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Bose Sound Control Hearing Aids Review

Affordable Hearing Aids: Our Top Picks

NEW Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Detailed Review | First FDA Cleared Online Hearing Aid!
Our Top Picks


News Article: Adults all over the nation are dramatically improving their life thanks to this tiny, almost invisible hearing aid that’s discreet, modern and affordable.

In-The-Canal Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss Only 0.7×0.47 inches in size!

Why pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids? Click the link below for more information:

Visit A Hearing Clinic

You can visit a hearing center to get an audiologist consultation and buy hearing aids in person. Audiologists are hearing professionals with at least a masters degree in the field of audiology who diagnose and treat hearing loss, as well as fit hearing aids. Hearing instrument specialists are hearing professionals with a high school diploma or two-year degree and are only licensed to help fit or program hearing aids.

Best For Those Who Dislike Behind

*At the time of publishing, the price was $2,650.

Who its for: People who dislike hearing aids that drape behind the ear or folks who are very physically active.

Why its great: The Eargo 6 is a diminutive set of hearing aids they sit in each ear canal without obstructing it. This unique design may be especially appealing to people who dislike the feeling or look of traditional hearing aids, which have a sound tube or wire that drapes over the ear. The Eargo 6 provides situational sound profiles that you can activate by tapping the earpiece or toggling settings in the app. The IPX7 waterproof rating means the Eargo 6 can handle sweat and physically active lifestyles, even if you dunk your head into water. Though the 45-day return policy is not the most generous among the devices we tested, that should be sufficient time for you to allow your ears to acclimate to the Eargo 6 and decide whether this set is right for you. A two-year warranty covers any technical hiccups, and in those two years, you get one-time loss protection. However, the Eargo 6s Bluetooth connectivity is only for adjusting settings this pair cannot stream music or calls, so if you want those things, youll have to rely on headphones or your devices built-in speakers.

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How Do I Purchase Bose Devices

Bose SoundControl hearing aids can be purchased online without a prescription. They are available in all US states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Theres no need to visit an audiologist before purchase.

Simply navigate to the Bose website, add hearing aids to your cart, and work through the checkout process. Both standard and express delivery options are available.

Bose Exits Hearing Aid Business

Boses First Self

The news that Bose is exiting the hearing aid market has received mixed reactions from both the consumer and professional communities, who are still awaiting the final rules from the FDA on Over The Counter hearing aids a new category for hearing aids, which many view Bose being largely responsible for creating.

The companys SoundControlhearing aids had only been for sale to the public for less than one year, after first being unveiled in May 2021.

Prior to the release of the Jabra Enhance Plus, Bose was the only company approved in the self-fitting hearing aid category .

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What Is A Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is an electronic device designed to improve your hearing in both noisy and quiet environments. Hearing aids work by magnifying sound vibrations entering the ear.

Hearing aids have one or two microphones to pick up sound, and most have an amplifier to make the sound louder and a speaker to produce the amplified sound in the ear. Beyond the basic operating parts, companies offer hearing aid devices with different designs, features, and technology.

Key Features Of Bose Hearing Aids

Innovative technology, user-friendly apps, affordability, and accessible customer service are just a few key features to consider when shopping for a hearing aid. Because Bose devices do not require a hearing test or a visit to an audiologist, they lack some of the advanced features you’ll find with other hearing aids. However, the Bose SoundControl still has some benefits that are worth pointing out.

  • Direct-to-consumer sale: Companies that sell direct-to-consumer products handle everything from the sale, shipment, and aftercare of an item. Unlike medical-grade FDA-approved hearing aids that must be purchased through a licensed audiologist or hearing center, the SoundControl is available to consumers directly. No appointment necessary.
  • Behind-the-ear design: Bose hearing aids are a behind-the-ear style, and each device weighs approximately 3 grams. The hearing aids contain two microphones, one speaker, and a replaceable zinc-air battery.
  • Self-fitting hearing aid: Your hearing aid comes with a kit containing all the products and tools you need to ensure a proper fit. This includes three sizes of ear tips, a fitting tool, and batteries. The ear tips come in a set of open and closed tips.
  • Water-resistant: The hearing aids won’t be damaged if they come into contact with water, but it’s best to keep them dry and protected from prolonged exposure.
  • Replaceable batteries: The Bose hearing aids use replaceable size 312 zinc-air batteries, which last four days with standard use .

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What Type Of Data Is Collected Through The Bose Hear App

When you connect your SoundControl Hearing Aids to the Bose Hear App, we automatically receive information about the product and how the product and the Bose Hear App are used. This information includes technical, diagnostic, environmental, and usage data as described in our Privacy Policy. Usage data includes your use of Bose Hear App features and the settings of the product, such as World Volume level and other product usage information. You can opt out of the collection of diagnostic and usage data by visiting the Settings menu in the Bose Hear App and restarting the App. For more information about data collected from connected Bose products, please see the Privacy Policy.

Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aidaccessories

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid – USER REVIEW!!

Replacement Receiver Cable

The replacement receiver cable comes in three sizes for either the left or right side. Bose recommends you replace the receiver cable at least once a year. It costs around $50.

Hearing Aid Battery Packs

Bose SoundControl hearing aids run off of regular zinc-air battery . The company says its batteries will give you up to 56 hours of life, depending on how much you use them. You can buy a pack of eight replacement batteries from Bose for around $8.

Carrying Case

You will receive a case when you purchase your Bose hearing aids. But if you need to replace it or want a spare, Bose offers them for around $20. The interior is color-coded to make it easy to figure out how to place your device in the case.

Hearing Aid Ear Tip Kit

The kit contains three pairs of replacement open ear tips to help you hear more external sounds. They come in three sizes, are made of soft silicone and come with a cleaning brush.

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Can Bose Soundcontrol Hearings Aids Stream Music Can I Take Phone Calls

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids cannot stream music nor take phone calls directly from your device. To take calls, try holding the phone speaker slightly above and behind the ear so that it is in closer proximity to the microphones. Please note when used like this, phone audio will be heard in one hearing aid only.

Best If Youre New To Hearing Aids: Jabra Enhance Select 100 / Jabra Enhance Select 200

Who its for: First-time hearing-aid users and people who want some earbud-like functionality.

Why its great: If youve never used a hearing aid before and want a device thats relatively affordable and packed with useful features, the Jabra Enhance Select 100 and Jabra Enhance Select 200 are both excellent choices. Our panelists loved how easy these sets of hearing aids were to set up, customize, and use. The situational sound modes were actually helpful for reducing background noise while amplifying conversation . The traditional, behind-the-ear design stays in place comfortably and is especially water resistant and dust resistant, with an IP68 rating. Both the 100 and the 200 can play back sound from devices like smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, but only the 200 has the ability to transmit your voice for full headset-style capabilities. Jabra’s generous 100-day return policy gives you ample time to acclimate to your hearing-aid pair and to determine whether its a good match. In addition, with a three-year warranty and three years of included follow-up care, these hearing aids can adjust to meet your needs for a good long while. This combination of lower pricing, excellent extended customer service, and a long trial period makes a Jabra Enhance Select 100 or Jabra Enhance Select 200 pair an ideal place to start if youve never used hearing aids before.

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What Are Some Bose Hearing Aid Alternatives

Were excited to see that Bose has joined the effort to provide quality, affordable hearing care to those who need it most and there is a lot to like about the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid. Nevertheless, Bose is not the only option for direct-to-consumer hearing aids. Other manufacturers, such as MDHearing, are selling medical-grade, affordable, FDA-registered hearing aids with features, prices, and audiological care that rival the Bose SoundControl device.

MDHearing products include:

Aside from its technology and affordable prices, compared to other self-fitting hearing aid manufacturers, MDHearing offers the highest level of support service and audiological care. All MDHearing customers can consult for free with an on-staff licensed audiologist or hearing aid specialist as much as they need for hearing care and hearing aid recommendations. In contrast, Bose does not offer this level of care.

Lets take a quick look at the MDHearing devices:

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What Are Bose Sound Control Hearing Aids

Boses First Self

Bose Sound Control Hearing Aids are designed to help you hear better in all environments. With their unique noise-cancelling technology, they can reduce background noise so you can focus on the conversation or sound you want to hear. They also have a special algorithm that adjusts the sound based on your listening needs and the environment you’re in. Whether you’re in a crowded room or trying to listen to someone from across the room, Bose Sound Control Hearing Aids can help you hear better.

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Bose Hearing Aid Reviews: Pros/Cons, Prices,…

They Have Excellent Sound Quality And Features

The Bose Lexie B2 Hearing Aids are versatile with adjustable sound features.

I have owned several prescription and over-the-counter hearing enhancers and amplifiers. The Lexie B2 hearing aids are more comparable to my prescription hearing aids than any other over-the-counter products I have used when it comes to sound-enhancing quality. The ability to effectively adjust bass and treble using the Lexie app separates the B2s from lower-budget products and puts them in a surprisingly similar league to prescription aids.

The preset environmental settings within the app could be useful for some, but I personally like to set my hearing aids to one comfortable level and stick to that for all situations. However, the option to get more granular is a nice addition that some may find very useful.

