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Golf Swing Tempo Training Aids

Links Choice Practice Net

Golf | Get Amazing Tempo Golf Swing Drill and BallStriking | The G-Force Training Aid


This is one of the many easy-to-store, golf-practice-net options but it will also be attractive to those who dont have lots of space or money to spend on this type of training aid.

It is compact ) but it wont take you long to work out the optimum striking distance and it is plenty wide enough to cope with even the worst mis-hit. It also feels nice and sturdy once its ready for use.

The black target helps take the sting out of even the biggest drives so there are no safety concerns and it is a golf practice net that is relatively quick and easy to assemble.

Our Picks: The Best Golf Swing Speed Trainers In 2022

Want to increase your swing speed and hit the ball further? Of course you do.

So in this guide were going to take an in-depth look at the best swing speed trainers and training courses around right now.

Even better: weve cut the fluff, and focused on 3 swing speed trainers that actually work.

Lets get started with our number one pick for the 2022 season: SuperSpeed Golf.

Historical Overview Of The Theory

It seems that the first reference to the concept of tempo with the relationship in time between the backswing and the downswing appeared in the book The Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf by Joe Dante with Len Elliot, 1962.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

In the summer of 2000, John Novosel discovered a 3-to-1 ratio in the golf swings of the touring pro: they take 3 times as long to complete the backswing compared to the time it takes for the downswing. In doing so, John Novosel analyzed the swings of many tour players using video at 30 frames per second . For example, he counted 21 frames for Ben Hogans backswing, and 7 frames for his downswing. He named this swing 21/7® which corresponds to a backswing of 0.70 sec , and a downswing of 0.23 sec .

For long game, John Novosel found that the majority of Tour Pros have the following tempos:

18/6®: backswing = 0.6 sec, downswing = 0.200 sec and tempo = 0.800 sec

21/7®: backswing = 0.7 sec, downswing = 0.233 sec and tempo = 0.933 sec

24/8®: backswing = 0.8 sec, downswing = 0.266 sec and tempo = 1.067 sec

27/9®: backswing = 0.9 sec, downswing = 0.300 sec and tempo = 1.200 sec

And serious amateurs should not swing with a tempo slower than

30/10: backswing = 1 sec and downswing = 0.333 sec and tempo = 1.333 sec

Casual golfers will find very difficult to match any of the Tour Pro tempos but they can start learning with following slower tempos while leveraging benefits of the 3:1 swing ratio :

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Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

If you want a trainer that will give you the absolute best game enhancement possible, what better product to use than one endorsed by PGA professionals themselves? Such is the case with the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer.

Designed using a system of weights and counterweights, the Orange Whip is designed to help a golfers balance and tempo. It does this by challenging the golfer to keep a steady and fluid motion as they follow through with their swing, which in turn helps them to create a perfect swing rhythm.

Not only is this product great to help out with your swings themselves, but thanks to the weighting, the Orange Whip helps to work out the muscles you use most when swinging. This in turn helps to give golfers better speed and power behind their shots.

What may hurt this product for some is that, for some golfers, it may be difficult to use. This isn’t to say that the Orange Whip is a hard to use trainer, but that the weight and length of the whip may prove difficult for some golfers to handle properly, especially if said golfer tends to be on the smaller side. This isn’t a big problem as there are different sizes of this training aid available.

For most of the golfers out there, however, the Orange Whip is a great training tool. Able to provide benefits to speed, tempo, and even strength, the Orange Whip is probably one of the best all-around trainers available.

Things We Liked

Puttout Academy Putting Studio

Golf Swing Training Aids®  Best Gadget Store

RRP £159.99 | VIEW OFFER

How much time do you spend working on your putting? If youre any like us, then not enough. At least, that was the case until we treated ourselves to one of these, so we could practise whenever we fancied at home.

This package includes their original six-foot Pro Practice Putting Mat, which rolls flat immediately out of the carry bag and runs at around 10 on the stimp to mimic medium-fast greens. It includes alignment markings and targets along with suggested drills.

You also get the brilliant Puttout Pressure Trainer, a scientifically shaped target which rejects bad putts and returns good ones. Increase the difficulty by opening a small hole in the trainer and aiming for the perfect putt.

The icing on the cake is the Putting Mirror and Alignment gate to help you perfect your stroke and start line. Both the trainer and mirror can also be used on real greens.

If youre looking for a useful golf gift for your loved one, this is it. Scottsdale also have great deals on PuttOuts Pro Mat, Slim Mat, Putting Plan Alignment Stick Set and Pro Putting Gates.

