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Does Nba Youngboy Have Hiv

Nba Youngboy Explains Why He Come Clean About Herpes Diagnosis

NBA Youngboy & His Girlfriend Jania Confess They Both Have Herpes

NBA YoungBoy made a shocking revelation about contracting herpes.

Baton Rouge rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a new song out Cant Be Saved where he raps about crying after learning about his herpes diagnosis. His girlfriend Jania has since confirmed that she too has the STD. NBA YoungBoy was asked by his fans on Twitter why he decided to come clean about herpes, and he responded saying that he doesnt want anyone to use it against him in the future.

Now they cant use it against me because the world already done know, he said. YoungBoy Never Broke Again is pretty much saying that if he gets into any rap beefs his enemies cant use herpes against him in a diss track.

He also is safeguarding himself from any future legal troubles from any female he should date in the future by letting it be public knowledge that he has herpes. Perhaps YoungBoy learned a thing or two from Usher who is now dealing with a mountain of legal troubles from women who accused him of not telling them about his herpes diagnosis.

NBA YoungBoy is set to release his new album Decided tonight on all streaming platforms. He has been working on the project for the past couple of months, and I suspect that there will be more revelations coming on it.

Early Career Setbacks And Young Money

Gates began his career in 2007 by signing to local label Dead Game Records. His career blossomed along with fellow Baton Rouge natives Boosie Badazz and Webbie in the mid-2000s. The three collaborated on Gates’ first mixtape, Pick of Da Litter, in 2007. Another mixtape, All or Nuthin’, was released in 2008 and featured what Gates described as “a lot of pain…a lot of true stories.” In 2008, both Gates and Boosie were incarcerated in separate cases, effectively pausing Gates’ music career. He spent 31 months in prison between 2008 and 2011. During this time, Gates claimed he earned a master’s degree in psychology through a prison program. He was released early from prison for good behavior.

After his stint in prison, Gates began working on music again almost immediately. In 2012, he earned some buzz with the mixtape Make ‘Em Believe. He also caught the attention of Lil Wayne‘s record label, Young Money Entertainment. Gates was signed to the management wing of the label later that year. Although he was signed to the management wing, Gates never signed a record deal with Young Money. He noted, however, that it was Birdman who gave him the idea to start his own record label later on.

Jeffree Star Denies Aids Allegations Youtuber Claims Andre Marhold Said It For Attention

In a , Andre Marhold insinuated that somebody had Aids, with many fans speculating that he was talking about Jeffree Star. Jeffree took the post as a direct insult and has since hit back to strongly deny the allegations.

Jeffree Star has been involved in a lot of drama after he publicly outed his ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold for stealing things from his Los Angeles Home. Then, Andre decided to react on what appears to be a backup Instagram account.

Andre insinuated an allegation that somebody has Aids, with many people believing the post was about beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star. However, this is something that the beauty guru has denied in Keemstars Drama Alert video.

  • NEWS: President Trump tests positive for Covid

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First Ever Arrest Robbery

You may have heard about NBAs recent arrest last week, but that affair, which will be covered shortly, is a blip on the radar compared to his arrest record. Starting in 2015, YoungBoy caught his first-ever charge. This encounter with the law was the result of him having committed a robbery at only 15 years old. While some Gangsta Rap artists can blur the lines between life and art with their alleged criminal activity, fans can draw a straight line between his first arrest and his introduction to rap. While jailed in Tallulah, Louisiana on this charge, YoungBoy put pen to pad and founded a rap career based off of his troubled life. These early musings would become the basis for what is now his well-known 2015 debut mixtape, Life Before Fame.

Despite an acerbic persona potentially playing into the charges prosecutors pressed against him, YoungBoy spoke of the time during an interview with The Fader in humble terms, saying, I had been rapping, but I used to hide that shit. He continued, I was scared, not for sure bout myself, playing with my craft. After this six-month period of change and self-discovery, a criminal court judge opted in favor of NBAs release, allowing him to continue into young adulthood with his freedom intact.

May 201: Attempt On His Life

Worldstarhiphop: Breaking News

There was plenty of drama that happened between February 2018 and May 2019, but for now, were sticking to what Youngboy caught charges for. And for what its worth, the reason he caught a charge was a doozy. It transpired quickly on the morning of May 13th, just outside the Trump International Beach Resort. YoungBoy was reportedly targeted by a shooter for reasons stemming from a beef with Tee Grizzley.

He was not harmed, but his then-girlfriend, Kaylyn Marie Long, was shot. YoungBoys bodyguard was also present and exchanged fire with his attacker. Stray bullets in the exchange traveled substantial distances and struck one five-year-old boy, who lived, as well as 43-year-old Mohammad Jradi, who died. The death of Jradi has not been publicly attributed to NBA alone, nor was his bodyguard charged, given that he was cleared as having acted in self-defense, but being involved in such a fatal occurrence was considered a violation of YoungBoys probation. With this, he served a three-month stint behind bars. After finishing his sentence, another judge showed considerable grace and ended his probation over the attempted homicide charges. NBA took this as a cue to do, well, what anyone would probably do after an attempt on their life, and left the state.

