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Best Golf Training Aids 2021

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

Best Golf Training Aids 2021

If you need a portable and easy-to-use swing training tool, the Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball is a great option. It can help you to correct bad golf swing mistakes , as well as help you to properly sequence your arms and body for a more effective golf swing.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball doesnt have complex partsjust an adjustable lanyard and a flocked inflatable ball. When inflated, which you can easily do with your mouth, it measures around 6 inches and weighs almost as much as a golf ball . Deflation is also simple and quick.

The Tour Striker is convenient to bring anywhere with you. Its small enough to fit inside your golf back pocket./Heres how to use it:

  • Inflate the golfswing ball by mouth or air pump.
  • Wear the lanyard around your neck.
  • Adjust the tightness of the lanyard, so the flocked ball fits between your forearms.
  • Then, start making swings while the flocked ball rests between your forearms.

Note: You dont need to make a full swing when using this. By making short backswings, youll learn how to sync your arms and body as you swing for solid ball hitting.


  • Offers immediate feedback to know what you did wrong
  • Can help improve your swing after just a few uses
  • Effortless to deflate and re-inflate
  • Doesnt restrict your arms between swings


Lag Shot Best Overall Golf Training Aid

The Orange Whip is one our top golf training aids, in fact it was our top pick in both 2020 and 2021. But it does have one drawback:

You cant hit balls with it.

The Lag Shot training aid fills that gap. It has the flexible shaft of the Orange Whip, allowing you to groove your tempo and rhythm, but also has a head that you can use to hit real golf balls with on the range.

Heres three times PGA teacher of the year Adam Bazalgette demonstrating how to use the Lag Shot training club.

The Lag Shot comes in at roughly the same price as the Orange Whip and is available to buy here.

How Do I Pick The Right Training Aid For My Swing

That question will be answered better by reflecting on your mis-hits, Trenton said. First, you have to diagnose the problem. He usually asks clients to begin by describing a good hit to him, followed by a bad hit. With just this anecdotal evidence, he can tell a lot about what a golfer needs to work on, even without a proper fitting. From there, hes able to recommend the best gadget to proceed with.

But once you know what aspect of your game or swing you need to work on, youll still have to consider which training aid is right for you, a personal decision that comes down to price, feel, practicality and style, as we break down in the following section.

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Did It Improve My Game

Ive always struggled with my wrist hinge and being able to stay on the right line and make good contact.

I really like this device and always use it before my round to hit 10-15 balls to really get dialed in.

Its not the holy grail trainer but some of the pros use it and its really helped my followthrough .

Golf Swing Plane Trainer

The Best Golf Training Aids In 2021 [Improve Your Swing FAST]

“Swing Plane” is a VERY popular topic in golf these days…and with good reason. You are compensating the second your are over or under your ideal plane.

The more compensations, the more chances for mistakes. Mishits. Errant shots. Lost balls. High scores. Etc.

So what is swing plane?

  • It is simply the vertical angle between the ground and the circular angle that the club head follows during the backswing, downswing, and follow through.

The correct plane will differ for each golfer and the best swing trainers for plane can help you find your perfect plane.

Not only do these tools help you discover the optimum plane, but they also allow you to practice your swing on plane time after time after time.

The goal is to teach your body and mind that this is your new normal swing. In other words, the movements become muscle memory and the swing becomes second nature.

Though there are dozens of tools created to improve your plane, not all of them are created equal and, of course, some are better than others.

Ive taken the time to test and review a few of the top golf swing plane trainers.

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Best For Putting: Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser Plus

EyeLine Golf Groove Putting Laser Plus has put a high-tech spin on everyday putting stroke trainers. This is by far one of the best putting training aids on the market. The laser helps slow your stroke, by setting the laser between the impact point of your putter, bisecting the putter head, and selecting a crosswise point. Sensors attached to your club collect data, which is then promptly sent to your smartphone to both track progress and encourage the improvement of your stroke. Plus, between the high-grade glass lens and polycarbonate shaft connector, you know this product is built to last!

