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Can You Get Hiv From Swallowing Cum

What If You Do Swallow It

How do people get HIV/AIDS? Narrator: Daniel Anonyuo

You can swallow or spit, but its probably a little safer to swallow as the entry point for the HIV is much more likely to be via a cut in your gums than the stomach. HIV transmission from oral sex is very rare whatever you choose. Whichever you decide its better to do it quickly rather than keep the cum in your mouth for any significant amount of time.

Does It Matter If I Get Pre

HIV can be acquired through both cum and precum, though if you have healthy teeth and gums its not a problem getting it in your mouth. HIV needs an entry point to be transmitted, so you may want to avoid getting these fluids in your mouth if you have bad gingivitis, an STI in the throat or other sores in the mouth. Its recommended to wait at least half an hour after brushing or flossing your teeth as well, to keep that risk low.

Are There Health Benefits

There has been little research into the health benefits of swallowing semen.

Many nutritional claims about semen are false. Since people produce a small amount of ejaculate, it is unlikely that anyone will consume enough for it to have any discernible health effects.

One notable study from 2002 suggests a link between semen exposure and mood. Females who had direct exposure to semen had fewer symptoms of depression.

However, the study did not consider other factors that may contribute to improved mood, including sexual activity itself.


a personâs risk of contracting an STI through oral sex include:

  • having open sores in or around the genitals or mouth
  • having poor oral hygiene
  • having exposure to the preejaculate or semen of someone with an STI

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that the risk of transmitting an STI such as HIV through oral sex is low.

People can limit their risk of contracting STIs through oral sex by using barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms. They can also make sure that they and their partner test frequently for STIs.

A small portion of people in the United States are allergic to semen. If these people swallow it, they may experience an allergic reaction.

People with a semen allergy can use condoms to prevent coming into contact with it. Gradual desensitization is another possible treatment for this kind of allergy, according to one

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‘can I Get Hiv From Oral Sex Is A Question Weve Been Asked Frequently Through Our Website So Today Weve Put Together Your All You Need To Know About Oral Sex Risk Guide

This article is also available in Simplified Chinese and Thai.

Oral sex is one of the more popular sexual acts encountered in the bedroom with the Australian Study of Health and Relationships revealing that 88% of men in Australia have experienced oral sex. So that perhaps explains the reason why we get asked this sensible question so often: does oral sex put me at risk of getting HIV?

Lets look a little closer

Hpv And Throat Cancer

Kid Blows Up Used Condom Thinking It

Mouth cancer and throat cancer are on the rise in the UK and much has been made of the possible causal link between these and the HPV group of viruses, which may be contracted and passed on through oral-genital contact. Some types of HPV cause visible warts on the genitals, but others are asymptomatic.

“Most people who have HPV in their ecosystem will not get oral cancer,” reassures Pallecaros. “Our immune systems usually successfully process this very common family of viruses – there are over 200 different types of HPV – clearing the infection.” Nonetheless, the risk is not non-existent.

An effective HPV vaccine is now offered to girls at the age of 13 years in UK schools, with the aim of preventing cervical cancer and possibly oral cancers from HPV exposure.

“And the good news is that, from September, 12-year-old boys will be offered the HPV vaccine too,” says Smith.

There’s currently a lot of research going on into how important the oral microbiome is in the development of oral cancer. “Over recent decades there have been very big changes in our oral microbiome with reduced diversity, just as with our gut flora,” adds Pallecaros. “The question being asked at the moment is how important is that ecosystem in the mouth – bacteria, viruses, fungi – for HPV to produce a disease state.”

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Can I Have Aids Even If My Partner Ejaculates Outside

Answered by: Dr LM Nath | Consultant, Community Medicine,New Delhi

Q: I am currently in Tanzania but I have been studying in UAE. I happened to have sexual contact with my boyfriend. It happened twice, and both times he didn’t use a condom but he discharged outside of me however once a third time we happened to have oral sex and I happened to swallow his cum. I am now very scared if I can get infected by HIV. Is it possible to get infected by HIV even if the guy discharges outside? And how about if we swallow the cum, is it possible to get infected by HIV? I am really worried because he had told me that he’s had sexual relations with many girls before, and soon after that he broke up with me. I am planning to go for the HIV antibody test soon but I’m still worried because at the moment its only 4 months after the incident, and I think the window period is 6 months. Please help me out if you can. I am really worried. I had sexual relations with a boyfriend of mine before but we always used a condom however once the condom broke and after 6 months I had gone for an HIV test and it came negative. But this time I’m really scared because my boyfriend said he had sexual relations with many girls before. I’ll really appreciate if you can help me out.

