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How Much Are Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Sound For Clear Speech

Starkey Evolv Ai Detailed Hearing Aid Review

When Starkey launched Evolv AI, Chief Technology Officer Achin Bhowmik, said Evolv AI hearing device will make 55 million adjustments – automatically. Starkey Sound is a proprietary sound processing platform that monitors and adapts to your listening environment to optimize soundStarkey claims that the system is designed to automatically suppress background noise and designed to increase speech audibility and intelligibility with machine learning technology.

Key features of Evolv AI

The following features are available in Evolv AI. A number of these features are also available in Livio and Livio AI . Please consult the comparison chart below for a full breakdown features by product family.

Starkey Evolv Ai Hearing Aids

Starkey’s latest hearing aid technology, Evolv AI, this modern black hearing aid was designed to give wearers a complete device range to suit everyone, whilst developing on their healthable and holistic approach to hearing started back in 2018 with Livio. This range includes a wireless CIC style hearing aid and four technology levels.

Along with advanced hearing technology, connectivity and adaptable personalisation you can also benefit from advanced automation. Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids have the potential to enhance your hearing health and overall wellness.

What Are Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey is a company that makes hearing aids, including those with AI technology.

Some models offer additional features through its Thrive app, such as fall detection, health tracking, and a mask mode that helps enhance sound when someone is wearing a mask.

There are a variety of types of hearing aids, so you can find the one that works for your needs and lifestyle. They include:

According to customer reviews, Starkey hearing aids have good sound quality, tinnitus technology, feedback management, and other perks.

Heres a look at the five models Starkey currently offers.

  • Average cost per hearing aid: $900
  • Style: available in ITE, ITC, IIC, and CIC
  • Telecoil option: no

The Picasso is Starkeys basic option. Features include:

  • feedback management
  • Its simple to control the sound settings from the app.
  • You can choose from six neutral color options.
  • The hearing aids are equipped with feedback cancellation technology for listener comfort.

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Starkey Evolv Ai Series

A complete line of the world’s most innovative hearing technology connects you to your favourite moments.

Evolv AI offers friendly AI paired with our newest and most advanced connectivity ever. With improved connection, more Android connectivity than ever before, and our best sound quality, you can experience and enjoy your favourite TV, music and conversations. A full line of hearing aids automatically connected to your lifestyle makes better hearing effortless.

An Introduction To Starkey Hearing Aids

New Starkey hearing aid has fitness tracking, Amazon Alexa and more

Starkey is the only American hearing aid manufacturer as three out of the big six manufacturers come from Denmark. They’re the only privately owned manufacturer and the owner is billionaire Bill Austin from Texas. Over the last few years, they have developed some amazing and innovative hearing aid technology.

If you’re struggling to understand the make and model names of Starkey digital hearing aids then here’s a simple guide to help:

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Mdhearing: Best Hearing Aid Variety Available Online

MDHearing offers the best variety of hearing aids and technology available for online purchase. Each hearing aid model has unique features that will be suitable for different types of users, ranging from a basic model with disposable batteries to a rechargeable option with premium features and smartphone compatibility. If youre worried that hearing aids will be too complicated, MDHearing might be the provider for you since they keep things straightforward and user-friendly. The companys in-house audiologists build customized recommendations for each user based on their hearing test results to ensure you choose the right hearing aids for your needs.

All three MDHearing models designed for mild-to-moderate hearing loss are inexpensive compared to most other hearing aids, and the provider runs several promotions throughout the year. You can often purchase a pair of hearing aids for half off plus, customers receive 24/7 support via phone or email.

DEAL ALERT: MDHearing is offering deep discounts on its OTC hearing aid models over MLK weekend! The new Neo model, which MDHearing markets as their smallest hearing aid ever, is 70% off at a sale price of just $299.98 per pair. The Air model is only $299.98, a whopping 63% off, while the popular Volt model is 75% off at a price of $299.98. Click through to see all of MDHearing’s MLK weekend 2022 deals.


Buying Starkey Hearing Aids

Purchasing a Starkey hearing aid is a fairly simple process. Potential buyers need to either take an online hearing test or schedule an in-office hearing test with a Starkey-certified audiologist or hearing aid specialist. Once complete, they can be fitted for and purchase a Starkey hearing aid from the audiologist, and refer to their office for future support if needed.

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There’s A Range For A Reason

Like many things you buy from televisions to cell phones to glasses there is a good-better-best hierarchy that applies to hearing aids. Theyre available in a variety of styles, with a range of high-tech features which means youll typically pay less for hearing aids that are big and basic than you will for hearing aids that are discreet and state-of-the-art.

Factors that affect the price of hearing aids include:

  • Features Features that cancel noise, modulate volume, enable direct connectivity to smartphones and TV, or track and measure physical and mental activity, greatly improve performance and enhance everyday life, but also increase costs.
  • Professional Services Like many other medical devices, the proper selection and fitting of a hearing aid require the skill of educated and trained healthcare professionals. Professional services associated with the selection, fitting, adjustments and overall maintenance of hearing aids are often included as part of the cost of the hearing aid.