Can Orange Whip Increase Swing Speed

Luke Kerr-Dineen from Golf Magazine explains that the original Orange Whip was designed to help you synchronize your golf swing for optimal tempo. However, the Orange Whip Lightspeed helps you increase your clubhead speed.

Therefore, the Orange Whip training aid does not increase swing speed. However, the Lightspeed option helps you improve your clubhead speed.

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Sklz Tempo And Grip Golf Trainer

One of the easiest ways to improve your game and become way more consistent is to work on your tempo. As weve previously talked about, all pros share a 3:1 tempo ratio. TheSKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer can help you train a better tempo as well.

SKLZ created this to help improve your tempo with both your woods and irons as it comes with interchangeable weights. The training aid also helps with your grip as well. The custom grip trainer is built in and teaches you the correct hand placement to perfectly grip the club.

This SKLZ trainer is small and versatile. This means you can practice anywhere from your office to your garage without a bunch of other gear. Or you can just use it before you warm up at the range to build your golf muscles.

This is a great training aid to help you master your tempo and grip. Grab one here on Amazon. Sadly, this device is only for right-handed players at this time.

Anywhere Golf Hole Training Aid

Best Golf Training Aids of 2021. Find the Perfect One For You.


This silicone aid’s slight incline promotes perfect speed and lets you practice your putting anywhere. It is the same size as a hole so really does replicate putting into a real one – we’re big fans of this for chucking down on the carpet at home to roll a few balls. In fact we have had several competitions in the office with this nifty little training aid. Also take a look at our best putters post too if you want to upgrade your wand.

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The Best Golf Training Aids Explained

  • Alignment Aids. These will help you visualize how the club is oriented when you swing. These can vary from sticks that give you visual cues or systems that connect to the clubhead.
  • Weighted Clubs. Lead tape and weighted socks are examples of how to add more weight to the club to help with swing speed and getting used to the feel of the clubhead in general.
  • Swing Aids. Swing Aids can be resistance trainers that increase strength and balance or they can help the golfer by controlling their body and using the right posture during a swing.
  • Putting Aids. These aids encourage the golfer to practice their form, direction, and squareness of the putt.
  • Nets. These aids are designed to let you practice a variety of skills in a small space without losing or chasing the ball. This is great for helping you practice swinging and swing speed.
  • Practice Balls. These training aids make it easy to practice hit the ball without it going to far. These are lightweight balls that help with swing speed, tempo and can also be used to practice form.

What To Consider When Buying A Training Aid

There are several factors to consider when looking at buying a training aid. Let’s go into them here.

What do you want to work on? – First things first, what is the part of your game that needs work? Putting? Short-game? Grip? Whatever it is there will be a training aid to help so this is obviously the first question you have to consider. Indeed be very specific with this, because the more detailed you can be, the more a specific aid will help.

Usability – Do you want a training aid to be simple to use, or do you want something that can be complicated so you can really delve into the process and fine-tune your game to minute detail? Ultimately there are models above and elsewhere in the golf world which are both.

Versatility – Do you want to be able to carry around the training aid? Do you want to be able to use it at home as well as the local course? Many aids slot nicely into your bag whilst others are more difficult to pack away and store. So have a think about how versatile and portable you want your training aid to be.

Durability – A good golf training aid should also be strong as well so be aware of what certain models are made from and whether brands offer warranty’s on their products in case they break from use.

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Best Golf Training Aids Summary

That wraps up our review of the best golf swing trainers and training aids. I hope this guide has been useful for selecting the best training aids for you. Remember to focus on the swing principles causing your fault when choosing your training aid.

Consider how long you will use the swing aid, some may provide a one-off feeling or insight into your golf swing. Whereas, others may provide you with weekly use to keep on top of your bad habits. For more equipment reviews check out our review of the best golf rangefinders here.

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Best Golf Training Aids

Golf is one of the most technically challenging sports out there and playing just once a week will not be enough to see you make big improvements. Therefore one of the best golf accessories you should consider getting if you want to see a drop in your handicap is a training aid for the parts of your game that need work.