Is Swallowing Semen Safe Are There Risks

Youve heard the rumors about swallowing semen. From its high in protein and it can boost your mood. To it tastes like battery acid and I can get an STI from swallowing it.

Just what the heck is the truth about swallowing semen? Is any of this true?

The answers to that: yes, semen is relatively high in protein, but youd need to swallow lots of it to see any health benefits. It does taste like battery acid, although you might be able to improve its taste a little. And the big one. Yes, swallowing semen can give you an STI. Which is why youll want to have a conversation with your partner before going that route.

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How Could Hiv Infect The Mouth And Throat

HIV is not able to infect most cells in the mouth. Only one cell type found in the mouth is vulnerable to HIV infection .

The tissue of the mouth and oesophagus is also very thick compared with genital tissues, and fluids stay in contact with it for a very short time because swallowing clears the mouth regularly. The mouth is therefore generally regarded as an unlikely route of HIV transmission.

Saliva contains numerous factors that have been found to inhibit HIV and stomach acid is likely to inactivate HIV in the same way as other viruses .

How Risky Is Oral Sex For Hiv

Sexual Health – HIV

Dick-sucking isn’t what we’d call high risk. The lining of your mouth is strong, and saliva actually contains antibodies that neutralise and deactivate the virus.

So it’s pretty hard to infect the skin inside your mouth – but you should still check for cuts and ulcers both in the mouth and on the cock, because these can create a path for HIV to get into your bloodstream.

Flossing and vigorous brushing can cause gum bleeding which puts you at a higher risk of being infected when you’re giving a beej, so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to go out on a Friday night !

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Is There Anything You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk Of Contracting It

You betcha!

If you swallowed seminal fluid, and youre worried about HIV, head to the nearest clinic or emergency department ASAP for a PEP prescription.

PEP is a 28-day course of HIV medication given to people who are HIV-negative to prevent HIV after a possible exposure. It needs to be started within 72 hours.

Yes, but keep in mind that not everyone experiences symptoms early on. So, if youre worried you were exposed, dont wait for symptoms to appear before getting tested.

See a healthcare professional right away if you experience any of these:

  • fever

When Can You Get Tested For Hiv

Depending on the type of test, the window period is between 10 days and 3 months.

Until you pass the window period and get your results, its a good idea to avoid activities that can result in another exposure.

This means sticking with lower risk activities, like kissing and masturbation, and using barrier protection for any other sexual activity.

Youre also able to transmit the virus during this period, so its important to let any potential sexual partners know your status is up in the air.

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When Is The Risk Greater

These risk factors can increase the chances for transmission of HIV:

  • Status: Risk varies based on whether the person with HIV is giving or receiving oral sex. If the person with HIV is receiving oral sex, the person giving it may have a higher risk. Mouths may have more openings in the skin or lesions. Saliva, on the other hand, is not a carrier of the virus.
  • Viral load: The risk of contracting HIV is higher if the person with HIV has a high viral load. Higher viral loads increase infectivity.
  • Ejaculation: During oral sex, ejaculation may increase risk for sharing the virus, but ejaculation alone isnt the only possible way of contracting HIV.
  • Cuts or sores: Openings in the mouth, vagina, anus, or on the penis are possible routes for HIV. These may be cuts or lesions from another infection or condition. For example, HIV-related infections like candidiasis can cause sores that compromise the integrity of the tissue in the mouth. Any break in the skin puts a person at risk for transmitting or contracting the virus.
  • Menstruation: HIV-bearing cells do shed from the cervix during menstruation. Coming into contact with menstrual blood with the mouth may increase contraction risk.
  • Urethritis: This condition causes inflammation and irritation in the urethra. It may increase the chances of HIV contraction, too. People with HIV are likely to shed the virus when they have this condition.

Estimating The Risk Per Exposure


A satisfactory answer to the question, How high is the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex? has been notoriously elusive. Collecting reliable data is challenging for several reasons:

  • Very few people report oral sex as their sole risk.
  • Self-reported data on sexual behaviour are hard to collect accurately, with participants failing to report condomless anal or vaginal sex they have had.
  • If a person practises any other form of unprotected intercourse in addition to unprotected oral sex, any resulting HIV infection is usually attributed to the higher risk behaviour.
  • Studies have frequently grouped all oral sex practices together, often not distinguishing receptive from insertive roles, whether ejaculation occurred in the mouth, etc.

Many reports of oral transmission are in the form of isolated and anecdotal reports, rather than from observational cohorts or other studies with more rigorous follow-up.