Head over to our Best Putting Mats for loads of other options.

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Best Golf Training Aids Summary

That wraps up our review of the best golf swing trainers and training aids. I hope this guide has been useful for selecting the best training aids for you. Remember to focus on the swing principles causing your fault when choosing your training aid.

Consider how long you will use the swing aid, some may provide a one-off feeling or insight into your golf swing. Whereas, others may provide you with weekly use to keep on top of your bad habits. For more equipment reviews check out our review of the best golf rangefinders here.

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How useful was this post?

Still The Best Training Aid Ever

Tony identified my areas of focus. Very helpful. It all made sense. I was feeling much more confident. I have to say this was the best two days of understanding the swing ever. Not only do I understand the swing, but have drills to make the proper changes. One of the best instructors I have ever met!

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Best Golf Training Aids 2022 Review

The right training aids can greatly help you improve you game. If youre planning to use them, this article will focus on some of the best training aids for golf, as well as tips on how to choose one for your specific need.

Training aids come in different types, shapes, and functions. Its up to you to identify what you need to improve in your golf swing, and what tools are available that can help you achieve your goals.

With that said, here are 7 popular golf practice aids that you can usefrom a grip trainer to an inflatable, flocked ball.

What Is A Golf Swing Trainer


Swing trainers help you strengthen muscles, increase swing speeds, correct swing path, better swing plane, improve your short game, and eliminate bad swing habits that you may have acquired over timeusually through some method of correction that eventually forces a change if you commit to the program of the swing training tool. Swing training aids help to improve your stance, grip, and accuracy, and are often more affordable than a trainer or high-end golf tech.

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We Are Proud That The Planeswing Golf Training Aid Is Used Across The World By Pga Instructors Coaching Golfers Of All Levels Literally From Beginners To Major Winners

PlaneSWING® not only aids communication between coach and student to facilitate rapid improvement, it also helps a golfer understand the biomechanics of the body in relation to the golf swing. No other golf training aid allows a golfer to feel the proper movement the way PlaneSWING® does.

Golf Digest Top 50 Coach

Randy Smith

Mike MalaskaGolf Digest Top 50 Coach

Smallbee Ultra Light Parrot Bird Harness Anti Bite Flying Training Rope 85mm

Ultra Light Parrot Bird Harness, Anti Bite Flying Training Rope. Features: Easy to Carry: You Can Bring Your Pets at Anytime Anywhere. For Better Care, the Length is Designed to Be About 3 Meters/118.11in, So That Your Birds Are Free and Comfortable, and You Won’t Get Lost. Anti-escape Function: Contains a Snap That Can Be Easily Buckled Anywhere to Prevent Birds from Jailbreaking. This is Also an Essential Traction Device for Other Small Animals to Go Out. Safe Material: Made of Solid Stainless Steel, the Leash is Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, Wear-resistant and Durable. Easy to Wear: The U-shaped Shackle for Easy Wearing and Comfort, and to Ensure Your Birds Are Always Safe. The Leash is Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Carry. Optional Sizes: The Length of the Rope is About 3m/118.11in. The Size of the Foot Ring Has Three Types. The Diameter of the Foot Ring: 5: Approx. 4.5 Mm / 0.17 Inches, 7: About 6.5 Mm / 0.25 Inches and 9: About 8.5 Mm / 0.33 Inches. Suitable for Most Birds. Specifications: Material:plastic Weight:about33grams/1.2ounces Packing:opp PackingList: 1*BirdHarnessLeash . We are an international based seller that will ship your order from abroad, please at least a minimum 14 working days for delivery right now due to the ongoing delays in shipments globally.

Fruugo United Kingdom

  • Lagshot golf club swing training aid left handed 7 iron Tempo Trainer.


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    Tips To Improve Golf Swing Tempo

    The golf swing tempo is one of the most critical parts of the game.

    As a golf professional, I saw so many students with very good fundamentals and great practice habits, but they struggled to get the proper tempo in place.

    Although finding the right tempo takes some feel, practice, and time there are actionable steps that you can take to improve your golf swing tempo.

    We have put together a guide outlining the most important things about the golf swing tempo.

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    Fruugo United Kingdom

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    Whether You Are A Tour Player Or A Beginning Golfer Using The Orange Whip Trainer Allows You To Feel If Your Swing Is Actually In Rhythm And Balance

    The Orange Whip is the perfect swing trainer, and functions as an excellent fitness tool for golfers of all abilities. Available in four sizes, golfers can replicate playing with almost any club. The Orange Whip was developed to provide a workout for core muscles as well as to help golfers naturally improve their swing.