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She Is Open To Starting A Music Career Provided That She Makes Money Out Of It

She has made a song, but she wont release it. Jania claims that the song is terrible, and she made it at a vulnerable time in her life. She told DJ Smallz Eyes that the song is safely tucked away in her e-mail:

I made like a little play song, but that was nothing seriousIts in my email. Its not going anywhere It was trash for real and I put all my feelings in that song and I just feel like no one should hear it Definitely. I am all about making money in any way I can.

Nba Youngboys Girlfriend Jania Confirms Her And Nba Youngboy Have Herpes After Rumors That Nba Youngboy Gave It To Her

For awhile fans have been wondering if its true that NBA Youngboy has herpes, his sidechick made a comment about Jania contracting the STDs from NBA Younboy.

He recently released a song called Cant be saved, these are the lyrics that had fans now believing he might have it.

Now his girlfriend Jania went on social media confirming that he does have herpes, and she has contracted it as well.

But that theyre the same people, and it doesnt change who they are as people.

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Woman Brags On Live I Have Hiv But My P***y Is Good

A very disturbing video has gone viral, showing a woman appearing to admit to being HIV positive. She made the apparent admission during a social media argument with a rival.

The woman yelled in the video, “The only thing you can say about me – is about HIV.”

The woman adds, “But I’m still poppin.”

And that’s when things got crazy. All of a sudden, the woman’s girlfriend showed up on video, and yelled, “But the p**sy is good.”

The video has been seen now more than 1,000,0000 times – and celebrities have been sharing it like crazy.

We warn you, there is graphic language in the video.

She Was Involved In A Nasty Breakup With Nba Youngboy

NBA YoungBoy Mother Says He Has Herpes Like Usher

Jania Meshell and NBA YoungBoy had quite a nasty relationship. Meshell used to vent about NBA YoungBoys toxic behaviors on her Instagram Live. The couples breakup was just as messed up as their relationship. After the relationship ended, NBA YoungBoy made a song in which he claimed that Jania gave him herpes. He sang in a song titled Truth About Herpes:

That aint the truth when I hear what you saying/ I got herpes and I gave it to Ni/ To tell the truth that chick gave it to me.

Meshell wasnt happy with what NBA said in his song, and she reacted to the accusation via a . Meshell stated:

I didnt give NOBODY SHIT! This lying shit getting OUT OF HAND and Im sick of it. Anything for SALES Im over it I DO NOT HAVE SHIT I said it out of love playing along but nah fuck that it was all a lie. Once I drop these papers stop talking to me bye.

Despite their nasty relationship and breakup, YoungBoy and Meshell raise a son named Kacey.

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Home Testing Key To Living With Covid But Australia A Two

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here.

Rapid antigen tests at home will be a key part of a more sustainable way of dealing with the pandemic in the coming months, but the head of the Doherty Institute says there is still potential for the coronavirus to throw more curveballs at the world.

Australia will also be a two-tier country for a while with COVID-zero and COVID positive states taking different measures to control the pandemic, Doherty Institute director Professor Sharon Lewin says.

Professor Sharon Lewin says at-home antigen testing will be an important part of living with COVID.Credit:Simon Schluter

There will be unexpected challenges that we would not have anticipated just like we didnt really anticipate Delta, she said.

On Friday, Professor Lewin convened a conference to bring together leading health experts and researchers to discuss the future of COVID-19. The conference, run by the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine , will hopefully be the first of many to unite scientists, clinical researchers and the community to discuss the latest research about the coronavirus, she said.

Professor Lewin said over the next six to 12 months she expects to see better treatments for people with the disease and more innovation in COVID testing.

Home tests can make a big difference. Weve been doing it for pregnancy forever. And we now do it for HIV, she said.

Dont Be Afraid To Change Things Up

Mental and physical care are crucial to maintaining a good treatment regimen. The best way to avoid setbacks, Kennedy says, is to look at your self-care as a whole and figure out whats helpful and what isnt.

And then, take action.

If you find that youre not able to figure that out, seek help, he says. There are professionals who can help you process, navigate, and figure out whats working and whats not working, and how to come up with different interventions that are custom for you.

Maggie White, NP, an infectious disease specialist in Houston, says there are plenty of reasons that people may not take their medicine consistently, like:

  • Unwanted side effects
  • Simple forgetfulness
  • Fear of judgment

Sometimes people dont take their medication because theres a stigma attached to it, White says.

If you missed a dose because of a simple slipup, White says it wont ruin your entire schedule.

If you miss a dose, its not the end of the world. Its when people are skipping doses all the time, she says. When you constantly start or stop medication, the HIV virus can get worse over time and develop into drug resistance. But HIV medications are a lot harder to become resistant to today, compared to past drugs.


