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Hearing Aids From The Va

The Two Types Of Hearing Tests Required To Rate Hearing Loss

What Types of Hearing Aids Does Veterans Affairs Provide for Veterans? | Audiology | theSITREP

The Maryland CNC test measures hearing loss using a 50-word exam that is designed to score how well you recognize the spoken word. The results of the Maryland CNC test helps the VA determine your hearing damage, whether the severity of the damage qualifies for VA disability payments, etc.

The other hearing test is known as the Puretone Audiometric test, sometimes referred to as Pure Tone Audiometry or a Pure Tone Audiometry Test. This test measures overall hearing loss by determining the quietest tones you can hear while the test is administered.

These tests are done without the use of assistive devices such as hearing aids the intent is to learn how diminished your hearing is without the use of these devices.

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Option : Order By Mail

Fill out a Veterans Request for Batteries and Accessories card. If youre ordering hearing aid wax guards, please write down the type of guard if you have that information from your audiologist.

You should have received a VA Form 2346a in the box with your last order.

Mail the completed form to:

VA Denver Logistics Center

To find out which batteries you can order, .

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Does The Va Cover Hearing Aid Expenses

If the audiologist has determined sufficient hearing loss to qualify for hearing aids, all costs will be covered by the VA as long as you remain an enrolled member.

This includes battery replacements, accessories such as domes, wax guards, cleaning supplies, and drying products if your hearing aids get damaged by water.

It is important to note that you should report hearing-related issues as soon as possible if you are experiencing hearing-related issues. In detail, regarding how often and severe, the problems have become, as well as the origins of your hearing damage if known.

If you suffer from hearing-related issues while still active in the military, you should let a medical professional know when symptoms occur.

Do not wait until you are inactive and begin enrollment for the Veterans Affairs if symptoms occur earlier.

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Other Forms Of Hearing Loss

Phonak Audeo B

Most people are able to understand a distinct voice in a crowded, noisy room. This experience is commonly known as the cocktail party effect. This skill requires the brain to focus in on a single voice, while screening out other sounds. However, people with hearing impairment are unable to separate individual voices in a noisy environment. For them, multiple sounds blend together, making it hard to understand speakers.

According to a 2021 study by researchers at the VA Portland Health Care System and the Oregon Health & Science University, this difficulty may be caused by an auditory processing problem. The brain normally blends the sounds it hears from each ear into a single signala process called binaural pitch fusion. For people who have an overly broad binaural pitch fusion, their brain blends sounds together in a way that makes speech unintelligibleeven when separate voices have different pitches.

Researchers suggest it will now be possible to develop new therapies to improve speech perception for people with this type of hearing impairment.

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Hearing Aid Foundations May Offer Assistance

Some major hearing aid companies, like Miracle-Ear and Starkey, have established foundations to provide hearing aids to people who need them but may not be able to afford them. You can visit the Miracle-Ear Foundation and Starkey Hearing Foundation websites to fill out an application and see if you qualify for assistance from them.

Make An Appointment Today

Make an appointment with your local VA doctor and tell them that you have trouble hearing and you want to work with Livingston.

Theyll give you the choice to drive to the nearest VA clinic that provides hearing aid services OR to work with a local in-network community provider. If you want to work with Livingston you simply need to say,

Id like to work with Livingston Hearing Aid Center.

A VA representative will call and tell you when your appointment at Livingston Hearing Aid Center will be. Once you show up for your appointment at Livingston, well handle the rest!

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The National Center For Rehabilitative Auditory Research

In 1997, VA established NCRAR to study hearing problems in Veterans, and to develop effective treatments. Researchers work to alleviate communication, social, and economic problems in Veterans resulting from hearing loss and tinnitus.

Among the topics studied at the center are methods of early detection of hearing loss the effects of certain diseases or conditions, such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis, on auditory functioning and the impact of auditory problems on speech perception.

NCRAR researchers are also looking for ways to improve speech recognition in noisy areas for people with hearing impairments and are studying the combined effects of aging and noise exposure on hearing.

Who Is Eligible For Hearing Aid Services

How To Get Hearing Aids From The VA | 6 Things You NEED To Know

Veterans who apply for VA benefits for hearing loss are evaluated to determine if the disability is service-related. All veterans with service-connected auditory problems such as hearing loss or tinnitus qualify for hearing aid services, as well as the following:

  • Those who are 10 percent or more disabled
  • Those who were prisoners of war
  • Those who served during World War I
  • Those who served during the Mexican Border Periodbetween May 1916 and April 1917
  • Those who receive special pension benefits
  • Those whose hearing loss is caused by a medical condition thats been treated at a VA facility or resulted from treatment of that condition
  • Those whose hearing loss is severe enough that in order to participate in their medical care, a hearing aid is needed

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How To Fill Out The Form For Compensation

The Department of Veterans Affairs gives hearing loss pay to veterans. The veterans are those who developed hearing misfortune during service in armed forces. The VA administration program gives welfare to previous service members who experience the ill effects of hearing misfortune or tinnitus.

