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Wearing Hearing Aids When You Don’t Need Them

Accidentally Falling Asleep With Your Hearing Aids In

Myth: I Should Only Wear My Hearing Aids When I Need Them

Dont panic if you accidentally fall asleep with hearing aids in your ears. There is no risk of the hearing aids malfunctioning just because you slept in them.

The real danger is discomfort or losing the hearing aids. Just try to get into the habit of putting your hearing aids in a safe spot when youre ready for a nap.

Don’t Take A Holiday From Hearing

Putting aside hearing aids when youre home, especially home alone, may feel like youre giving yourself a break, a holiday from hearing. The costs are hard to see. I didnt realize that when I went back into the world with my aids, Id have to readjust like a brand-new wearer.

Its not fun to take a holiday and return to a pile up of work! This pile-up you can avoid.

Social Engagement Will Become More Challenging

You know when you go to the store and you get into a short conversation with the cashier? Theyre pleasant, we think. A nice little bit of humanity in a technological world.

When you dont use your hearing aids, these basic social connections can suddenly be a lot more difficult. You have to ask the cashier to repeat what they said. Over and over. And once that happens, the conversation just quickly falls apart. That may not sound serious but every time a situation like this happens, you will tend to withdraw socially more and more. And that can result in even bigger issues.

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How To Not Hate Your Hearing Aids

Hate your hearing aids? Most people need a fewweeks, or even months, to get used to wearinghearing aids, and then soon find them invaluable.

First, don’t put those hearing aids away, never to be used again. Owning a set of hearing aids is just the first step. Learning how to use them effectively comes next. With just a little more effort, these technological marvels can make a huge difference in your overall health as well as your quality of life.

Unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids take more time to get used to, as your brain relearns to hear sounds it’s forgotten about. You also have to acclimate to the sensation of something in your ears, which will only happen once you wear them consistently.

The Stigma Is In Your Head

How to get used to your hearing aids

I have said it before, and I have no doubt I will say it again, there is no stigma with hearing loss other than the little voices in your head. Those voices that tell you that you are getting old, those voices that ask you what will people think. The voices that tell you that having to wear a hearing aid is some sort of statement on you, your age, your worth. The voices in your head are lying to you!

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Why Do People Not Wear Their Hearing Aids

Whether people do not want to get their ears checked, or they have been prescribed hearing aids that go unused, some avoid wearing these devices. Folks often have preconceived notions about these apparatuses and are reluctant to use them. Some reasons for this include:

  • They think they are difficult to use.
  • They believe they are large, noticeable, and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Fears around inserting or losing them in their ear.
  • There is an initial adjustment period to get your hearing aids working at their best, and this leads people to believe that they wonât work properly.

The reality is that some people may also have a lack of awareness that they need hearing devices because they are unwilling to take a hearing test. Others may have older devices that have been well-worn and never cleaned, so they donât work as they should. If you have concerns about your auditory health, the best thing you can do is talk to an audiologist.

Why People Dont Wear Their Hearing Aids & How To Make The Transition To Hearing Aids Easier

If you have hearing loss, have met with a hearing professional, and have chosen to use hearing aids, congratulations! Hearing aids can help you hear better than you have in perhaps quite some time. However, some people dont like to wear their hearing aids, or they stop wearing them after a while. Is that you?

There are a few common reasons people stop wearing their hearing aids. These include:

  • Your hearing aids are uncomfortable or ill-fitting.

If your hearing aids fit uncomfortably, you understandably wont enjoy wearing them. If the fit isnt rightfor example, if your behind-the-ear hearing device often falls offit can be frustrating.

Fortunately, your hearing aid professional can help you achieve a better, more comfortable fit. In addition, hearing aid designs have become more comfortable in the past few years. If your hearing aids are five or more years old, they probably dont fit correctly anymore. Schedule an appointment with your hearing professional to learn how you can get better fitting devices.

  • Your hearing aids dont seem to be very effective.
  • You feel embarrassed or self-conscious about wearing hearing aids.

While hearing aids have come a long way in recent years, there may still be a stigma surrounding them. You may feel embarrassed that people will know you have hearing loss, or you may feel self-conscious because of how your hearing aids look.

