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How Much Do Hiv Drugs Cost

The Cost Of Hiv Treatment

The COST of HIV Medication!

HIV treatment

Forty years ago, HIV and AIDS were unheard of in the United States. The first cases of what was then a mysterious illness were diagnosed in the 1980s, but effective treatments took several more decades to develop.

A cure for HIV doesnt yet exist, but treatments are available to extend the lives of those with HIV and help stop transmission of the virus. Many of the highly active antiretroviral therapies available today work effectively to slow the progression of disease caused by HIV.

But all treatments come with a cost some more than others. Lets take a look at the average costs of HIV treatment and potential ways to save money.

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How Can the U.S. End Pharmas Anticompetitive Practices?

Limit anticompetitive pay for delay agreements that prevent or delay the introduction of lower cost generic or biosimilar products.

Restrict the number of patents that prescription drug manufacturers can defend in court to discourage the use of anticompetitive patent thickets.

Limit the patentability of so-called secondary patents which dont improve the safety or efficacy of a drug through patent and exclusivity reform.

Mitigate product hopping from a drug that is similar and offers minimal clinical value over a manufacturers existing marketed product by codifying the definition of a product hop to empower the Federal Trade Commission to challenge manufacturers anti-competitive behaviors to delay generic competition.

As far back as 1996, clinical studies at universities across the nation were showing a promising trend: A combination of antiviral drugs appeared to suppress HIV, commuting the virus from a certain death sentence to a lifelong, manageable condition.

About a decade ago, scientists discovered that antivirals could be used not just to reduce viral load, but to prevent HIV altogether. A combination antiviral called Truvada was approved for use as prevention in 2012, yet years later, the HIV epidemic continues to wage its toll.

An Innovative Drug, Paid For by Taxpayers

However, the price also presented a steep and frustrating barrier.

‘The Kind of Intervention We Need’

Generic Antiretrovirals And Multi

In 2017, savings to the U.S. health care system generated by the use of generic drugs and biosimilar products totaled $265 billion, including $40.6 billion and $82.7 billion in savings to Medicaid and Medicare, respectively.27

With substantial improvements in the long-term safety and effectiveness of contemporary ART, a number of regimens and regimen components in Table 6 remain listed beyond their patent protection date and are or will be available as lower-cost generic options. In one study, the savings associated with a transition to a hypothetical lower-cost generic ART could potentially help cover the 20-year, $480 billion projected costs to reach national treatment targets.5

Some research informs the cost impact of using specific generic ARV regimens or regimen components. In a cost-effectiveness analysis conducted before the availability of integrase strand transfer inhibitors , the use of generic efavirenz had an estimated saving of nearly $1 billion, and a regimen with generic EFV was very cost-effective.2 A more recent study describes a 25% reduction in both the wholesale acquisition cost and federal supply schedule cost associated with switching from branded coformulated dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine to branded DTG plus generic ABC and generic 3TC.2, 28

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How Can Hiv Treatment Costs Be Reduced

Using generic instead of branded drugs can dramatically reduce HIV treatment costs. In 2016, a new programme to encourage clinicians to switch patients to generic antiretroviral drugs saved the NHS almost £10 million in one year. Two-thirds of the savings came from patients switching to generic medication and a third from renegotiating contracts with pharmaceutical companies, who were under pressure to lower prices. A Public Health England study in 2019 found that if doctors continue to switch patients to generic drugs as soon as they become available, they could save the NHS as much as £7 billion by 2033.

In the UK, generic treatments for HIV are widely used. However, switching to generic medications should only be done if clinically appropriate, and in some cases the most effective treatments are only available in branded versions. Some people may also experience greater side-effects or other problems with a generic treatment. Consequently, reducing the prices of branded drugs is also important for making savings on HIV treatment. In part, this can be achieved through greater transparency around price-setting and the costs of research, development, and production of HIV treatment.

*Converted from US Dollars using 2019 average exchange rate .**Converted from US Dollars using 2018 average exchange rate .

How Profitable Are Hiv Drugs

How much more does medication cost in the US?Hopes& Fears

For-profit corporations invest large amounts of money in global health R& D to develop novel treatments, drugs, and vaccines for neglected diseases. However, of the $157 billion spent on global health R& D annually, only $471 million goes to neglected tropical diseases. More investment is needed to improve health conditions in the developing world.

One critical illness affecting the developing world is HIV/AIDS. The human immunodeficiency virus attacks cells of the immune system, rendering them vulnerable to infections and diseases. As the disease progresses, those infected become increasingly ill, ultimately culminating in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome . It is estimated that nearly 36.7 million people globally were infected with HIV/AIDS in 2016 according to UNAIDS.

In order to facilitate investment in HIV/AIDS and other tropical diseases, our research team estimated potential returns to private investors in antiretroviral therapies , the frontline treatment for suppressing HIV infection. By analyzing the number of people who are estimated to have HIV/AIDS, valuing future ART drug prices, and predicting future ART coverage ratios, we forecasted future revenues for six major African countries, the Middle East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa regions, and the world as a whole.