Buying devices fit and serviced by professionals will cost more than ones bought off the internet or from a retail store, but theyre also going to fit better, work harder, last longer and deliver more significant benefits.

Thrive Remote Care App

The NEW Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Review. Is it the Best Hearing Aid 2022?

The Thrive Hearing Control smartphone app works with Evolv AI and Livio AI to perform wellness tracking, activity tracking, brain health tracking, and language translation functions. All versions of Evolv AI and Livio have access to a hearing aid finder function, iOS audio streaming for phone calls and multimedia audio, hearing-aid remote control, personalized listening programs, geo-tagged listening programs, audio notifications, an adaptive car mode, and accessories for wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices.

Thrive App

Smartphone app that works with Livio AI hearing aids lets you make phone calls, control program settings, and view and manage health information collected by the hearing aids.

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Starkey Evolv Ai 2400

Starkey released its powerful new Evolv AI line in late 2021. Starkey is the 5th largest hearing aid manufacturer globally and the only major manufacturer based in the U.S. The Minnesota-based company has set itself apart by turning its hearing aids into full health tracking devices complete with fall detection, steps tracking, and an overall health score. Think Fitbit meets hearing aids. Starkey hearing aids aren’t just about health tracking, though they also come with some of the most powerful A.I. sound algorithms in the industry.

Starkey Evolv AI 2400 is the top-end option with the most precision in sound processing and programming. Evolv AI 2400 offers 24 programming channels vs. 20 and 16 for the next two options. 2400 also comes with the most robust A.I. sound processing capabilities. If you regularly travel or spend time in groups, this top-end level will probably be worth the additional cost.

Local clinic

  • Local, in-person care from a licensed hearing provider
  • Free appointments for first year
  • 45-day risk-free returns

Starkey Hearing Aid Technologies

Starkey makes premium hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, programmed by an audiologist or other hearing health professional based on the results of your hearing test. In recent years, the company has established a position as a leading developer of emerging hearing aid technologies.

  • Starkey was among the first to advance miniaturization technology to deliver “invisible hearing aids” that sit deep within the ear canal.
  • Starkey was also an early entrant in the Made-for-iPhone hearing aid market with its Halo and Livio hearing aids.
  • Starkey claims its artificial intelligence sound processing system, Starkey Sound, makes it easier for hearing-aid wearers to understand speech in noisy environments.
  • In 2018, Starkey introduced what it called the “first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence for example, a sensor-based fall-detection feature alerts medical responders if the you take a spill.
  • In 2020, Starkey began selling their integrated sensor technology in a rechargeable custom-fitted form factor, and launched a table microphone for improved hearing in groups.
  • In 2021, Starkey launched Evolv AI, its latest flagship hearing aid family, which offers health sensors, fall alerts, telehealth capabilities, and hands-free phone calls on iPhone.

In addition to iPhone compatibilities, Starkey added native audio streaming for select Android smartphones in early 2020.

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Ology For Choosing The Best Hearing Aids For 2023

As a doctor of audiology, Ruth Reisman has been prescribing and fitting hearing aids for over a decade. Choosing the best hearing aid is a science that requires many factors. Dr. Reisman has put together a wealth of information and guidelines to help you make an informed decision for yourself and loved ones in need of hearing care and hearing aids. Based on her years of experience and hands-on testing, Dr. Reisman has created a list of her top picks. She and our editorial team have evaluated several criteria when selecting providers, including the following.

  • Purchasing options and cost
  • Online or in-store purchases

Hearing aids available for direct-to-consumer purchase online are typically much less expensive than hearing aids that must be purchased from an in-person audiologist. However, online hearing aids are only suitable for mild-to-moderate hearing loss, so the more budget-friendly options wont be suitable for those with severe or profound hearing loss. While online hearing aids advertise standard prices online, the price for hearing aids purchased from an office will vary. Youll need to speak with your local hearing care professional to receive the most accurate price ranges.

Breakthroughs Come In All Shapes And Sizes Especially Small

Halo iQ Features &  Prices  Ideal Hearing Aids

Starkey’s latest innovations in hearing aid design create an unparalleled listening experience while eliminating some of the most frustrating characteristics of older hearing aids. For the first time ever, hearing aids are virtually feedback-free. Starkey’s nanotechnology also enabled them incorporate automatic telephone recognition across a full line of hearing aids.

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Find A Starkey Hearing Specialist In Your Area

Starkey hearing aids are available through a network of hearing professionals. The shopping process can be overwhelming, so trained professionals from Starkey are available to get you started. You can book an appointment with a hearing care provider by filling out an online contact form on Starkey’s website or giving them a call.