    Something that every golfer has in common is that they want to play better golf. However, one problem is that athletic ability is not utilised correctly which reduces power and affects consistency on the course. Getting a stronger core helps accelerate the learning process, improving key aspects including your rhythm, tempo, balance and timing.

    Whether you are a beginner who wants to get the best start or you are looking for ways to fine tune your game, the Orange Whip is perfect for you.

    Tour Striker Planemate Best Training Aid For Over The Top

    Over the top is one of the biggest faults which afflicts amateur golfers, and leads to slices and pulls.

    Its generally caused by the hit impulse, which we all suffer from to some extent. In a rush to get back to the ball, your shoulders turn too early, the club gets kicked out and steep, and you come into the ball from out to in. If your club face is open to this left path youll slice it to the right, and if your club face is square or closed youll pull it left or hook it. The dreaded two way miss.

    Being able to feel the correct transition is one of the keys to stopping an over the top move. And thats exactly what the Tour Striker PlaneMate will allow you to do.

    The resistance band will give you instant feedback on your transition, helping you feel the correct move to shallow the club, and stop your destructive over the top move.

    It will also help to increase width and extension, which should increase your swing speed .

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    Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer

    RRP £24.99 | VIEW OFFER

    If you dont want an entire putting studio then you could just treat yourself to this superb training aid.

    The Pressure Putt Trainer can be used on the practice green, with other mats or just on the carpet in your lounge and it helps you master pace and line.

    Designed to fold down to fit easily into your golf bag, it recreates the pressure you would feel during a competitive round of golf with a micro target that will only hold putts that are bang on line and perfectly paced. If you miss the micro target, the amount the ball rolls back towards you is the distance the ball would have travelled past the hole if it hadnt been online. A very clever design from PuttOut and a bargain gift for the golfer in your life.

    Available in white, orange and blue.

    Choosing The Best Golf Teaching Aids


    The market is flooded with training aids golf, which is both good and bad at the same time. Good because you have plenty of options. Bad because there are some products that dont really work, so do your diligent research before buying.

    In general, golf practice gadgets belong to any of these categories:

    • Golf hitting nets
    • Golf training aids for speed
    • Golf training accessories

    But what if youre a beginner who doesnt have a clue on what your weaknesses are? What golf improvement tools should you use?

    If you asked experienced golfers, theyll most likely suggest that you start by developing the proper swing form and technique. Most beginner golfers struggle with finding the proper golf swing tempo, which prevents them from striking the ball accurately.

    Aside from tempo, the proper grip is also necessary for getting your swing perfect. For some beginners, this doesnt come naturally. Thats why the SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer and others like it are worth considering because they can help you practice and improve on these areas.

    Other things to consider when buying the best golf training aids:

    Is it easy to use?

    Spending too much time trying to put together or learn how to use a golf swing training device is just not worth itunless, of course, it really delivers on its promise. You want something that requires zero to little assembly and doesnt feel like its harder to use than playing actual golf.

    Is it built to last?

    Does it work?

    The short answer: Yes!

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    Testing The Lagshot: Going Solo

    When the Lagshot arrived, I bypassed reading the instructions and started swinging it in the backyard as soon as I had it out of the box. It was a promising first pass as it did feel like the expected lovechild of a 7-iron and an Orange Whip.

    Next, I took the Lagshot to the range. After my usual warm-up, I hit some balls with the Lagshot. Those first shots were not pure. Like duck for cover not pure. While it was easy to swing the Lagshot and feel some tempo and sequence feedback, hitting a ball was not automatic.

    The first balls I hit with the Lagshot were erratic so I started hitting half shots to see if I could keep the ball inside the range. After a spell, I could do just that. Nothing amazing but I could control the club and hit balls roughly in the intended direction.

    Soon I was taking full swings with the Lagshot. I did make sure to mix in my own 7-iron here and there to ensure that whatever I was grooving in with the Lagshot wasnt making my normal club unhittable. Oddly, my 7-iron seemed to be producing some better-than-normal shots. No, I dont have launch monitor data to show specific changes but the shots I was seeing on the range were atypically good.

    The Orange Whip Swing

    The Orange Whip training aid is used by two hundred professional golfers. Including PGA Tour star Phil Mickelson. Although it doubles as a warm-up tool, this device trains you to maximize the use of your muscles and rotation for optimal distance.

    The weight of the training aid prompts you to rely on the momentum from your rotation to deliver consistent clubhead and ball speed. When you swing your standard club on the course or at the driving range, you should have no problem achieving consistency.

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