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Cost Of Branded Truvada Vs Otc Generics

When it comes to buying drugs, price is the major determinant. Even though Truvada is the go-to medication for PrEP, still, millions of people dont have access to it. Gilead overprices Truvada, making it hard to make it available to low-income populations.

Although there are tailored programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and insurances that help cover the cost of this medication, you still have to pay a lot if you dont qualify for $0 pay .

However, there are cost-effective generic PrEP drugs that have the same effectiveness as Truvada but available at a substantially cheaper price.

For example, the cost of popular generics such as Ricovir-EM, Tavin-EM, Tenof-EM, and Tenvir-EM is more than 90% less compared to the cost of Truvada. Some pharmacies sell at these prices based on the manufacturing cost, making them more than 95% cheaper.

The price of Truvada in the USA is $61.46 per tab for 30 pills. The cost of generic Tenvir-EM is $1.99 per tab for 30 pills from some online pharmacy stores. This means around $59 for 30 tabs which is the cost of one pill of the brand-name drug! 30 days tabs of generic PrEP is the same as a 1-day pill of Truvada.

Visit Drug Pricing Websites

Drug pricing websites such as have information on the average costs for medications at several different major pharmacies and offer coupons for further savings. In addition, the site describes how a medications cost has averaged over time and how it compares to the cost of other similar medications.

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Aids Drug Assistance Programs

If you are a U.S. citizen and you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not cover your HIV care, you may qualify for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. This AIDS drug assistance program funds free or low-cost medications, healthcare, and support services for low-income people affected by the disease.

Over half of Americans with HIV are covered by Ryan White. Since the program began in 1990, its coverage has helped millions of people slow the progression of their disease. One study even found that people covered by Ryan White have significantly better health outcomes than people covered by private insurance, medicaid, or medicare.

You can find out if you are eligible by calling your state’s Ryan White program hotline. An agent will point you toward healthcare providers in your area who participate. Upon receiving care at one of those facilities, you will be assigned a case worker who will work with you to apply for coverage.

You can also find Ryan White healthcare providers in your area by using an online locator hosted by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Pricing Agreement Brings Hiv Drug Darunavir Within Reach Of Lmics

How much does HIV medicine cost? Too much!!!!

Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero Labs Ltd will make a generic version of HIV drug darunavir boosted with ritonavir, known as DRV/r, at the price of $210 per patient per year for 90 countries, the majority of which are low or middle income.

The pricing agreement, announced by Unitaid and Clinton Health Access Initiative, provides for one more HIV treatment option taken once a day for people living with HIV who develop treatment failure with first-line HIV drugs in LMICs.

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The 90 countries include all low-income countries under the World Banks income classification, as well as the majority of lower-middle-income countries and a few upper-middle-income countries. Seychelles, classified as a high-income country by the World Bank, is also included, according to a list seen by Devex.

The drug DRV/r has been in use in several high-income countries such as the United States for more than a decade, but has been inaccessible in most low- and middle-income countries, where the burden of HIV is greatest, because of its high price, and supply and intellectual-property-related hurdles, according to Raef Makar, interim HIV and hepatitis-focused pharmacist for Médecins Sans Frontières Access Campaign.

Reducing the price three times lesser than the original price is going to ensure broader access to ARV-experienced patients who need DRV due to its high genetic barrier , Makar added.

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Current Prescription Drug Costs

Below is a table that contains an average of estimated costs for both brand-name and generic medications. This isnt a comprehensive list of HIV medications. Talk to a pharmacist to find out the cost of any medication that isnt included.

These numbers are a snapshot of costs from one day in time, so theyre just a rough estimate. They can provide a general idea about drug costs, but keep in mind that there are many factors that can make these medications less expensive. Also, new, cheaper drugs come on the market from time to time.

The prices listed dont take into account any expense covered by health insurance, prescription drug insurance, or government assistance. Theyre averages based on information from several websites, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and GoodRx.

To find the exact cost for drugs prescribed by a healthcare provider, contact a local pharmacy.

Drug name

Its important to understand that there are many factors that can affect HIV medication costs. Prescription drugs vary in availability, and prices for medications can change quickly. Several other factors can also affect the cost of a medication, including:

  • what pharmacy discounts are available
  • whether a person has prescription drug insurance
  • the availability of generic versions of medications
  • what prescription assistance programs are available
  • where a person lives

The Right Time To Get Tested For Hiv Infection

Our STD testing providers offer 4th Generation HIV Antibody / Antigen Test which can be done after 2-3 weeks of initial exposure. This test looks for the presence of HIV antibodies and antigens in the blood. Most people will develop these antibodies within this period, but in some rare cases it may take up to 3 months. So we also recommend retesting after three months for conclusive results.

If you are very much concerned about recent exposure, HIV RNA Early Detection Test can be done which detects the presence of HIV within 9 to 11 days after exposure.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hiv

The symptoms can be very common and can be neglected. That is when the conditions worsen when left untreated. Mentioned below are some of the early and common symptoms of HIV which can be easily cured with the help of anti-HIV medicine.