For hearing loss compensation a military veteran needs to fill up VA Form 21-526. Veterans Application for Compensation as well as Pension, or apply on the internet utilizing VONAPP.

People generally ask Do I require a specific kind of VA Hearing Loss Test to Support my Claim?

The answer is YES, but for the claim, you need to take a medical examination first. The medical examination should include two types of tests which are

  • Speech discrimination test

In case you claim hearing impairment in your one ear, then also your both ears will be tested. The examination will be provided with the usage of any kind of hearing aid.

Hearing Loss does not occur Until You Are Aged

If people have left their service and dont suffer from deafness does not mean that they will not get benefits from your age-related hearing loss. If you prove that you were work in the noise-related environment during your service you may still able to develop a service connection for your deafness impairment.

What If My Hearing Aids Arent Functioning Properly

If you begin to experience issues with any of the equipment issued to you by the VA, the first thing you should do is contact the Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic that conducts your hearing exams and ask for assistance.

If there does appear to be damage to your devices, you can ship your defective hearing aids or equipment back into a Logistics Center recommended by your audiologist.

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Who Qualifies For Hearing Aid Compensation

The first question you want to answer is this, Do I qualify for compensation from the VA for my hearing loss?.

First things first, you must be a registered member with a VA Medical Center of your choice. If you are already a registered member of a VA Medical Center, then you are on your way.

If you are not registered, you can enroll in person at any VA Medical Center or Clinic, apply online or through the mail by filling out a Form 10-10EZ.

You can find and contact your local VA Medical center through the link here: . Once enrolled, you will be able to schedule an appointment with the Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic for a hearing evaluation.

After testing, the audiologist will determine if they believe hearing aids are recommended.

Shop Around To See What Offers The Best Deal

Signia Motion Charge& GO X and Active Pro Available to VA

Anywhere you purchase hearing aids, be sure to compare prices and consider asking for a discount. Keep in mind that there is no standard price for this product set by any particular industry group or organization, so it is up to you to do your research, compare options, and negotiate.

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Preventing Hearing Loss In Today’s Military

Veterans over 65especially those who spent an extended amount of time deployed in combat zonesare at nearly twice the risk of developing severe hearing loss compared to their peers.

Current service members can protect themselves against future hearing loss by following these protective measures:

  • Minimize exposure to noisy environments: While it may not be possible to choose your level of exposure to loud sounds, do try to limit loud sound exposure, both at work and off-duty. Members of the military are at high risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

How To Order Batteries

Veterans who are authorized to receive batteries from the VA have several ways to request additional batteries. Please reorder when your remaining supply of batteries is sufficient for approximately 30 days. Based on the information contained in your request, each order will contain batteries sufficient to operate your hearing aid or device for approximately six months.

  • Complete VA Form 2346, Request for Batteries and Accessories. Please download and print a copy of VA Form 2346, complete the form and mail it to the DALC at the address provided on the form.
  • You may now order batteries online. Users of the online ordering system are required to register through the E-Authentication credentialing process. E-Authentication is a government-managed service that makes it possible for veterans to gain access to government services online. View the procedures to gain access to the VA site to order batteries.
  • You may send an order via email to .
  • If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call the DALC Customer Service Section at .

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    Can You See A Local Provider

    VA Community Care may be available to you if you live too far from a VA hearing clinic, or if there is a long waiting time to get an appointment at the closest VA facility. This welcome kit provides more detailed information. Increasingly, the VA is also offering teleaudiology for veterans who can’t travel far.

    Medicare Dental Vision And Hearing Benefit Act

    How Does Veterans Affairs Test for Tinnitus? | VA Disability for Tinnitus | theSITREP

    This is a bill introduced on 8/5/2021 to the senate covering Medicare for dental, vision, and hearing care. The law provides particular payment procedures, limits, and coinsurance requirements for such care. The bill covers the following:

    • Dental Care. This includes cleaning and exams, dental care and dentures, and dental services .
    • Eye exams. These include eyeglasses and contact lenses and routing eyes exams.
    • Routine hearing exams. These included exams for hearing aids and hearing aids.

    The bill also raises the Medicaid Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for dentistry, vision, and hearing services .

