge that is either green or yellow in color, it is recommended to make an appointment with your veterinarian in order to rule out serious respiratory issues.

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Dog Vomiting And Diarrhoea

Vomiting and diarrhoea are signs of gastrointestinal issues. Treatments vary depending on the cause and severity. Vomiting and diarrhoea may be caused by a viral infection, parasitic infection, cancer, internal organs problem, or as simple as indigestion.

The act of vomiting is the result of irritation in the stomach, whilst diarrhoea is the irritation that can be anywhere along the intestinal tract. Any of the following diagnostic tests may be performed to identify the primary cause:

  • Blood tests

More specific tests can be done once the disease is detected and identified.

Is It An Emergency Shivering Lethargy And More

Causes of Shivering and Lethargy in Dogs and What to Do

In part I of this article, we discussed the common complaints of vomiting, diarrhea and limping, and when you should panicor, more often, notwhen you note these signs in your pet. In this, the second part, we will discuss the common complaints of shivering/shaking, and weakness/lethargy.What if my dog or cat is shivering/shaking?Often, we will receive calls of panic when a pet owner notes that his or her pet is shivering and/or shaking uncontrollably. Pets may shiver or shake for many reasonspain, fear, anxiety, nerves, or simply being too cold. There is even an endocrine disorder called Addisons disease which can cause excessive shivering as well. We often see dogs shiver and shake during thunderstorms or . Some will even respond this way if theres a lot of unusual noise nearby because of construction or sirens. If the shivering is truly temperature related , chances are youll be a little too cold as well, or youve just brought your furry canine in from the very cold outdoors. If neither is the case, his or her shivering is most likely not from being too cold.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

See more about conditions related to shivering

and lethargy

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My Dog Goes To Another Room

When a dog acts weird, it is possible they may hide in a completely different room. One reason for this is possible disgust. Many people attribute various emotions to their dogs, sometimes negating their inherent nature in the process. The famed psychologist Stanley Coren claims it is unlikely a dog will have complex emotions such as guilt, pride or shame. However, it is possible they can experience joy, fear, love, anger and even disgust.

If there is something in a part of the home which is disturbing or disgusting them, a dog may hide to get away from it. They may smell something which upsets their sensitive nose, hear an annoying sound or be disturbed by something. It can be difficult to determine what exactly is causing disgust in our dog. For example, a dog’s nose is much more sensitive than ours. A scented candle might be fragrant to us, but overbearing to them.

Another reason a dog may go into hiding is fear. How easily a dog will become scared depends on their personality and circumstance. If your dog has been abused, has been poorly socialized or has suffered a traumatic incident, it is possible fear will come more easily to them. However, any dog can become fearful.

If you see your dog hiding and acting weird, look at their body posture and facial expression. If their head is lowered, they are cowering, their eyes dart around, their body is shaking or they show any signs of fear, then you will need to work out what is scaring them.

A Mild Reaction Can Get Worse

Some allergic reactions are so mild you may barely notice them. For example, after a bee sting or insect bite, your dog may experience localized redness or itching of the skin. And after vaccination, its not uncommon for a pet to experience some joint or muscle soreness, lethargy or even a mild fever.

If your dog shows signs of a more advanced reaction, including facial swelling, itchiness, vomiting and/or hives or bumps all over the body, see your veterinarian immediately.

In rare cases, dogs can experience a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Additional signs of anaphylaxis may include difficulty breathing, weakness and collapsing. This can be a life-threatening emergency and can affect major organ systems, such as the gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory system and the lungs.

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They Have A Tick Or Flea

When a dog has a tick or flea, it will shake its body to get rid of the intruder. This reflexive action is the flea shake and is often the first sign that a pet owner notices that their dog has a problem.

The shaking helps dislodge the tick or flea, making it easier for the dog to scratch or bite it off. In some cases, your dog can also use the flea shake to remove ticks already embedded in the skin.