If youve missed doses consistently, for whatever reason, see your doctor to check your viral load how much of the HIV virus is in your blood. Theyll do a blood test to see if your medication is working well enough or not.



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The Couple Have Always Been The Subject Of Cheating Allegations

Yayas case will be pursued in court after she was released from jail with a bail set at $30,000. There are conflicting reports about how much jail time Yaya could be facing but she might just get a slap on the wrist, especially now with news of her pregnancy.

In April, YoungBoy was accused of cheating on Yaya with a woman named Dre. He posted an Instagram video with her in it which had people questioning his intentions. Soon after, he posted a video with Yaya, trying to cover his tracks. While the couple was on a break, YoungBoy who refers to Yaya as his wife began dating 18-year-old Youtuber Jazlyn Mychelle. He and Yaya were soon seen back together right after.


YoungBoy is already believed to have fathered five children though there are several other women who have come forward claiming he has fathered their children as well. He was arrested in September on drug and firearm charges in Louisiana. His attorney has maintained that he is not guilty of any crimes.

Andre Marhold Posts Jeffree Star Allegations

NBA Youngboy Explains How Women Forced Him To Delete ...

Jeffree Stars now ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold started exposing Jeffree on a backup Instagram account, making a host of claims about the beauty YouTuber.

In one of the biggest allegations, Andre insinuated that somebody has Aids by posting a photo of the main symptoms of the disease with the caption someone can relate. Many people believe that this was said in relation to Jeffree Star.

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

The photo was quickly deleted, although screenshots still remain online and the allegations are spreading around social media.

Jeffree stars boyfriend posted this on his story and then deleted it


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When Did Youngboy Start Writing Music

In an interview with XXL Mag he said he started writing at the age of seven.

He said: “I wrote my first song in the first or second grade. I was on and off from there.”

The rapper garnered a cult following through his work after releasing eight independent mixtapes between 2015 and 2017.

He was signed to Atlantic Records in 2017.

His 2018 debut studio album Until Death Call My Name peaked at number seven on the US Billboard 200.

His first chart-topping project came in 2019 with AI YoungBoy 2 which debuted and peaked at number one on the Billboard 200.

It included the singles Self Control, Slime Mentality and Make No Sense.

He also collaborated with the late rapper Juice Wrld on Bandit and in April 2020, he released his sixteenth mixtape 38 Baby 2, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

The number of fans exploded with the release of the video for 38 Baby, which saw him riding around Houston, clutching a .38 pistol.

The song was named after the street where he grew up.

His second studio album Top was released in 2020.

The Untold Truth Of Jania Meshell

Jania Meshell Bania is an American social media personality and influencer. She has close to 620K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel and over . Her YouTube channel is dedicated to personal vlogs and beauty product reviews. Janias Instagram page mostly features professional modeling shots.

Meshells big break came after she started a relationship with rapper NBA YoungBoy. The relationship gave Jania extra publicity, and her social media career benefited. Ever since Janias career has been on the rise, and she has her eye set on more success.

This piece will deal with Janias relationship with NBA YoungBoy, her current rumored relationship, her business, her response to rumors, a potential career in music, and a botched surgery.

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Nba Youngboy Admits He Has Herpes In Unreleased Song

6 December 2019, 14:55

Rapper NBA YoungBoy has revealed that he has herpes in his own song. A snippet of the rapper’s song emerged online.

NBA YoungBoy has addressed rumours claiming that he has a sexually transmitted disease in an unreleased track. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has called out his ex-girlfriend Jania for allegedly giving him herpes in a new song.

Youngboy Never Broke Again Blacks Out During Performance

Does NBA Youngboy Have The Permanent STD Or NOT? Iâm Starting to Think He Doesnât & This Is Why!

You dehydrated motherfuckers need to listen to some Mick Jenkins.

Edit: Shout out to the guy who gave me my first Reddit Gold

Never blacked, and I drink mad water so…..

new mixtape by Young Boy Never Broke Again Blacks Out During Performance drops this Friday


He used to be NBA Youngboy but due to copyright stuff he now goes by Youngboy Never Broke Again

Actually makes really good trap shit

if you haven’t yet checked him out I heavily recommend AI Youngboy

Young Boy, Never, , Blacks Out During Performancre

Probably has less to do with his STDs and more to do with heavy drug usage with possible lack of hydration.

Do people really think AIDS when they see this?

How do people not understand the different between passing out and blacking out? Blacking out is getting so trashed that you dont remember things but you stay fully functioning. Passing out is losing consciousness like this and falling down.

Ya blacking out is when you drank so much your brain stops retaining memory for usually a few hours atleast but you stay awake and usually retain all your bodily functions. This would def be considering passing out. Hope it was just alcohol n he ain’t got no medical shit goin on.

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