Starkey Hearing Aid Prices & Reviews

Our Starkey hearing aids start at $1199 per ear and range up to $1999 per ear. Price includes complete, lifetime TeleHealth care with a Doctor of Audiology. You will save an average of about 40% when purchasing hearing aids through FitHearing, as compared to the average local hearing care provider. Starkey hearing aids typically range from $2000-$4000 per device, but again, our prices are substantially lower. Average Starkey hearing aid prices will vary by retailer based on services included, warranty type & length, model, & generation of technology. Give us a call at 877-830-2392 and well happily provide any price point for our extensive line of Starkey hearing aids.

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Starkey Hearing Aids Android Compatability

Looking at Starkey hearing aids compatible with Android? Thrive Hearing Control app runs on Android 7.0 and higher. The following phones have been tested and certified as compatible for streaming audio using a Widex accessory, talk to your audiologist about which Android devices you can connect to.

How To Purchase Starkey Hearing Aids

What to Do if Your Custom Hearing Aids Arenât Charging

Starkey hearing aids are sold only through a local audiologist. When selecting a local care provider for your Starkey hearing aid programming, you have a couple options.

Option #1. Search for a local audiologist on Yelp or Google

Find a provider that operates in your city that matches your style and has good reviews. Then visit that audiologist at their office. They will guide you through the process, administer a hearing test and give product recommendations. If you choose this route, you will not know the price before beginning the process, and you can expect to pay around $5,000-$7,000 for a pair of Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids. Be sure to call your local audiologist before the initial appointment to make sure they are comfortable working with Starkey.

Option #2: Work with a network to get a pre-negotiated price

There are several national networks of care providers who offer pre-negotiated rates for similar care from a local clinic. They likely work with the same local clinics that you find on yelp but leverage buying power to drive down the price before you visit. You can compare network pricing here on our sister site at

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Starkeys Warranties And Repairs

Starkey provides a worry-free warranty that covers its hearing aids and most of its accessories. Coverage includes protection against parts failure, damage, and loss. If the instruments are lost, stolen, or suffer total destruction, consumers will receive a one-time replacement that may require a processing fee. However, repairs can be made for both internal component failure and external damage to Starkey hearing aids.

Wearers with hearing aids that are lost, damaged or need repairs must take their instruments to their local hearing care professional. Protection Plans and the length of warranty periods depend in part on the retailer from whom the device was purchased.

Eargo: Most Discreet Hearing Aids

If youre looking for discreet hearing aids for online purchase, Eargo is the provider for you. This company sells four completely in canal models that are nearly invisible. Unlike BTE hearing aids, which includes a case that fits behind the ear, CIC devices fit entirely inside the ear so they are less noticeable.

Eargo hearing aids have high-tech features, such as rechargeable batteries, automatic sound adjustments, a mobile app for remote adjustments, and support from a hearing professional. In addition, the companys models have different levels of technology so you can choose the one youre most comfortable using. However, these devices are best for those who are comfortable with learning new technology. While still affordable compared to hearing aids that must be purchased in person, Eargos devices are on the pricier side for online hearing aids, ranging from $1,450 to $2,950 per pair. The company does, however, offer financing options for buyers on a tight budget.

DEAL ALERT: Eargo is offering $350 off of its popular Eargo 6 model right now.

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Starkey Hearing Aid Providers Near Me

Starkey Livio 2000

Hearing Aid UK is proud to be a Starkey hearing aid provider. To find out more about the Starkey hearing aids available in the UK, other hearing aid brands or ask us anything about hearing healthcare – call us free on 0800 567 7621

Alternatively, if you’re wondering what the best Starkey hearing aids are, read our article below. Or you can also view the Starkey hearing aids cost at the start of the page or explore all our hearing aids prices by clicking on the button below.

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Starkey Vs Oticon Starkey Phonak Widex And Signia

Five leading companies make the vast majority of hearing aids globally. Essentially they offer the same levels of innovation at similar prices.

I’ve come to think of hearing aid pricing a lot like car pricing.

Most hearing aids come from a few big brands. Phonak, Starkey, and Widex are your BMW, Jeep, and Ford.

Hearing aids come in a familiar mix of shapes and sizes across brands.Every car brand has an SUV, sedan, and crossover, and every major hearing aid brand offers a behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and custom model. Hearing aids come at a range of technology levels that increase in price. Similarly, most car brands offer a base model of each car and a deluxe model with leather seats and a moonroof.

At the end of the day, Starkey hearing aids come at a comparable price to the other top-of-the-line products like Oticon and Phonak. So what makes this hearing aid different?

  • Starkey is the leader in custom molded products. They know how to pack in more technology like rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth and consistently give great fits.

  • Starkey offers the widest set of fitness and assistant services inside their hearing aids.

  • Starkey is made in the U.S.

If you can afford the premium price, want a custom mold, and lead an active lifestyle, this product is a great choice.

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