Most cohort studies following men who only practiced oral sex, or serodiscordant couples, have tended to show very low levels of risk, in many cases approaching zero. A few studies have given higher estimates which are difficult to reconcile with the others.

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Oral Sex Hiv And Stis

Posted in Latest News on October 8th, 2014

A common question asked by community members is about the risk of HIV from oral sex. To put it as simply as possible, there is much less risk in oral sex as there is for anal or vaginal sex, but it is not risk free. The level of risk is based on a number of factors that bring us back to the basics of HIV transmission. For this reason, it is important for everyone to have a good knowledge around risk factors associated with HIV transmission, as well as other STIs.

HIV transmission occurs when body fluids that contain HIV are shared with the body fluids of another person. This means there needs to be an exit point and an entry point into the bloodstream, this most commonly occurs through anal and vaginal sex without a condom. HIV is not transmitted through all body fluids though, as fluids such as saliva do not contain sufficient levels of the virus to be passed on. Therefore, a person living with HIV performing oral sex on someone who is HIV negative would be considered very low risk. While oral sex performed on a guy living with HIV with ejaculation in the mouth is considered the riskiest type of oral sex, the odds are still low and are dependent on other factors.

How To Reduce The Std Risks Of Fellatio

HIV is most feared, but old-fashioned gonorrhea is a particular risk from fellatio.The risks: gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes , syphilis, HIV

Fellatio is more risky than kissing, sensual touching, and cunnilingus because of the greater risk of gonorrhea. “Gonorrhea can establish an infection in the throat,” says Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle. “But it often doesn’t cause a sore throat, so people can have it and not know it.”

As with other kinds of oral sex, the partner performing fellatio is at risk for herpes infection in or around the mouth as well as for syphilis, while the receiving partner could experience a herpes infection in the genital area.

Even if the person receiving oral sex does not climax and ejaculate into the mouth, there is still risk of catching an STD. “There is a myth that if you don’t let a man ejaculate in your mouth, you can’t catch an STD. But the truth is, you can find organisms like chlamydia and gonorrhea in pre-ejaculate that will cause infections.”

10 Questions to Ask a New Sex Partner

Start by sharing your own story, and see what you get back Read moreMore STD risks

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Precum And Hiv: Is It A Risk

This article is also available in Simplified Chinese and Thai.

Precum is what emerges when you are aroused. As the dick gets hard, out comes that familiar clear and often inconspicuous fluid known as precum. Precum is the 9pm fireworks of sexual activity, its not the main event, its not necessarily that exciting and it often goes unnoticed.

But what does precum do? Does it serve a purpose at all? More importantly is it safe to play with? Allow us to answer some commonly asked questions about precum.

Precum is produced by the Cowpers Glands, two small glands near the prostate. It is released upon arousal to neutralize the acidity of the urethra. An evolutionary explanation of precum goes as follows: Precum acts as a bodyguard for sperm, the clear viscous fluid ensures that sperm gets from its house to the club free of damage or injury. Once safely in the vagina, sperm can go forth and make babies. Thank you precum, youre the best!

Regardless of whether you are trying to procreate or not, the precum will arrive. What we mean by this is that it doesnt matter if you are having vaginal, anal or oral sex. For this reason we need to have a think about whether or not precum poses a risk for HIV infection when men have sex with men.


Other Types Of Transmission

HIV transmission through an insect bite or eating with HIV – Dr. Ashoojit Kaur Anand

In the past, HIV was spread by transfusion with blood products, such as whole blood or the “factor” used by hemophiliacs. Many people acquired HIV this way. The blood supply is now much more strictly tested and controlled in most countries. The odds of acquiring HIV from receiving blood or blood factor in countries like the US, the UK, and Canada are extremely low. For example, statistics from the US show that a person is more likely to be killed by a lightning strike than they are to acquire HIV from a blood transfusion. However, not every country screens all blood donations for HIV.

It is also possible to get HIV from skin grafts or transplanted organs taken from people living with HIV. Again, the risk is considered very low, as these “body products” must be strictly tested in the same way as blood products. Semen donations collected by sperm banks for artificial insemination are also considered “bodily products” and rigorously tested in high-resource countries. Private semen samples that are not processed by sperm banks or similar organizations may not have been tested. It is important for anyone receiving a private donor’s sperm for artificial insemination to have the donor tested for HIV.

If you are getting breast milk from a milk bank, it is important to ask if the bank tests the milk for HIV. Also, if your baby is getting breast milk from a wet nurse, it is important to make sure that she tests negative for HIV before giving her milk to your baby.

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