To me the biggest difference in quality is the ability to control world volume in conjunction with bass/treble adjustment. The lack of bass control in other over-the-counter hearing aids has been, in my opinion, holding back similar products in the over-the-counter hearing aid market, so the ability to turn down treble sounds is much appreciated. The sound of a ruffling plastic bag is no longer deafening like it can be with other OTC hearing enhancers because these crucial customizable controls exist.

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Bose Sound Control Hearing Aid Reviews

There are many hearing aid reviews for the Bose Sound Control Hearing Aid. This hearing aid is praised for its clear sound and easy-to-use controls.

The Bose Sound Control Hearing Aid is a great choice for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. This hearing aid is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it provides clear sound quality. The easy-to-use controls make it simple to adjust the volume and change settings.

Overall, the Bose Sound Control Hearing Aid is an excellent choice for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It is comfortable to wear, provides clear sound quality, and is easy to use.

Bose Hearing Aids Can Be Purchased Online Without A Professional Consult

Starting my @Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Review. Should be posted in a few weeks! #Shorts

Non-customizable OTC hearing aids can now be purchased online without a professional consult, making better hearing more accessible to those who have had trouble accessing hearing care or devices. Because you donât need a hearing test for Bose hearing aids, you can go online and order them to be delivered to your house without ever talking to a doctor.

While OTC hearing aids can be a solution for many people, a common misconception with hearing loss is that any hearing device will help you hear better. But in fact, hearing loss gets worse not only if it remains untreated, but also if youâre treating it incorrectly. If a hearing aid is just making everything around you louder and isnât amplifying just the sounds you are specifically missing, it could be harming instead of helping.

Seeing a hearing care specialist or audiologist before you spend your money could save you a lot of frustration in the long run and ensure youâre investing in the right device for your hearing loss, and one that will last for the long term â not just for the moment.

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How To Pair And Connect My Hearing Aids To Iphone

  • Go to your iPhone home screen and tap on the Settings icon.
  • In the settings menu, tap on the Bluetooth® icon.
  • Tap on the slider to turn Bluetoothon.
  • First open for 5 seconds and then close the battery doors or switch the hearing aids off and on again if you have a rechargeable Phonak hearing aid.
  • After several seconds, the name of your Phonak hearing aids will appear on the iPhone screen.
  • Select the hearing aid from Bluetooth enabled devices list.
  • A beep from the hearing aid confirms successful pairing.
  • Your iPhone is now connected to the Phonak hearing aids.

    Whats The Difference Between Digital And Analog Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids are available in analog or digital. Although digital is the most common type of device, some companies still carry analog hearing aids. The difference between analog and digital devices comes down to the type of electronics used. Both devices convert sound waves, but the process used sets each type apart.14

    With an analog hearing aid, you will experience amplification with all sounds, including noise and speech. In other words, they make continuous sound waves louder. Analog hearing aids require the user to change settings when in different environments, but some people feel that analog devices provide a more natural hearing experience.

    Digital hearing aids convert sound waves to digital signals, providing the clearest hearing possible. These devices are capable of clearing out background noise, reducing feedback, and helping you focus on the sounds and voices you want to hear. Digital hearing aids also offer more complex programming, which allows you to process sounds more selectively.

    Most often, you will find more digital hearing aids than analog devices. Some companies have already discontinued selling any analog styles, while others continue to carry one or two types of analog hearing aids.

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    Bose Refund And Warranty Policy

    Bose SoundControl hearing aids come with a 90-day return policy. During these first three months, you can return your hearing aids for a full refund, provided they are in their original condition.

    Bose offers a one-year manufacturers warranty that covers any defects in the product.

    FYI: Intimidated by the cost of hearing aids? Read my guide, Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids, to learn about ways to pay for this technology.

    How To Choose The Right Bose Hearing Aid

    Bose Launches SoundControl Hearing Aids Nationwide

    Bose hearing aids are among the most popular on the market. But with so many different models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Bose hearing aid:

    First, consider your lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle, you’ll want a tiny hearing aid that can keep up with you. The Bose Hear phones are a good option for people who are always on the go.

    Next, think about your budget. Bose hearing aids range in price from around $1,000 to $3,000. If cost is a factor, be sure to take advantage of any insurance benefits or discounts that may be available to you.

    Finally, consult with a hearing care professional.

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    A Quick Look At The Best Hearing Aids

    Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. Weve spent more than 5,000 hours conducting in-depth research on hearing aid devices to give you the most accurate hearing aid review. To make these selections, we:

    • Consulted with audiologists and geriatric care experts
    • Mystery shopped 18 brands
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    • Tested various models of hearing aids
    • Interviewed experts in the field
    • Read thousands of verified customer reviews

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