However, this should only be done if the tick is not firmly attached, as trying to remove a tightly-wedged tick can cause serious injury. Suppose you suspect that your dog has a tick or flea. In that case, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian before taking any action.

Remedies For Itchy Skin

Itchy Dog? Find Out Why and What To Do

Many products on the market can help relieve your dogs itchy skin. Here are some of our top picks. We recommend consulting with your vet before giving your dog any supplements or other home treatment to make sure theyre okay for your pup.

PetHonesty has various excellent dog allergy relief products, including allergy support chews, a skin allergy food topper, itch relief shampoo, and anti-scratch salmon oil. Their products contain natural ingredients with no fillers. PetHonestys facility is FDA-approved and Good Manufacturing Practices -certified with a Level 3 Safe Quality Food certification.

You may also want to consider King Kanines Anti-Itch Spray. This all-natural spray contains CBD oil , aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile, and colloidal silver to relieve itching and control skin inflammation. King Kanine manufactures it in an FDA and GMP-certified facility and they have independent testing to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Other Causes Of Shivering And Trembling In Dogs

There are other less common reasons for shivering, shaking, trembling, or tremors in dogs.

Chronic kidney failure can lead to tremors. So can neurological problems that may include inflammatory brain diseases. An Addisonian crisis, a condition related to an underactive adrenal gland, and demyelinating disorders may also lead to shaking in dogs. Dogs may shake when their anal sacs are full.

If you have questions about your dog’s shivering or trembling — or about any canine health and wellness issue, talk to your vet.

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Signs Of An Allergic Reaction In Dogs

Do you think your dog might have allergies? Have you noticed your pet suffering from acute allergic reactions or from long-term seasonal allergies? If you think theres a chance your dog is dealing with any type of allergy, its important to speak to your vet about this problem sooner rather than later.

However, you can also read up on the different types of dog allergies and what to do in case you notice symptoms in the article below.

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How Can Vaccine Reactions In Dogs Be Prevented

If a dog has had a vaccine reaction before, pre-treatment with antihistamines and corticosteroids can reduce the likelihood it’ll have another. These medications can be administered by your veterinarian at the beginning of the vaccine appointment or orally 1-2 hours prior to vaccination. The only true prevention however is to not vaccinate them at all.

The more vaccines administered at the same time, the more likely an adverse reaction is to occur. If you have a high-risk dog or one that has had a previous minor vaccine adverse reaction, having your veterinarian separate the injections by 2 weeks may be helpful.

What Is Atopic Dermatitis In Dogs

Pin on For Somer

Canine atopic dermatitis, or canine atopy, is the medical term for hay fever in dogs. It is often used to characterize a common form of dog skin allergy in which dogs are allergic to a wide variety of environmental factors . It can be hereditary, more often affecting purebred dogs, but mixed breeds are also susceptible. Breeds with a higher risk include:

  • Boxers
  • Itchy ears
  • Swollen face and paws

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Understanding Head Shaking In Dogs

Before we discuss the potential cause of your dogs head shaking, its important to understand the behavior of head shaking in itself.

Our dogs lack the dexterity to scratch or address pain in many parts of their body, leading to the need for another alternative.

Simply scratching an uncomfortable area on their head or ear is not as simple as it is for you and I, so they often turn to head shaking.

A dog that shakes their head may be trying to resolve itching on their face, pain within their ear, the feeling of something foreign in their ear, and everything in between.

Head shaking is typically your dogs way of attempting to relieve some form of discomfort they feel above the neck.

Can A Dog Suddenly Become Allergic To His Food

Just like humans, its possible for dogs to develop new allergies later in life. As bodies age and hormones change, its possible for your dog to develop a new intolerance or sensitivity to food they may have been eating for years. Dog food allergy symptoms can appear similar to some illnesses and infections, however, so its critical that you get your dog seen by a vet as soon as you can if you notice that they have suddenly become allergic to their food.

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