  • You havent worn your hearing aids regularly.
  • Better communication and quality of life
  • Lowered risk of dementia

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Is It Cost Or Value

I am not one of the interminable gobshites who say things like “cost isn’t the issue”. Believe me, there are many of them, I do understand that some people, simply don’t have the money, full stop. Having said that, I do also know that for some people, it is more of a value versus cost equation. These people may have the finances to proceed but aren’t convinced that the value that hearing aids deliver outweighs the cost.

For me as a hearing aid user, the value of them to me in my day to life is practically incalculable. I get through my day without massive effort just to understand what people are saying, it means I am less tired at the end of the day and more likely to socially engage.

That means an easier life, it also means that I will engage socially, thereby keeping more active which has a knock-on effect on my general well being. For me, the equation is simple. I understand that for some, it may not be as simple.

Can Not Wearing Hearing Aids Make Your Hearing Worse

How do hearing aids work?

Once you have experienced auditory loss, it will gradually decline with or without hearing aids. Your hearing nerve acts like a muscle that needs to be stretched. If you donât work it out by exposing it to sounds, the strength will decrease over time and your ability to hear will lessen.

While not wearing your hearing aids canât make your hearing worse, it can impact your well-being. Hearing loss is often tied to feelings of isolation because people who live with this impairment are not engaged in whatâs going on around them. This leads to an increased risk of cognitive decline, slips and falls, memory problems, and depression. The longer you wait to get hearing devices, the less stimulated your brain will be by sound, and they may not work well.

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Hearing Aids Aren’t About Getting Old They Help You Stay Young

I wrote an article recently exploring the missing message, I realised that we as professionals weren’t communicating the benefit of hearing aids well. The simple truth is that hearing aids help you stay young by allowing you to engage in an active social life.

Staying young is all about being active, healthy and socially engaged. Being active as we get older helps keep us healthy and happy. Being socially engaged helps keep our minds sharp. Being socially engaged helps keep us happy, hearing aids will enable all of that.

Because if you have untreated hearing loss you are more likely to be socially isolated, and that plays havoc with our happiness and has a direct knock-on effect on our health. So not only are the voices in your head lying to you, they are actively doing you harm.

What Should I Do If My Hearing Aids Get Damaged

Should your hearing aids get damaged due to any unforeseen event, please bring them to our office as soon as possible.

We offer hearing aid repairs for our patients and non-patients in San Antonio, and if your device needs sending to the factory for repair, we offer a loaner service so that you dont miss a beat.

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Key Points To Remember

  • Make sure you’ve had a hearing test. Some types of hearing loss can be treated and corrected so that you don’t need hearing aids. Your doctor can treat a buildup of ear wax or an ear infection that may be causing temporary hearing loss. See an ear, nose, and throat doctor to find out if your hearing loss can be treated and if hearing aids will help. You may be able to see the specialist without a referral.
  • Hearing aids can help you hear better and feel connected to others.
  • Although it will take some time to get used to using hearing aids, many people do so and learn how to get the most out of them.
  • You can learn how to live with reduced hearing by paying attention to people’s gestures, facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice. You might want to take a lipreading class. These things can help whether you use hearing aids or not.

Does Your Hearing Get Worse If You Don’t Wear A Hearing Aid

Why Do People Who Need Hearing Aids Not Wear Them?

Posted on 2021-06-18 11:25:00 in General

For those experiencing hearing loss, many often wonder if their hearing gets worse if they dont wear a hearing aid. If you have hearing loss and have been advised to wear a hearing aid, the rate at which your hearing deteriorates will not be affected whether you wear the hearing aid or not.

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Choosing The Right Hearing Aids

Thanks to several innovations, there are many different styles and options available to you when shopping for hearing aids. These devices are unique to you, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Size, appearance, lifestyle, and additional features are all taken into account when it comes to deciding which brand or type of device is right for your ears.

At Robillard Hearing Centres, we understand the struggles some people face when coming to terms with being prescribed hearing devices. We also hope to reduce the stigma around this condition. Auditory technology is constantly innovating and looking toward the future to allow for more seamless applications and ways to ensure that those with hearing loss donât have to deal with the consequences of not wearing hearing aids. If you are looking to speak with an audiologist about your ability to perceive sound, reach out to us.

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Yes, online hearing tests are a great way to determine if you are suffering from hearing loss. For optimal results, ensure you are in a quiet area without interruptions and begin Robillard Hearing Centreâs free online hearing test. We also recommend that you consult with an audiologist about your hearing health after youâve taken the test.

Can I test my hearing at home?
What are the warning signs of hearing loss?
At what age do you start losing your hearing?
Does hearing loss feel like clogged ears?