  • Sudden chills
  • A severe headache with vomiting
  • Nausea and issues related to digestion and stomach
  • Vaginal infections and also pneumonia

What Is The True Cost Of The High Price Of Art


Antiretroviral treatment is the regimen mainstay for everyone who has HIV, irrespective of infection duration. More than twice as many options for ART were available in 2018 as were offered in 2012& mdash but this did not equal cheaper prices. Between 2012 and 2018, the average wholesale price for initial ART jumped 34% for most people with HIV.

More than twice as many options for antiretroviral treatment were available in 2018 as were offered in 2012. However, not every combination medication was recommended for most people with HIV some were only suggested for use in certain clinical situations . In addition, this increase in choice did not translate into lower prices, something that could have increased access and adherence.

A letter published today in JAMA Internal Medicine shows the extent of the ART price increase, compared with the consumer price index, thanks to a team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, and Harvard Medical School.1

These prices for ART in the United States are the highest worldwide, despite the country having the lowest rate of HIV viral suppression compared with all other well-resourced countries, including Britain, Australia, and Canada.1

What can be done to remedy this situation?


2. HIV treatment. CDC website. Accessed January 31, 2020.

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Cost Considerations And Antiretroviral Therapy

The clinical benefits, public health impact, and cost-effectiveness of HIV treatment have been well established since the advent of combination antiretroviral therapy ,1-6 and the expanded use of ART is one of the four pillars of the “Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America” initiative.7, 8 However, HIV treatment with ART is costly. A 2015 study using 2012 health care expenditure data estimated that the discounted lifetime medical costs for an individual who acquires HIV at age 35 years is $326,500 , with 60% of the costs attributable to ART.9 The estimated, total direct expenditures for HIV/AIDS care and treatment between 2002 and 2011 was $10.7 billion annually, which is 800% to 900% higher than similar expenditures for other chronic conditions.10 These guidelines first included an antiretroviral cost table in 201211 , and since then, the overall cost of brand-name, first-line ARV regimens has increased by more than 30%,12 which is 3.5 times the rate of inflation. Total annual undiscounted spending on ARV drugs has more than doubled since 2010, reaching $22.5 billion in 2018.13, 14 Consequently, ART was among the top five therapeutic classes in non-discounted spending on medications in 2018, after medications for diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and respiratory disorders.14

Price Of Truvada In Other Countries

Brand name Truvada comes with varying prices in various countries. This depends on the pharmaceutical companies with the country-specific system which supports the cost of purchasing Truvada for PrEP medication the cost of health care.

Other countries typically sell Gilead Truvada for PrEP at higher prices. Most of these countries sell approved generics to combat HIV-1 infection. Some countries have initiatives including government programs that support PrEP at zero cost or help you pay less for branded Truvada if you are eligible.

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Hiv Drugs Cost $75 In Africa $39000 In The Us Does It Matter

In the United States, pharmaceutical companies have built a system which supports high costs for H.I.V. drugs. But that may be starting to change.

Ms. Rosenberg is a co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, which supports rigorous reporting about responses to social problems.

First of two articles

A new gold-standard triple therapy for H.I.V. has just made its debut in Africa. It costs $75 a year. In the United States, many people with H.I.V. take an almost identical therapy. It costs $39,000 a year.

The United States is infamous for its high cost of health care and H.I.V. medicines are a big part of that. Plenty of drugs carry outrageous prices: EpiPens, insulin, cancer treatments, even some antibiotics. But no class of medicines is more scandalously expensive than for H.I.V. These medicines are in Medicaids drug budget, the third largest for the insurance exchanges and the fifth largest for commercial insurers.

What do we get from spending so much? Not enough. H.I.V. therapy aims to suppress the virus to the point where it is undetectable in a patients blood. Patients with suppressed H.I.V. are healthy and noncontagious. Just under half of all people living with H.I.V. in the United States have achieved that. Thats not only way below countries like Britain and France its worse than Zimbabwe, Kenya and Malawi.

Mylan also makes three-drug combos, Symfi and lower-dose Symfi Lo. At 40 percent less, the two Symfi combinations cost $19,200.

No one has.

Tips For Making Your Hiv Drugs More Affordable


Affording quality healthcare for the average American is tough enough without the added challenge of a chronic illness. Arguably, for people living with HIV, the challenges are greater given the high cost of HIV drugs, the need for optimal treatment adherence, and the demand for continual, lifelong medical treatment and care.

Consider, for example, that the average, individual lifetime cost of HIV is well over $400,000 and this for persons who start treatment early and largely avoid the illnesses associated with later-stage disease.

Now add to this the cost of HIV therapy, which carries an average price tag of over $2,000 per month, and the obstacles grow even clearer. Even with prescription drug coverage, many of these medications remain unaffordable due to “adverse tiering” practices by which insurers can demand anywhere from 20% to 50% coinsurance payment for each and every drug prescription.

This means that a person with a “low” 20% coinsurance benefit could easily pay between around $500 per month to get Triumeq, an otherwise standard, one-pill option. And that doesnt even take into account the cost of deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses that could add up to thousands of dollars before your benefits even kick in.

For those seeking relief, here are 4 simple ways to reduce the high costs of HIV treatment and care.

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