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    How Do I Get Hearing Aids From The Va

    Veterans who have been approved for hearing aid coverage can order their new devices directly through the VA as long as they are enrolled in the system. Ordering is available over the phone at 273-6200, online at or through the mail with VA Form 2346a.

    Veterans can also order batteries for their devices as long as they remain eligible through the VA. In addition, beneficiaries can request a variety of accessories, including:

    • Drying products

    What Tests Does The Va Use For Determining Hearing Capabilities

    There are two standard tests used by VA audiologists when attempting to determine the presence and level of hearing damage with hearing-impaired veterans.

    The Maryland CNC test uses a prerecorded list of 50 words spoken at different decibels to determine the speech reception threshold . The test begins at 0 dB, with 10 dB increases until the patient correctly identifies 50% of a set of two-syllable words.

    The Pure Tone Audiometric Test is conducted in a sound-isolated environment, where the patient listens to pure tones starting at 0 dB and is increased in 10 dB steps until there is a response. The test attempts to identify the quietest sounds the patient can hear.

    Neither test is administered using hearing assistive devices, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, to gain a better gauge of the hearing damage the patient has incurred.

    In addition to these tests, the VA requires all patients to be examined for signs of middle-ear disease and ensure that the ear canal is not being obstructed in any way that may affect the results of the tests.

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    How Do I Qualify For Hearing Aids Through The Va

    The first step toward qualifying for hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other devices is to qualify for VA Health Benefits in general. Vets can apply online, visit a local VA healthcare facility, visit a VA regional office, or call to start the enrollment process. Once you have been approved, youre entitled to a hearing evaluation by a state-licensed audiologist.

    You are most likely to be deemed eligible for hearing health care if you meet one or more of the following conditions:

    • You have a compensable disability related to your service in the United States military.
    • You were a prisoner of war.
    • You have received a Purple Heart award.
    • You already receive benefits under 38 U.S.C. 1151.
    • You receive an increased pension because of the need for regular aid and/or attendance, or because you are house-bound on a permanent basis.
    • You have a hearing impairment because of another medical condition for which you are receiving VA care, or because of the treatment of a medical condition for which you are receiving VA care.
    • You have a significant impairment which causes you to experience deficiencies during daily activities. This does not necessarily include normal impairments of your hearing or vision.
    • Your hearing is so severely impaired that you cannot actively participate in your own medical treatment without aid.

    Veterans Hard Of Hearing Va Can Help


    Clinical implant audiologist Nancy Duran attaches a bone anchored hearing aid processor to a surgically implanted titanium abutment for Army Veteran Ahmedou Ali.

    Army Veteran Ahmedou Ali loves his audiologists.

    Im a 62 year old service-connected disabled Veteran who has been without hearing in the right ear for a long time. The bone anchored hearing aid VA provided opened up a whole new world for me.

    I absolutely love my audiologists, Erica Bush and Nancy Duran , and the surgical team for making it happen.

    According to Duran, a clinical/implant audiologist, With the number of Veterans affected by the occupational injury of hearing loss and tinnitus ever increasing, it is so important that VA is able to provide them with quality comprehensive hearing health care. The VA Audiology Program allows Veterans to receive comprehensive assessments, innovative rehabilitation programs for both hearing loss and tinnitus, and advanced technology.

    For me to be able to provide these services is extremely rewarding.

    VAs Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Services recognize the importance of caring for Veterans who experience difficulties with their hearing, balance, speech, and communication ability.

    Hearing loss and tinnitus account for the two most prevalent service-connected disabilities among Veterans.

    Multiple Services Provided

    VA audiologists provide comprehensive hearing health care services, including:

    Largest Team in America

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    What Services Does The Va Offer For Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss and tinnitus are among the most common injuries related to military service because of the loud noises during combat, training exercises, and other activities. To help veterans cope with those problems, the VA offers two services:

    • Monthly tax-free payments by way of VA Disability Compensation
    • Hearing health care including hearing aids at no or low cost through VA Health Benefits

    Hearing Loss And Va Care

    Older Veterans with hearing and vision loss receive the same level of care as those without sensory loss, according to a 2020 study conducted by researchers at the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia.

    The team looked at data on more than 42,000 deceased Veterans at 145 VA medical centers and found that end-of-life care quality indicators were similar between patients with and without sensory loss. They measured three indicators of high quality, end-of-life carepalliative consultation in the last 90 days of life, death in a non-acute setting, and contact with a chaplain. They also used VAs Bereaved Family Survey to evaluate quality of care, pain, and PTSD management perceptions of communication emotional and spiritual support and information about death benefits in the last month of life.

    Patients with hearing loss had slightly lower pain management scores and less satisfaction with communication, while those with vision loss were less likely to have received a palliative care consult or contact with a chaplain.

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