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Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks

Summary: Why Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks Work

Golf is a target-oriented game. Whether you are aiming at a spot in the fairway or at the pin, you simply must be aligned properly if you hope to hit your target. The Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks are the perfect training aid to ensure that your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are aimed correctly down your target line.

· Improves your alignment and posture.

· Lightweight and stores easily in your golf bag.

· Set comes with 3 alignment sticks of 48 ¼ length.

Alignment Sticks are probably the single most ubiquitous training aid of them all. If you attend a PGA Tour event and watch their pre-round range sessions, youll see that almost every single pro uses alignment sticks as an integral tool during their practice. What does it tell you when the best players in the world still use the most basic of training aids?

It says that alignment is one of the most important aspects of your set up and even the PGA pros take it very seriously. Even a perfect swing will be fruitless if you arent lined up correctly. Shouldnt amateurs take a cue from that and invest in this inexpensive tool that can make all the difference between a good and a bad shot?

In addition to placing them on the ground aimed down the target line, though, they can also be used to correct your posture, ball position, club face alignment, etc.

Each pack comes with 3 rods that measure 48 ¼ each, fitting perfectly inside your golf bag.

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap Training Aid

The Eye Speed Trap training aid claims to do two things improve your swing plane and improve your strike. Does it work?

Once set up, this device will provide you with highly accurate feedback on your swing path. Based on how you set it up you can focus on pre-impact, post-impact or both.

Having this cumbersome training aid close to your clubhead really makes you focus on grooving a great swing path. Another big bonus is that this feedback is very close to your impact point, so youll notice an immediate effect on your ball flight. If you have struggled to groove your swing path in the past then the Eye Speed Trap will be a great training aid to consider.

The second positive is the Speed Trap base itself. Placing the ball close to the back of the cutout in the base gives great feedback when trying to make a ballturf strike. This can be really useful for improving the strike of your iron shots and wedges.

Grab this training aid if you want some clear and simple feedback on your swing path and strike.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Training Aid

The biggest benefit of using a training aid is that the vast majority of us have neither the time nor the money to spend hours every week with a swing coach. It is just unrealistic. At the same time, however, we want our game to improve so that we can have more fun and maybe even beat our friends and coworkers once in a while. While spending hours on the range can help, using a training aid can give us the training and repetitions we need without the time, money, and hassle involved in finding and using a swing coach.

If you understand your own game and your own limitations, then you can find the best golf training aids for you. Here are some things that you should know about yourself when it comes to choosing a training aid:

Tour Striker Smart Ball


The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a training aid that has gained a lot more popularity over the past few years. Its routinely seen by players on the PGA Tour as it helps keep your body and arms synched up. Almost every player on tour seems to be working on one thing, starting the downswing from the inside and swinging out.

So, if youre like most golfers who suffer from an over the top downswing that creates a big slice, this device could really help you! It will help you get rid of the chicken wing and help promote your hands being ahead of the ball at impact position.

With this training aid, all you do is put the adjustable lanyard over your neck and the ball between your forearms. The ball is inflatable and the neck rope is adjustable based on your height.

If you want a lower cost version of the Tour Striker Smart Ball, check out the Super Bee Impact Ball as well. Its a fraction of the price but nearly the exact same product.

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Truswing Golf Training Aid

The Truswing wrist trainer is a simple but effective way to get feedback on your wrist hinge during your backswing and downswing. This swing trainer attaches to your golf grip and as you full set your wrists, the cup will rest on your left forearm.

Along with providing feedback on if your wrists are fully hinged, the Truswing will also provide feedback on how they are set if your wrists are too cupped or bowed the cup will miss your forearm. This will help you hit straighter shots and ensured its place in this review of the best golf training aids.

The Truswing training aid takes a little tinkering to setup, and you do have to ensure you grip the golf club close to the attachment to get feedback on your wrist hinge. However, overall the Truswing provides a simple and effective way to gain feedback on your wrist hinge and comes in at a lower price than its rival Swingyde wrist hinge trainer.

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