Dont Sleep In With Your Hearing Aids

It is best to pull your hearing aids off at night or anytime when you are going to take a nap. This is for a few reasons, first laying on your hearing aid may cause a pressure sore in your ear and secondly your hearing aid may fall off and get lost in the sheets.

If you are concerned with not hearing your alarm clock I would recommend a super-powered alarm clock for you, see my article on the best alarm clock for hearing aid users.

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What Benefits Can I Get By Wearing Hearing Aids All Day Long

As I wrote earlier, auditory deprivation is a serious problem that significantly reduces the effectiveness of hearing aids. Many parts of the brain work on a use it-or-lose it basis. Therefore, if you stop halfway and stop using your hearing aids, it will weaken your ability to process sound signals. You have to feed the auditory system of the brain with sound. Otherwise, your hearing system might atrophy. How can you avoid this? You should use your hearing aids full-time.

The main advantage of frequent use of hearing aids is the ability to better adapt to the sound. You are used to hearing gradually weakening over the years. Therefore, some sounds may seem unpleasant to you at first. Wearing hearing aids all day brings back the joy of sounds such as birds singing, footsteps, or raindrops. The music will sound better. And you will begin to recognize your voice.

Using hearing aids full-time is also beneficial for the elderly. A variety of ways to stimulate the brain improves mental health. Many older people are reluctant to use hearing aids and believe that their hearing is normal. As hearing decreases, certain parts of the brain begin to function worse. When using hearing aids, brain activity is stimulated and maintained. It improves the ability of older people to communicate and interact with the outside world. It also helps prevent the development of dementia.

Where Can I Get More Information On Hearing Aid Care

Hearing Aids For The First Time | Things You MUST Know!

We are always here to help. You can anytime with your questions and concerns, and any one of our staff will be happy to help you. We also have plenty of resources you can check out by .

We have extensive experience with all brands of hearing aids, so even if you didnt get them from us, we are prepared to help no matter what.

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Can Wearing A Hearing Aid Make My Hearing Worse

Before wearing new hearing devices, many patients cautiously ask if wearing hearing aids will make them dependent on the devices or damage their hearing. Often patients will return after wearing their new hearing aids for a few weeks and say Help! My hearing has worsened! I cannot hear without my hearing aids! While it seems as though your unaided hearing has gotten worse, whats really happening is adaptation to hearing aids. Your brain is getting used to hearing all of the sounds youve been missing that are now provided by your new hearing devices. Hearing the breadth of the sounds around you has now become your new normal. Therefore, when you take that input away , your brain notes a stark contrast between the have and have not of sound. Now that you are accustomed to all of the input of the world around you, the unaided world of hearing loss seems dull and quiet. If you really believe you have had a shift in unaided hearing, we will perform another hearing test to verify there has been no shift and to set your mind at ease.

The auditory system is complex and able to learn what to do with new input. The more you wear hearing aids, the more your brain and ears will adapt to your new normal that has you hearing what youve been missing! To get back into the sounds of your life, contact our audiologists at to schedule an appointment.

The Use It Or Lose It Principle

It all goes back to the use it or lose it principle. When you have any degree of hearing loss, you are missing certain sounds that you are meant to hear. The less you hear, the less stimulation that your hearing nerve and your brain are getting.

Nerves in our body require active stimulation. If that stimulation is taken away then the nerve stops working as well. The longer the nerve is without stimulation, the less active your brain becomes in processing sound. The part of the brain that processes sound is called the Auditory cortex, and it is similar to your body as a whole it needs exercise to stay healthy.

If you are living with hearing loss then your hearing nerve is not getting the amount of stimulation from sounds that it needs to keep functioning well. This can lead to a decrease in your ability to recognize speech, even when you are able to hear it.

Speak to a qualified hearing specialist in your area and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you, including the latest hearing aid technology.

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Health Reasons You Should Wear Your Hearing Aids All The Time

Most people with hearing loss quickly discover the amazing benefits of hearing aids when they start wearing them on a regular basis. However, if you have a mild or moderate hearing loss, you may feel like you only get the benefits of hearing aids in certain situations. For example, some people may only wear hearing aids while they are at work. Others may take them out in situations with a lot of background noise. However, wearing your hearing aids all the timeeven when you dont think you need themcan have a big impact on your long-term health. Specifically, here are three ways they can help.

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